the koala makes things

“The keys are under the mat” (Zico x Reader)

This was requested by anon. I love you for letting me choose the khh artist, I’ve been waiting to write about my baby Zico. Enjoy!

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Your relationship with Jiho was not the normal thing. You knew him since you were both underground rappers, so there was not ‘getting to know’ and 'lovey dovey’ stuff. Yes you were romantic and all that, but it was a more comfortable situation. You didn’t freak out when you had no make up on, or when he saw you after practise and you sweat like a pig, or when you got sick and your eyes are swollen and you look like death.

You waited for him to come over. You had already laid on the bed, with your comfy pj’s on, a bun and your facial mask that you had to keep over night. Your phone buzzed

'Open the door’

'The keys are under the mat’

You texted back, too lazy to get up and open the door for him. Sure enough you heard the door open and him taking his shoes off. He came to your bedroom.

“Hey babe”


he took off his clothes and put on the pj’s he had left at your apartment. He laid next to you, you instantly wrapped yourself around him like a koala, making him giggle

“You look like a ghost with that thing on”

“Shut up, my skin is acting up”

You mumbled, feeling his warm embrace got you even more sleepy. He gave you a kiss atop of your head and slowly rubbed your back.

“How did it go today?”

“Good, I managed to write two more songs”

He said, you could hear the feeling of accomplisment in his voice. You raised your head and planted a kiss on his lips

“It’s so weird when I kiss you and you have this on”

“Can you stop with the mask jokes?”

You fired back. He smiled and kissed you one more time, he loved teasing you, even though you knew he was doing just for the heck of it, you still gave him what he wanted, a cute reaction

“Fine, let’s just sleep”

You layed your head on his chest one more time, closing your eyes. He brought you closer to him, getting comfortable in the sleeping position

“Goodnight baby”

“Goodnight sweety”

Staying up late and cramming for exams with room mate Luke, snacks and notes covering every surface of your common area as the two of you take turns quizzing each other, curled up together with textbooks open on the couch. Having Luke turn to you after a few hours with flushed cheeks and a yawn as he proposes a study break while he sleepily rubs his baby blues only to have him fall against your side moments later, with his arms around you, face buried in the crook of your neck and fast asleep. And you laugh and try to push him off of you, complaining that he’s heavy, only to have him sleepily whine and hold you tighter, curling into your side like a six foot koala bear.