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Dwayne Johnson - Pillows...really?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson - he’s away filming a movie and you haven’t seen him in a while then he comes home really early one morning and surprises you with lots of fluff and a bit of implied smut. 

Request for - Anon

Warnings - Fluff, Implied Smut

Word Count - 909 Words.

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Just as you sat down with your late night hot cocoa to watch re-runs of Gossip Girl your phone pinged as you received a text from your Husband of 4 years; the same adorable goodnight message you got from him every night as he was just starting his day on the other side of America. The text jogged your memory towards the calendar that hung in your kitchen and reminded you that you hadn’t placed your daily cross on it yet.

You placed down your cocoa and made your way to kitchen, you sighed grabbing the ‘Dwayne Johnson’ pen from the holder in the calendar (yes, he has his own pens) and signed a cross on day 33 out of 56. You sighed sadly placing the pen back; still just over 3 weeks left of sitting all alone in this ginormous house doing nothing but making sure you don’t kill your husbands beloved indoor plants, watching shitty shows and babysitting Hobbs (our frenchie - who in some respect was company but he preferred the company of his luxury doggy bed as opposed to mine)

I shook my head and chuckled, making my way back to the huge ‘L’ shaped sofa centred in the large room, i grabbed my drink off of the pristine looking glass coffee table and began to layer several of the about 30 pillows that adorned yours and Dwayne’s custom made sofa. 

You were about a third of the way through your 5th episode of Gossip Girl (at 2:30 in morning), hot drink long forgotten and your fort of pillows had somehow increased into a castle. Your eyelids started to droop as you felt fatigue lay it’s heavy and overbearing presence upon them, your weakened arms began to slowly remove the pillows surrounding your body; when all of a sudden your heard the signature beeping of your security device - instantly alerting you that there was someone trying to enter your home.

Fear rushed through your body and eliminated any form of drowsiness. You threw all of the pillows off of your frame and crouched down with them behind the bottom half of the ‘L’ shape of the sofa. The beating of your heart began to rapidly increase as you heard the heavy footsteps of boot covered feet stomp against your marble flooring. You could sense the presence of a figure standing a few feet away from the end of the sofa and you panicked; beginning to launch whatever was first available - which just so happened to be a fusillade of pillows. 

You arms propelled like miniature windmills as you pelted the ‘intruder’ with this barrage of pillows, you were throwing the for what felt like forever until you heard a deep chuckle reverberate throughout the emptiness of the large house. You poked your head up from behind the sofa as you instantly recognised that infectious, you slowly rose from behind the couch to see the large stature of your husband standing in the doorway; a flood of pillows laying at his feet. 

“Well nice to see you too babygirl” he laughed dropping his bag in the door way and enveloping your small frame in his as your threw you self at him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just savoured every single second of the passionate embrace.

“Dwayne! What the fuck are you doing here! I thought you were some crazy axe murderer trying to get in our house” you rambled, swatting his chest playfully. Your husband raised his signature eyebrow at you and stood you in front of him with a look of questioning plastered upon his face. “What? you questioned 

“You thought there was an axe murderer in the house and you weapon of choice, was pillows…” he questioned you satirically a huge grin spreading across his face. You pursed your lips and blushed as he now raised both eyebrows; clearly expectant of some sort of reasoning.

“I just panicked not shut up” you groaned, cuddling back into his muscular arms and burying your face in the crook of his neck. He simply chuckled at you and placed his arms round your waist which you knew was a sign for you to jump up, you did as he had initiated and he began to carry you to the huge master bedroom of yours and his house. 

He gently set you down on the edge of the king size bed; the dark satin sheets delicately crinkling under your presence. Dwayne gently began to place lustful kissed down the sides of your neck right down to your collarbone, you blushed profusely; a rouged scarlet tone gracing the apples of your cheeks as he began to move further south slowly rubbing one of your smooth, sun kissed legs and placing heated kisses on the insides of your thighs. A small moan escaped your lips, you were just desperate to feel the touch of the man you love, after a gruelling five weeks without it. 

You giggled and loosely wrapped your arms around his neck as he rose from between your thighs and scooted you both to the top of the luxury bed. You placed your lips on his as he began to undress you, slowly removing your top, all he did was wink at you before returning to his previous spot between your legs.

Although you hated it when he left, damn was the reunion sex was fucking amazing, and almost worth it.

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A/N: Hey guys another slightly smuttier imagine, i actually really enjoyed writing this one! Hope you like it ~ Moxxii

The Bride

Written for: Bev’s Milestone Celebration ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 )

Words: 4541

Relationship: Dean x Reader, Reader x OMC (Only mentioned)

Prompt: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen

Warnings: AU, plus size!reader, Fluff, Slight Angst, Negative Self-Image, language, SMUT, NSFW gif, Just Dean being perfect. 

A/N: Happily written for Bev’s milestone challenge! Congrats darling! I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so I hope you enjoy it! All mistakes are my own and I own none of the included images or gifs. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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Summary: Dean’s determined to find someone to distract him from the fact that he hasn’t met the one and his little brother Sammy is getting married tomorrow. When a Bride in full gown strides into the bar Dean can’t look away and from there the rest is history…

  Dean’s drinking a shot between his beers looking around the bar for a little company. Tomorrow Sammy will be getting married and tonight he wants to forget that he still hasn’t met that special someone. So yeah definitely in need of company just to make it through tomorrow. However, the pickings in the bar are slim to none. It’s a newer bar than Ellen’s bar that he usually frequents. He didn’t want his Aunt Ellen or cousin Jo to see him sulking, but from the looks of it, he figures it’ll probably just be him and his hand tonight.

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Good Girl Ch 44: First Day of Summer


I burry myself deeper into the massive pile of pillows when I hear someone come in. I’m happy where I am, warm, half asleep, and not out of bed at seven in the morning. But that does not seem to matter to my daddies who seemed to have woken up at the crack of dawn for a meeting in the kitchen or something that I was not invited to, not that I wanted to go. I was actually kind of hoping that they would just leave me here when they left, even though I don’t want to be alone, I also don’t want to get up.

It’s the first official day of summer and they for some reason expect me to get out of bed and be ready to go by 8. Though I shouldn’t complain, once we get to the office nothing will actually be expected of me other than to eat breakfast and not get into trouble. But still when someone pulls the covers away from me I can’t help but groan.

“Come on baby,” Chanyeol coos as he gently tugs on my ankle.

“But daddy,” I whine.

“Are you being naughty?” His voice is suddenly an octave lower. I suddenly pop up in bed with a pout on my face. He just chuckles, “So I take it you don’t want to be punished again?” I shake my head, my ass still hurts from two nights ago when I got a little mouthy with Chanyeol and got a couple of spankings in return. I need to remind myself that him, Kris, Xiumin, and Suho are not the one’s to mouth off to. “What do you want to wear? Comfy or stylish?”

I cock a brow at him, “Are you really giving me the option?”

“A pencil skirt it is!” He beams at me pulling an outfit from behind his back.

I glare at him.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll have a pair of sweat pants in your backpack for you to change into once we get upstairs. Now come on,” He holds a large hand out to me and pulls me to him. I stand up on the bed and begin to bounce happily making the giant smile, “Are you having fun?” I nod.

“I’m finally taller than you,” I grin at him.

“Chanyeol,” Kris scolds, “I thought you were coming to get her ready.”

The shorter of the two giants pouts, “I was trying but she started playing and she’s just too cute to stop.” They both look at me as I continue to bounce around on the giant bed like an idiot.

Kris tries to hide the smile on his face and be a strict daddy, “Joo-ya, you need to get dressed so we can go.” I sigh and stop bouncing right in front of Chanyeol. With my hands on his wide shoulders he helps me into my blush colored skirt and flowing cream top. Kris is carrying matching shoes that he insists that he puts on for me. I don’t put up a fight, I just sit down on the edge and let the tall man slip the cream heels on my feet. He offers me a hand that I quickly accept. We meet the others in the foyer, they are all in neat suits varying in color but they are all unbelievably handsome. They greet me sweetly with kisses and hugs before Kris escorts me to his car.

Tao, Luhan, and Lay join us, they talk on the way, though I’m still a bit tired from my, um, exciting night with Chanyeol. I wish I had taken Luhan up on his offer just to cuddle instead so I could be more excited for them. For most of them this is their first look into how their more legal side of business. We arrive at the building where Kris parks in front only to hand his keys over to one of three neatly dressed valet, or assistant or something. Suho pulls up behind us followed by Chen. I wait for a very crabby Sehun to lead me to the top floor along with everyone else. We step into a familiar lobby that I haven’t been allowed to visit ever since I met Jiyong, though I can’t really blame them since trouble seems to follow me whenever I’m out of their sight. Jinyoung, Jaebum, and Mark are there to greet everyone bowing at a complete 90-degree angle. I wave at them happily.

“Good morning,” They say together.

“Morning,” I greet back happily.

“I’m going to take her down stairs and get her settled, Suho, come along.” Xiumin decides as he takes my hand from the younger boy and pulls me back into the elevator before anyone has the chance to argue, Suho is able to slip in at the last second. The older looks at me with a small smile, “How are you feeling baby?”

I yawn, “Tired, though I shouldn’t be complaining, I’m not the one who has to work all day.” They both chuckle as we step off the elevator, to my surprise we are actually a floor higher. My jaw drops at the massive open room in front of me. The first thing that catches my eye is beyond the floor to ceiling windows on the patio.

“Is that a pool?” I grin excitedly.

“Yes, but those doors will be locked unless one of us is up here with you,” Suho says sternly drawing my attention back to him. “You are able to get snacks from the kitchen but no cooking, Kyungsoo will know if you even try to boil water.” I sigh at the truth in his words, Kyungsoo has weird 6th sense when it comes to me doing anything I’m not supposed be doing. “There is a bedroom threw those doors that you are allowed to sleep in to your hearts content. The universal remote is like the one at home so you already know how to use that. If you feel like changing there is a few extra outfits in the closet in the bedroom along with extra blankets if you get cold.”

I nod as he continues his rules and explanations. My eyes scan over the room finding each thing he is talking about. There is a double set of doors on the wall to my right, which I’m guessing leads to the bedroom and bathroom. In the beautiful kitchen that is in the corner I see a tablet that I’m guessing in the remote along with a basket of snacks that are ready for me. The long dining room table is already set for lunch so there goes the idea of me setting it. Two massive L-shaped couches are in the middle of the room with a soft looking rug on the white marble floor. Everything is light colored, grays, blues, and white with a few splashes of other colors here and there.

“We will come up for lunch everyday so don’t snack around noon. We are just a floor away or you can call or text us if you need anything. Our assistants are also there for a last resort if you need something and we are in a meeting. I’ll post our schedule on the fridge so you can know where we are all the time.”

Xiumin finally chimes in with some annoying news, “If we ever have to go to a meeting at a different building you will be coming along. Even though this place has the best security, I prefer it when you are close by, so no whining about sitting threw meetings with us.”

I sigh but nod.

“Good girl.”

“Also,” Suho clears his throat, “There is one more thing we need to discuss.” He pulls me deeper into the apartment and sits me down on one of the couches, Xiumin sits on my other side. “Jiyong talked about how his building is only a few blocks away and asked if on Tuesdays you could go over after lunch. He said he would bring you home by ten if we agreed, so I was wondering how you would feel about that.”

I shrug, “Sounds fine to me.”

“Of course it does,” Xiumin grumbles.

I turn to face him and take his hands in mine, “Daddy don’t start with this. I’m saying yes because Jiyong is my friend and I want to spend time with him. Jihyo is out of the country the whole summer and you won’t let me hang out with my other friends alone so Jiyong is the only person I have to talk to.”

“So you can’t talk to us?”

“Daddy, you need to stop looking for reasons to be upset. All I’m saying is that you guys can go out and talk to who ever you want. I have all of you guys and I love talking to you guys but sometimes it’s nice to talk to have a friend to talk to about this stuff. So please do not get mad.”

He sighs but nods.

“Good Daddy.”

The next day

“Do we have to let her go?” Chanyeol whines.

“Daddy, don’t you dare start that fight again!” I try to scoot away from the red haired boy but his grip around my waist tightens.

