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A Kryptonian and an Amazonian: Kara and Diana (and the wonders of ice cream)

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Alex grins over from across the diner at her little sister and her new friend, leaning conspiratorially into each other in a booth at Noonan’s. 

Both in glasses – one to conceal her identity, one because why the hell not? – both moaning as they dig into the massive ice cream sundae on the table between them.

“I only had to cross an ocean to encounter this delicious cream,” Diana is telling her. “You had to cross – what did you call it?”

“The Phantom Zone,” Kara nods, closing her eyes as she leaves the spoon upside down in her mouth a little longer than necessary, oblivious to the way Diana stops eating to stare wide-eyed at Kara’s lips.

“Was it lonely? That Phantom Zone?”

Kara shrugs as she opens her eyes, and Diana wonders at the kind of blue.

“I don’t remember it. Being stuck there. Except sometimes in dreams. Alex would wake me up screaming when we were kids. My planet would be burning and I’d be stuck in what felt like an abyss, in my pod, and I couldn’t…”

Diana reaches a hand out for Kara’s, and their eyes lock hard.

“It must have been beautiful. Krypton.”

Kara’s smile returns even as tears prick her eyes. “My father used to take me to the edges of Argo City to watch our sun rise – it was red, not yellow like this one – and so much of our cities were just… awash in silver, in our technology, and it could have been sterile, I guess.”

She adjusts her glasses and swipes her spoon through a river of chocolate fudge and licks it off slow, thoughtful. Accidentally seductive, even as Diana’s heart bleeds along with her words.

“But it wasn’t. The way the rising sun would reflect off of all that metal… it was anything but cold. It was… Anyway. It’s gone, now.”

Diana shakes her head slowly. “Not in your heart, Kara Zor-el. Nothing can ever truly be gone. Not if you keep it alive inside you.”

Kara sighs and creates the ultimate sundae spoonful: wet walnuts, fudge,ice cream, a piece of banana, sprinkles, whipped cream. She offers it out to Diana, who accepts, and her eyes fly wide as she moans so loudly, so joyously, that Alex – now joined by her girlfriend – isn’t the only one in Noonan’s turning to stare. Kara giggles.

“The first time I tried it, I got so excited I started flying without even trying to. Alex tried to hold me down but wound up just coming along for the ride.”

Diana laughs, and it’s light and it’s happy and it’s so damn full. 

“Your sister’s a brave warrior, it seems. Angry. Frightening, perhaps. But loyal. And that police woman seems to make her smile more easily.”

Kara nods and they both glance over at Alex and Maggie, who catch their eyes and wave. 

“She’s the only reason I ever felt at home on this planet. Alex. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Diana thinks of Steve, of gas and of planes. She thinks of her aunt, of generals and of last breaths.

Kara doesn’t have J’onn’s telepathy, but she knows anyway. She knows that look.

She sees it in the mirror far too often.

Nearly every time she looks.

“My aunt died, too. Was killed. She survived – she survived, I got her back, a piece of my home, and then she – “ Kara shudders, and tries not to think of Alex. 

Alex, protecting her space father.

Alex, loyal to a fault.

Alex, her sister, her world, who somehow became a hardened soldier without her noticing.

“She died. In battle. A renowned General.” Kara smiles softly, and it’s Diana, this time, who tries her hand at creating the perfect spoonful of sundae and offers it to Kara.

“I thought the world would never be able to go on when I lost my general. My mother’s sister. It felt like… you know what it felt like, Kara Zor-el.”

Kara nods, and remembers holding Astra, dying. Remembers holding Alex, weeping. Remembers holding her hand out for J’onn, breathing, breathing. Breathing.

“I have a projection of my mother. Maybe we could try to make one of your aunt. At the DEO. It… it’s not the same, and sometimes… sometimes I don’t know if she left me with the burden of caring for Earth or the burden of righting the wrongs I didn’t even know she’d done, but it… it’s comforting, anyway. Being able to see her. Talk to her. Even if it’s not really her.”

Diana’s eyes sparkle at this girl’s generosity. The way this woman bears the weight of multiple planets on shoulders that somehow still manage to look carefree. 

This warrior who doesn’t at all think herself a warrior.

But perhaps that’s what makes her such a powerful one.

“How have you done it, Kara? Seen all you’ve seen, and still… Ares told me that this world doesn’t deserve me, that I should rule it, enslave it, rather than… they kill and they torture and they… how have you done it?”

Kara pokes at their slowly disappearing, slowly melting sundae with her spoon.

“Ice cream helps,” she smiles softly, and Diana looks at her like she’s the sun. Because maybe she is.

“Love,” she amends more seriously. “If I let go of it, I… Alex does terrible things. The person I love most in the world. She hurts people, and she thinks… she thinks it’s alright, because it’s always in defense of someone she loves. She doesn’t think about the people who love the person she’s beating. Or, she does, but… after. Maggie’s helping her with it. J’onn too. And I’m trying. Sometimes I feel like it’s my fault, like I turned her into someone this ruthless, but I… I guess what I’m saying is… I love her. I love her more than my own life. All of her. And she helps me understand. Humans. This planet. The things people do out of fear. Out of love. Out of terror of losing love. The people you’ve found, Diana. They have to be your anchor. Otherwise it… otherwise it consumes you. The things Ares said to you. And you can’t let it. You’re too good.”

“As are you, Kara. As are you.”

Kara licks her lips and lets her eyes lock hard into Diana’s. 

“You know what also helps?”

Diana shakes her head, her eyes starting to sparkle, her lips starting to quirk up into an excited smile.

“Pool,” Kara grins.

“We have pools on Themyscira! Mystical pools, with water that – what?” she trails off, smiling in slight confusion, because Kara is laughing and touching her hand and god, she can feel the undercurrent of Kara’s power even in her gentle, affectionate gesture, and it makes her gulp.

“No, I mean a game. Come on. Alex and Maggie will show you.”

Kara is up and offering her hand, and Diana is taking it but her eyes are wide and her lips are playful.

“Can we get more ice cream there?” she asks, and Kara beams.

“Great thing about this city? We can get ice cream almost anywhere.”

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Kara gets night terrors. Most of the time when people see Supergirl flying at night or floating above the city they think she must be keeping watch or that it must be because it is peaceful up there away from everything. And in a way it is. But more times then not it is an escape. It is an escape from the griping fear that haunts her sleep, but more then that it is an escape from having to face Lena’s bruises.

Kara knows she used to get night terrors when she first came to earth. Each terror filled with images of a Krypton, of her body shaking uncontrollably as the ground shuttered beneath her feet, of rock crumbling and buildings falling, and of her parents. They always talk to her, the same way they did the night she left, but in her dreams she never hears them. She can see their worried expressions and their mouths moving, but is silenced from being able to hear their voices again. It is rare that she remembered the dreams, or waking up in the middle of the night drenched in her own sweat, fear choking her. She is thankful she doesn’t remember many. What she does remember is Alex and Eliza asking her in the morning if she remembered sitting up in bed screaming, if she remembered sleep flying or sleep walking, or thrashing in bed so hard that she accidentally hit Alex and Eliza when they tried to calm her down during the first terror. She remembers the pain she caused.

