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If it's okay to ask. Can you show how you uv map clothes you make in meta? :)

it is most definitely okay to ask!! however the way i texture stuff is soooo different from the professionals and like other kool kats who use the wireframe and much more clean and sleek-looking method zzz (i can also show you how to do that if you want me to but since u specifically asked me wat i usually do then i’ll just do that instead hehe)

though let me warn you- the way i UV-map stuff is…. well……… very unprofessional and very very messy and all over the place HAHAHA i only do it this way bc it’sa lot faster and it’s harder to figure out which parts are wat (which makes it difficult for ppl to edit hehe) and i don’t have intentions of returning to edit the textures or anything (sadly making it difficult for ppl to edit also makes it difficult for me to edit too oops)

some parts i forgot to note in the video is that, i generally texture only on one square image .png file (with colour blocks and gradients and stuff) unless it’s for seamless textures which i also show in this tutorial/speed-edit!! (also to get the double-sided effect, double click on your material-colour so that the properties come up and you’ll see a check box that says ‘double-sided’ just check dat box for the effect!)

my main method of UV-mapping (as i like to call it) is the ‘project+magnet’ method- w/ ofc moving the vertices around (i explain in the tutorial so dw) and i briefly touch on the atlas function as well as how i UV map skirts and stuff!!! hopefully it’s not too long or too fast, i started to speed it up towards the end!!

other things i briefly mentioned in the tutorial but are worth noting:
→ to extend the radius range of the magnet tool, hold down ‘shift’ and move your cursor in and out
→ the U in the UV tool panel aligns the vertices you highlighted vertically, while the V in the UV tool panel aligns the vertices you highlighted horizontally

hope that helps you out!!!!

Rumor has it 15

Someone let it leak to the press and Things blow up out of proportion over night
tabloids had head lines:
☆caped baldy seduces an underage girl with his hero title

☆Provocitive high school student seduces low rank b class hero for child support.

☆ (Tabloid) 25 year old b class hero dating middle school student. Identity unknown, will pay reward.

Each magazine with Candid pictures of saitama at different sales around town

Sweet mask makes offical statement that there will be an investigation. The only clue found was fubuki’s office being taped. This makes nothing better and saitama gets More hate mail.

S- people really have a lot of time on their hands

Genos is livid.

So now people have been approaching saitama asking weird questions. Not to mention fubuki happens to pop in more often now, tring to catch a glimpse of the mystery girl.

Bang approached saitama, “I didnt think you were into high school girls. Are her intentions pure? What are your plans for the future?

Saitama blandly replied, "you know you’re not my dad right?”

Rider thinks a Provocitive high school student seduced saitama for child support and is worried his friend is being taken advantage of.

Saitama is on his way back to his apartment from king’s place when mumen rider bikes up to him.

R-how is genos handeling the news?

S- he’s ok, we’re gonna find a new place together.

R-oh, I thought he’d be angry.

S-what do you mean?

R-you having a relationship when he’s in love with you.

S-what? no way. We’re friends and roommates.

R-‘why do you have to be so oblivious’ anyone can see it with the way he looks at you

S - that’s just hero worship.

R- I don’t think that’s all, but I’m glad it’s working out.


S-“i dont know how, but king already knows”

G-what? When?

Saitama is over at kings place playing video games

S-“so im going to be a dad”

K-so when is Genos due?

S-“hes not sure maybe another month or….” king is looking at him “how did you know?”

K-“remember that time i came over to your place to watch anime and genos was making our snacks wearing his pink apron?”

S-'yeah… veagly…“ they were still in a match.

K super serious "i noticed then the apron at his mid section was taunt.”

S-“what the fuck?! That’s before I even knew!”

King looks at him with a stone face of shame “that’s my fetish”

S-“so yeah king knows.”

G-“i have noticed he has been more polite towards me. Offering his help in carry things or finishing tasks. Asking at meetings if I was tiered.


bang, fubuki, rider, and king come to genos to stage an intervention for saitama. King is playing with his psp as they surround the little table in the tiny apartment interrogating genos.

All voices are talking at once fubuki and rider confessing to trying to catch the girl at their apartment. Bang offering sagely advice in the background. King says nothing and keeps his head down, not making eye contact with genos.

G-i would ask you to say out of master’s personal life.

F-Genos can you give us a clue who this girl might be? You’re always with him, have you meet her? why doesn’t she want her identity revealed?

R-. How are you holding up? I know this must be hard for you

B-more over how does he plan to provide for the child. Not just financially but emotionally. What role does he want to play in their lives?

G- and you want to know the girl’s identity so you can take her side.

F- no. So, we can help! Saitama is a good person and our friend.

R- were worried…. saitama can be very trusting of the wrong people. I’ve known saitama since middle school, I’ve never know him to get caught up in something like this. How do we even know this girl is telling the truth?

B- how do we know this girl has the best intention for his heart?