“Fine, I won’t, just finish your lunch before you go.” Chanyeol pulls me back into his lap and pulls my half full plate of pasta closer. I take my fork and begin slowly eating the rest on my plate. By the time I’m done it’s time for them to go back to work and time for me to go meet Jiyong who is meeting me down in the lobby. I wave goodbye to daddies as they load into the elevator when they are gone I go to the bedroom to change out of the nice dress Soo put on me this morning. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt I shuffle to the elevator. Down in the lobby I expect to find Jiyong waiting for me but instead I’m greeted by the judging stares of the receptionists. I give them my own glare before walking straight outside, completely ignoring the nagging in the back of my mind that my daddies would kill me for doing such a small thing. Outside I still don’t find Jiyong but instead hear someone whistling at me.

“Yoo who, pretty bird,” A familiar voice calls. I turn around to see my joker smiling at me mischievously. A giant grin spreads on my face as I rush over to greet him.

“Long time no see.”

“Yea, I thought you hated me when I left you my number in that card and you didn’t call or text,” He huffs as she shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry, my oppas are really strict with who I talk to and you would definitely not pass their background check.”

“I take offense to that.”

“I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t pass it either so don’t feel so special.” He just laughs. “What brings you here?”

“I’m your escort.”

I click my tongue at that, “What is a hitman doing as a babysitter?”

“I’m just a body for hire, regardless of the job, I go where the money is. And I just happen to be so lucky to have the money lead to you,” He grins.

“Okay than escort, lets get going.” He nods and holds his elbow out to me, I laugh but interlock our arms as we wander down the street. “So how did you swing this job? Was is seriously luck of the draw or did you know you would be watching me?”

“The job was offered to my whole team but I was the one to volunteer to do it.”

I nod, “Why?”

He hums mindlessly for a minute, it’s that song again, the one he was humming those four months ago. I find it just as comforting as I did before. “I enjoy you. I have no interest in you sexually, incase you were worried about that, but your attitude is just magnetic to me.”

“I seem to have that effect on people.”

“So this is going to be a weekly thing right? What is this, a custody trade or something?”

I laugh, “Basically, but Jiyong usually picks me up himself. I was a bit surprised to find you. I feel a little offended that he would just hand over my escort to a random hitman he doesn’t even know. No offense.”

“I understand, but don’t underestimate me pretty bird. I’m the best at my job and I always get it done, no matter what.”

“That’s reassuring.”

He smiles down at me, “I like my client to be as relaxed as possible.”

“Don’t say that, I feel like you’re going to kill me or something.”

“Don’t you worry pretty bird, killing you is not on my list.” He stops in his tracks and steps away from me. “Looks like we’re here.”

I look up confused but he’s right we are in front of Jiyong’s building. “Wow that was fast.”

“I know a few short cuts, I’ll remember to take the long way next time so we can talk more, but until then have a good week.” Without another word he turns and leaves. What a strange guy.

I shuffle inside, expecting the same hostile reaction I get from the receptionists at my daddies company but instead they bow deeply at the sight of me. They make me feel like a princess as they basically escort me up stairs to his office where he is sitting behind his desk focused completely on the work in front of him. I smile when he doesn’t even look up from the papers just grumbles something about needing coffee. I don’t fight him on it, I just slip out and ask his handsome assistant where I would get him coffee.

“Oh please let me get it Miss,” He basically begs as I find my way to the little kitchen he has in a hidden room behind his desk.

“It’s fine Mino.”

I brew the coffee quickly with the tall, tan man hanging over my shoulder. When I’m done I bring two cups of coffee with cream and sugar on a tray back to his office. I don’t bother knocking or announcing myself, I just waltz up to Jiyong’s massive desk and set the tray down.

“It’s proper to announce yourself when you enter someone’s office,” He sighs.

“It’s also proper to greet those who enter your office,” I snap back playfully.

He looks up with a big smile, “Beautiful! I didn’t know you were here.” He stands up and greets me properly with a hug. “How was your morning?”

“It was good, I had an exciting lunch with my daddies and a nice talk with my escort.”

He nods, “Let me just gather my things and we can go.”

“Go?” I cock my head, “Don’t you have to work?”

He scoffs, “I have you one day a week and you think I’m going to waste my time with you at work?”

“Where are we going?”

“To have fun.”

A/N: I’m in love with this ask. I didn’t do peek-a-boo for every scenario, instead settling for just playing which made the baby laugh, because I thought the writing would get a little dry if I did the same thing three times. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Name Choice explanation:

-The meaning of the name Teagan is “Tailor”, matching the definition of Sabo’s name.

-Kaden, meaning “Fighter”, relates to Sengoku’s name which translates to “Fighting Country”

-Saraf, meaning “burning one”. A play on Zeff’s name.

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It took a couple weeks for Ace to get used to the fact that the baby boy would even specifically desire his presence. He had never expected to find someone who loved him, let alone have a little boy of his own. For a while it had made him very anxious, but once the child entered a reactive phase and he found out that he could make the baby smile and laugh, it was hard to tear Ace away from his son.

You’d approached the doorway to inform your lover that it was time for the baby’s feeding, only to stop short and sink away from the door frame once more, peeking into the room curiously.

Teagan wailed angrily at the ceiling- no doubt cranky from being hungry- but Ace was quick to lean over him. The baby was lying at the end of the bed, with his Father settled on his knees on the floor in front of him.

“What do you have to be sad about?” Ace asked incredilously. Teagan reached up, patting his face gently, and the pirate’s face softened. “Yeah, see? Nothing to worry about.”

There was nothing for the baby to worry about. As it turned out, Ace should’ve been the worried one as his little boy grabbed a good fistful of the ebony locks that hung down as he leaned onto the bed and gave them a good, strong tug.

“Ouch! Let go, you big meanie!” He complained, his face scrunching up. Teagan watched his expression with wonder, before breaking into a wide grin and cackling with glee.

Still trying to pry his son’s fingers out of his hair, Ace couldn’t contain a smile and a laugh of his own. “Really, now? You’re getting a kick out of this? I thought we were buddies!”

Ace and Teagan’s eyes met again, and Teagan’s face fell serious. Half a second later, he gave another small tug. Ace was obviously not hurt, but made a show of shaking his head and making a face. “Ow! You’re a bully!”

Teagan laughed his fool head off, tugging again as he started to realize what the outcome of his little game was, and seemed to forget his hunger as he played with his Father.

You smiled to yourself as you departed to the sound of their joyful laughter, trying to imagine how Ace could ever have thought he would be bad at being a Father.

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The notion that Corazon hated kids had always come as a surprise to you. Everything about him screamed that he was good with kids, from his goofy behaviour and kind smile, to his patience and protectiveness. It wasn’t until you’d asked Corazon about the rumor- while nervous with the concept of telling him you were pregnant- that he clarified that he had to be tough with the kids that came with a desire to join Doflamingo’s crew. As a marine, it was his duty to keep them off a pirate’s crew. Not to mention that, as the man’s brother, he hated to see such young people being manipulated from their ways.

When your child had been born, a healthy baby boy with a head full of almost white blonde hair, his claim held incredibly true- and so had your assumptions. He was a natural with the baby, especially when he reached a couple months old and became a little more expressive.

It wasn’t wholly unfamiliar for you to be in another room and hear your lover completely topple over, with your son’s infectious laughter following not too far behind. Today, however, you were seated on the L-shaped couch in your living room, your husband seated away from you with his legs settled in a makeshift seat for your son, the infant seated with his feet on Corazon’s stomach. The situation was remotely safe- but you could never completely confirm that Corazon wouldn’t get into some horrible accident at a given time- and Corazon was making a conscious effort to make your child smile and laugh.

Kaden kicked his little feet in the air, babbling continuously. Corazon took his time to nod and acknowledge ever pause in his son’s incoherent explanation. “Yes. Really? You don’t say! Wow, I’ll bet!”

There came a lapse in the conversation where Kaden sat comfortably, looking idly around the room, and Corazon watched the little boy with adoration. He was so intent on watching the little boy that he hadn’t anticipated the sound of the kettle going off in the kitchen, despite evident steam rising to hit the ceiling not even three feet away.

When the small appliance squealed to life, wailing horrendously, both Kaden and Corazon jumped hard. You laughed incredulously, not expecting their panic, and Kaden looked at his Father with a large pout and wide eyes. What the young boy hadn’t anticipated was having his exact expression mirrored back to him. Although his head and expression stayed still- lips pressed together, skin paled- the pirate marine officer’s eyes shifted from you, to the kettle, and slowly to his son.

When his eyes finally met the light blue of his son’s, the baby instantaneously closed his eyes and positively howled with laughter.

Corazon frowned. “Wha- you got scared, too! Why do you think you’re laughing at?!”

All you could do was turn off the kettle and stifle your own giggle, careful not to redirect your husband’s defensive gaze your way.

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Sanji was the greatest lover you could’ve asked for. He was attentive, devoted, and you knew without a doubt that he would go to the absolute ends of the earth for you. When you had discovered you would be having a baby, your immense trust in him had you finding him without hesitation and giving him the good news. Not the most interesting way to tell him- barging in, nearly jumping up and down, and clutching at his jacket- but he had matched your excitement and curled you into a tight hug, kissing you hard.

It wasn’t until a couple months before the baby was born that you thought about all of the times you’d seen Sanji interact with children. He wasn’t particularily nurturing, and you had wondered idly about why he lacked that quality until you’d thought about his mentor and father figure, Zeff. It was clear to anyone outside of their bickering that they cared very deeply for one another, but Zeff was far from an affectionate man, and Sanji had incidentally carried the trait on when he’d grown up.

Despite this, you were sure that Sanji would learn to care for the child, in time.

And then the baby boy joined your small family- who you’d fondly named Saraf after his Father’s fiery nature, as well as his beloved mentor- and the Strawhat crew all but stole him from your arms at every given opportunity to smother him in attention. Honestly, you were almost sure that the only times that you saw your own child was when he had to eat, or he was cranky and had to be put down to sleep.

This being said, you were growing more than a little worried as you checked with each member of the straw hat crew, trying to figure out which one of them had your baby, and came up empty. As the number of “I don’t have him, have you checked with so-and-so”’s started to rise, so did your heart rate. It was far past his nap time, and nobody had approached you.

Where was the little boy?

You turned a corner of the inner ship, stomping your way back to Nami’s room to see if she’d simply shoo’d you away to have more time with the baby.

On that note, where was San-

You paused, took a step back, and peeked back into the nursery. Though the door was mostly closed, you could see the recently extinguished cigarette fading in an ashtray on the sidetable near the door. After another moment, you heard the sound of your baby fussing in his crib, bouncing himself and crying out angrily.

“You’re really gonna make me play this game until you fall asleep, aren’t you?”

There was the sound of the side of the crib sliding down, allowing the cook room to gently lift his son and cradle him in his arms. He crossed the room, sitting in an old arm chair that looked out the side of the ship into the setting waters, and laid Saraf down on his legs.

With his back turned to you, you carefully pushed the door open along the carpeted floor and took a calculated step in to get a better look.

“Okay. You ready?” Sanji asked. You couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of him. The sun was starting to set, bringing blazing shades of burnt orange dancing across the waters and filtering into the room. They set Sanji’s tan skin into even warmer tones, and shaded the muscled contours of his arms and even some of his chest, hidden under his button down white shirt. His gold hair was almost white in the direct sun, and his eyes were bright blue in the reflection of the light. He was an absolute vision.

But then your son began to giggle, and the heavenly tones were enough to break you from your reverie. He kicked his tiny feet, babbling gently. Sanji raised his hands, shielding his face from the view of your baby, and Saraf’s eyes widened in anticipation.

“A-boo!” Sanji called softly, and Saraf laughed hysterically, throwing his tiny arms in front of him and kicking frantically. Sanji chuckled right along with him. “You really do have a lot of energy still stocked up in you, huh? Definitely a son of mine.”

Saraf smiled, his eyes bright with innocent happiness, and Sanji hummed under his breath. “We should really go find Mommy. She’s much better at this than I am.”

“I found you first.” You informed him, coming to a rest behind his chair and wrapping your arms loosely around his neck. “And I think you were doing just fine.” From your position, you reached forward and darted your fingers over your son’s small chest, tickling him gently. “Hey, little one.”

Sanji looked like he was blushing lightly, but you couldn’t tell very well from the angle. He tilted his head, searching for a kiss, which you happily granted him. “Did you come to put him to sleep?”

“I was going to, but you’ve obviously got him all worked up now.”

“He wasn’t settling down, and this is all I could do to get him to stop crying.” He whined. “Can you take him now? I’ve gotta go make the crew’s final snack.”

“I think they can live without it for one day.”

Sanji blanched. “What?”

“You’ve got your hands full there.”