Kara thought she was free of the terrors as she got older, no more rude awakenings, Eliza and Alex no longer bringing them up knowing it would just upset her, as it upset them that they couldn’t physically help her in all those moments. But after becoming Supergirl, seeing Astra again, returning to Krypton even if only momentarily, being on red kryptonite, and thinking she was going to lose Alex, they had returned some time along the way. It wasn’t until Lena was sitting on a kitchen stool in nothing but a sleep shirt that Kara noticed a large blooming bruise on the outside of Lena’s thigh that Lena told her. As Lena told her that she had had a bad dream last night, and when she tried to wake her up Kara had accidentally kicked her, Kara realized they were back.

Kneeling beside Lena, Kara brushed her lips lightly against the bruise. Kara apologized over and over hugging Lena as she hid her face in Lena’s lap her voice muffled as she said she would never hurt her again, and how lucky they were that she did not have a broken bone. Lena stroked Kara’s hair, her voice soft but strong as she told Kara that she would never have thought it was intentional. Hot tears fell on Lena’s thighs as she continued to hold a shaking Kara. Letting her calm down Lena’s fingers found Kara’s chin, pulling her up so that Kara had to look her in the eyes when she told her again that this was just an accident and that she knew Kara would never hurt her. When Kara nodded trying to lower her eyes Lena pulled her forward for a short kiss, leaning their foreheads together she stroked Kara’s cheek promising that she not going anywhere, that they would find something to help with the terrors.


I have always loved you. Though I was born a galaxy away… I have always served you. The same power… the sun’s power… fuels us both. You hold it here, you store it. I beg you for a suffering world… release it. Mother you are so generous. You give your beautiful jungle… I swear your adopted son will honor you. - Superman | The Dark Knight Returns

jcogginsa  asked:

You did your top ten Superman Artists before, who are your top ten Superman Writers? (I know you've already given your number one, but I'd still like to see your thoughts on the other 9)

Honorable mentions up front: There are the great creators who worked on him in the Silver and Bronze ages such as Leo Dorfman, Edmond Hamilton, Cary Bates (who would be VERY close to the top in a ranking of the best Luthor writers), and of course Jack Kirby. Mark Millar’s work with the character is consistently among the best of his career, and his nebulously upcoming miniseries has every chance of shooting him into the top ten. Max Landis’s American Alien is easily the best Superman story of the last few years, but given his atrocious previous shot at the character in Adventures of Superman and his frequently inconsistent quality across the board, I’m not certain yet that wasn’t a lightning-in-a-bottle moment. Making better showings in Adventures were Joe Keatinge and Matt Kindt, who blew me away with their respective pieces and I think could make real impacts if properly utilized. And while his work with the character was fundamentally compromised and cut short, Chris Roberson’s vision of him was one that tremendously appealed. Finally, while he’s never ‘officially’ worked on the character, Samuel Hawkins’ all but unknown Tales of Smallville for the site Superman Thru The Ages are absolute top-tier, all-time-great stories.

10. Greg Pak

What an utter goddamn shame; Pak was by all rights destined to be The Definitive 2010s Superman Writer, and DC shit all over him until he finally gave up and vanished back to Marvel. But in between the endless crossover nonsense and making him and poor Aaron Kuder put up with the New 52 suit, his Clark had a visceral sense of humanity and physicality that made him feel true and lived-in in a way few if any other writers have matched over the years, driven by a sense of righteous anger and pained compassion. If, god willing, he ever gets the subsequent shot he deserves (preferably with Kuder) and isn’t constantly compromised and undermined, expect to see him ultimately wind up significantly higher.

9. Joe Casey

Maybe the most frustratingly underrated guy in my top ten. In spite of a few gestures in a more radical direction - he explicitly wrote Superman as a pacifist, which obviously didn’t take - he didn’t particularly reinvent the wheel during his time with the character, especially given it was only for about his last year that he actually got to work solo rather than as a quarter of a complete unit. But that last year’s adventures are some of Superman’s best, with a vivid quirkiness and grand scope grounded in a particularly humble and introspective take on big blue that deserves its due as a cult classic run with the character.

8. Alan Moore

While I hold dearly to my contrarian take of For The Man Who Has Everything being significantly overrated, Moore’s other Superman comics more than make up for it, with both Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and Jungle Line scratching down to the bloody raw floorboards of his mind and demonstrating his vulnerability in a way that remains unmatched. He is to date the one and only truly great writer of Dark, Grim Superman Comics.

7. Otto Binder

Binder contributed more to the raw depth of Superman’s world in terms of mythology than anyone other than Siegel himself, ranging from Brainiac and Bizarro to Supergirl and Kandor and the Legion of Superheroes, with stories such as The Old Man Of Metropolis! and The Return Of Superman’s Lost Parents! proving he could also hang in there with the best of them in delivering the emotional gut-punches that Superman’s best tales so often rely upon.

6. Jerry Siegel 

I don’t think any reasonable person could seriously contest that Siegel belongs on any list such as this by default. But his position on it comes down not just to creating the dang guy, but the caliber of his material, particularly in his 1960s return where his stories ranged from mournful (Superman’s Return To Krypton!) to blackly comic and gleefully celebratory (Superman’s Day Of Doom!) to relentlessly heartbreaking (The Death Of Superman!) - just as he provided the rolicking adventure and bombast that birthed Superman alongside Joe Shuster, he and the contemporaries that walked in his footsteps found the wistful, melancholy heart that still defines his creation to this day.

5. Garth Ennis

He’s only written him the twice (thrice counting All-Star Section Eight, though he doesn’t pull focus in there in the same way, and it goes in a…different direction), but twice is enough for a lifetime in this case. The one superhero Ennis seems to hold sincere affection for as opposed to liking well enough at the absolute best, his Superman is whip-smart, ethical, self-aware, entirely understanding of how the world really works and the limits of what he can accomplish in it even as he grieves his inability to do more, and in Ennis’s own words “constantly let down by humanity, and never giving up on them”.

4. Mark Waid

The ne plus ultra of Superman fans, that he’s never secured a long-term tenure with his hero surely frustrates him even more than the legion of fans who’ve waited in vain for decades for him to get his deserved shot. What he *has* gotten to do has shown it would be more than worth the wait: while his vision with Alex Ross of an elder Superman in Kingdom Come weighed down by regret and lost in a strange new era resonated with a generation, his take is clearest in the criminally disregarded Birthright, whose alienated and passionate version of a young Clark Kent represented a scale of potential in his early days that has yet to be truly captured.

3. Kurt Busiek

Another underrated writer, Busiek’s time on Superman proper - while never getting to reach its proper culmination as he left to work on Trinity - is easily the best run that main title has ever had, with a warm, clever, classic Superman up against wild new threats that tested both his abilities and his ethics; in other words, the platonic example of Good Superman Comics. What pushes him into this kind of rarified air though is Secret Identity, with the most purely down-to-Earth, vulnerable, and thoughtful ‘Superman’ of all at its heart letting readers attach themselves to the fantasy he represents more acutely than maybe any other story.

2. Elliot S! Maggin

The first Superman writer to not only recognize that he was working with a modern legend but consistently and overtly write his stories with that in mind, it was under his pen that Superman gained a sort of self-awareness, questioning his methods and mindset as he tangled with some of his most astonishing threats. As Siegel provided Superman with his muscle and heart, Maggin was the first to actively map the contours of his mind and place in a larger universe, with a portrait of a truly alien intellect anchored by the most human of concerns and an unshakable ethical base that still resonates, bolstered by an equally well thought-out Luthor and a firehose spray of heady ideas - especially in his essential novels Last Son Of Krypton and Miracle Monday - that set a standard that has rarely if ever been recaptured.

