the l shaped room


happy birthday, Douglas Slocombe - One of the finest cinematographers of the twentieth century, he photographed a number of my favorite movies, including The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man in the White Suit, The Servant, The Lion in Winter, The Great Gatsby and Raiders of the Lost Ark. You may also know his work in such films as Kind Hearts and Coronets, Scream of Fear, The L-Shaped Room, Guns at Batasi, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Italian Job, Jesus Christ Superstar, Julia and the other two Indiana Jones films from the 1980s, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Happy 102nd (!!!), Douglas!

Bella’s Office

The office that had been redone for Bella was fairly quiet at midday on a Tuesday afternoon. Most of the household was sleeping, but even if everyone had been awake the office would still be mostly quiet as it was located on the other side of the compound away from the main rooms of the mansion.

The room was filled with pieces of furniture collected from the barn that was once her home. Her ashwood desks formed an L shape in corner of the room, one desk facing the now shuttered window, the other facing the wall that held a huge framed pin board where she pinned various pieces of inspiration for her writing.

Two large computer screens sat on the desk that faced the wall, a keyboard and mouse and laptop docking station that synced her laptop to the PC. The laptop was nice to have when she wanted to get away from her desk and find a change of view.

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I you are a fan of old movies I suggest you watch The L Shaped Room. I love old movies but always have a hard time with the misogyny that goes with it. In this movie, a French women who is pregnant runs away to a flat in London. Throughout the movie everyone is pestering her about the baby, and pressuring her to abort it. The doctors are all Dickheads and treat her like a stupid child and keep telling her to abort it. But the best thing is that she is a strong women and even keeps the baby just to spite the people and for every rude remark made by the men of this film she has an equally cleaver and beautiful way to tell them off which is unusual in older films. I was worried that at some, point she would be degraded and underminded due to her sex, but surprisingly she stands strong and shows that strength is not a masculine thing,she is still a women and is feminine and kind but will not put up with crap when it comes down to her well being and when people disrespect her choices.


man i wish i was good at drawing architecture cuz i had this cool ass dream last night where i was in some sort of rococo styled ballroom with a sky veiw and it was so bright and pretty and i really want that visual again ;m;