F- we’re his friends and we’ve got his back, but we can’t be of any use if he doesn’t let us in.

R-and were your friend too. So you can talk to us.

G-'Can i trust them?’
there isnt a girl.

All three look at each other

R-Then why is he saying he’s going to be a dad?

F-he looked like a squished toad when I asked him if the mother was a teenage fan, and he wouldn’t deney it.

G-'Master would do that’ there isn’t a girl because-Lifts shirt-i am the one having master’s baby.

Owl faces. Except king that already knew.

R- how?
F- aren’t you both guys?

G-i asked master not to reveal my identity because it would expose what i am. But it has caused master much inconvenience and his friends as well.

R-genos what do you mean?

Genos struggles to explian.

King is sweating "It’s because genos is a monster”

Genos looks to king, “yes…. but i wasn’t originally. I was turned into a monster.” Genos looks at king quizzically.

K-“i knew the first moment i met you”

G-i wouldn’t expect anything less from s class rank 7

K-'it’s because you scare the shit out of me’ internally screaming.

G-So you understand why i must keep this secret.

There is a tension in the air. Electric as genos waits for their response.

B- i see no problem here. Just a young couple having a baby…

G-genos corrects him, “master saitama and I are not together. This was not a willing conception for either of us” genos looks guarded and hurt.

In a heavy tone fubuki says, “it’s clear what we have to do here.” Opening her arms wide saying in a Lighter tone, “have a baby shower!”

G- NO! There will be no showers.

Fubuki is wide eyes and silent.

Rider questions meekly, “but won’t you need stuff for a new born? We can help.”

Genos clutches his belly, “i don’t…. i dont know if it will live.” bears his fangs and fights to not cry, “the others… they…. I…”

Bang interups with a fatherly rumble, “genos. Whatever dark past you have, know that it is behind you and we will be here when you are ready to face it.”

Genos nods to him and Above a whisper says “I just want to be sure.” Silence follows and gloom fills the room.

“what are all of you doing in my apartment?” Saitama says comming into the room.

They make seperate excuses and leave all at once. Fubuki wiping the tears from her eyes and King loans saitama his psp.

Leaving saitama wondering 'what was all that about?’

King loaned him a BL date sim ;p
(Get a clue)

owl emoji review

how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cutest apple emoji ive seen in a long time!!!!!! very friendly owl. id let him perch on my shoulder 10/10

very flat and 2d, but cute nonetheless. he looks like he knows things, which is kind of intimidating, but id say hello to this owl 8/10

cryptid owl. he’s been seen!!! a vert cute owl, but very straight and the border.. too thick, but that’s not his fault. 8.5/10

a purple owl!! very rare species. though, he looks like he was drawn by someone who has only a vague idea of what owls look like 4/10

a small boy!!! a baby!!! very cute. love the branch 10/10

so big and so fucking brown. this person had a better idea of what owls look like, but kind of gets them confused with penguins 5/10

what is this………………. owls are not bats?? why do these people not know how to draw owls 2/10

another rare species!!! unfortunately, his eyes are too big for his body :(( he’s a little head-heavy 5/10

an artistic choice only drawing the head………. better than some of the full bodies we’ve seen. but the anime eye sparkle……. 9.5/10

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Things to call bunblevee instead of shota: bunblevee, smol bean, rad artist, cool cat, kool kat (now with k's), not shota, the best, art friend, that mysterious stranger, n o t fucking shota, seriously what the fuck,


14 blizard group

Saitama is wearing his old suit from his job hunting days and is on his way to meet Fubuki. Saitama is still reeling that genos is pregnant with his kid and the million and one baby things they will need to buy. Then a voice cuts into his thoughts laughing “you look ridiculous. What’s with the hit-man costume?”

Saitama looks over to a slim guy with black hair and purple markings holding a starbucks cup, “sup panic?” His hair was short from when genos ripped it off.

“My name is speed of sound sonic! fight me!”

“Not today, I have a job interview and Genos just got this suit clean. I really don’t want to rip it.”

Sonic was puzzeled, “What? With who?”

Saitama says plainly, “Blizard Goup”

Sonic says in a sarcastic tone, “Those bunch of weeklings? Why waste your time?” Waves hand dismissively.

“I need the money” Sonic makes a face of disbelief, “Im gonna be a dad”

Sonic smiles, “Yeah right. Like anyone would have sex with you besides the toaster.” Sonic started calling genos that after their last battle and Genos’s propensity to scream ‘Incenerate’ with every blast.

Saitama makes a weird face and walks away.

Sonic’s smile drops and yells “Where are you going? Get back here and fight me!”


Fubuki sits there like a mob boss, “So what finally changed your mind?” She pets her coat. An evil accomplished smile on her red lips.

“I needed the money”

“For what? You LIVE with Demon Prince.” She scoffs.

“Well, I’m about to become a dad…”

She cuckles sarcasticly “what’d you do? Knock up one of your teen fans.”