1. Grant Morrison

Whether with a spitfire 20-something charging through the streets of Metropolis in a t-shirt and jeans, an unstoppable champion uniting with his counterparts from throughout the multiverse to rescue the very concept of story, or a relaxed god-man floating through his bittersweet last days among us, Morrison reaches deeper than anyone else into the vague, intangible essence of what Superman is to us - the goodest of guys, the one you can rely on, the one who’ll never fall and never stop believing in you - and grabs hard. With seemingly his every talent and every thematic preoccupation throughout his incredible career tailor-made to suit telling Superman stories, whether in his crushingly foredoomed attempts at redefining him for a new generation in Action Comics or All-Star with its mythic self-image and subtle character work, the very fact of Grant Morrison Doing Something With Superman constitutes an event unto itself. He fits the fundamentals together in the framework of his own unique cosmic approach and love for the material, with a model for Superman that while more flexible than any other always maintains his compassion and cleverness and unyielding spirit, and as it happens, that’s the tack that’s worked the best across all these 79 years and counting.

'Supergirl' adds Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, and more in season 3

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Supergirl is stocking up on new faces for season 3.

During the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, it was announced that Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas, and Emma Tremblay have joined the cast of The CW’s super-series.

Heroes alum Pasdar will play charismatic capitalist Morgan Edge, a ruthless real estate developer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants (and what he feels he deserves). The DC villain’s big plans for National City instantly put him at odds with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).

Lumbly (Alias) will play classic DC character M’yrnn J’onzz, the father of J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter (David Harewood). A pacifist religious leader on Mars, M’yrn pushes his son in unexpected ways. Lumbly actually voiced the Martian Manhunter on the Justice League animated series.

Jane the Virgin‘s Grobglas will play DC character Psi, a psychic villain who uses people’s own minds against them. Psi’s agenda puts her on Supergirl’s radar, and their meeting will affect the Girl of Steel in surprising ways.

Tremblay (Elysium) will play Ruby, a smart, independently minded National City kid who’s fascinated by Supergirl and ends up in jeopardy because of it.

The quartet joins the previously cast Odette Annable, who will play word killer villain Reign, a bioengineered experiment from Krypton.

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Here are more big highlights and revelations from the Supergirl panel:

Supergirl has given up on Kara: In the wake of Supergirl being forced to unleash lead into the atmosphere, forcing Mon-El to leave Earth, Kara is feeling very guilty and therefore is pretty much shunning her human side when the show returns. “The first two seasons, she’s been trying the scales of balancing Kara Danvers and Supergirl and figuring out her identity,” Melissa Benoist said. “Now where we pick up in season 3, the scale is leaning very heavily on Supergirl. I think that’s how she’s dealing with this grief of sending her boyfriend into a chasm in space.” With Mon-El gone, Kara will be much more reliant on herself moving forward. “From what I’ve seen so far, she really is trusting herself and only herself right now and obviously relying on her friends, but she’s been pretty self-reliant so far, which is nice,” Benoist said.

Where has Mon-El gone? After Mon-El’s pod got knocked off course, it appears he went to the Phantom Zone, but Chris Wood stayed mum. “He was in a pod, and it was in space,” Wood jokes. But executive producer Robert Rovner did give a little hope: “Chris is here and Mon-El will return at some point, but how he does is one of the central mysteries of season 3.” As for whether Kara and Mon-El’s relationship can survive after the events of the finale, Wood said, “The big thing is going to be what actually happens to Mon-El.” Adds EP Jessica Queller: “The circumstances would dictate that.”

What does it mean to be human? Kara is not the only one trying to find herself next season. “The theme of season 2 really was can Kara have it all — love, work as a journalist, superhero saving the world,” Queller said. “The theme of season 3 is ‘What does it mean to be human?’ and all of those characters will be exploring that question, especially Kara.”

Check out Erica Durance: The Smallville alum will replace Laura Benanti as Kara’s late mother, Alura, this season. And we spotted her in the new trailer.

Team Guardian lives: James will still be suiting up as Guardian next season and playing a bigger role on Team Supergirl, but he’ll also get back to his roots as well. “We have amazing things in store for James,” Queller said. “He’s going to have a new love interest. He’s going to step up at CatCo back to his roots as a journalist and photographer in a way that we haven’t seen him do fully that harkens back to Jimmy Olsen’s character.” Winn, meanwhile, is still with Lyra. “Lyra and Winn are still together. They’re still dating, they’re still going strong,” Jeremy Jordan said.

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What’s next for Sanvers: “Most of you know that Floriana is not able to return for the whole season, but that said, we have an amazing, beautiful story to tell in her remaining episodes that is emotional and modern and really honors the love between these two women,” Queller said. “She’s always welcome back to our show whenever she’s available.” Alex, meanwhile, will be weighing her relationship “against her work in the DEO and struggle with managing those two sides of her life,” Rovner said.

Reign’s big plans: Odette Annable’s new character is not your typical villain. “She left Krypton and now is on earth,” Annable said. “The thing that’s so great and so different about this villain, as opposed to season 1 and 2, is she has a very specific agenda. She’s not out to kill everyone she sees, and she’s not out to rule the earth. She has her own reasons for dispensing her justice that will unfold throughout the season.”

Will Lena find out the truth? If Katie McGrath had it her way, she would never find out. “I kind of like not knowing,” the actress said, applauding the relationship between Lena and Kara, but, “she doesn’t have to be the superhero with Lena, she can be just human.” If she were to find out the truth, Lena wouldn’t be mad that Kara is an alien, but, “I think she will have a problem with the fact that her best friend lied to her and another person who didn’t trust a Luthor.” McGrath hopes Lena’s relationship expands to the rest of the cast of characters. “I’m interested to see when Alex is thrown in the mix,” McGrath said. “Both of us care about Kara’s well being, but Alex is probably slightly distrustful of a Luthor.”

More Martians: Harewood would love to see M’Gann come back as a love interest, but in the meantime, we’ll see an interesting father-son relationship with the introduction of J’onn’s father. “It’s not an easy one,” Harewood said. “There’s going to be some complications. J’inn always thought he was the last Green Martian, so it’s going to be extraordinary to find that not only is he not the last Green Martian, but the other one is his father.”

New suit: Benoist has heard rumors that there could be some changes in store. “[EP Andrew Kreisberg] wanted to do a change that involved something very different, but I loved my suit,” Benoist said. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Kara’s job: Despite Kara starting to give up on the Kara side of her life, Benoist claims CatCo will still be very important this season. “Her relationship with CatCo is always up and down, and I think we’ll continue seeing that,” Benoist said. “She wouldn’t be who she is without being a reporter.”

Supergirl returns Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Most of these titles will be relatively modern, since I’m not a big fan of vintage comics. It’s just a personal preference. Bolded ones are my personal favorites. I’ll skip around in terms of chronology, and I’ll be avoiding major events like Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, Final Crisis, etc. 

