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  • Pokemon in 1997:Ash and his friends go on wacky adventures in the world of Pokemon, occasionally foiling the schemes of those lovable rouges known as Team Rocket!
  • Digimon in 1999:Tai and his friends meet with their partner Digimon as they go on an adventure filled with exciting twist and turns in the wondrous place known as the Digital World!
  • Pokemon in 2016:Ash was crucified and was planned to be a false messiah, children are crying, wanton destruction everywhere, characters die, emotional manipulation, lying, angst and tears everywhere.
  • Digimon in 2016:Tai and his friends experience the amazing world of teenage angst, self doubt, sacrifice, self hatred and a lot of crying. Their precious partners are torn away from them with all their happy memories of their human partners forcefully erased

The oldest known melody in the world. 3400 years old. 

Swedish Music


It shares the tradition of Nordic folk dance along with the other countries in northern Europe, including polka, schottische, waltz, polska and mazurka. The accordion, clarinet, fiddle and nyckelharpa are the most common Swedish folk instruments.


The father of Swedish classical music is often claimed to be Johan Helmich Roman(1694-1758). His most famous work is the Drottningholmsmusiken. Another influential composer is Carl Michael Bellman, whose patron was the king Gustav III.

Sweden has a long tradition of professional and amateur choir singing. A large percentage of swedes sing in amateur choirs in various styles. The choirs of Sweden are among the best in the world.


ABBA is the best-known popular music band from Sweden, and ranks among the best-known in the world. With ABBA, Sweden entered into a new era, in which Swedish pop music gained international prominence after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. They sold a total of 380 million records around the world, making them the second-most successful group ever, afterThe Beatles. They continue to sell 2 to 3 million records a year until today.

Some of the most successful post-ABBA popular music artists from Sweden are Europe, Roxette, Ace of Base, Bubbles, Kent, Carola Häggkvist, Army of Lovers, Neneh and Eagle-Eye Cherry, Leila K, Robyn, The Cardigans, Alcazar and Play. 

A great number of new rock and pop-oriented artists have come out of the country in recent years, including Loreen, The Sounds, Peter Bjorn and John, Håkan Hellström, Miike Snow, The Hives, The Hellacopters, Teddybears Sthlm, Mando Diao, Lykke Li, Radio Dept., Les Big Byrd and much others.


The death metal scene in Sweden has influenced many bands and genres outside Sweden. The melodic influence of the Gothenburg sound has spread to the United States with groups such as Himsa, Bleeding Through, Trivium and Killswitch Engage. The Stockholm sound has been known to be very influenced by the firstEntombed album and bands such as Autopsy, Death and Repulsion. 

Electronic music in Sweden has been heavily influenced by German electronic music. The most famous are Sally Shapiro, Icona Pop, The Knife Avicii and Swedish House Mafia.

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hey ok so im a lil embarassed to ask this but do you know world-wide shipping online shops where i can get wiccan craft supplies cheap? im a green witch living in poverty and there are certain herbs i cannot get anywhere near me. its okay if you cant help though of course !

Hello when it comes to good cheap herbs I suggest that you go to a Mexican grocery store because they usually have great prices on herbs and a wide selection they also usually carry a lot of hard to find herbs like Passion flower and Angelica root. You might also want to try mountain rose because they are known to ship world wide and carry seeds so you can grow your own. :)

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Idk about you but I feel like Flight Log: Turbulence is gonna be the album that makes GOT7 known to the world like I do you hear how good this album sounds it's like heaven because apparently jyp didn't stick his grimy crusty dusty musty hands in it

yesssessess i rlly feel this as well!!!! like i worry that they feel like they always have something to prove even tho we know they r amazing and talented and just wonderful but now they r finally stepping into their own nd doing their own music nd if this album does the best theyve ever done then it just proves how fckin talented they r at making their own albums!!!

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hey (good luck :P)

(googles “every compliment in the known world”)

ANYWAY I am not being internet slang-y when I say you are a gift. You seriously make this fandom a better place by being active in it. You give us historical information that most people overlook, you give us a better and more complex Eliza, you give people the tools to think and write about these characters in ways that do them justice. Not to mention the fact that your fic is such high quality- your characters are so nuanced and you’re able to convey their motivations and thoughts in such beautiful ways. But besides all that, you are a sweet, funny, and caring person, who I know I can count on, to sympathize or make me laugh or talk shit with me. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met you, and unbelievably lucky to have gotten to hang out with you. Even if you do blow up my messages while I sleep. 

Cristiano Ronaldo doing the moonwalk and being very much into it.
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