“Oh, cmon, Y/N-swan, please! Nami’ll be so lost without her evening drink!”

“She’ll survive.”

“You’ll have to deal with mosshead being grumpy all night, and then he’ll say something stupid and I’ll be forced to put him in his place. You hate when we fight.”

You got to the door and smiled back at him. “It’s a price I’m willing to pay.” You looked at the small baby, whose eyes were still locked on you from after your appearance. “Have a good nap, Saraf.” You sang as you closed the door behind you.

Sanji looked down at his baby in exasperation. Immediately he had his son’s full attention, as he waited expectantly for Sanji’s next move.

“You’re a real handful, you know that, right?” Despite what he said, he covered his face and revealed it again. “A-boo!”

Much as he would’ve liked to, he couldn’t hide the wide smile that crossed his face when Saraf laughed gleefully again. He bent down and kissed the baby’s head.

When he pulled back, Saraf looked shocked, and Sanji rolled his eyes. “I know, I know. Don’t get used to it.”

[ crush ]

pairing; got7 bambam x reader

genre; fluff, suggestive smut (but it doesn’t get to the climax of smut, it stops at the kissing part)

synopsis; she heads over to their dorm for movie night and gets confessed to by bambam. feelings were mutual, so things got heated.

word count; 1211 words

My phone vibrated loudly on the nightstand, giving me a shock. I put my hand over my palpitating heart and picked up my phone, calming down quickly. There was one unread message - from the one and only Jackson.

Movie night tonight. You up?

I smiled.

What time?

Jackson: We just ended practice. Bambam says he wants to pick you up since he finishes bathing the fastest.

Me: That’s late, I need my sleep!

Jackson: It’s either you get prepared before 12.45 or I’ll kidnap you in your pyjamas :D

Jackson: That was Bam.

Me: Asshole.

I glanced up at the wooden, antic clock hanging on my white wall, which drearily read 12.13am.

I had barely half an hour to get ready, because BamBam would probably come anytime before 12.40am. I knew him. He would always say ‘I’m going over at five’ and boom, you have him grinning like a horse in front of your front porch at four.

I quickly stripped myself from my super-comfy pj’s and pulled on a white, thick hoodie, paired with skinny jeans. Not exactly complimentary on my elephant thighs but whatever, they’ll do.

I stared at my makeup table, considering if I should put on makeup or not. I wasn’t a full-on makeup fashionista, but I do use them to cover my pimples if they’re too visible. I didn’t like putting on makeup anytime after eight, too, because I knew I’d be too tired to remove it once I get back home.

I pressed my lips together as I eyed my own reflection in the mirror, and decided to go without makeup. It’s just the boys anyway, it’s not like they’ve never seen me bare-faced.


I looked at the clock once more. 12.30am. What did I say?

I quickly fixed my hair and grabbed my bag, running towards the front door soundlessly. My parents were probably sound asleep - they never bothered if I went out late, as long as I don’t come back as a corpse or disturb their beauty sleep.

I flung the door open and there he is, his chopstick legs still as chopstick-like as ever. (That was a compliment.)

He had that wide smile on his face, while I was still looking like some person who came from the dead. I was sleepy, that is. Just a little.

I got into Bambam’s car after him, and he drove me to the dorms.

“Y/N!” Jackson exclaimed and crushed me in a hug. I felt his body heat right after I had wrapped my arms around him, and quickly let go.

“Hey, have you bathed?”

Jackson smiled sheepishly in reply, and I smacked him on the arm, quickly regretting it as his sweat got onto my hands.

“Ew! Jackson, please!” I grumbled aloud, chuckling as he laughed aloud. The others greeted me casually, like they always do.

“You have five minutes to bathe, hyung, before we start the movie,” Yugyeom said from the sofa, the TV controller in his hands.

Jackson made a sprint to the toilet. Never had I seen him disappear so fast.

“Go sit there, Y/N,” Mark said, gesturing to the L-shaped sofa they had in the living room. One spot caught my eye, and it was the corner of the L-shaped sofa. Bambam and I always fought over that spot.

I raced towards the beige, inviting furniture, not noticing Bambam making a beeline for it too. He jumped at the last moment and plopped onto the corner of the sofa, and I ended up landing on top of him.

We both didn’t bother to untangle ourselves. I just remained there, since I was laughing too hard. My elbow had somehow jabbed him in the stomach, but it seems like he was fine because his laughter was ringing too.

“Get off me, you’re heavy!” Bambam exclaimed between giggles.

“I want this spot,” I argued, sitting in the small gap between the sofa and Bambam, wiggling myself in and gradually pushing him aside.

“Hey!” Bambam reached forward to pull me off, but I slapped his hands away.

We ended up both squeezing into that spot, but it wasn’t uncomfortable since it was actually big enough for the both of us. It was really comfy, actually.

Jackson came out of the bathroom exactly 6 minutes later, and Jinyoung started the movie. Youngjae was sitting on the other side of Bambam, and casually handed me popcorn every now and then.

I had no idea what we were watching, but I just kept my eyes on the screen. The movie was approximately an hour and 30 minutes long, so by the time it ended, I was slouching a lot on the sofa. I didn’t want to sleep, but my eyelids were heavy.

I was aware that my body was leaning against BamBam, but that’s nothing. We were at a really high friendship level where we wouldn’t make a big deal about skinship.

“Tired?” he murmured, and I shrugged.

“Sleep over. You can bunk in my room,” he offered. I looked up at him and smiled gratefully. I loved sleeping over, especially in Bambam’s room. It was really warm and had a snuggly kind of feel.

“Goodnight, Y/N!” Mark said, overhearing our conversation. Everyone else quickly understood and said goodnight to me too. I smiled before walking into Bambam’s room with him.

I lay down on the right side of the bed, hugging his extra pillow close to my chest. I immediately closed my eyes, but was awaken by his humming.

“Y/N?” Bambam mumbled softly.

“Hmm?” I turned my body to face him, while his was already facing me.

“You know…” he trailed off, his soft hands moving up to my face and gently stroking my cheek. “I really like you.”

I stared at him, stunned. That was sudden.

“I liked you since the period we became close. You were so damn cute, and everything you did got my attention, it’s just.. I don’t know. I just like you a lot.”

I blushed, looking down and away from his intense gaze. I’ve liked him too, for the longest time ever, but I never showed anything due to being afraid that it may ruin our friendship.

“I… Uh…”

Bambam placed his thumb and index finger under my chin, tilting my head up to face him, before pressing his lips against mine. I melted into the kiss, which got heated real quick.

I didn’t notice then but Bambam pushed my gently onto my back with his body, not breaking the kiss, and ended up on top of me. He sucked on my bottom lip hungrily, his tongue pushing into my mouth. I unconsciously moaned into the kiss, and I felt him smirk.

“You’re enjoying it, huh?”

I was surprised at his sudden change to a dominating tone. It was a good change.

His hands lingered down my body, sneaking into my hoodie and massaging my breast. I didn’t wear a bra since my hoodie was pretty thick and my long hair could easily cover my chest. His lips left mine and trailed down my neck, leaving ghostly kisses along the way. He nipped and sucked on my skin at random spots, and one of those ‘random spots’ happened to be my sweet spot. I whimpered from the pleasure as he continued his heavenly actions, purring something.

“Tonight’s gonna be one hell of a night for us, baby.”


Sorry I had to end here !! This was my first ever request from an anonymous account and ya’ll have no idea how glad I was to receive a request. This is also my first time writing a smuttish scenario and I couldn’t go any further because I’m not exactly sure how to phrase things and I didn’t want to ruin this whole thing. But I hope you guys like this scenario! And thank you sososo much to the anonymous user who sent in the request!

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The Bechdel Test is a popular and very simple test to judge movies on their level of representation. For a movie to pass: (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man. 

If you ever want to check if a film passes the test, check here. For now, under the cut are the links to movies made before 1970 that do pass. (more masterposts)

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 Ok what I’ll do is post ZAOD related things in Blocks.

 Starting with the practical side of things.

  So I attended ZAOD in Osaka, A zoids exhibition held on the 8th floor of the Volks building (ボークス). Which is a very large hobby store with the entire 8th floor being an L-shaped exhibition room.

  Upon entry each person receives a little sheet of dot stickers to place on the sheets infront of the zoids/works you think deserve it the most. As well as a sheet to fill out your favourites in order and the reason why you like them (all in Japanese), the organizers were more than happy to help me out in that regard.

 There are zoids customs everywhere of course but also hand drawn artwork Zoid books/magazines to read and even zoid colouring in sheets to complete if one wanted to. (and yes everyone were adults)

  It was on for 5 hours and i was there for the entire 5 hours and it went very quickly! 

Hamilsquad x Reader Modern!Au

Words: 1010

Warnings: nothing?

Request: none

A/N: this has kind of a bad ending but I’m just gonna go for it.

You groaned softly as you started to wake up, sitting up looking around to find your clock. You looked to your left to see big, red, numbers flash 2:28 a.m. You groaned even more. Throwing yourself back down onto your bed, you hoped the squeaking sound of it wouldn’t wake up your roommates, not that it has before. 

 Your roommates could be the loudest people in the world, the loudest sleepers, but the heaviest ones also. You could quite possibly shoot a bullet into the wall right now, and they wouldn’t notice. 

 As you tossed and turned, finding an impossible position to sleep in that was comfortable, it seemed to get warmer and warmer in your room. Until it got unbearable. 

You stood up and walked to your closet, only to find long sleeves and winter clothes, as it was winter. You slightly considered turning down the heat, but the boys would probably kill you. You frowned as there were three– maybe four –other possibilities that weren’t the best. All equally as bad. 

 First, you wandered off into Lafayettes room, opening his drawers until you found his beloved tank tops. You pulled out a plain blue one with a black lining. It would do. 

 Next, Alexanders room. You grabbed some socks from his top drawer, finding some money. You stuffed that in your bra for safe-keeping. You organised it the way you found it, hoping he wouldn’t notice. 

 After that, Johns room. And John was probably the messiest person you knew. He had old magazines on the floor and food by his bed, you went to his closet and took one pair off a hanger that held his shorts. Not bothering to waste the time looking in his messy drawers. 

 You walked into your room and changed into everything, but it was still too hot in there to sleep. You resulted to the couch. And, after a while of struggling, and trying every hairdo you knew to keep your hair from sticking to your neck– you wondered into Herclues’ room. You snatched his grey beanie off of his dresser and put it on, stuffing your hair inside of it. You probably could of stolen an entire outfit from only one of the boys, but ‘share the love’ right? 

 On your way out, you got a glimpse of his clock, it read; 3:15 a.m. Great. Again, you got to the couch, and layed down, you pulled the beanie down over your eyes and nose to block out the light go tomorrow sun, or the lights that the boys turned on. Whichever came first. It took a while, but, eventually you fell asleep.

After rummaging through his drawers, Hamilton sighed and walked into the hall, bumping into John, “Did you take them?” They both asked, simultaneously, then giving eachother weird looks.

 "Did I take what?“ John asked. 

 "My socks! Your always taking my stuff, so why not now?" 

 "I didn’t take your socks! If anything I would take…” John trailed off for a bit, before asking, “Did you take my shorts?" 

 "What? No! Why would I?" 

 Lafayette walked out, shirtless, "Have you seen my debardeur (tanktop)? You know, ze bleu one?” Both boys shook their heads, and then an aggravated sigh made its way towards them, belonging to Hercules, “Where’d you put it?" 

The three of them narrowed their eyes in confused, Hercules frowned, "My beanie? Come on, guys! I have to get to work!” A soft mumble interrupted the boys semi-argument, they all snapped their heads towards the living room. They followed the sound to the L-shaped couch, where your head was smushed into the bottom cusion, dressed in all their attire. 

Hamilton smirked, not saying a word. Lafayette giggiled slightly at the sight of you in Hercules’ beanie, now covering your entire face. 

 There were moments of silence, before John stepped forward. In an instant, he jumped onto you, yelling, “RISE AND SHINE, SUNSHINE!” You squinted your eyes, “John, get off of me before I rip your intestines out and use them as a jumping rope." 

 Johns smile was plastered on his face as he wrapped his arms around your stomach, "No, you wouldn’t! You love me too much! You’re even wearing my shorts!" 

 "And my beanie,” Hercules cut in. 

 "And my debardeur,“ Lafayette said. 

 "And my socks,” Hamilton laughed. 

 You let out an inaudible murmur into the couch, before John picked you up. “John! Let me down! I can’t even see where you’re taking me!” He continued walking and then set you down in a kitchen chair, before walking over to the fridge. 

