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Attention comic fans! So, all of you.

The best comic blog on this website/the mad titan of Tumblr/a very good friend of mine - JR, better known as ‘thecomicsvault’ had his blog deleted for some unknown bullshit reason which will basically go down as this website’s equivalent of the JFK assassination.

Although I’d say a large number of you already followed him, for those who don’t he uploads amazing quality scans of the best comics in existence, he’s just started a new blog ’comicbookvault’ which it is your civic duty as a member of the Tumblr comic community to follow.

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so i was looking at this image

and i was like haha woah isn’t it weird that rose quartz has a pink diamond shaped thing above her hands and then i realised it could be

and then i realised it could be “UNKNOWN BUBBLED OBJECT” otherwise known on this blog as Bismuth because it looks a lot like the manmade hopper crystals of Bismuth (but it could also be Pink Halite because they’re another variation of hopper crystals. But hey, it’s up for debate and I’m too lazy to change this blog name unless I really need to)

And it got me thinking- what IF Rose was holding Bismuth? Is Bismuth used to protect? Were they a weapon? Does the diamond represent the power of Pink Diamond? The protection of Pink Diamond? Was Rose Pink Diamond? Was Bismuth Pink Diamond- or at the very least a servant?

Whatever it is, it’s foreshadowing something really interesting and plot-heavy.