the kurosawa project

Umi’s Poker Face on Yukata Set Unidolized

when you grab her hand and she makes that face so u also make that face

when u were looking at fireflies and then your friends just left you there

when you realize they aren’t even real goldfish

when the wind blows and the pinwheel hits you in the face

well excuuuuse me, binch

when you realize you forgot your homework at home the day it’s due and you had spent all night finishing it

why is this candy apple bluuuuuuue

holy fuck i’m eating a banana

Hope you enjoyed!



I know Love Live character have like same face syndrome but remember everyone has their own style. Anime is always not perfect for designing original diversity characters, but if you love Anime or Japanese art of Animation then you gotta respect it. ^_^ ✧

Anyway I took time :) and invest of taking Muse and Aqours eyes so you can see their own original eye design and colors.Love Live eyes are like my favorite eye style of Anime:・゚✧ Their eyes are the most main attraction from their characters and the franchise.


{ 21. 09. } 黒澤 ルビィ 彡☆

Happy Birthday Ruby!! (*¯ ³¯*)