  • The Death and Life of Superman novelization by Roger Stern - If you want to get the whole story behind Superman’s iconic death, it might be more economical to buy this novelization, instead of the individual (and sometimes pricey) comics. The background that this book provides on Superman is really invaluable and tells the story better than the comics did, in my opinion. Introduces Steel and the 90s Superboy! Adapted into the Superman: Doomsday movie. 
  • Superman: For All Seasons - this origin story ties into John Byrne’s Man of Steel series, but you don’t need to read that to enjoy this. Norman Rockwell-esque art and some very heartwarming Superman tales. 
  • Superman: No Limits! - My favorite of the “new millennium” Superman stories. Involves the return of the Daily Planet, Mongul, Kryptonite, etc. 
  • Superman: Return to Krypton - A very interesting exploration of Superman’s home planet, even if it is a tad confusing. Krypto’s preboot origin is here. 
  • Superman: Birthright - In my opinion, the best Superman origin story ever written. It really captures the essence of Superman, while maintaining modern relevance and an almost cinematic quality. This kept becoming canon, then not-canon, then canon again. I consider it canon on principle. 
  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies - A really famous and well-written team-up series between Clark and Bruce that emphasizes their friendship and their complementary skill sets. (Adapted into a movie of the same name)
  • Superman/Batman: Supergirl - Kara Zor-El’s preboot, modernized origin. If you’re interested in Superman’s conflicts with Darkseid, and Supergirl in general, I’d definitely check this out. (Adapted into Batman/Superman: Apocalypse)
  • Superman: Emperor Joker: This comic is just wild. Basically, what happens when the Joker gets unlimited cosmic power? You don’t really want to know – but at the same time, you kind of do. 
  • Superman: Ending Battle - Someone is targeting people that Clark Kent knows. Almost every supervillain on the planet is thrown at Clark in this volume. Superman gives one heck of a speech at the end. 
  • Superman: For Tomorrow - A really deep look into the philosophy of Superman, which focuses on Clark’s tendency to walk the line between a man and a god. In the story, he has recently suffered a great personal tragedy, and as he tries to retrieve what he lost, a few major complications and mysteries arise. This has, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful Superman art ever pencilled, and a story that is so poetic that it needs several readings to be fully understood. 
  • Superman: Unconventional Warfare - Enter Ruin! A really, really insidious villain who’s desperate for revenge against the Man of Steel. With tons of tech and intelligence on his side, Ruin proves to be quite a problem – and a mystery. Also – this is where Lt. Lupe Leocadio enters, and she is so badass. 
  • Superman: That Healing Touch - Not a great volume, but necessary for the context of Ruin’s continuous story. Some OMAC stuff gets introduced around here until Infinite Crisis, which can get confusing in terms of chronology. 
  • Superman: Sacrifice - I’m not sure if this is a controversial storyline, but overall, I found it to be one of the few truly well-written superhero vs superhero tales (it’s Superman vs Wonder Woman, ultimately). But the context of their battle is the real substance of this story. (This volume also definitively proves why Superman, if he is really trying, will beat Batman)
  • Superman: Ruin Revealed - Ruin’s story gets wrapped up, as the title suggests.
  • Superman: Strange Attractors - Gail Simone writes a wonderful Superman (and Lois Lane, incidentally). This Superman has an abundance of heart and power, as evidenced by battles with Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Black Adam, the Queen of Fables, and even Livewire (in her first comics appearance). 
  • Superman: Up, Up, and Away! - takes place after Infinite Crisis, and is directly affected by its events. Even if you don’t read that event. PLEASE read this comic. It gives a wonderful look at how a human Clark Kent may behave considering how, in this comic, he’s no longer Superman. Few Superman stories humanize and characterize Clark like this one does.
  • Superman: Back in Action - I loved seeing Superman team-up with a variety of heroes that aren’t necessarily considered A-List. 
  • Superman: Kryptonite - How exactly was Kryptonite discovered? Nice Superman characterization, even if the ending is a little confusing. This ties into For All Seasons, though it was written long afterwards. More art by Tim Sale, if you like that style, is contained inside. 
  • Superman: Redemption - For some reason, few people know about this truly AMAZING story in which Superman deals with his connections to religion, and how people relate him to different faiths. I feel like this story really showcases Superman’s steady moral compass and compassion.
  • Superman: Last Son of Krypton - Superman finds a little Kryptonian boy and decides to adopt it. It was lovely to see Superman try to fulfill the role of a father, because frankly, he fits the part perfectly. 
  • Superman: Brainiac - One of Superman’s most famous rogues is Brainiac, and he was due for a modern makeover. This comic does it nicely with great art by Gary Frank – not to mention that it gives Supergirl a big role. (This comic was adapted into the movie Superman: Unbound)
  • Superman: Grounded - Not the best set of Superman stories, but the heart’s there. I’m putting it in the reclst because the art is decent most of the time, and it provides some background for the New Krypton arc, which I will not put on this reclist because I did not enjoy it. 
  • Superman: Reign of Doomsday - I will mention that you should read both volumes of Superman: the Black Ring to fully understand this arc. Basically, this is the final curtain on preboot Superman, with Action Comics (which was pretty much the longest running comics series) wrapping up with over 900 issues! Gorgeous art by Kenneth Rocafort is inside, and almost the whole Superfam plays a part. 

Random issues: 

  • Action Comics #775: This is where Superman gave his most influential speech to Manchester Black. Adapted into Superman vs the Elite AND MUST BE READ BEFORE ENDING BATTLE. 
  • Superman #661: I just really love this team-up between Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, in which Superman becomes a sorta damsel in distress (but still kicks butt, nonetheless). 
  • Action Comics #791: A tale from Clark Kent’s past, about his high school years.
  • Action Comics #792: Some old-fashioned investigative reporting starring Clark Kent and Lois Lane. 
  • Action Comics #810: The heartwarming New Years issue with lots of neat art styles and stories. 

Not in the main universe:

  • Red Son: I liked this story, but didn’t love it as much as the critics did. The story centers around what might Superman be like, if he was raised in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. 
  • All-Star Superman: This is a truly iconic set of Superman stories, set around the idea that Clark is dying from radiation poisoning, and trying to get his final affairs in order. Everything in here is pretty fantastical and disjointed, but still magically written. Great art by Frank Quitely. Adapted into a film of the same name. 
  • Superman Adventures: This series is based on the 1990s Animated TV Series (which is great, by the way). If you like that, check these out. 

If you didn’t watch Smallville as a Superman fan, I seriously recommend that you do. It may not be true to the comics, but it was one of the first superhero action dramas on primetime television, and thus, very influential to the trends we see today with Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. The series was continued in a comics series called Smallville: Season 11. It’s actually one of my favorite comic series of all time. Here are the volumes: 

  • Guardian - Hank Henshaw’s introduction and Lex Luthor’s return!
  • Detective - Smallville’s version of Batman introduced, with Barbara Gordon as one badass Nightwing! 
  • Haunted - delves into Smallville’s version of the Flash. 
  • Effigy - Batman and Martian Manhunter team-up in a side story. 
  • Argo - Legion of Superheroes, Kara Zor-El’s gorgeous costume, and more!
  • Valkyrie - Team up with Lois Lane and Lana Lang, kicking serious butt! 
  • Olympus - Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and Felix Faust are all introduced to Smallville continuity.
  • Alien: The world deals with revelation that Superman is an alien, and the Monitors – the biggest villains – are introduced. 
  • Lantern: Superman becomes a Green Lantern alongside John Stewart! 
  • Chaos: Lois and Clark get transported to various universes and have to fight the Monitors. 
  • Continuity: the Monitors come to destroy Earth. Smallville’s Justice League defends it. 

Kara & Alex ficlet:  peices of silver

“I know your greatest desire, Kara Zor-El. You’ve been screaming it in your mind since you were a girl,” the mouthless being says, it’s voice somehow both deafening, and almost too soft to hear.

