the knockdown

  • Hub: nooo!! We can't make Knock Out and Breakdown gay bc there's kids watching this ;;!! Besides this show isn't focused on relationships!!//except maybe Arcee and Cliffjumper BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!! CYBERTRONIANS DON't HAVE A SEXUALITY!!
  • Cartoon Network: I mean we already have a show about space rock lesbians so?? Fuck it. Here's a character that's probably definitely their kid. Go 'Wild'

Kay this is not really a shitpost but imagine if knockout brought breakdown to the bar with him when he first met blurr??

and then breakdown’s just constantly being reminded about how slow he is and he just storms off after blurr says something snarky about slow mechs

and knockout just fcking snaps

this is a blog for shitposts not angst im sorry

Jon confronts Theon…about darn time too considering he turned down Stannis’ offer to help him reclaim Winterfell in exchange for making him a lord. Theon deserves to be choke slammed! 

What your Skullgirls Main says about you

Filia: Stale bread, water without ice, the newest season of the Simpsons aaaaaaand dirt. Also hair fetishes.

Cerebella: With the power of circus mafia titties, you churn out 360 command grabs, poke your opponent in the butt and hustle rocks. You’re gonna give it to them as your opponents suffer in anguish.

Peacock: You have good taste in cartoons but you don’t want anyone to have fun. You laugh at your opponents efforts to get past every projectile you throw at them and even if they do, you pull out a gun to send them back to hell.

Parasoul: You are full of swag and like flair within your combos, always creating new ways to frustrate the opponent with your careful placement of napalms and fancy combos with cuhrayzee overhead/low mixups to truly let all the swag burst out.

Ms. Fortune: Frequenting sites like 4Chan and FurAffinity, you spout out internet memes, thinking you’re hilarious while making many friends. Surprisingly, you have good execution with combos, burst baits and managing your head for spacing to catch your opponent off guard.

Painwheel: Sadomasochism at its finest, you are suffering incarnate, the worst character in the game with bad approach, awkward normals and overall weak pressure, but you toughed it out for 3 years for those delicious buffs to make you a monster with 40 frame overheads and ways to make your suffering onto your enemies ten fold with the damage you do. You are an inspiration to all players.

Valentine: Being a top tier since the beginning, people call you a tier whore for choosing such a flexible rush down character with ambiguous cross ups, mobility, tick throws and set ups accompanied with amazing pressure and resets but really, you just love a bad, ninja nurse with big titties.

Double: Probably a manipulative bastard in real life, always trying to sneak your way in to get your way and preach what you don’t practice. You barrel loop your opponent to death only to sneak in an ambiguous cross under air throw to reset the damage all over again and loop into catheads to stack all the damage you possibly can. You also support the funding of tentacle porn by the government.

Squigly: Your waifu, you cannot disappoint her and must mash divekick in the hopes of winning for her. You get easily offended when people say she smells bad for being a corpse and make angry posts online about it. Also you praise the glorious booty.

Big Band: You have no clue what you’re are doing, but that’s okay because you have moves with tons of armor that do tons of damages and give you untechable knockdowns while having the best dragon punch in the history of dragon punches. All you want to do is play your trumpet and go to your taunt into super with you TUBATUBATUBAing your opponents to death.

Eliza: You are an edgy person who like gore and making your everyone suffer. Sekmet is your best friend with unreactable double overheads and infinite armor as you go in, showing you’re a spooky skeleton not to mess around with. You walk like an Egyptian and sting like the Sahara Desert. 

Beowulf: All you think about is wrasslin, you live for the wrasslin and you breathe wrasslin but deep down inside, you know you’re a manchild with nothing better to do but throw chairs around and hope you can get a throw in to slam your opponents. You think you are the hypest character in the game but all of it is in your head and you go slowly insane as you keep playing him.

Fukua: As this character was made with no budget and effort, neither does your play style. You mash jump heavy kick into jump heavy punch for brainless pressure, zone with shadows and fireballs and go into command grabs with armor, you don’t need to think with this amalgamation of Seth from SF4 and The General from Kaiser Knuckle. Even with all the nerfs you have received, you still win all your matches.

Robo Fortune: You frequent sites like Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr while you spouting out dated memes and pretentious proverbs thinking you’re the cream of the crop but you have no friends. You stalk people on social media in the hopes of accomplishing some form of communication. However, your understanding of the game top notch, you know your set ups and you know the proper spacing to set up head traps and how to zone out out even the best of the best.

luv me some gay space robots………

Apologize- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok y'all I’m literally at the end of my rope so sorry this is coming out late. I’m trying to get caught up but every time my mood picks back up, something else kills it so I’m sorry guys! Anyway I hope you like this one! Enjoy!