 You took off “your” beanie, seeing the smiles on the boys’ faces, just when Hercules thought you were going to give it to him, you re-adjusted it on your head before letting your hair fall down. “Do you want to tell us why you’re dressed in our clothes?” Hamilton asked, walking into the pantry. 

 "It was too hot,“ you whined. 

 "Why didn’t you turn the heat down?" 

 "I thought you guys would yell at me." 

 Lafayette looked confused, "Why would we yell at you? You only wanted to turn ze heat down…" 

 "Probably because it’s the middle of winter." 

 Hercules patted you on the shoulder, before taking his beanie, "Don’t be afraid to do it, it’s fine. We do have heated blankets." 

 You tried to snatch the beanie back but Hercules walked off, putting his jacket on, "I’m leaving for work! Bye, guys!" 

 "Bye!” You all called as he walked out, you slightly wanted to cover your ears at how loud they were. “What time is it?” You questioned. 

Lafayette looked at the clock above the doorframe, “8:23, why?” Five hours. That’s it. That’s all. Your face dropped and you stood up, “I’m going to bed. And I’m keeping your clothes." 

 Now very angry, you stomped into your room, closing the door behind you. And locking it, so the boys couldn’t interrupt again. "Frickin’ boys gotta wake me up at eight a.m., frickin’, frickin’, frickin’…” You threw yourself into your bed and closed your eyes, yet again, falling asleep.


yay! first imagine! please tell me anything Im doing wrong (specifically typos if you spot one because i suck) but thank you for reading!

The secret room

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The secret room

Kurt Wagner x reader


Warnings: none?

The secret room is what you called it, you never told any of your friends about it not even you best friends where it was located. It was the only place in the mansion that you could be completely by yourself. The room was mostly an empty rectangular area besides a shelf which contained ten of your old and new notebooks, a small fan so you wood not overheat in the room, a light, and two cushions on the ground.

You mostly wrote stories and letters in the room, after class prefibidally. Your ability to phase through solid matter made it easier to get into the room because well it was in between your dorm room and another dorm across from it.

One afternoon during lunch you heard a loud thump outside one of the wooden walls of the room. You set down your Journal on the ground and backed up toward the corner of the room. There was another thump like sound from the room next to it and you quickly grabbed the Journal from the ground.


One of your closest friends Kurt suddenly teleported above you. You gave out a little yelp as you hit the hard ground with Kurt on top of you. Kurt opened his eyes and they met yours as you like looked scared.

“(Y/n), I am very sorry about that. Scott vas playing a game vith me and I accidentally landed in here,” Kurt frantically got up from you and handed you his three fingered hand. You grasped it and got up from the ground.

“Vhat is this place (y/n)?”

“It’s.. Um.. where I write…. during the day,” you knelt down and grabbed your journal from the ground.

“Vhy do you go in here, how do you even get in here (y/n),” he said as he touched the dark wooden walls.

“I don’t really like sharing my stories with others Kurt it's… Uncomfortable for me and we’ll you my powers and my room is right next door so I just go through,” you smiled.

“Oh vell I bet your writing is great (y/n), and I can tell that you would prefer to be alone. I guess that I will be on my way (y/n),” Kurt turned around and was about to teleport away when he felt your hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t go Kurt, I would like your opinion on my…..stories, if you want to read them of course,” Kurt smiled and grabbed your hands.

“I would love to (y/n),” Kurt kissed your hand. You blushed and grabbed one of your story notebooks from the shelf and handed it to Kurt.

*weeks later*

“Zhis is incredible (y/n)! The whole plotline is amazing,” you looked up from your notebook and smiled at Kurt who was sitting beside you.

“Well thank you Kurt, but i’m still a mess with my punctuation. It sucks.”

“It’s not zhat bad (y/n) I mean it only one part of zhe writing. Zhe plotline and development of the characters are zhe most important part,” you smiled and took the book out of his hands and propped it back onto the shelf of books behind you.

“Is there any other stories I can re-,” your head turned to kurt before suddenly focusing on the floor beneath her and Kurt.

“Was that you?”

“No,” you suddenly grabbed one of your journals from the shelf and held it close to you.


The floor beneath you suddenly burst. You screamed as you started to fall down out of the room but Kurt wrapped his arms around you and teleported you into into a random dorm room before hitting the ground . There was a thump and you landed on top of Kurt in his room with a very confused roommate looking at you.

“Oh my god, my notebooks,” you ignored how close you were to Kurt but he didn’t. His usual blue cheeks were tinted with purple while you laid on top of him, inches away from his face. Kurt snapped out of his daze and teleported you down to the room below.

Kurt and you arrived to the floor below which was a empty classroom, thankfully. You ran down to the pile of rubble and knelt down beside it. You sifted through the broken wood and ignored the new bleeding cuts from your hands. You came upon your notebooks and smiled which soon turned into a frown.

The room, your secret room in which you has used for almost two years now is gone. Tears escaped your eyes as your bloody hands held up the stack of books. Kurt frowned as he reached out his hand to whip away the tear on you cheek. You could tell he did not know what to do when you felt this way.

“Ca-can you take me to the nurse K-Kurt,” you said in between cries.

“Of course,” he grabbed your hands and quickly kissed your head before teleporting you to the nurse’s office to relieve your hands from the pain.


It has been months now since you have wrote anything and you started to feel depressed. You have gotten to know and make more friends like Jean and Ororo and especially Kurt but you still felt as if something was missing from your daily routine.

It was just after your last class a and you had settled in on a couch in the lounge to read a book when suddenly Kurt appeared in front of you. You looked up into Kurt’s joyful face and smiled as you put a bookmark in your book.

“Hey Kurt, what’s up.”

“Vell (y/n), I have something interesting to show you,” he offered you his three fingered hand and you smirked. You grasped his hand and he teleported you into a long hallway which contained many dorm bed rooms. He opened the door to one of the rooms and you entered the room.

“Where are we going Kurt,” you asked as he dragged you deeper into the room which seemed almost like long L shaped hallway behind the all of the dorms.

“It’s a zuprize,” he answered with a smile.

The both of you stopped at the end of hallway, ”where are we going now Kurt? The hallway ends here.”

“You vill see (y/n),” he said as he pressed a wooden floorboard with his foot resulting in opening up the wall in front of you. Beyond the door was a large ladder which Kurt started to climb up. You quickly fallowed him and he offered you a hand as you climbed the last steps.

“Oh my,” you looked at the room around you with wide eyes. Although it looked like it hasn’t been touched in years you could see the full beauty already. The room was painted a light blue and had two large red couches on each side of the rectangular room. It had a window on the end of the room and a small glass chandelier which both gave off a bright light.

“This…. This is amazing Kurt how did you find this place?”

‘Vell I know you haven’t been writing as much lately and it shows in how happy you are zo I set out to find a place in which you could write here. Somewhere that nobody won’t vould find and vell it led me to here.”

“You found this place to make me happy?” Your lips began to smile as you thought of it.

“I guess I did. I just like it when you are happy (y/n), it’s makes me happy too,” he said as you stepped closer to him.

“Thank you Kurt, that is one of the nicest things someone had done for me,” Kurt gave a smile and your hands reached out to grasp his. He blushed as your eyes closed and you leaned in closer to him. Kurt leaned into the gap between the two of you and you kissed him softly. The kiss was long and sweet and long awaited for Kurt who had liked you since the day he met you. Kurt broke from the kiss for he had never kissed anyone before. Your eyes fluttered open and you both giggled a little.

“Now how would you like to help me clean up this room with me Kurt,” you said with a laugh.

“Anything for you my angel,” he took you and and placed a light kiss on your hand.

Creepypasta #259: The Joys of Cat-ownership

I love cats. They’re so fuzzy and mischievous…totally adorable.

Well, not always adorable. Sometimes they’re destructive, annoying, and loud. Especially at night.

Any cat owner can tell you what it feels like to wake in the middle of the night to the sound of your beloved pet racing from one end of the house to the other and back at top speed, or to jump out of bed at the sound of a crash, certain you’re being robbed, to find your cat looking innocently up at you from a pile of pieces that probably used to be one of your most expensive possessions.

All cats are experts at demanding your attention, whether they’re jumping on your laptop while you’re writing that email or pawing at your face first thing in the morning to wake you. What they do in the night is likely just another method for making sure they keep your attention.

My cat especially is an innovator in this field. She’s a young tabby, just under a year old by the vet’s estimate. My boyfriend and I adopted her six months ago from a rescue run out of an older couple’s home. She’s always been an attention grabber with a sweet-and-sour attitude; she’ll hop right into my lap, knocking whatever I’m working on out of my hands, but she won’t let me pet her. She’ll nip at my hands if I try. Her bids for attention have changed a bit in the few months we’ve had her. She used to meow loudly for food any time I was in the kitchen, and try to paw her way into the cabinet where her food is stored. Now I only have to worry if I accidentally leave it open or leave the bag of dry food out on the kitchen floor, because she doesn’t hesitate to shred it up with her claws trying to get to the food.

Recently, however, she’s been acting really strangely. There’s a sound she makes when she sees birds and squirrels through the window, kind of like a barking/chirping noise. Apparently this is a normal part of the feline hunting routine. What’s strange is that lately she’s started doing that in our bedroom, to the wall opposite the windows. She’ll stare at a spot high on the wall, making that noise and trying to jump up to the spot like she thinks there’s something to catch there. It would be cute, if it didn’t make me worry she had vision problems or some other issue. The vet says she’s fine, so I just attribute it to her goofy personality.

It isn’t just the pseudo-hunting in the bedroom. Cats often have a habit of pawing their humans’ faces in the morning to wake them, but mine has started doing it in the middle of the night. She’ll paw at my face for a bit until I push her away, and then she’ll meow sorrowfully for a moment before hopping up and snuggling between me and my boyfriend. That’s another thing; this cat is not a snuggler. She likes to lay on my lap while I’m awake, but she does not particularly enjoy being held or cuddled and often snaps at me if I try to cover her with a blanket. Now she’ll climb under the blanket with us on her own. I’m starting to worry about her.

Now I know these peculiarities don’t sound all that odd, but something has just seemed…off, lately. Between my cat waking me and my boyfriend hogging the bed, I haven’t gotten much sleep. I’m always the last one to get to bed, so the cat and I are often the only two awake for a few hours each day. She likes to be right next to or on top of me during this time. I usually just watch or play something on my computer, or crochet. Sometimes I use this time to do laundry, but I don’t like going into the basement at night.

Now, I’ve seen some actual creepy basements in my young life. This isn’t really one of them. I used to work in a family-owned bookstore in the historic part of our city. It spanned two storefronts and the basements were joined. There were endless floor-to-ceiling shelves down there used for storing products and packing materials. There were plenty of lights, but the shelves made them ineffective anywhere but in their own aisles. There were pipes running through the whole area, several of which were low enough to require the employees to duck. There was a large wooden door on one wall with a red light coming from within through a knot in the wood. Certainly it was a boiler room or utilities room or something of that nature, but let me tell you, the time I spent alone slicing up cardboard boxes with a box cutter right next to that door was a bit tense.

That was a creepy basement. The one in our house now, not so much. It’s empty, only two rooms. The stairs lead right to the middle of the space, with the laundry room on the left between the stairs and the back wall. It has another wall between it and the wall opposite the stairs but no door, so technically I suppose it’s all one room, except for a small closet under the stairs. The main space wraps around the stairs and the laundry room in an L-shape, and this is part of what I don’t like; I can’t see the whole room from the stairs. I’m one of those paranoid people who always sits in the corner of the room where I can see everything and I can’t stand to have anyone behind me. Going downstairs to arrive in the middle of a poorly lit room with several parts I can’t see is not fun for me. Even worse, the lights have been changing.

There are plenty of lights in the basement, the problem is that they don’t all work. Usually it seems like only the light in the middle of the room, at the base of the stairs, comes on, and it’s faint. There’s a separate switch at the bottom of the stairs for the laundry room, which has just been redone and thus has bright, working lights. But before I reach that switch, there’s very little light to go on. Recently, though, more of the lights in the basement will come on when I flip the switch, and sometimes the main light doesn’t go on with them. I mean, I guess that’s not too unusual. The house is old, and aside from the laundry room no one has touched the wiring in the basement for at least 40 years. It’s unnerving, though. I’m logical and detail-oriented, so changes like this make me want a more concrete explanation than “the lights are old.”