At the creature’s side, Alex crumbles in on herself, falling to her knees at the sound, and Kara nearly tosses her precarious composure out the window to run to her sister’s aid.

That wretched voice once again pulls her attention. “I want to give you what you wish, if you’ll let me.”

Her brow pinches and her eyes flick between the being’s skeletal face and Alex’s shivering body. “If I let you?”

It nods. “I have laws to adhere to, but I won’t demand more than you can give.”

Kara hesitates, feeling weak as she considers the creature’s offer. “What do you want?”

“To restore your planet and your people for you.”

Kara’s throat tightens and she glances down at Alex, who lifts her head and meets Kara’s eyes with something tender and vulnerable coloring her face.

Kara looks away, unable to bare the look on Alex’s face when she asks her next question; “What do I have to do?”

“Give me her life,” the being points one boney finger down at Alex’s hunched form, “And you may return to Krypton.”

Her heart seizes in her throat and her ribs crunch hard with the next breath, and when her eyes fall to Alex, her sister is looking at the ground, eyes haunted and resigned, like she thinks she knows what Kara’s choice will be.

She doesn’t, but Kara certainly does.

So she swallows down her heartsickness, and lifts her chin with the diplomacy she learned from her mother, and the bravery she learned from Alex, and meets the being’s dispassionate eyes.



The Chronological Superman 1964:

Dev-Em, the Juvenile Delinquent from Krypton, returns in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.320. Having ventured to the 30th century in order to, as it were, ditch that square Superboy, something happens which reforms the Rebel Without a Homeworld. The audience never really enjoys the journey Dev-Em took from antagonist to agent, as it all happens between issues. Dev-Em is also offered Legion membership (although my understanding of the Legion Constituion would have prohibited his joining, inasmuch as he possessed no unique powers), but he turns it down handily. The Legion is probably too big at this point to accept a new member…

Supercat Week: Day 4

Supercat Week: Day Four – Supernatural AU


It’s a Strange World Out There, Mike

or, in a world where wolves, witches, magical creatures and aliens roam planet earth, Kara Danvers takes an absurd amount of time to realise her boss is a vampire.

When Kara first enters CatCo, the windows are weird, and it takes her a while to figure out why – they don’t let in sunlight. Oh, they let in light, but do they let in sun? No. No they do not. So Kara has to keep a snack-drawer, and fill it up daily, because she needs a lot of energy.

Winn once actually asks – seriously asks – if she’s a werewolf, and Kara laughs and states that werewolves don’t exists. Alex made sure she knew how to say that without seeming like she was lying. No need to unmask the Danvers for what they really were, after all.

Winn chuckles nervously.

And in Ms Grant’s office, she hears a sigh.


Winn’s a djinn.

Like, shapeshifting, illusions-bending, he-could-grant-wishes-if-he-were-born-any-stronger-and-renamed-genie, djinn.

It’s kind of exciting, actually, until he explains that he can barely hide his Markings, that tell the world he’s part of the Mystic Sector. Kara knows what the Mystic Sector is – Alex is part of it, as a werewolf, and it’s a relief to text her sister on the MysticZone Chat, asking if she could tell. Alex texts back telling her not to tell him inside or anywhere near CatCo. Kara follows through, not mentioning her wolfiness until Winn was back at her house later that night for movies, whereupon Alex steps out of the shadows and scares the poor computer nerd out of his skin.

Literally, out of his skin.

He loses his glamour, and Kara gets to see his Markings.

She thinks they’re beautiful, no matter how much Winn denies it.

Kara tells him of Krypton in return.


Kara had been warned, of course, before she left Krypton, that a good amount of Earth’s population were descended from Divine Beings long passed from this universe, and that she shouldn’t speak of it to anyone. Kal-El tells her that they have no way of knowing who is and who isn’t, even with their powers – part of being Mystic is knowing how to hide in plain sight, after all, how to walk in the sun amongst mundanes and be average.

Except vampires, of course – everyone knows vampires can’t walk in the sun, even Kara.


It happened once.

But that was all it needed.

Kara had been in a Mystic Market, Alex not by her side for once – Winn hadn’t ever visited the National City Mystic Market, Rao bless him, so Kara had taken it upon herself to show him the wonders of his own world. Winn had to remove his glamour upon entry, the Toll-Sprite explaining to the shy man that it was seen as rude to hide yourself in a place of safety.

Walking around, Kara chirping away about this and that, it had been a surprise for a saiad to approach her. Alex had warned her about them, bastard children of sirens and naiads, told her never to let one touch her – but until then, Kara had never even met one, let alone touched one. Everyone always gave them a wide berth, instinctually, even Winn, and only werewolves ever had the gall to come within arm’s length of her when Alex was around.

Except Kara wasn’t a Mystic, was she?

Therefore, she didn’t step out of the way in time.

The saiad trailed a finger up her arm, causing all the breath to expel from her chest, before she felt a familiar heat in her eyes, a cold in her throat, an ache in her arms – and then it faded. That, and all her powers with it.

And Kara fell.


She stayed home three weeks, calling in sick, with Winn backing her up – doing too good a job of it, actually. She got so many things in the mail, so many co-workers knocking at her door. Alex sent so many away, having taken unpaid leave to look after her while her powers were out. It was a good thing too, as within the first day she’d caught a cold and dislocated her knee tripping up – yes, up – the stairs to her apartment.

It was on full moon that Alex left her alone, finally, and on full moon that someone slipped in through her window, the latch opening with a loud snap.

“Who’s there?” Kara stared, wide-eyed, at the open glass, heart pounding. Cautious for uninvited visitors, she stepped towards the wall, reaching backwards for her light switch, only to stumble and trip, falling back against the wall she’d been aiming for, hand smashing against a vase of flowers. “Ah!” She hissed as it was cut open in multiple places. Bringing it to her mouth, she only had a seconds notice before a body was against hers, latching onto her bleeding hand, lapping up the blood.

Kara was frozen as the vampire – and it was a vampire – hummed, before licking their lips, blue eyes that were so, so familiar latching onto hers.

“Kara…” they- she, rolled on their tongue, making it sound sensual before leaning forwards. Kara thought they were going to kiss her, when their head turned, reaching her shoulder, kissing it before biting.

Then, Kara moaned.

Heart beating ever-faster, adrenaline running through her system, her eyes slid shut, a contented noise leaving her as the creature of the night continued to suck and press her hands against her body. The bite was perfect, so amazingly different from the pain and – quite literally – paralysing fear that Alex explained. Without even thinking, Kara took her waist, holding her closer.


Tight enough that a rib cracked.

That was when the vampire pulled away, hissing and disappearing out of the window, Kara quickly coming out of her daze as her neck healed, super-hearing coming back in time to hear the vampire mutter in a venomous voice…

Damn hunters!


Kara went back to work two days after.

This was because, a: the bite was still on her shoulder.

And b: because the bite was still on her shoulder.

Alex went absolutely ballistic when she saw it, howling loud and snarling, eyes amber – which was so, so wrong, especially seeing as the full moon had come and gone – and moved Kara into her own apartment, apparently for more than just a temporary basis, so the damn fucking vampire who put a fucking mating bite on her wouldn’t come take her while she was surrounded by werewolf stench.

And then of course, she got a witch involved to ward the vampire from her…or something similar.