Warning: cussing

Anon Request: Hi! Can you please write a Jakob Chychrun imagine of how y/n got a promotion at work but she has to attend meetings for 2 weeks in Cali and she has to give her boss an answer now so she said yes and has to leave tomorrow and tells Jakob about it thinking he will be happy for her but instead he gets mad cuz she didn’t tell him b4 answering her boss and he leaves so while y/n is in Cali she watches his games and in one of them he gets hurt really badly part 1

Part 2 of Jakob Chychrun imagine. He gets hurt really badly so she flies back and cancels the meetings before they even started. Y/n arrives at the hotel where Jakob is at and he’s shocked she’s there and they kiss and makeup. Thank you!


              You sighed as you fell onto the hotel room bed.

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So, no liveblogging of Lucifer tonight because my computer is in the computer hospital, but:


Basically, my impression from the episode is that I don’t think it was Dad/God actually physically incarnated, but I also don’t think it WASN’T Dad. I think the piece allowed Earl Johnson to channel the divine (as seen by him healing the crazy nurse’s mom, knowing information about Lucifer’s real name/meeting Mom, being unaffected by the drugs, etc) and thus everything he said is how Dad actually feels. He still is in love with his ex-wife and wants her to come home, is proud of Samael/Lucifer, and regrets the pain he has caused his entire family by his own fallibility and bad decisions in the past. However, this is basically an exact repeat of the Chloe situation. What happened with Chloe was real, but the instant Lucifer discovered that there was a catch/his dad seemed to have originated it/all was not what it seemed, he instantly rejected all of it and has more or less shut himself down from Chloe completely to protect her. Now it’s the same with God Johnson. The instant Lucifer discovers there was any kind of catch at all (i.e. that it was an ordinary human channeling God’s words to him, rather than God actually in the flesh) he rejects the whole thing as a lie and doubles down on his conviction that his dad hates him more than anything and wants him to be unhappy. There can be no happy medium with Lucifer right now. It’s all true or it’s all a lie, and that’s the only way he is capable of seeing things.

Next, it hurts my damn heart that after raging against his dad for millennia and considering that he destroyed his life and kicked him out of the house, what Lucifer really, REALLY WANTS is… for his dad to apologize to him and tell him he’s proud of him, and for his parents to get back together, to be happy, and for nothing that happened to their family to have ever happened. His heart was barely in it when he insisted to Linda that he wanted revenge while watching God and Mom dance. I am sure that, being Lucifer, he had some utterly hare-brained plot about making them fall in love and AHA THEY’LL BE MISERABLE BECAUSE LOVE IS PAIN (and it hurts me even more that of course he’d think that right now, given what is going on with Chloe). But it took about 0.2 seconds of him watching them dance (and him being genuinely dismayed and annoyed and shocked that Chloe interrupted the moment) to realize that he doesn’t WANT to keep punishing his parents. He wants the war to be over and for the pain – which all of them have become so good at causing each other – to stop. He wants that more than the centuries of rage and anger and betrayal at his father.

Ouch. My heart.

Honestly, Lucifer is spiralling fast and hard right now. He’s regressed to acting on his own, to not letting anyone in, to using people for his own benefit (something that Chloe also did this episode – I was happy for her trying to connect with someone outside her circle of weird demon friends, especially the director of a literal madhouse because I imagine she often feels that way herself, but she also did it only for a case and got called out on it), and more. Lucifer is only out for revenge and getting his own back and making everyone else suffer as they deserve, and he’s certainly not remotely initiating ANYTHING with Chloe while he’s still convinced she has no choice in being with him or liking him – something that to his mind and his twisted logic, just got doubly confirmed with God Johnson not 100% certainly, absolutely, completely being his father. Lucifer jumped on it after about two seconds, and was desperate for it to be the case, so again, any hint of doubt whatsoever sent the whole house of cards tumbling down. So as with Father Frank or Ella or any other of the messengers that God has sent, this time GOD SENT HIMSELF/HIS VERY WORDS and yet… he still can’t get through. Every attempt he makes to reconcile is interpreted by Lucifer as further proof of his malice and evil intent. There is no winning.

Overall, I think we are headed for an absolutely wild last two episodes. As noted, Lucifer is pushed to just about the brink of what he can take and then some, the red eyes were happening more and more often, and I think he’s going to blow up in a MAJOR way leading into the finale (which would definitely explain the bloody knockdown/drag out fight with Maze). He’s in such a bad place that Dad’s attempt to intervene personally/straighten things out has instead been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now he has the flaming sword and can presumably really make it work, and yeah, it’s showtime. And it’s gonna be messy.