the kolossus

Inktober 2017 - Day 10 - Gigantic

One day late, and for the tenth prompt nonetheless ! I’m so sorry… To make it up, I tried to add some shading to it all.

I hesitated a lot, hence how late I was, but I finally went for a Code Lyoko fanart… Kind of ! This is in fact a drawing of a new Monster for a fanfiction I’ve been meaning to start as a sequel of a previous work of mine named New Wave. This creature is meant to be a kind of evolution for the Kolossus looking like a dinosaur for it to be quicker and more powerful. I have chosen to name it “Raeptile” for now but I might change it for something else with a “K” in it, who knows ?

Unlike the Kolossus, this Monster have armor-plates on its back and can fire a powerful laser beam from its mouth, while the sword from its previous form is now on its tail. Its scales are supposed to look like lava but it was kind of hard to do with only ink and me being so late… Perhaps another time !

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“In "Down to Earth” when they are fighting the Kolossus, I love XANA-William’s smug reaction to it. Yumi boasts her victory very soon as she hits the Kolossus on his eye, but it doesn’t die due to it having two XANA targets. William just smirks with a faint chuckle, it really shows XANA’s pride in his work, he’s like “Yeah I made this, and ya’ll ain’t messing with it”.“

I know we’ll find out soon but I seriously wonder how much that Korpokkur Kolossus mount is. I’ve been farming the chocobo races for the entire day oh god.

thebookofireine  asked:

17, 15

17. Favorite minion? 

FAT. CAT. No hesitation.

15. Favorite mount?

Sophia’s lanner has a special place in my heart because I earned it while it was relevant and GOD GOLDEN BIRB WAS PRETTY AS HECK

runners up are the Korpokkur Kolossus (that I don’t have :( ) and the Archon Throne!!