Kara disliked the henna tattoos hidden around the bite and her collar-bone, grimacing every time she caught sight of them, or managed to scent something – the witch had thankfully made it as scentless as possible, vaguely aware of her powers – but they made Alex happy. Happier.

On the brighter side, Kara got to meet Alex’s moon-pack, who she ran with in the hot deserts surrounding National City’s northern and western edges on full moons. The DEO – where she worked, which both hurt Kara and caused her to feel a lot more wary about using her powers – apparently required a minimum ratio of werewolves and vampires, and seeing as just about all the capable vampires in National City were part of the DEO that meant a lot of werewolves.

Kara was particularly proud of how her sister had corralled them and become the freaking Alpha.

Though, that did mean Kara smelled a lot like werewolf now, according to Winn, who didn’t even have that powerful super-senses.

So, going back to CatCo was a little strange, as Kara now knew who exactly in CatCo were vampires, simply by how they reeled whenever she entered the room.

At least it explained the windows.


“Keira, why do you smell like wet dog?” Cat looked in the direction of her assistant, sunglasses hiding her eyes. Kara swallowed.

“Uh, I went to my mother’s, while I was sick. She, uh, has a lot of dogs.”

Cat didn’t look like she believed her. She probably didn’t, seeing as Kara wasn’t a very good liar. At least I admit it. Giving a small smile, Kara raised her tablet.

“So, would you like to hear your schedule for today, Ms Grant?”

Cat sighed, before nodding, sitting back only to visibly wince.

“Ms Grant?” Kara became alarmed, “Is there something wrong?”

Cat waved her off. “It’s nothing. I cracked a rib due to some admittedly mistaken beliefs of what I could pull off in yoga.” Kara was still worried though. Cat’s head moved in the way that let Kara know she was rolling her eyes, before she took off her sunglasses, placing them down and looking to Kara directly. “I am fine, Keira, now let me hear my schedule.”

“…yes, Ms Grant,” Kara made a note to give her some painkillers later, before straightening and looking down at her tablet. “You have a meeting at midday with the Art Department, and…”


“I really don’t want to leave so soon after all…what’s been going on,” Alex gritted her teeth, stuffing the pizza box in the recycling over-forcefully, “but the DEO needs this business meet dealt with, and I’m one of only a couple people qualified, and because of a vamp out of state, they need a werewolf off the block anyway-”

“I’ll be fine, Alex,” Kara soothed. “Don’t worry.”


Don’t worry, don’t worry my ass, Alex thought as she stared at her sister through the window from where she stood on the plane wing in the water.


“So…” Kara looked back and forth between Carter and the nearest vampire, who was keeping a covert, nasty eye on him from the other side of the room. “Are you special?”

Carter glanced at her, frowning. “In what context?” Kara looked away from the vampire, frowning lightly, eyes narrowed.

Context? Odd choice of word…

“…you get all sorts of people around here. Some call them strange, others might call them odd,” Kara muttered loud enough for him to hear, before quirking a lip, “Some might even call them mystical.”

Carter turned to face her, eyes wide, before he whispered in a hush.

“Are you a Mystic?”

Kara grinned, ecstatic – jackpot! But then she remembered why she’d asked in the first place, and her smile faded slightly.

“Not really. My sister’s a werewolf, and I know a lot of people of different origins-”

“Your sister’s a werewolf?” Carter looked at her in horror, “Then what are you doing here? This is a vampire den! If they found out you’re related to a-” he stopped, looking around in fear before grabbing her hand and tugging her out of her chair with surprising strength towards Ms Grant’s elevator. Surprised and slightly fearful, Kara let him, nervously glancing at Winn as Carter started bashing the basement floor button. When the doors finally shut, Carter took a deep breath, looking up at her shyly.

“I’m a hybrid. They only tolerate me because of mom.”

Kara scrunched up her nose. “Ms Grant?”

Carter nodded solemnly. “Mom’s a vampire.” He paused, “Well, half-vampire, but vampire enough that I’m a hybrid. My dad’s a werewolf – he’s got an entire pack of his own in Chicago, all werewolves, born and bred. They don’t like me.” He sounded bitter. Kara squeezed his hand in comfort.

“I didn’t know,” and she didn’t. Rao, a den. No wonder Alex didn’t like her working in CatCo. And Winn – he was so antisocial though, when it came to Mystics, it was no wonder he didn’t know. He’d have left otherwise, Kara thought with a pang. Then she realised she’d left her phone at her desk. “Carter, why did I have to leave? I mean, I’m adopted – I’m not related to Alex by blood.”

Carter looked more understanding at that, “No wonder you hadn’t left already. You don’t understand, do you? Werewolves, pack laws – just cause you weren’t born one, doesn’t mean you’re not one. Your sister is your sister. That just makes everything stronger. Unless you got claimed by a vampire, you’d never be safe in a vampire den if they found out, and even then, the vampire would have to be strong – but at that point, you probably would have been kicked out of the pack. There’s a lot of tensions between vamps and weres.”

The elevator doors opened as Kara commentated, “That I did know.”

“Follow me,” Carter led her through the basement level, or Ms Grant’s private carpark, as it was less publically known. He took her over to an empty office, that looked like it had never seen an occupant – there wasn’t even a handy mug by the computer there. “This is my safe-room.”

“Why would you have a safe-room?” Kara frowned, before realising that the one window in the office wasn’t like any of the others in the building – it let in sunlight, and lots of it. Her shoulder itched suddenly, causing her to shoot it an odd look. Then she realised she could ask Carter about it. Alex hadn’t said anything after that mating bite comment, and no-one had spoken to her about it since, not that she had a lot of people to ask questions to, anyway. “Hey, Carter, can I ask you something? About vampires?”

Carter finally let go of her hand, and her shoulder itched again in an uncomfortable way. “Go ahead. I know a lot.” He sat down, and Kara shut the door, standing awkwardly in front of it.

“Well, my sister doesn’t like talking about vampires-”


“Yeah, well, one time she did, she mentioned…mating bites? Like, I know werewolves have them, but they work differently from most Mystic Bites, so I figured vampire ones might be different, and you mentioned claiming before-”

Carter looked a little overwhelmed at her words. Kara stopped abruptly, the quiet taking over the room for a couple of minutes, Carter looking at his lap while they passed.

“…vampires bite their mate when they smell their blood, or true scent, if they’re a vampire. Usually, they turn their mate if they’re human, then explain it all, though they usually don’t have to, because there’s a memory transfer that happens during the transformation – it lasts a couple of hours after the bite’s finished and the vampire has replaced most of their blood with venom.” Carter explained, at first quietly, then confidently. “If they’re already a vampire, they find them from their true scent, which puts humans into a fear-state on normal days.”

Kara frowned, “So they can only ever turn their mate?”

Carter looked at her funny. “No, of course not. The difference between turning someone random and turning your mate is placement.” He brought his hand to the side of his throat. “This is where you bite a normal human to suck blood out of, and or turn them.” He shifted his hand to his shoulder…right where Kara’s was currently itching like crazy. She almost moved to copy him, in a way to abate the itching that shouldn’t be happening. “This is where vampires bite their mates.”

Kara’s mouth went dry.

“And…and what if their mate is…is a Mystic?” It was the closest she could get to alien.

Carter shrugged, looking downcast. “I don’t know. My mom couldn’t try it with my dad, obviously – vampire venom is toxic to werewolves, and vice versa. I think that a lot of Mystics are like that, animal-based ones, and nature ones, at least. Vampires are dark creatures, born from death. Mystics keep to their own kind for good reason. Otherwise, abominations are brought into the world…” he muttered.