Saitama says nothing but has big eyes and sweats.

Fubuki rises up to slam her hands on her desk and screams “You didn’t!?”

'How can she hit the nail on the head and still miss the mark?’

Fubuki has completly lost her yakuza persona and gone straight for drama queen, “You can’t bring that kinda’ drama into the Blizard group, you’ll give us a bad name!”

Saitama yells back, “It’s not like that!”

Points and shouts “You’re not denying it either! Who’s this girl I want to meet her!”

Saitama says as cooly as possible, “the mother doesn’t want their identity revealed.” It wasn’t a lie. Genos really didn’t want anyone to know about his condidtion.

Fubuki squints her eyes, hand still pointing “are you being exploited?” No one takes advantage of her members.

Saitama blushes turning the color of a tomato, “What? NO!”

Saitama manages to escape Fubuki and her game of 20 questions. Saitama let it slip. It wasn’t on purpose, but he didn’t see him being a 'dad’ as a big deal. As long as he didn’t tell people about Genos everything should work out. He clearly underestimated Fubuki’s ability to meddle.

He found himself walking the streets of the city, window shopping. A display caught his eye. It was a crib, and the faux room was made up to look like a nusery. It only stood to remind him why he joined the blizard group. It wasn’t a hard choice, joining the Blizard Group ment a better job. Soon genos wouldn’t be working and he would be there only income. This is why Saitama needed a better job, even if it was with the Blizard Group, he could rise in rank and provide something more stable.
It was slowly sinking in saitama was going to be a parent.


Saitama makes it home. Genos is in his pink apron cooking. Saitama smiles and loosens his tie. “Im home”

“Welcome back” genos is freeting with the ladel, “How did it go?”

Saitama sighs, “Im in. Signed the contract, went over benefits, paid leave yada yada… just need to wear my salary-man suit again”

Genos exhales deeply, “This what I ment when I said I didn’t want your life to change”

“change can be good sometimes. Besides I’m still being a hero. It’s just a different suit.”

“But you LIKE your hero suit.” Genos has those sad puppy eyes.

“Genos, it doesn’t matter what I wear. It’s not the suit that makes the hero, it’s the hero.”

Genos grabs his red gloves, “At least wear your gloves. Dont let her take that from you.” Looks down, holds gloves tightly, “Im sorry. I know you didn’t want this.”

Saitama put his hand on genos’s shoulder, “Dont worry about that.”

“I wish you would let me pay for the apartment”

saitama didn’t want to use his money. Genos can’t do hero work till after the baby comes and with all the little expenses that come with a baby they might need genos’s savings. But if saitama didn’t relent on somethings genos would just worry himself, “We still need to buy baby stuff, we can use your money for that”

G-“Master I still want to wait on that… ” eyes look away “It will be easier on returns the less we purchase.”

“Genos” Saitama says more calmly than he feels, “You’re going to have a baby. a baby that needs stuff and parents and time. So I don’t want you saying or thinking stuff like that.”

Genos will not meet his eyes, “But it’s not fiscally responsible.”

Saitama puts both hands on genos’s face and turns it to face him, “It’s gonna be different this time. Genos do me a favor while you’re pregnant, I want you to focus on the positive.”

“I still want to wait…. until we get a new apartment. we need somwhere to put everything.”

“Oh your right, good thinking genos.” head pats, “how’s the baby?”

Genos perks up, “Growing at an alarming but steady rate according to Dr. Kuseno. The baby weighs 15 grams.”

“…” a pause of nothing

“Its the size of a lime” genos was told comparing to fruits would help with understanding.

“So? Good right?”



“Thank you”

“No problem. That’s what I’m here for buddy.” Saitama shifts his weight side to side “Besides” swallow, “I may have let it slip to Fubuki I’m about to be a dad.” Saitama does not want to look at the suprise in Genos’s eyes.



Bratz 15th Anniversary by Hayden Williams

15 years ago today, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha & Jade - The BRATZ AKA “The Girls with a Passion for Fashion” debuted in 2001 & changed the fashion doll game becoming a global success!!! Sassy, fashion forward, edgy & diverse, these girls were the most fierce friends ever!!! I’ve loved them since they launched & always will!! Happy Birthday Bratz!!

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YOU SHOuld see the price for clothes here like holy dang. 30-50$ for t-shirts. 20$ for a cap or sunglasses. Not to mention jeans. You wanna be a kool kat and wear the latest styles? Frick off stinky you need a million money.

Holy cow man.. For 30$ you can buy like.. Idk maybe 2 pairs of Good Jeans here. 3 even if you know the right places to shop. For 30 Usd you can buy 2 designer shirts here.. I have a cousin who grew up in America visit here and he like, lost his marbles when he saw how cheap designer shirts were here.. why does everything cost so much.. my most expensive shirt is 10 dollars.. my most expensive pants cost maybe 8 dollars.. I’m not sure..