So, back to my cat’s strange behavior. There are two bedrooms upstairs that we’ve just been using for storage until we decide what to do with them. She has started wandering around the upstairs and meowing plaintively sometimes. Because the rooms are mostly empty, even her quiet voice echoes around up there. It sounds like she’s crying. I’ve brought her the vet several times since we got her; first for a basic check-up, and then out of concern over her eating habits. She’s finishing up her last round of worm medication and is otherwise healthy, so I know she’s not crying out of pain. I wonder if she’s lonely. That would explain why she keeps trying to wake me up in the middle of the night.

I’d love to get her a new feline friend, but my other half is going to take some convincing. I’ll have to start working on him tomorrow. Just thought I’d throw this up on my blog and see if anyone else has had similar issues with their cats.

My cat was not lonely.

She was not hungry, or bored.

She was terrified.

She woke me up last night, pawing at my face and mewing quietly but urgently at me. I tried to just ignore her, hoping she’d give up and settle down, but instead she extended her claws a bit. She managed to hit my right eye hard enough to make it water, then dodged my arm as I swiped at her, jumping up behind me and snuggling under the blanket between me and my boyfriend. She went very quiet and still.

Fuming, I thought about getting up to look at my eye in the mirror but decided against it; the room was cold, and my bed was warm. I decided to just keep the eye open until it stopped throbbing. Since I was laying on my right side with my long hair fanned out on my pillow, it fell across my face enough to block most of the light from the bathroom night light coming through the open bedroom door. As I waited to be able to close my eye and go back to sleep, I heard a noise.

The basement door was opening on its own.

Or so I thought, until I heard almost-silent footsteps navigating the kitchen with expert steps. Even in the dark, whoever it was managed to avoid the table, chairs, laundry baskets, litter box, garbage can, and cat food dishes without so much as a bump or a clink. I froze, not daring even to close my right eye or open my left. Through my hair I could see a large dark shape enter the bedroom and stop right in front of me. I prayed it couldn’t see my open eye as a thousand scenarios played themselves out in my mind.

Somehow my mind got hung up on the fact that it hadn’t tripped over anything in the kitchen, so this wasn’t the first time it had watched us while we slept. That fact kept me trying to breathe as I would in sleep, hoping that if it hadn’t done anything to us in our sleep during previous visits it wouldn’t start now. My cat was a warm, silent lump behind me, hiding beneath the blanket in terror.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. My right eye was still sore, and felt extremely dried out because I hadn’t blinked once. The shape didn’t move, standing so still I started to wonder if the cat had actually damaged my eye with her paw, creating the dark blur I was seeing.

Suddenly, I felt a movement from behind me. My boyfriend was stirring. I tried hard not to panic, unsure of what to do. Ordinarily I’m the kind of person who will grab a knife to go investigate a strange noise, but there were no knives in the bedroom and I didn’t know if the dark form was armed. It was definitely at an advantage, already standing above me, not tangled in blankets as I was. As my boyfriend shifted, it moved out of the room, back through the kitchen, through the basement door. I heard it close quietly.

I was pretty sure it hadn’t known I was awake. It wasn’t looking for a conflict; it had fled as soon as my boyfriend started to wake up. I felt him get out of bed to go to the bathroom and reached for my phone quickly. I didn’t want him to panic. I didn’t want the thing in the basement to know I saw it until it was too late. I dialled the police and reported a home invasion as calmly and quietly as I could. When I’d hung up, I got up myself, giving my boyfriend a hug and a kiss as I passed him on my way to the bathroom. I had to come up with excuses to stay awake until the police arrived without alerting the thing in the basement.

Finally there was the sound of sirens and a knock on the front door. I felt awful when my boyfriend came out of the bedroom and looked at me in confusion and concern as I opened it without a word, but there would be time for explanations later. I wanted whoever was in our basement behind bars. Tonight.

The police searched the whole house, but didn’t find anyone or anything as large as I’d described. The doors and windows were all locked and dead bolted from the inside, as we always kept them, but beneath the basement stairs they found a few bloody feathers and the bones of small wild animals. There was no point of entry for any animal from the outside, and there weren’t whole carcasses or skeletons, just a few bloody remnants of what looked to be, from the bite marks on the bones, someone’s last few meals.

The police didn’t know what to make of it, and to my knowledge no one has been arrested in connection with the “break-in” that left all of our doors and windows perfectly secured. I told my boyfriend what I’d witnessed and why I hadn’t alerted him sooner. We got a security system, added more lighting to the basement, knocked down the interior walls, and exchanged our normal stairs for a spiral staircase, eliminating the closet below the stairs and allowing for a full view of the entire basement from the top or bottom of the staircase.

Our cat started acting normally again. After months of wondering about her strange behavior I now realize that her demands for attention weren’t an indication that I should be worried for her, rather a sign of her concern for all of us. So the next time your pet starts acting up with no apparent medical reason, be on alert. Like I said, to my knowledge the thing under our stairs hasn’t been caught.

Credits to: Amanda Laven

Riker Smut 💖

This is for fxckyeahdark, I hope you like it 💖

“Baby I’m so excited! It’s been way too long!”
“I know Riker, I’ve missed you so much!”
“Aw, I’ve missed you too!”
“Listen Rike, I’ve got to go, my plane is leaving in 10. I’ll see you soon!”

Together, mine and Rikers schedule was jam-packed 24/7 and we rarely got time to see each other. It had been 3 months but somehow we had managed to keep our relationship alive thank The Lord. Today I was off to L.A to stay with him and the band for a week and a half and perform numerous shows. I loved watching R5 on stage, it was where they belonged. And something about watching Riker strum his bass and jump around, getting all sweaty really got me going.

As soon as I got off the plane, Mark and Stormie met me at the private car waiting outside. I said hello to a few fans and signed some photos before waving goodbye and jumping in the car. As soon as I got to the venue, we went through the back door and went straight to the bands dressing room.

I knocked a few times and finally Ross answered the door. “Y/N!!! Aw it’s so good to see you!” “Thanks Ross, you too! How has the tour been going?” I asked, settling my bags down in the corner of the room before scanning around for Riker. “It’s absolutely amazing! Rikers in the next room getting ready, he’s so excited.” Ross explained, looking at my wandering eyes. I just smiled and nodded. “I’ll catch up with you guys after the show!”

What the heck, I’d just go in. I turned to door handle really slowly and crept in. Neon Trees were blaring out of a speaker by the dressing table and there were clothes all over the floor. In the middle of the room there was a L-shaped sofa facing forwards towards a large TV. Riker sat in the middle, phone in hand scrolling down Twitter. Creeping behind him, I put my hands over his eyes and said, “Guess who?”
He just turned his head and grinned widely. I hopped over the side of the sofa and hugged him so tight I could’ve died. “Oh my god, I missed you so much.”
We both stayed in the close knit hug for a few minutes then just stared into each other’s eyes. Rikers right hand stroked my cheek and pulled me towards him. Our lips brushed against each other’s before connecting and working together passionately. I missed his lips so much, the taste of him, the feel of his hair in my hands.

He pulled away and put his hand on my knee, tapping a little which was our signal for sit on me basically. Riker sat back on the sofa and I crawled onto his lap, putting one leg on either side of his. “We have about 20 minutes before we go on stage you know…” He muttered, looking down and stroking my thighs. “Hm.” I just put my index finger under his chin and lifted his face so he looked into my eyes. I brushed my lips against his and trailed them to his ear. “Fuck me then.”

A dark shade of brown cast itself over his usual bright eyes and he got up, picking me up with him. Walking over to the dressing room table, he set me down on it and unbuckled my shorts pulling them down my legs and throwing them into a corner. I pulled my shirt off while Riker stripped himself of his clothing. I sat back on the table and lifted my hips to remove my underwear. Riker just bit his lip and watched me, his eyes drifting down towards my wetness, slightly spreading towards my thighs. “Oh my god, I have missed this pussy so much. (Y/n) you’re so wet for me, I love it.” Riker ran a finger up my slit and put it on my tongue, groaning when I swirled my tongue around it.

I jerked him off a little and grabbed his hips, pulling him towards me and moaning out loudly when he pushed into me. “Oh fuck Riker, I missed this so bad. You feel so good.” “Mhmm, I don’t think I’m gonna last long, it’s been so long baby.”
Thrusting harder, he pulled my hair and kissed me roughly, making me reach my orgasm quicker than I ever have. “Oh god, oh god, I’m gonna cum so hard (Y/N).”

Riker pulled out and tugged at himself, and shot string after string of cum across my stomach, moaning out loud and settling his forehead against mine breathing heavily. He lifted his head and kissed me hard but romantically. “I love you so much, (Y/N). I hate leaving you for so long.”
“Me too Riker, but just think this is our welcome home gift anyway.” I just winked and got off the dressing table, going to clean myself up and get dressed. Before Riker went into the other dressing room he turned and kissed me really hard.

I’m happy to be home.

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What would Clarke (dating Lexa) and Bellamy (dating Murphy) living together involve?

Thank you! This ended up being way longer than I planned

  • Bellamy cooks while Clarke cleans
  • Clarke has a studio upstairs that Bellamy is banned from because he accidentally broke a main sculpture once (which is not fair at all because Lexa did the exact same thing two days later and she still gets to go up there and look at Clarke’s cool things)
  • Clarke justifying it because Lexa is her muse
  • Bellamy sitting at the top of the stairs watching as Clarke works and they talk about anything and everything
  • “Do you think your gonna marry Lexa?” “Do you think you’re gonna marry Murphy?” “I asked you first” “I asked you second” “quit doing that” “fine…I think I will” “Thought so” “You?” “I don’t think marriage is Murphy’s thing” “have you talked to him about it?” “Have you talked to Lexa about it” “i asked you first” “hypocrite” “basket case”
  • They have a giant ass kitchen that is always filled with the weirdest study food
  • Pamper night
  • “History majors are so fucking weird” “you’re an ART MAJOR Clarke”
  • “Hey Clarke did I leave my Iliad up here-JESUS LEXA WHY ARE YOU NAKED” “Clarke said I was her muse” “She’s not naked Bell she’s got a flower on her-” “OH MY GOD nope”
  • Wednesday nights are Bellamy and Murphy’s stay in nights so Clarke takes Lexa out and vice versa for Friday’s
  • “Bell, I need the flat this weekend” “…why?” “Body paint Kay thanks be gone by 9” “IF YOU GET PAINT ON MY MAC AGAIN YOU’RE DEAD”
  • Lexa and Murphy absolutely loathe each other at first
  • “Bellamy, why is the raccoon contaminating my oxygen supply?”
  • “Clarke, why is the toad offending my presence?”
  • Bellamy and Clarke lock them in Clarke’s room together and Murphy literally climbs down the old broken fire escape to get away from her
  • “Why do you hate Murphy so much?” “He smells like an old air duct”
  • “Why do you hate Lexa so much?” “She keeps saying I smell like random objects.”
  • “Well just try to get along with her/him…for me?” “Fine but you owe me Ben and Jerry’s”
  • Lexa and Murphy are forced to go on a “friend date” to Ben and Jerry’s together
  • They bond over how stupid Clarke and Bellamy’s flavour choices are and their mutual hate for stuttering peasants cashiers
  • “So how did it go?” “She said I smell like pumpkin seeds” “at least it’s not the back of a leather chair” “shut up”
  • “So how did it go,” “I will tolerate that one, Bellamy can keep him” “Jesus lex”
  • Movie nights on their giant as L shaped couch leading to all out pillow wars
  • Clarke’s room is always as an explosion of mess while Bellamy’s is all neat and tidy
  • Both Murphy and Lexa aren’t comfortable with how easy it is for Clarke and Bellamy to just not wear clothes around each other
  • Then Murphy comes over and knocks everything off Bellamy’s desk and Lexa tries to sort Clarke’s dirty clothes
  • Clarke and Bellamy have competitions to see who can recite longer passages from 19th Century poetry
  • Bellamy always wins
  • Clarke wears Bellamy giant clothes all the time and he always steals her hair and skin care products
  • Clarke paints designs of a city in Bellamy’s room and a forest in hers
  • Their living room feature wall is an abandoned city filled with plant life
  • “Bet you I can get Murphy in bed faster tonight” “you’re on pretty boy”
  • “Clarke, shush the goonies are almost at the treasure”
  • “Bellamy, spongebob is having an existential crisis get out of my sweater”
  • “No, no way, if you crack open the whiskey I pull out the candles” “mine isn’t a fire hazard” “since when is drunk Murphy not a fire hazard” “it’s not my fault you can’t handle how hot my boyfriend is” “go fuck yourself” “don’t need to”
  • “Let’s watch magic Mike XXL” “Bellamy no” “come on Clarke it’ll be fun” “think of Lexa” “what no I wanna laugh at all the men trying to woo me with their pelvises”
  • Murphy doesn’t make it past the Matt Bomer signing Heaven
  • Murphy and Lexa become terrifyingly close to the point where they start to say the same thing at the same time and both flip their shit
  • “Bet you I can make Lexa scream louder tonight" “fight me blondie”
  • “Clarke what are you doing with tha-oh my GOD”
  • “Bellamy, why do you keep moving around so mu- fuck fuCK FUCK”
  • “I win…again” “fuck you Blake”
  • Murphy and Lexa end up just moving in at the same time to make things easier
  • “Bet you I can christen the couch with Lexa first?” “Bet you I can christen the kitchen with Murphy first”
  • The next day Bellamy finds a note saying “I win” on the couch and a note on the kitchen counter saying “I win part two”
  • Murphy asks Lexa about the random note on the fridge saying “beat you to the bathroom” but she just shrugs at him

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send me in a “what would ____ involve?”


happy birthday, Douglas Slocombe - One of the finest cinematographers of the twentieth century, he photographed a number of my favorite movies, including The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man in the White Suit, The Servant, The Lion in Winter, The Great Gatsby and Raiders of the Lost Ark. You may also know his work in such films as Kind Hearts and Coronets, Scream of Fear, The L-Shaped Room, Guns at Batasi, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Italian Job, Jesus Christ Superstar, Julia and the other two Indiana Jones films from the 1980s, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Happy 102nd (!!!), Douglas!