Kara immediately glared. “Carter Grant, you are not an abomination.”

Carter didn’t look convinced in the slightest. Instead, he nodded to her. “Why did you ask?”

“What?” Kara was still angry at the ‘abomination’ comment.

“Why did you ask me about mating bites? Have you been bitten?” Kara didn’t reply, causing his eyes to widen. “Show me.”

Kara withered slightly, “I- I don’t think I should,” she replied, remembering the wards around it, ones that were to be rewritten tonight, as the henna came to a ‘dangerously-faded level’, as Alex had said. Carter stood, coming over. “Carter-”

He touched the right shoulder, it exactly the right place, and without meaning to she let out a pained whine that had Carter staring at her in fear.

“Your sister’s a werewolf…” he breathed, before grabbing at the shoulder of her shirt, ripping it open, only to let out a high-pitched yip of his own, skating backwards as his fingers brushed her skin.

“Carter, are you okay?” Kara asked, hand going to her shoulder, wincing again. Carter stared at her shoulder, looking terrified.

“What did the witches do to you?” His voice was high, full of fear. He edged towards her again, reaching up carefully, removing her hand and – making sure not to touch her again – pulling the fabric out of the way with two hands, eyes tracing the henna tattoos with precision. “That’s a mating bite, an incomplete mating bite. Your mate is probably going out of their mind. Bites- bites are like the beginning of a soulbond, like the ones witches and warlocks of old had before they stopped it from happening…your mate is probably looking for you. Right now.”

“She’s not looking for me,” Kara said quietly, staring at him. “She thought I was a hunter when I broke one of her ribs by accident.” Carter looked at her sharply.

“You said you weren’t a Mystic.”

She gave a contrite look, before reaching up to take off her glasses. Carter stared, jaw dropping, eyes growing minutely larger.

“You’re Supergirl. You’re Supergirl.

“Hi.” She waved a little, giving a cringy smile. Carter lowered his hands, before he looked to where he was holding her ripped shirt…and ripped supersuit. “Oh my god, I ripped your suit!” He stepped back, hands going to his cheeks in mortification.

Kara fixed her shirt a little. “It’s fine, Winn’ll fix it.”

“Winn? Winn from upstairs?” Carter’s eyes got a little wider.


“Oh my god.”

“It’s big, I know.”

“How many people in CatCo know?”

“Just Winn. And James,” she frowned grumpily at that. Kal-El’s little spy…

“My mom can help.”

Kara blinked back into reality. “With what?”

Carter pointed to your bite. “That just needs one more wash, and it’ll go, and your mate can find you again. How did she bite you, anyway?”

“I got touched by a saiad a few weeks before,” Kara explained, causing Carter to make a face. “Yeah, it was an accident – I wasn’t with Alex.”

“Yeah…we definitely need you to hide until that goes away, then hopefully you can explain to them. We’ll have to get that saiad back to repeat whatever happened though…”

Kara cringed, “No, no need – I have something that can help with it all that doesn’t require a saiad. It’s called green kryptonite.”

“Kryptonite – like Krypton?”

“It came from the core of our planet,” Kara replied quietly, “It can…disable my powers.” And now that she thought of it, so could a red sunlight chamber, if she could get a hold of one. “Alex will try to track me down,” she warned.

Carter sat up straight, face confident. “Don’t worry about it, just don’t get yourself get caught in a situation with her.” Kara nodded, before hearing someone call for help.

“Uh…someone’s, uh, someone needs my help. I’ve…I’ve gotta go.”

Carter frowned, “But you’re supposed to look after me.”

Kara fixed him with a frustrated look, but nodded. “I know.” She glanced at her shoulder. “And it might be a good idea not to go out, at least until this is fixed. I don’t want any questions I can’t answer thrown at me.” Nodding, she stood straight before giving him a pointed look. “Can we go back upstairs now? I do still have a job to do.”

Carter looked uneasy at the prospect, prompting Kara to go over, kneeling in front of him, thankful for once that her identity wasn’t hidden.

“Carter. I know you’re worried about me going into the den again, but I can look after myself, I promise. If I were any less capable, my sister wouldn’t have let me get a job here in the first place.”

“But they might figure it out…” Carter’s voice was quiet and pleading, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Kara smiled at him, joking, “I’m Supergirl. What could happen?”

“Never say that,” he immediately moaned, shutting his eyes, “Now everything bad that could ever happen is going to happen!”


It didn’t go bad, no matter what Carter expected.


Okay, so maybe a bomb on the bullet train and a bomb at the airport at the same time was bad, but at least something worse didn’t happen.


“Carter! Why is Supergirl saying you invited her here tonight?” Cat called from her balcony, eyes zeroed in on the not-so-caped crusader as she floated by her penthouse, wearing all black, her golden hair mostly hidden by a hood. Carter came bounding out, looking relieved.

“Alex didn’t manage to get to you?”

Kara smiled tightly at him, glancing around, “She’s at my apartment, cursing my name. I left my phone behind with an unsent text to her.” Writing that text had been painful, a tugging in her gut wanting her to be loyal, and do as Alex said – but this was important.

As Carter had said, bites were like soulbonds, and not one planet Kara had ever set foot on didn’t have an equivalent – even Krypton. This is important.

Cat pursed her lips at their conversation. “Tell me what is going on right this instance – when did you get the chance to talk, for one, and why you aren’t wearing your costume, for seconds.”

“Can I come down?” Kara asked softly, causing Carter to nod his head.

“Yes!” Kara gave him a look that made him pause, looking to Cat. “Mom?”

Cat tensed, before shrugging. “Why not?” Nodding in thanks, Kara floated down, glancing sharply to the west, eyes wide as she heard Alex howl for her. Cat’s eyes flickered in the same direction, suspicion flaring. “Know the howler?”

“Is it Alex?” Carter questioned. Kara nodded, silent. “She’s looking for you,” he noted as the howl repeated itself, listening carefully before wincing. “Rude.” Kara glanced at him.

“I don’t speak wolf, but I’m guessing she called me a little shit?”

Carter grimaced, “Something like that.”

“Okay, enough,” Cat interrupted. “Tell me what the hell is going on.”

Carter eyed his mother, before looking to Kara. “Show her.”

Kara hesitated, then dropped her shoulders, pushing back her hood and unzipping her jumper, tugging it off and showing the bite on her shoulder, surrounded by nearly-invisible ink. Cat immediately hissed, coming over and ghosting her fingers over the marks, being careful not to touch.

Witches,” she spat, and all at once Kara remembered the angrily muttered, damn hunters. “Always prying into our business and- oh, I’m going to kill them. I’m going to hunt them all down and murder them, one by one. Meddling with bites – it’s the last straw.”

“Don’t blame them, please,” Kara cringed, “My sister asked one to. She’s the Alpha of over two hundred werewolves in just one part of National City.”

“Well I’m National City’s damn coven leader,” Cat spat, “and if your sister thinks she can keep one of ours from us-” and just like that, she stopped, going still. Kara exchanged a look with Carter.

“Mom?” Carter approached tentatively, taking her free hand. Cat squeezed it.


Kara went to ask what the matter was – only to remember one vital fact.

They hadn’t told her she was Kara Danvers.


