the krystal method

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I don't know, do you ever, like.. Do you ever feel like something's not right? Like... I'm not super smart but I'm not super stupid either. Like, my boyfriends are on a two-year rotation. Like, before Hector there was Craig, and like two years to the day he leaves for Alaska and like, why do hotel security guards have submachine guns? Like, why did the cops just drop the whole thing so quickly? I just feel like I'm missing something really big.

It’s a Team Effort!!

Im a little taken aback and well, what’s the word? Would it be honored?



Anywho, I’m a little >fill in the blank here with a positive adjective< over what long time fan turned friend, Dan Quenell, did for me.

A few weeks ago, I went to Fan Expo Toronto in which my favorite band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE was there. Dan loves them, too. Dan couldn’t make it to Toronto so he asked if I could get him the poster they were selling so I said sure. It was no more than $20 all together to pay for shipping and the poster itself. It took me about maybe two con days to get the entire band to sign it (they would not all be at the table at the same time).

I didn’t mind doing this at all because it gave me the excuse to bug them, er, I mean visit them :) (Confession: I was starting to feel like a creeper at times with how many times I was visiting :P).

ANYWHO, Dan compensated me a little bit more than what the poster was worth.

I politely declined it but he insisted. He then said “Have it go towards your Sylvanas boots.”

So there you go! Dan kindly contributed to the cause and for that I am grateful!

So this post is to give a THANK YOU to Dan Quenell for his generous contribution towards the making of the banshee queen ^___^