And Just When I Thought Things Would Be Easy With Us.

College!AU A/N: Watch me acciedently end up doing a shit ton of series because I never seem to be able to write a one shot or something…geez. Anyways! College!Dean is one of my fav things in the world , because let’s be honest…Dean is incredibly smart. But yeah, this is like a Part 1 as well I suppose. Also I would die if I could be best friends with Dean Winchester.

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If there was anything you hated more than Winter Quarter, it was the long stretch between now and spring break (even if it was only a week away). Everything in you, asked – begged you to just lay down for a couple seconds and rest but with finals coming up, last minute projects and having to pick classes for the next quarter there was no way in hell that you could stop now. Your eyes burned from exhaustion, feeling as if they were going to melt out of your sockets (extreme? Yes.). While everyone else seemed so to be buzzing over Spring Break that was officially 5 days away, you still had two finals to take and of course, it was on the hardest classes you’ve taken since Senior Year Statistics in High School. So obviously, you were not in the best of moods. All you wanted to do was scream, and maybe get a good cry out – oh, and also have some spaghetti, something you have been craving for the past week or so.

“If you glare at that coffee any harder, it’ll surely explode or some shit,”

You quickly glanced up to the owner of the rough voice that you would, without a doubt, know anywhere. Dean Winchester. Green apple-eyed bachelor who had the world at the palm of his hand if he so chose. Somehow, in between the 3 years you had been in school, you had crossed paths with the handsome soon to be engineer, and who was now the bestest friend the world had ever blessed you with. How? Honestly you had no idea. It all started in the mandatory Earth Science class you were required to take. Dean had been late to the very first class and there were only two seats that were vacant in the whole room; one was for those who wrote with their left hand and the other was next to you at the edge of the room towards the window that overlooked the canal that rested on the outskirts of your campus. So of course, this bumbling, clumsy mess of a human being who reeked of arrogance and sex appeal sat next to you and since then – after many projects and many late night studying for important exams, you both became inseparable. He told you everything, confided in you. He told you about his little brother, Sam, and how proud he was of him. How he worked double shifts sometimes in order to help Sam pay for Stanford and Dean wouldn’t change it for the world. He told you about the loss of his mother in a house fire that tore their family apart. How his Dad lost it and Dean was left to pick up the broken pieces of what was left of the Winchesters, how he ached for Sam and the regret he had for not allowing Sam to have a normal life – not that it was in anyway his fault. The list went on and on.

You scoffed at Dean, moving your books aside so he could sit in the vacant seat next to you, his own coffee in hand. He placed his bag on the ground and watched you with an amused smirk. Dean was never and I mean never stressed out about school. He was the epitome of the perfect student and as much as he hated to admit it, he was good at being a student, good at learning and being a responsible and mature adult who had his crap together. You, on the other hand, while not an awful student, did have to put a lot more effort in order to get the grades you wanted, and often begged for Dean’s help when it came to studying and finals. God, finals always kicked you in the ass.

“Did you get any sleep last night, sweetheart? You look as if you’re about to fall asleep on this table,” His brows furrowed in concern as he brushed a few strands of hair away from your face. You tried not to blush. After three years, you would think that you would be immune to the charm that oozed out of the older Winchester, but nope. You were not granted that wish. It was a shocker that Dean hadn’t mentioned anything in the years that you had been friends. How could you not have a crush on this heaven sent angel? He was perfect in every sense of the word as far as you could tell.

“Had to finish my essay for my Middle East class as well as the speech for the religion class. I’m running on 2 hours of sleep and I want to rip my heart out,” You whimpered at the thought of everything that you had done last night, you really needed to rest. Now.

“I heard from Benny that your speech was awesome. Hey, hey come on, don’t break down on me now. What do you say about coming over to my apartment and we can just order in some Chinese and relax, okay?”

“But don’t you have another class today?” It was only 1 in the afternoon and Dean was not one for skipping class. He merely shrugged, grinning widely as he grabbed your books and bag as well as his own. You tried to grab your crap from him but he swatted your hand away and gave you a pointed look.

“Missing one creative writing class isn’t going to stop me from graduating. Besides if I ever need help, I can always come to you for papers,” he winked, holding the door open as you both walked out of the school café. Dean’s beloved 1967 Chevy Impala was parked next to the canal. It was a beautiful spring day, surprisingly warm for the city and everyone seemed to be taking advantage of it by laying out on the grass, wearing shorts and whatnot. Dean chatted away about his day, going on and on about how much of a dick his Calculus III Professor was, giving them loads of new worksheets to do before the final that was next Tuesday, the last day of the quarter. I praised every high power, it finally being Friday and I could rejuvenate and get back to the groove of things. End with a bang, right?

“Is Benny going to be home?”  

“Nah. He has a date with some chick he met at the bar last week. So movie night? Or…?” Dean for once seemed nervous. It wasn’t as if it was the first time I was going to their shared apartment. In fact, a majority of my time was spent there. I eyed him warily as he set my things in the back seat of the sleek black car. I was too tired to fully question and observe him, and the thought of laying down on the large L-shaped couch that rested in their living room nearly made me giggle. Dean Winchester’s weirdness could wait.

The Cabin. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

*Warning, this is a Halloween imagine that I wrote. It contains gory images and blood and all of those types of things, so if this makes you uncomfortable then don’t read. But you have been warned. Happy Halloween..*


It was finally Halloween night, your favourite night of the year. Halloween night was the night where you could dress up as anything you wanted and it was actually acceptable. It was also the night where you could eat as much sweet candies and foods that you wanted and even pull the most terrifying pranks on your friends and not get in trouble over it.

Unlike any other halloween, this halloween you actually made a complete change in your plans. This year instead of going to a party and getting wasted on all of the alcohol you could consume, you were going deep into the woods where you would be staying in a large cabin with your boyfriend Joe and your friends Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, Tanya, Jim, Oli, Dan and Phil, Louise and last but not least Caspar.

Thanks to Zoe and Alfie who had rented a cabin before and absolutely adored the experience of being deep in the woods, they suggested to you and all of the youtube crew to rent out a large cabin and rest there for the night to give yourselves more of a halloween scare since you would be situated in the woods, one of the most overrated places where people stay in on Halloween night in the movies. You all had rented out a rental van, big enough to sit everyone and hold all of your luggage to drive away from the city and into the soothing countryside for the night.

Currently you were sitting at the very back of the van with your head nestled against Joe’s muscled arm and your fingers lacing together with Joe’s. “This should be a very fun night..” Joe chuckled, resting his head over yours, a chuckle leaving his lips as you gazed out the window seeing nothing but green fields pass by with the occasional herd of sheeps and cows here and there.  Halloween was definitely your favourite time of the year, the scary stories and haunted houses gave you such an adrenaline that you grasped onto it tightly. You loved the whole build up to Halloween and visiting farms late at night where live actors would jump out at you and scare the daylight out of you completely. It also gave you the opportunity to listen out and hear new scary  stories that you could use for when you’re surrounded by friends and it gave you the opportunity to pull out some new and scarier pranks each year.

“I can’t wait to hear all the scary stories that Oli claims to have..” You murmured, teasing Oli who was sat in front of you scrolling through the music he had stored away in his many playlists. “Hey! I have great scary stories and I promise that you won’t be able to sleep tonight because you’ll be so scared..” Oli smirked confidently, a giggle passing through your rose pink lips at the thought of not being able to sleep.

“In your dreams Oli. I’ve probably heard scarier stories compared to the ones you’ll be telling us tonight. You couldn’t scare a puppy..” You joked poking your tongue out amused at Oli as he gasped offended and turned away from you. “Well guys, I wouldn’t get so competitive now, leave all of this for tonight around the camp fire..” Zoe smiled through the mirror back at everyone as she drove down the cobbled road, the trees growing bigger and the landscape getting wider.

“Oh guys, not too scary please! I don’t do well with super scary stories..” Tanya whined, instantly uncomfortable with the talk about scary stories as she cowered into Jim who wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulders. “Don’t worry Tan, all of these stories are just made up. I’ll be here to keep you safe through the night anyway..” Jim smiled sweetly down to Tanya, kissing her temple lightly and holding her close in his arms.

“Get a room!” Dan shouted scrunching his eyes shut as Tanya and Jim both cooed at one another, making you ‘awh’ but also laugh at the sight of Dan hiding his face into his hands. “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to sit here..We’ve been sitting for at least five hours now..” Joe whispered in your ear, pressing a delicate kiss to your cheek making you smile. “This will be totally worth the drive. I packed away some sparklers that we could light and I’m pretty sure Zoe packed some glow sticks too and I’m sure there’ll be tons of fireworks somewhere close by..” You smiled up to Joe, your boyfriend of three long and happy years as you held his hand in yours, both enjoying the calm drive even though Joe was desperate to stretch his legs and catch some fresh air.  “I didn’t realise that we’d be sat in a van for five hours, I thought we’d be allowed a bathroom break..” Joe huffed, running his free hand through his hair and resting his head against the clean window.

“Well I don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer now..” You spoke quietly, pointing out the large window to see that you were now parking outside of your lodge for the night. As you all stepped out of the bus, you all gathered into a semicircle and gazed up at the beautiful wooden cabin that stood gracefully before you.

“Maybe we should buy a house like this babe..” Joe smiled, wrapping his arms around you from behind as you all gazed up at the large wooden cabin, a small smile playing at your lips at the thought of moving out of Joe’s flat and into a house of your own, where you would both start a family.

“Guys, I know it’s Halloween but we aren’t actually in a horror movie. We’re acting like some family that’s just moved into the new area and we’re all looking at our new house lovingly but we don’t know it’s haunted. Let’s go in and scope this baby out! Anyways, I know I’ll be getting the biggest room!” Caspar joked, making a mad dash to the wooden front door of the cabin as you all scurried in after him excitedly.

As soon as you entered the cabin, immediately everyone’s luggage slipped from their fingertips and their jaws dropping to match. To your left, there was a large kitchen with a long, designed wooden table and soft plush chairs. To your right there was an open wide space area for the sitting room where a grand beige leather ‘L’ shaped sofa sat along with two large love seats and bean bags, all situated in front of the wide screen tv that was plaqued onto the stone chimney. This place was spectacular.  It was almost as if you were stood inside of Barbie’s dream house, it was that stunning.

“Well guys it’s getting dusky. How about we whip up a bite to eat and then we can cruise on outside and roast some marshmallows and tell some scary stories?” Alfie suggested, raising a dark brow as he looked around at the group of you all, all of you nodding with satisfaction. “Okay, cool! So, Zoe, Marcus, Niomi and I will get cracking in the kitchen and maybe you guys could get started with getting the campfire ready?” Alfie smiled as you all reflected his smile back and nodded.

“Let’s get cracking!” Zoe cheered, fist pumping the air as herself and Niomi toddled into the kitchen with Marcus and Alfie following close behind.

