With the 2015 Osheaga lineup being released this week, I figure a throwback post to last year’s festival is called for.

Osheaga 2014 was my first music festival experience, and given that I wasn’t as into the music and live show scene as I am now, I wasn’t well enough equipped then to write a better response than “OMG BEST TIME EVER!!!” I didn’t know a whole lot about music festivals or what to expect, but I knew I was looking forward to seeing some of my favourite music performed live. And I did just that - by the end of the festival, I had seen a plethora of incredibly talented musicians, including the likes of LA sister-band HAIM, CHVRCHES, St. Lucia, The Kooks (all pictured above; believe it or not those are my own spectacular photos), the hauntingly beautiful Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, and others.

Perhaps the best part about Osheaga was that every performance I saw or heard from a distance (whether I knew who the artist was or not) was an excellent display of sheer talent and passion. Whether I was standing at the barrier, on the hill away from the crowded stage area, or passing by on my way to purchase an overpriced hotdog, whoever was on stage at the time was doing nothing less than rocking the festival grounds; and though it’s true I can’t now recall some of the bands I saw, I can distinctly recall thinking in those moments: “Wow, these dudes/ladies/luxurious creatures from another planet are melting my face off my head, and I am loving it.”

Not only was Osheaga a great opportunity to witness firsthand the talent and production involved in live shows on a larger festival scale, it was also an opportunity to gather with friends and people I’d never met before to do nothing but drink beer, eat free beef jerky from festival sponsors, and scream until we had no voices to show the artists just how much we were enjoying their music. And that is, ultimately, one of the most positive things about live music that festivals like Osheaga bring to light: Music’s ability to bring people together, and for the artists’ passion to inspire passion in fans and festival goers.

If you haven’t yet been to a music festival, I would suggest you do everything in your power to get to one - no matter where. I would also start by suggesting the festival you choose is Osheaga this year; this summer marks the festival’s 10th anniversary, and they are not messing around with their stellar lineup including headliners Florence + The Machine and Kendrick Lamar, St. Vincent, Marina and the Diamonds, and a multitude of others.


school kids a playlist

a study mix for when you need to block all the noise and just focus.

. robbers (acoustic) // the 1975
i wanna be yours (acoustic) // arctic monkeys
iii. sugar we’re going down (acoustic) // fall out boy
this is gospel (acoustic) // panic! at the disco
v. tonight you’re perfect (acoustic) // new politics
vi. blank space (cover) // imagine dragons
vii. seaside // the kooks
viii. ribs (layered) // lorde
ix. borrowing // halsey
x. head.cars.bending (layered) // the 1975


Halsey + Luke Pritchard

I linked up with Luke in New York a couple of months ago because we’re signed to the same label, Astralwerks, together. We went out for drinks and started talking and kind of were throwing around the idea of me opening on this tour. And for a while I didn’t think I got it. I was like “Damn it, this sucks!” I didn’t want to bring it up. And eventually he hit me with a text and was like, “Hey do you want to open for us on tour?” and I was like, “Yeah!”