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Straight Up Fluff | Harry / Wroetoshaw


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Summary: I have a headache and wanted some Harry fluff, so here you go.


You ran your fingers through his hair, smiling softly when he yawned, pushing his face further into your thighs. His arm was wrapped tightly around his eyes, trying to keep out the dim light from the window in an attempt to calm down the thumping in his head. Spending all day staring at his computer had given him a terrible headache and now he was just waiting for the paracetamol to kick in.

He felt awful, both because of the feeling of a drill cracking open his skull and because instead of you going out with everyone you were stuck in his room trying to make him feel better. It was almost 3am and neither of you had gotten much sleep the night before because you were giggling away in his bed coming up with terrible video ideas and watching Netflix. “Are you feeling any better?” You asked, trying your best to be as quiet as possible. He shook his head, turning so his face was now smushed against your legs, his arms snaking around your waist. You frowned biting your lips, trying to think of something that would keep his mind away from the pain. Suddenly you had an idea, you pushed Harry away from you, giving him a large pillow to hold onto instead while you left to go to the bathroom.

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I was working on one of my metas when I realized I have no idea what the sloth and koala are supposed to represent for in Steven Universe.

Now I can’t focus because I’m scouring the internet and show for clues about the sloth and koala.  I think Steven is supposed to be the koala and Lars is supposed to be the sloth, but otherwise the reasoning eludes me.

It’s not like with the scorpion of Joking Victim.

Aside from being a clear attempt to get Buck’s approval after he called Lars’ snake shirt nasty, the scorpion looks like a clear reference to the scorpion and tortoise/frog legend.  Like the scorpion in the legend, Lars is metaphorically carried by Sadie (the tortoise/frog) only to sting her later by taking advantage of her kindness to get out of work.

It is implied that, at the time of Joking Victim, Lars metaphorically feels like he’s the scorpion, incapable of changing and becoming a better person.  However, unlike the scorpion, he can change and acting in such a manner ultimately isn’t him being true to himself, which is symbolized when the scorpion is burned and Lars seeks to make amends, because he may have given up on himself long ago, but he’s still growing into a better person anyway because he actively wants to be better (and has standards).

The scorpion symbol also seems to re-enforce Lars’ parallel with Rose Quartz over Steven as the scorpion is said to be one of the lesser sacred animals of the goddess Ishtar, who Rose draws a lot of influence from (it wouldn’t be the first or last time Lars was associated with Ishtar or her sacred menagerie).

Lastly, it arguably symbolizes and foreshadows his eventual fate as the scorpion represents death, resurrection/rebirth, and immortality (Lars is surrounded by a lot of symbolism to that effect, which is notable because other characters aren’t).

So what the fuck is with the sloth and koala?

“The keys are under the mat” (Zico x Reader)

This was requested by anon. I love you for letting me choose the khh artist, I’ve been waiting to write about my baby Zico. Enjoy!

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Your relationship with Jiho was not the normal thing. You knew him since you were both underground rappers, so there was not ‘getting to know’ and 'lovey dovey’ stuff. Yes you were romantic and all that, but it was a more comfortable situation. You didn’t freak out when you had no make up on, or when he saw you after practise and you sweat like a pig, or when you got sick and your eyes are swollen and you look like death.

You waited for him to come over. You had already laid on the bed, with your comfy pj’s on, a bun and your facial mask that you had to keep over night. Your phone buzzed

'Open the door’

'The keys are under the mat’

You texted back, too lazy to get up and open the door for him. Sure enough you heard the door open and him taking his shoes off. He came to your bedroom.

“Hey babe”


he took off his clothes and put on the pj’s he had left at your apartment. He laid next to you, you instantly wrapped yourself around him like a koala, making him giggle

“You look like a ghost with that thing on”

“Shut up, my skin is acting up”

You mumbled, feeling his warm embrace got you even more sleepy. He gave you a kiss atop of your head and slowly rubbed your back.

“How did it go today?”

“Good, I managed to write two more songs”

He said, you could hear the feeling of accomplisment in his voice. You raised your head and planted a kiss on his lips

“It’s so weird when I kiss you and you have this on”

“Can you stop with the mask jokes?”

You fired back. He smiled and kissed you one more time, he loved teasing you, even though you knew he was doing just for the heck of it, you still gave him what he wanted, a cute reaction

“Fine, let’s just sleep”

You layed your head on his chest one more time, closing your eyes. He brought you closer to him, getting comfortable in the sleeping position

“Goodnight baby”

“Goodnight sweety”

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I learned 3 things while in Australia. Koalas actually make sound, The world's deadliest spider is afraid of water, and AUSTRALIAN MEN HAVE THE SEXIEST ACCENTS EVER OMG

WOAH YOU WENT ALL THE WAY OVER THERE?! THAT’S SO COOL! The sound that koalas make are really funnyyyyy, remind me to threaten every deadly spider ever with my super soaker, AND I’ve never actually been too fussy on Australian accents BUT HEY YOU DO YOU

Staying up late and cramming for exams with room mate Luke, snacks and notes covering every surface of your common area as the two of you take turns quizzing each other, curled up together with textbooks open on the couch. Having Luke turn to you after a few hours with flushed cheeks and a yawn as he proposes a study break while he sleepily rubs his baby blues only to have him fall against your side moments later, with his arms around you, face buried in the crook of your neck and fast asleep. And you laugh and try to push him off of you, complaining that he’s heavy, only to have him sleepily whine and hold you tighter, curling into your side like a six foot koala bear.