“So, how about Dan, Phil, Caspar, Oli, Jim and myself go and collect the wood and you girls could go and grab the marshmallows and find some scary movies that we could watch later tonight?” Joe smiled at yourself, Tanya and Louise as you rolled your eyes playfully at how Joe didn’t want you or the girls to do any of the lifting.

“Fine by me, I just got my nails done and I am not getting them filthy, and I’m definitely not planning on getting a splinter!“  Louise stated, snapping her fingers and throwing her beautiful pink hair over her shoulder sassily as she pursed her lips and made her way to the bag she brought with her to retrieve the marshmallows and box sets of horror films she had brought along.

“See you at the campfire..” Joe chuckled, pecking your lips delicately before strolling out the backdoors and towards the woods.


It was now eleven o'clock and you were all gathered around the warm camp fire with mugs of hot chocolate filled with whipped cream and marshmallows along with marshmallows on thin wooden sticks to roast over the yellow and orange flames.

“No Oli, that definitely wasn’t scary..” Phil snickered as Oli finished up telling a so called ‘scary’ story about how a young teenage girl was home alone and then suddenly heard the breaking news about a psychopath murderer on the loose, and when she seen the image of him on tv, she saw him looking through the window, when in actual fact the murderer was in her house and in the end she was murdered. It was awful, the only good thing about this 'scary story’ was that Joe was making Oli look like a rodney by slagging him and his story whilst holding you closely into him as if you were afraid of the story being told, making himself look like a macho man to protect you.

“Oh c'mon! That was so scary!” Oli frowned, looking absolutely defeated with everyone’s remarks on his so called 'terrifying’ scary story, a small bickering argument happening between Dan, Phil, Oli and Joe as they discussed how the story was definitely not scary and how it was totally scary.

“Okay, Okay I have an even better piece of entertainment for you all..” Zoe laughed at the sight as everyone quietened down and nibbled on their roasted marshmallows. “I’ve kept it as a surprise..” She continued with a small smirk tugging at her lips, as you all looked to her with curious eyes. 'What on earth has she planned?'  You thought to yourself, your hands wrapped around the warm mug of hot chocolate as you sipped on the hot liquid and cuddled up into Joe’s protective arms.

“Well, I know it’s halloween and we had planned to sit inside and watch a bunch of horror films, but I thought we could make this night a little more intriguing..” Zoe smiled sweetly, brushing a strand of her chestnut brown hair away from her face, everyone’s ears perking up at her words, wanting and craving to know more.

“I planned us a scavenger hunt!” She beamed as Tanya and Louise squealed with excitement and gasps of shock escaping from the lips of your group of friends. Your eyes watched Zoe intently as she pulled out a folder of papers from behind her and passed one out to everyone. “The only little trick is..that this stuff isn’t in the house..It’s out in the woods..and you’re only allowed your torch light to guide the way..” She accounted, looking around to everyone as they nodded with a fever of excitement. “I recommend everyone goes with one person, for example Dan and Phil are one team, Tanya and Jim are another team, Marcus and Niomi and so on..” Zoe finalised the details as your eyes danced over the scavenger hunt list, your adrenaline rising and pulsing through your veins.

“What about me?” Louise pouted, looking around the circle. “Everyone has a team mate but me..” Louise sighed, her hands fidgeting with the list before her. “Oh Chummy, you can team up with me and Alfie..” Zoe smiled over to Louise who smiled happily back at Zoe. “Okay, so whoever finds all of the stuff wins a special prize..” Zoe teased, clapping her hands together as the crackle from the fire and the wood sounded into your ears.

“Sweet, what’s the prize?” Marcus asked, his eyebrows lifting with excitement as his marshmallow turned from black to a soft brown colour. “You’ll just have to win the game and find out, won’t you?” Caspar chuckled, standing to his feet as Zoe began to pass out torch lights, standing to her own feet as you all began to bundle up into your warm coats and scarves.

“Alright guys, good luck..Don’t be too scared of the dark..” Zoe smiled smugly before you all set off into the dark, hand in hand with your loved ones as the moon illuminated your path way.


“Do you want me to wrap you up in my big strong arms and protect you from the monsters babe?” Joe asked, a playful twinkle sparkling in his eyes as his hand stayed moulded with yours and his other hand holding the torch light.

“Oh my hero..” You gasped, placing your hand against your forehead, acting like you were a damsel in distress needing your saviour, making Joe laugh. “Okay babe, we’ve been walking for twenty minutes, what are we even looking for?” Joe quizzed, shining his light down to the piece of paper you held, as you took a breath and began to recite what was listed on the paper. “Basically we need to find a black eyeliner, a pumpkin seed, a spider, a witches hat, a frankenstein mask, Anything purple and something orange..erm..a spider, a trick or treat bag, a broom, a white sheet, an eyeball and a spell book..” You breathed, looking up into Joe’s warm, blue loving eyes as you stayed close to his side.

“Oh that will only talk about five hours..” Joe huffed as the yellow, brown, orange and red leaves crunched underneath your shoes, a breeze spiralling by making a shiver travel down your spine, a small laugh slipping from your lips as you pressed your face into your maroon coloured scarf.

“Oh shush, this is going to be fun..” You scolded, nudging your hip against Joe’s as you walked amongst the leaves and twigs, listening to them crunch and crackle underneath you as you both walked together, the torch light guiding you forwards.

“You know, maybe we could do something else..I mean, we are in the woods. Just the two of us..and we could get up to so much fun..” Joe whispered as his hand suddenly left yours, only for his arm to snake its way around your waist as he pushed your back against a tree, his lips attaching to the soft spot on your neck, your eyes closing in satisfaction. “Oh, really?” You breathed hotly, leaning your head back further so Joe had more access to your neck, your skin tingling under his touch, his hair tickling your jaw as you sighed in satisfaction, allowing your fingertips to wander through Joe’s soft locks of hair.

Joe’s hands began to slide up and down your sides, before resting on the small of your back as he maneuvered his lips away from the sensitive skin on your neck and to your soft, plump rose lips, kissing you deeply and pressing your bodies together making your heart rate pick up immediately. Suddenly you both jumped away from one another’s lips hearing a loud, blood curdling scream that could most definitely be heard from ten miles away.

“What was that?” You whispered quietly, so quiet that you almost didn’t hear yourself. Your eyes darted from side to side in panic and in search from where the scream came from. “It was probably just Niomi dared to scream to frighten everyone..” Joe mumbled, trying to attach his lips back to yours but you gently pressed your hand to his chest and pushed him back slightly, your nerves on edge from that desperate shriek. “Maybe we should check..or ring someone just to make sure that everyone is alright..” You whispered, licking your lips feeling them go dry as your fingers fondled with the material of Joe’s shirt.

“Y/N..” He sighed, looking down into your alerted and panicked eye/colour eyes as he tried to distract you from worrying. “We’re fine..It’s Halloween night..everyone will be trying to scare one another..” Joe soothed, keeping his hand pressed to the small of your back before he puffed out his cheeks and sighed deeply. “How about we go and try find something from the list, yeah?"  He smiled, pressing a kiss to your temple as he led you away from the tree before he pointed his torch light back down to the list of items you were to hunt for.  "How about the trick or treat bag? You can’t fit a trick into a treat bag..unless the trick is that there is no treat and it’s just a bag..” He pondered, looking deep in thought as you burst into a fit of laughter, instantly forgetting about the worrying scream from moments ago.

“You’re such a dork..” You giggled, kissing Joe’s cheek before returning to try and follow the clues as best as you could to find this 'precious’ trick or treat bag.


“Your/Nickname this is the worst scavenger hunt..we’ve been doing this for at least an hour and a half now and the only thing that’s been interesting is listening to the guys and girls try and scare us..I’m getting bored..I’m just tempted to go back to the cabin and sleep..” Joe grumbled, swinging his hand back and forth with yours and shining his light down on the ground before you, a heavy wind brushing by you both as the trees swayed and danced with the wind.

It’s pretty much true. Yourself and Joe have both been searching and hunting for the items on the scavenger hunt list, and yet it’s been well over an hour now and you’ve found absolutely nothing, but the only thing you have been noticing is that your group of friends have been screaming a lot more; but not just any scream, it was more of a horrifying desperate scream and you’ve just settled it down to the idea that since it’s dark in the woods and that it’s a bit of a competition of trying to come first place by finding everything on the list, then everyone was trying to scare one another by screaming, like those desperate girls from the stories Oli and Caspar told earlier around the camp fire.

“Don’t be like that Joe..You’ve done plenty of these with Jim around London..This is the first Halloween we’re actually doing something productive instead of getting wasted..” You pouted, looking up to Joe as you both walked by the pathway of trees that surrounded you everywhere. “Anyways, I want to see what the prize-” You began, walking ahead of Joe before wincing as your foot got caught on a twig, causing you to stumble forwards and fall on your knees. “Shit babe, are you alright?” Joe asked worriedly, his steps quickening behind you. “I’m fine, I’m fine..but the ground is really sticky and warm-…” You answered back with confusion, your eyebrows furrowing together as you held your hands up to Joe’s torch light before a loud, frightening shriek left your mouth at the sight before you.

Your hands were covered in oozing, red blood. But not just any blood, it was Tanya’s blood. Your legs felt weak as you looked down to Tanya’s body, her lips as blue as the deep ocean and her face as pale as milk, blood oozing from her lips and from her stomach, scratches on her cheeks and her body laying limp on the now bloody autumn leaves.

“This is a joke..This is a sick, twisted joke guys!” Joe yelled, anger evident in his voice as his arm wrapped tighter around you, pulling you into his chest protectively and shielding your eyes from the sight of your close friend Tanya who laid in her own pool of blood. Joe flickered his torch light from side to side to scan for anyone’s presence, waiting for somebody to jump out and laugh in both of of your faces about how they got you good.

No one did.

Tears prickled against the brim of your water line as your breathing became shallow. “Joe, tell me this is a joke..this is a joke, right?” You asked, your hands shaking as your heart races and pounded against your chest heavily, making you almost positive that your heart was going to break free from your chest.

“I don’t know..I-I..I’ve no idea..” Joe whispered, his grip tightening if possible around your waist as you walked carefully away from the horrifying scene behind you and towards another pathway of trees. As you both threaded along the leaves as quietly as you could, you managed to spot Dan and Phil who were resting against a tree, there heads down and studying the scavenger list.

“Look! It’s Dan and Phil! Dan!” Joe called out, hurrying both of your foot steps as he moved you both to the tree were Dan and Phil were both pressed against. “Guys, I don’t know if you’ve seen this or if it’s some twisted joke..but Tanya..she’s back there and she’s bleeding heavily and has bad wounds..” Joe talked, his words spitting out from his mouth quickly as he crouched down beside Phil and placed his hand on his shoulder. Suddenly you watched as Phil’s head rolled to the side, revealing a large and deep knife wound on his throat, and a large gash against Dans throat, blood pouring and mixing together as their bodies paled and your stomach churned.

“Joe..” You whispered, your hands flying to your mouth as your stomach churned quickly and your sight blurred. “This isn’t happening..No..This isn’t real..” You broke down, your mind and stomach spinning like a carousel as you clutched onto Joe’s arm for dear life and watched his eyes drink in the sight before him, his fists clenching and his eyes narrowing at the sight in front of him.

Both of your heads turned hearing the snapping of a twig. “Who’s there!?” Joe yelled angrily, pushing you behind him as his flash light turned to the side only for the flash light to slip from Joe’s fingers. There was Louise, her eyes wide open like she was caught stealing a cookie from the biscuit jar and a large butcher knife wedged into her skull, blood pouring down her face and down the side of her head turning what her once healthy glowing skin was into a crimson blood colour.

Tears escalated down your cheeks as your stomach churned before emptying itself by the tree behind you. 'This is a nightmare’ You thought, the contents inside of your stomach travelling up through your stomach and out onto what was once happy autumn leaves. “What the fu*ck is happening!?” Joe demanded, his fist slamming by the tree beside him as he flinched away from the sight of Louise, his sisters best friend and the girl he would consider as an older sister.

“Joe..we’re not safe..” You panicked, your breathing becoming quicker as your hand held Joe’s tightly. Joe retrieved his flash light in a panic only for his nimble, ice cold and shaking fingers to allow it to slip through his fingers and crash against the mushy ground, his legs collapsing underneath him. You followed his gaze, as slowly as you could only to feel your heart stop and your body feel faint.

