the knucker


I’ve been thinking about dragons again and decided to throw my scattered ideas on them into the bucket
Think of them as fuzzy, warm blooded cousins to pterosaurs
Most of them are small and kind of boring as far as what we expect from dragons are concerned but notable are the busty sexual display of the male Vibria, the polar-bearlike Slavic dragon, the enormous and absurdly long-winged Azi, which suspends itself from sheer rock faces and gives birth mid-flight
Then there are the Wurms, most famously the knucker, aka the long, cranky ones
They are europe’s answer to the crocodilian: aquatic ambush predators that have mastered the art of looking like a dead log
They compensate for for a relatively weak bite with a modified “rat’s tooth” fang in the upper jaw that delivers a delightful dose of venom

Sonic is a drifter, a wander, a teenage Gandalf almost. He only lets fate and circumstance decide who and what he returns to. Tails and Amy will always be at the top of his whitelist because they stayed relevant.

A visit to Underwater Hell!

In Overlord Knucker’s domain,the giant Shark-Dragon ruled over his Netherworld with a iron…er..fin? Wing? Whatever. Point is he was a big jerk. Those who weren’t his personal soldiers, servants,nobles,or chefs had to live in small cramped caves while his vassals loved in the big futuristic underwater city. He had it made solely to show off his power and wealth. Knucker was currently stuffing his face with a 80 course meal! Nom nom nom!

Diglett Type Variations 

Top Row (Left to Right)
Fire Type: Based on lava pouring from a crater
Water Type:  Based on an inner tuber
Grass Type:  Based on a plant sprout
Electric Type: Based on a lightning rod

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
Psychic Type: Based on a dream cloud
Ice Type: Based on a snowman
Dragon Type: Based on a dragon coming out of a knucker hole.
Dark Type: Based on a shadow