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Ok but AU where Derek is still the Alpha right?

Stiles finds these and buys them, they don’t fit, they kinda hurt his feet, but he wears them anyway, he wears them every day until Derek finally asks why he’s wearing uncomfortable shoes every day, his response? “Well, I want to make my Alpha bounce, so I thought I’d get an idea of what it feels like,” *wink wink wink*

Derek has to suffer for the rest of his life with really bad riding jokes because of freaking Adidas

(As if that isn’t bad enough, everytime he DOES ride Stiles, he somehow ends up catching a glimpse of the shoes by the time they’re done and cuddling up to go to sleep, the shoes are the bane of his existence and he’s 100% sure that Stiles is secretly a spark AND a psychic because he somehow ALWAYS. KNOWS. when Derek is going to ride him because the shoes always end up in his veiw even though they belong in the closet or the hall)

(Bonus: There is a slight- minuscule really- chance that Stiles secretly conditioned Derek to want to ride him whenever he sees the shoes)

(Extra bonus: After many, many years, when the shoes finally die, Derek not only throws a miniature party for their departure, he also has great pleasure in taking them outside and burrying them, because Stiles is the kind of person who WILL wear twenty-year-old shoes if he possibly can)

(Extra extra bonus: By the time Alpha Bounce has gone out of style, Adidas has invented a new type of nonsense sneaker called Alpha Trainer and Derek has it even worse because he can never escape the “Oh yeah, I’ve trained my Alpha alright ;)” jokes no matter how hard he tries)

@youfancymemaddearie @pale-silver-comb have you two seen this gift????

The Knot

Summary: A gossip magazine gets you alone. Tony comes to help.
Word counting: 600 and something.
Pairing: Tony Stark x Short!Reader
Warnings: Tony and reader are in a established relationship. Fluff. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome. Gif is from google.

Tony x Short!Reader Masterlist

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“Y/N, is such a pleasure to talk to you.  The young reporter smiled at you as you held your own smile on your face.

You were at a party Tony was hosting with other Avengers and, thanks to you lack of luck, you got caught alone with one of those kids from gossip magazines/shows. 


“We know you and Tony have been together for a long while now.” He stated.

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Look I know I keep talking about this magazine but I’m so serious it hurts guys

Somebody draw this

Somebody draw Omega!Stiles or nymph!Stiles (nymph!Stiles hnnnggg) who models specifically for supernatural serials and is a huge hit for wedding magazines because his big doe eyes and perfectly shaped cupid’s bow lips makes every bride want to look her best (and thus buy the outragously overpriced dresses/make up/jewlery the magazines promote) and every potential groom want to propose to their mate

He always looks best in light colors and surrounded by nature- the winter cover he had a faux fur headband and was laying in the snow and the winter weddings BOOMED that year- but this? The spring cover where he’s surrounded by flowers and his lips are parted JUST so..? The Knot magazine is getting calls from every single werewolf with access to Google begging for the number of this model, a few Alphas have found the office building and are running amuck trying to find him

And Stiles is having a hell of a time, he can’t go anywhere that sells that freaking magazine because he keeps getting noticed! He’s been proposed to six times in the last month and one bride asked him to grow flowers for her wedding (and he nervously declined because he doesn’t like growing flowers for people ok? He likes just growing them for him) and he’s at the grocery store, buying a birthday cake for Kira because Scott was on the other side of town and couldn’t pick it up, and here we go AGAIN, another wolf spotted him and is coming onto him and he’s tired ok? He was in France YESTERDAY modeling for a faery-run chocolate company and he just wants to go home, curl up with his cat (or dog) eat the complimentery chocolate he was given and not deal with people for the next century, and this guy just isn’t leaving him alone, he’s this close to blowing up at him when suddenly he feels a strong arm around his shoulders and hears “Leave my mate alone”, he looks up … and there’s the scruffiest, most gorgeous guy he’s ever seen, the wolf runs off with his tail between his legs and Mr. Scruff looks terrified as he yanks his arm away and steps back

“I’m SO sorry, I don’t know why I did that, I just… you looked like you were having a hard time getting that guy to leave and…”

“I could’ve handled it,”

“.. I’m sor-”

“But I’m glad I didn’t have to, thank you, did you want um… something? Like…-”

“No no no, you don’t owe me anything I jus-”

“I have some French chocolate if you want some-”

“It’s REALLY fine, I only..  I just hate it when people corner people like that, that’s all…”


And it dies for a second and Stiles buys the cake and Mr. Scruff says “I should probably go” and for some reason Stiles doesn’t want him to so he smirks and grabs a copy of the magazine, pays for it and says “I should atleast give you an autograph” and he winks and gives it to Mr. Scruff

When Derek opens the magazine in his car he finds Stiles’ contact information and a daisy sitting inside it

A year later The Knot’s newest spring photo features Stiles with his arms around blushing/smiling Derek as they stand at a flower covered alter, featuring insider photos from the most anticipated werewolf wedding of the year


I LOVE THIS VIDEO! This is visibility. This is representation. This is an Oscar winner not succumbing to Hollywood’s notion that whitewashing is the way to go. 

Tony Stark x Short!Reader Mastelist

All the stories exist in the same universe.

The idea to this series came from a post from a game with @supernatural-squadd. I kind of fell in love with the small descriptions and decided to write a bit (or more than a bit) about it. Go check her blog, she’s awesome.

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