Swinging from the branches were Caspar and Oli, the wind blowing their bodies back and forth in the wind as they dangled from a rope that hung around their neck, their bodies skinned and their clothes torn and decorated in their blood, their eyes shut and bodies blue and white.

“Casp..Oli..” Joe whispered, his voice cracking. Joe shuffled to press his back against the tree, not wanting to look at the horrific sight of two of his best friends in the world, flailing lifelessly in the air. “Joe..Oh Joe.What’s going on?” You frowned, kneeling in front of Joe as you his his face into the crook of your neck, not wanting him to look at the sight of his best friends hanging dead and skinned before him.

“What’s happening? I-I don’t understand Joe..” You frowned, your cheeks and Joe’s hair growing wetter and wetter by the second as the tears pooled from your once excited eye/colour eyes and now they filled with fear, worry and confusion. “I wish I could tell you..But I promise you that, the bastard who did this..He’ll be dead once I’m finished with him..” Joe growled, his arms enveloping you as you eyes him, watching him hold back the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes and cascade down his cheeks, but Joe never liked to show his emotions and especially now that you were situated in a dangerous, life threatening situation, he definitely didn’t want to show the fear that was burning the insides of him and itching on his skin.

“We need to go..” You whispered, scrambling to your feet in a hurry of panic and worry, not wanting to meet the demon or murderer of your best friends, “We need to go now.” You spoke, your voice trembling but staying strong to let Joe know that you both needed to get the hell out of here since this is not fun and games anymore.

“Leaving so soon?” An all too familiar voice spoke, both yours and Joe’s eyes went wide with fear. Your heads both cautiously turned, to see where the voice came from as Joe took hold, of his torch light and shone it in the direction of where the voices came from.
Your breath immediately caught in your throat as you stumbled to stand and pull Joe with you, stepping back away from the person before you.

Alfie stood before you, his side leaning against the tree, a large knife covered in crimson blood in his right hand as he ran his finger tips across the edge of the knife.
A menacing and evil smile evident on his lips, his white cotton t-shirt now a new red colour, a mixture of all of your friends blood.

“What the f*ck are you doing Alfie? What sort of sick thing are you up to?” Joe spat viciously, your hand moving to his biceps and clasping it around them, tugging him back as he went to swing a punch at Alfie, who was now cackling.

“Oh, my sweet Joseph..I am so happy that I left you and your lover girl for last..I’ve been waiting for this moment for months.” Alfie spoke, his voice so calm as if what was happening around you was completely normal. You whipped your head to the side hearing two loud, heart stopping screams.

Your heart was racing and you couldn’t keep up with your thoughts as your vision blurred over with tears and swayed side to side. Your hand was tight in Joe’s as your chest rose and fell quickly at everything happening around you, your entire world spiralling and crashing down before you and there was nothing you could do to bring your friends back.

“Where’s Zoe?” Joe demanded, his voice stone cold and hard as a rock, his eyes that were once a happy shade of blue are now a harsh, dark blue, laced with anger.

“Oh, don’t worry about Zoe, sure she’s right here with me..” Alfie smiled as if Joe was crazy, his hand leaning down to the ground as his fist wrapped around something brown and thick. Your heart stopped and your body went cold and numb, watching Alfie pull out a detached head. Zoe’s head. Blood was oozing from her throat and her eyes were shut closed, her hair was wrapped around Alfie’s fist, as he smiled sweetly down to Zoe’s head.

Joe’s face fell and drained of its healthy colour, his knees began to shake as he processed the scene before him. Suddenly Joe let loose of your hand and charged towards Alfie, kicking him in the shin before tackling him to the ground in a fury. “Joe!” You shrieked running quickly after him as you watched Joe swing a punch to Alfie’s right cheek, his head flying forward with the motion as Alfie tried to kick Joe off of him.

“My sister loved you! She loved you and did everything for you, and this? This is how you pay her back!?” Joe yelled, his hands gripping at the collar on Alfie’s shirt as he shook him back and forward relentlessly with fury. Your hands gripped at the back of Joe’s shirt, desperately trying to pull him back and off of Alfie, until something caught your eye.

The knife.

You quickly crawled over to the knife, stretching your hand over to take it until a painful shock sent through your hand, a cry for help leaving your lips as you looked to see a black, leather boot crushing your hand. You moved your eyes slowly upwards to see who was creating the pain in your hand, only to scream louder at the sight and shove your eyes into your other hand.

There in front of you, dangled three bloody, detached and scarred heads. Niomi, Marcus and Jim. Tears ran freely down your cheeks as you gasped for breath, your body shaking with fear and your heart in your throat. The leather booth released your now crumpled hand, your knees backing you away carefully and swiftly, the man with the leather boot revealing himself into the light making Alfie and Joe stop fighting, as Joe gasped loudly, whilst Alfie smiled evilly.

“Ah, you got the three of them, did you?” He asked, his eyes sparkling at the sight of three of his good friends handling decapitated from their bodies.

“I told you that I would..” Josh smiled, stepping towards you and Joe who was now standing to his feet and immediately guarding you.

Josh and Alfie stood beside one another, innocent yet menacing smiles on both of their lips as they eyed their final piece of prey. “Josh..What..What the hell is going on!?” Joe yelled, his fists clenching as his throat ran dry at the sight before him.

“Surprise..” Josh smiled sweetly, dropping the heads that belonged to your close and dearest friends as if they were nothing, only to swing a dirtied, bloody knife around his ring finger, his eyes trailing both of your bodies with hunger and determination. Your hands shook and your tears escalated down your cheeks quickly, as you bit your lip to bite back from screaming.

“ were one of Caspar’s best mates! What are you doing!?” Joe growled, his eyes turning darker and his voice deep with dark and his voice hinting with betrayal from what was happening. “Oh..sweet, innocent just don’t understand, do you?” Josh smirked, eyeing both of you as Joe backed you both away from Josh and Alfie whom were both holding knives drenched in sticky blood. “What don’t I understand?” Joe bit back, his eyebrows raising as he kept his guard on the surroundings of you both, making sure that you were far away from the two so called 'friends'  

“Let me explain..for the two of us..” Josh began, smiling to Alfie who nodded back, folding his arms across his chest and looking at you both. “You see Joe..All of you..were my competition. Your sister, yours and my best friend Caspar..All of the friendship group..were mine and Alfie’s competition and you all needed to be eliminated. One by one, every single one of you. The most festive time of the year for all Hallows’..and the most perfect time to kill you all slowly..All of you were becoming more and more tours..make up brands, clothing brands, stationary brands..You were all getting everything, and what were me and Alfie getting?” Josh spoke as you cowered behind Joe, your heart racing with panic and looking around desperately for something to defend yourselves with. “Nothing. We were thrown into the shadows, not getting any attention. We’re the talented ones! We’re the ones who deserve the awards and all the glory and spotlights, but instead we were thrown into the dark, with not even a torch light. Alfie began loosing followers and subscribers and he wasn’t getting any new offers from his book publishing company or any sort of magazines. We were isolated, and everyone completely forgot about us and began to watch Zoe, Louise, Caspar and you more. So that’s why, we decided, it was only fair that since all of you have travelled the world and achieved so much..that you need to go, and give me and Alfie some time to shine and what better way than to just kill you all?  Alfie planted the idea of a scavenger hunt into Zoe’s head and made her do us up a list..and little did she know that the events would turn tonight..So now you won’t be able to ever steal the spotlight again.” Josh smirked, his hand running over the chilling knife as a lump formed in your throat, your lips trembling from fear as Josh backed you back against the tree, the point of the knife running down Joe’s chest.

As soon as the knife trailed to Joe’s neck, Joe’s knee came in contact with with Josh’s groin and sending him flying to the ground in pain, as Alfie rampaged up to you both and knocking Joe to the ground, slashing his side with the knife sending horrifying, spine chilling scream left his lips.

Your body felt numb and cold as you watched Joe bundle up in pain, you immediately reacted as you screamed loudly for help and shoved Alfie off of Joe’s body as he aimed for his neck, blood covering your clothes instantly and staining your hands as you wrapped your hands around Alfie’s neck, watching him squirm underneath your body.

Suddenly two hands caught your waist from behind and threw you off of Alfie, crashing you against the tree before you squealed in pain feeling a sharp, heart stopping gash glide across your thigh.

“There’s no point in trying to fight it Y/N. You’re going to die. You and lover boy.” Josh spat as he held the knife above his head. You clenched your eyes shut tight in deer and not wanting to watch was going to happen. Suddenly your eyes shot open hearing a gun shot. You watched Josh’s body hit the ground as another gun shot rang in your ears and sent Alfie back down to his knees.

“This is the police! Put your weapons down and your hands behind your back!” A man shouted through a bull horn as men in bright yellow uniforms ran out from behind the trees and immediately tackled Josh and Alfie, handcuffing them both as they yelled curse words and swore that they would get you both as soon as they got out.

Your stomach churned with a sick feeling and you looked to Joe who was wincing, tears slipping down his cheeks as you trembles and scooted over to his body, peeling off your cardigan and pressing it down on his wound. “Shh..shh.You’ll be okay Suggy..I-I have you..You’re going to be just fine..” You whispered, a weak smile twitching at your lips as you sniffled your tears and softly kisses the side of Joe’s head and brushed away his tears.

“We’ll be okay, I promise you..” You whispered, your voice cracking as Joe peeled his eyes open and gazed up into your eyes. “I..I thought he was going to kill me..I’d rather him kill me…” Joe spoke, his voice barley audible as you shook your head quickly at his words. “Please don’t say that..We’re okay now..The two of us..We’ll be okay..We’ll make it..” You whispered, wrapping your arms around his shoulders lightly as you cried into his hair, forgetting about your own gushing injury and just wanting to make sure Joe was okay an that he’d get better.

Tears of fear.
Tears of happiness.
Tears of relief.

“Excuse me miss, these men need to check you both out and get you to the hospital immediately and then you’ll both be questioned by the police, is that alright?” A man with a bushy black moustache announced, walking up to you and Joe as men from the ambulances rushed over to Joe’s body and lifted him onto a gurney carefully.

“Y-yeah.. That’s fine..” You smiled, still shaken up from everything that has happened. You watched police men tape the trees and surrounding areas as you turned away from the sight of your best friends being placed into body bags, your heart breaking and crumbling into thousands of pieces at the thought of never seeing or hearing your best friends voices.

“Your both very lucky that your friend made that phone call calling for help..You both would have been gone..” The man, whose name tag red Murray read. Your eyes went wide at his words as your hands shook. “A call?” You asked, your hands brushing the tears from your cheeks. “Yes, yes. Her name was Niomi..She made the call and just as she told us where she was, the line was cut off and we set out immediately.” Murray explained as your hands flew to your mouth, as loud sobs left your mouth. You thought back to Niomi and how she was in Josh’s hands, her head separated from her body.

“I’m so very sorry for everything that happened tonight miss..” Murray spoke softly, rubbing your back as men from Joe’s ambulance lifted you onto a gurney and brought you into Joe’s ambulance, were you watched men crowd around him and place tubes here and there.

Your fingers softly brushed against Joe’s, before Joe took your hand in his firmly and connected your fingers together, his head turning to face you as he gazed deeply into your eyes and gave your hand a gentle squeeze and mouthed, “I love you.”

Things were going to be hard and they were going to be difficult. Tonight has traumatised you both, but now you need one another more than ever. Everything will be alright, once you had Joe and Joe had you.


I hope you enjoyed this imagine as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please tell me if you did enjoy it and give it a vote and maybe drop a comment? All of my love and I hope you have the happiest and scariest Halloween ever xx


Tungkwan, China

One of the most radical solutions in the field of shelter is represented by the underground towns and villages in the Chinese loess belts. Loess is silt, transported and deposited by the wind. Because of its great softness and high porosity, it can be easily carved. In places, roads have been cut as much as 40 feet deep into the original level by the action of wheels. In the provinces of Honnan, Shansi, Shensi, and Kansu about ten million people live in dwellings hollowed out from loess.

The dark squares in the flat landscape are pits an eighth of an acre in area, or about the size of a tennis court. Their vertical sides are 25 to 30 feet high. L-shaped staircases lead to the apartments below who rooms are about 30 feet deep and 15 feet wide, and measure about 15 feet to the top of the vaulted ceiling. They are lighted and aired by openings that give onto the courtyard.

From the top one can only see small trees placed carefully above each staircase that leads downward. The tree acts as the official sign of the house, so you don’t describe your house to visitors or give a house number but tell them about your tree.

Architecture Without Architects // Bernard Rudofsky