“I came to see you, because seemingly everyone in the entire building was worrying over your wellbeing. The temporary assistant I had was competent, but annoying. I wanted to know how long I had left of dealing with her. Then, you cut your finger.” Carter sucked in a breath.

“Oh my god, you bit her.”

Kara stared at her boss. “Ms Grant?” Her voice was high, but now Cat was shaking in anger, eyes full of fire. She pressed down on the bite, and Kara bit down the immediate want to gasp in pain. Cat flinched once, and then it started to glow, black shadow shifting and screaming in a pitch that only Kara could hear, before black dust was falling to the balcony floor, the bite clear to be seen.

Cat swayed, letting out a single, tired gasp.

“So, Supergirl…how am I supposed to bite you?”

My brother found me a few copies of DC Super Heroes. It was a local magazine here in the Philippines that serialized a few DC titles. One of which was Sterling Gates’s run. This is from Supergirl: New Krypton Part 5.

Alura: You don’t need this “Secret Identity” or your “Cat.”

Your “Cat.”

I’m interpreting this page completely out of its context since I can’t help but think of Supercat.


The Chronological Superman 1960:

Superman returns to Krypton in the pages of Superman vol.1 No.141, in a story which serves primarily to give the Man of Steel a doomed, lost love in the Kryptonian movie star Lyla Lerrol (also Ler-Rol).

The book-length adventure takes Superman on an interesting emotional journey. Accidentally arriving in Krypton’s past, in the vicinity of its power-sapping red sun, he barely makes it safely into his home planet’s atmosphere before his store of super-powers dissipates. Mortal and trapped on a world marked by fate for destruction, Superman at first works feverishly to assist his father in developing the technology to save the world and its inhabitants. It’s only when he finds true, invigorating love with the beautiful, mournful Lyla that he accepts the inevitability not only of the planet’s destruction, but his own as the unfortunate dupe of destiny. 

Superman’s – or, given his reduced circumstances, should we call him Kal-El – romance with Lyla is of a completely different stripe from that which he experienced with Lois Lane. As I mentioned in a previous post, 1959 is the year when Superman developed something not unlike a sex drive, engulfed in a passionate affair with the Atlantean mermaid Lori Lemaris. Now, he’s again wrapped up with a beauty from another world, and his assumed chastity is thrown to the wind. 

At this point in continuity, Lois has been recast as a constantly lovesick schemer, engaged in a battle of wits with Clark/Superman to not only prove his dual identity but to convince/trick her bulletproof paramour to tie the knot with her. And yet, in those stories involving their romance, it’s a perfunctory sort of affection. Lois and Superman are familiar with each other, and the audience is exceedingly familiar with them. 

Which is why exotic beauties are suddenly dropped in Superman’s lap (and, for her part, why Lois is frequently wooed by other super-men. Apparently there’s something about the woman which makes her irresistible to the invulnerable). Since the status quo is a romance between Lois and Superman, and tying the knot between the two anywhere except within the confines of an imaginary story would completely disrupt the core premise of the relationship (and bankrupt a whole marketing goldmine), it falls on other alliterative beauties to add some spice to the book.

And Lyla’s relationship with Kal-El is spicy indeed. Observe the above panels, complete with metaphorical churnings within the core of ill-fated Krypton. Superman is completely in the thrall of Lyla’s beauty, and he succumbs to expressions of ardor which he’s never shared with Lois. Maybe it’s the threat of death that’s encouraged him to act out with such abandon. Maybe it’s his heart speaking truly for the first time. Who knows, he’s made up, anything’s possible.

A couple of other thoughts about Lyla Lerrol; It seems to me that she was based on the also-alliterative Marilyn Monroe, minus the beauty mark. I’m only guessing, so if someone has a definitive answer or a better guess, please let me know.

The other thought is that this is the confirmation of the feminine structure of Kryptonian names. Men of Krypton generally have a single first name, often one syllable, and then their family’s surname (Van-Zee, Jor-El) while women have a frequently two-syllable first name and then their father’s name (Kara Zor-El, Lara Lor-Van). Supergirl was, obviously, the first Kryptonian woman to sport the structure. Twice makes a precedent, and all that … 

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"I really really hate to ask you this, but...I need your help, Lillian." Kara says, looking at her after she waltzed right into her new, well, temporary Cadmus headquarters. "I think I might have found a way to bring Krypton back."

       lillian’s SPEECHLESS for a moment, simply staring at the kryptonian. she’s not sure what shocks her more: the fact krypton’s return might be POSSIBLE or that kara’s asking her for help. she crosses her arms and appraises the younger woman slowly. ❝ and WHY would i help you ?

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Medieval AU: Kara and Lena are the queens of Krypton. Kara returns from war to her daughters and wife.

i can’t write this and do it justice but i can talk about it:

  • House of El is the most powerful territory on Krypton, and arguably the leader of the main five houses
    •  House of Luthor is an outlawed territory, banned from the coalition because of an attempt to forcibly oversee every territory in the land
    • Lillian is Lex’s aunt, who ended up raising him due to his parents dying at a young age, but Lex was next in the line of succession for the throne. Lillian was appointed queen until Lex came of age, and after his fall she was offered the title of queen once again.
    • She has a daughter, Lena, who was overshadowed by Lex her entire life.
    • After Lex fails to take over Krypton, everyone from House of Luthor is banned from the other territories
    • Lena manages to escape, but is a fugitive has to stay in hiding for a long time
  • Kara is the commander of HOE’s (house of el :) ) second, and from a young age showed skillful ability in combat
  • While on a perimeter search one day, she runs into Lena in the woods.
    •  Kara is ready to turn Lena in right away, but Lena pleads - she never wanted anything to do with her house
    •  Kara eventually decides to sneak her in
    • she really wishes aunt astra was alive because she’d help kara with this in a heartbeat
  • Lena is hiding in the castle for about a week until someone finds her
    • Mon-El, one of Allura’s security knights finds her - of course he does, it’s always mon-el
  • Lena is taken to Allura and they want to execute her for 1. breaking law and 2. being a Luthor
  • Kara catches wind of this and rushes from her post to stop the execution
    • they spent a lot of time together and Kara realized that Lena isn’t like her family and just wants a Good life
  • Allura trusts her daughter and after a long period of going back and forth, decides to allow Lena entrance into the House of El so long as she takes an oath of allegiance
    • Lena is ready to go to war for Allura if it means she can stay in the El territory
    • Allura is ready to show all of Krypton that Lillian Luthor’s only daughter has just joined the HOE
  • A lot of people are angry that Lena lives there now so they have her work in the castle where it’s safe
    • this leads to her spending a lot of time with Kara
    • eventually they confess feelings for each other, but keep it a secret until they  can figure out how to tell Allura
    • Allura freaking knows - how could she not
  • their wedding is huge and by now all of the townspeople have come to accept, and like, Lena and it’s a statewide event.
    • Kara wears a House of El warrior dress uniform and Lena wears a beautifully intricate dress with a lot of lace patterning and i can’t describe clothing but imagine something really pretty ok
    •  Lena takes the last name Zor-El
      • she cries
  •  when they decide they want kids they end up adopting two girls whose parents were both fallen warriors
    •  they’re a really cute family
  •  When Allura dies, Kara takes the throne amidst her sorrow but Lena is there beside her and that keeps her going

lots of other stuff happens after that like the House of Luthor attempting to assassinate Lena, kara being fatally wounded in the battlefield (revived by a druid), & Kara and Lena leading HOE to victory against the HOL after a long cold war.