the kraken of the sea

Did you know? When octopuses are caught in the act of moving rocks and destroying the hard work of their aquarists, they drop everything and slowly back away like nothing happened.

Large Prehistoric Fish Found Dead In Lake Champlain

A large sturgeon was found dead washed upon the shore of Lake Champlain recently. Although sturgeon aren’t cryptids like the elusive Champ, a prehistoric fish of this size in Lake Champlain does raise a few questions. Sturgeon can be traced back to the Triassic period along with the Plesiosaur of which Champ is rumored to be. If a fish can survive this long, why can’t the Plesiosaur? Lake Champlain is well known to be a habitat for lake sturgeon but this one was massive. This 6′ 9″ sturgeon weighed about 300 pounds and appears to have died of natural causes. If a fish can get this big there must be plenty of fish for a large predator to survive on, including Champ. Sturgeon live up to 150 years which gives these monster fish quite a track record. If this one had lived for so long, could this large sturgeon be what eyewitnesses call Champ? Or are there even larger sturgeon laying towards the bottom of the lake?

It seems unlikely that the bottom feeding sturgeon would come to the surface for eyewitnesses to spot like the air-breathing Plesiosaur, but its not impossible. Anything of this size would be considered a monster by any inexperienced fisherman or passerby. However a sturgeon definitely isn’t what was photographed in the Mansi Photograph, so is there still a Plesiosaur living in the lake that calls large fish like this dinner? Will we start to see champ sightings decrease after this large sturgeon parts ways with this life? Or perhaps there are even larger sturgeon responsible for Champ sightings? The answer, the truth, lies within the depths of this lake. Stay Curious!

17. Kraken

“A fierce creature with giant tentacles that’ll suction your face clean off and drag an entire ship down into the crushing darkness…the Kraken. The stench of his breath…Imagine the last thing you know on God’s green earth is the roar of the Kraken and the reeking odor of a thousand rotting corpses…If you believe such things.”
- PoTC: Deadman’s Chest


It’s been too long since I’ve posted an octo update, (or any update, really), and this feisty little lady has been up to some pretty cool things!

We recently got a set of hamster tubes to use for octo enrichment, and the set had a little blue lookout tower in it. Surprising everyone, our octo turned this sweet blue green color to match it! I had seen our reef octopus before her with colors like this occasionally, but never a common octopus. We also don’t have a lot of blue in that habitat, so she had no reason to be blue until her enrichment was blue! (She tends to be more rock/sand colored)

So, long story short: our lil kraken is still amazing and surprising and the best animal ever 🐙💜

Nessie Sightings On The Rise

Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster are higher than they’ve been in 16 years. More and more people are out searching for the elusive beast nowadays, trying to snap a photo with the easy access of their smart phones. Two sightings this year occurred on the same day, by different people, at different areas of the loch. The most recent sighting was from Ian Campbell who spotted two creatures swimming close to the shore who were estimated to be over 30 feet.

So what do you think of the recent sightings? Two creatures spotted at the same time would give evidence towards a breeding population. How long will it be until we get a crystal clear image of the creatures? Only time will tell.


Sirens AU Aesthetic: Beaten and battered, women have thrown themselves with heels sharp like the swords they bare closer to them than their love for a man. With sharp wit and a mind more clear than the ocean itself, it brought men to their knees, raging in jealousy and discontent on how a girl could ever manage to beat them in their own game. 

Furious and blazing with envy the men of the ship plotted a way to make the girls cease to exist with a story as frightening as the men’s hearts. They created a petty fable with a hideous beast named a Kraken that easily could manage to rip the boat apart and will do so unless…they chain up the girls, women who to the sea are so beautiful it’’ll make the ocean shudder, and throw them to the sea as an offering.

The men, all following into the idea, chained the struggling creatures with a strong glare, and dumped them into the sea screaming. Yet, as they were dunked into the water, their skin was faced with ice, stabbing them like daggers, and their screams were meant with no content. 

However, the one true thing that had came from the puny fable the men created was that to the sea, the women were goddesses, and the goddesses above in the sky took pity on the lovely creatures, so they gave them a tail as strong as the women’s minds, and allowed them to inhale the crisp water.

From that moment on, the sirens were created, saving women from the chains the men had tied them up with, granting them a tail, with the intent of using their beauty to allure men, so they could crash the ship and get revenge on those who originally showed the sirens no mercy.

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No shame: I pretty much use holidays now as a fun excuse to buy more stuff for octo enrichment. So, Happy Valentine’s Day from our squishy little sea monster! She sends you love from the bottom of all three of her hearts ;)

The sea is neutral. The sea didn’t get involved in intrigues, didn’t take sides in London’s affairs. Wasn’t interested. Who the hell could understand the sea’s motivations, anyway? And who would be so lunatic as to challenge it? No one could fight that. You don’t go to war against a mountain, against lightning, against the sea. It had its own counsel, and petitioners might sometimes visit its embassy, but that was for their benefit, not its. The sea was not concerned: that was the starting point.
—  china miéville, kraken (2010)

Old Greeny

Ever since the 1800’s a large serpent like creature has been seen in Cuyuga Lake. Those who knew of the creature back then stayed away from the water in fear of it. The 435ft deep lake is a perfect place for a lake monster to hide. The creature got its name of “Old Greeny” when a local and his friend were driving passed the lake when they spotted a large serpent swimming on the surface.

In 1929 it was suggested that two serpents were living in the lake. This meant there could be a breeding population which meant that even more could be out there. In 1979 a boy was attacked by the creature, it bit his arm so hard while he was swimming that it broke his arm. The victim said it looked like an eel but much larger. The same year a 35ft serpent almost collided with a boat on the lake, they thought it was a log until they came close to it. The creature swam down to the depths leaving the eyewitnesses shocked.

What exactly Old Greeny is may never be known. It has been suggested that a species of giant eels could call the lake home, or maybe perhaps a large sturgeon. Sightings of Old Greeny are rare nowadays, leaving many to believe the creature ultimately succumbed to age. Or maybe it swam out to Lake Ontario through the Seneca River. But maybe perhaps it still resides under the surface, waiting for an unlucky swimmer to pass by for its next meal.