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i drew some of the girls while doing facial expression practice so i figured i may as well post this up here since i was p happy with the results

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 9

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that something was wrong with Queen Bee.

The blonde heroine was restless, flitting from Marinette’s loft to her chaise to poking through her magazines to playing UMS 3 against Chat (and losing badly).

It was Vixen who cracked first.  When Queen Bee approached the chaise again, she flicked her tail up and curled it around her teammate, unable to use her hands due to the fact that she was holding some yarn for Marinette while she knitted (Chat had volunteered, but had been quickly shot down because he would just play with it.  He refused to admit that Marinette was right).  “Sit down, girl.  What’s got your panties all in a twist?”

Queen Bee twitched and turned her nose up with a huff, but allowed Vixen to pull her in and sit her down so that they were hip to hip.  Marinette and Chat did their best to pretend that they weren’t paying attention as Vixen just stayed quiet and studied her.

Finally, it became too much for Queen Bee.  “My father is remarrying.”

Vixen raised a brow, taking note of how tense her teammate was and how tightly she was gripping her upper arms.  “You’re not happy about it.”

“I didn’t even know he was dating!” She burst out, standing up and beginning to angrily pace.  “I only see him a couple times a week as it is, but did he ever think to mention, ‘Hey, I’m dating someone’?  No!  And now he brings this… this woman into our home and she’s going to be my stepmother and I don’t want a stepmother!”  She sneered, flipping her ponytail and kicking at Marinette’s desk chair.

“Hey, no breaking my stuff, Queenie.”

Queen Bee flinched slightly, but shot a brief, apologetic look at Marinette.  Then she was off pacing again, her wings buzzing in her anger. “And she’s pretending to be all nice and saying we’re going to be friends and I told her off that we’re never going to be friends and then my father got all mad at me!  Me!  Like I don’t have a right to be angry that he’s pulling this shit on me!”  Queen Bee stilled, her head drooping.  “It’s like… he doesn’t even care about Mom at all.”

Vixen shot Marinette an apologetic look as she passed the yarn back.  Marinette smiled reassuringly and busied herself putting everything away in her knitting basket.

“Hey.  Queenie.” Queen Bee looked up from where she had been about to continue her rant, only to be pulled into a hug by Vixen.  “You’re right.  It absolutely sucks that he pulled that on you.”

Queen Bee tensed, then slowly relaxed into the hug, resting her head on Vixen’s shoulder.  “… Thank you.  I… really needed to hear that.”

Both heroines yelped as Chat scooped them up and headed for the chaise.  “And we’re always here if you need to vent,” He murmured soothingly, dropping a kiss to the top of her head.

“I mean, it’s not like you’re stuck there forever, right?” Marinette added, scooting over to make room as the three heroes piled on with her (it was a testament to how well made her chaise was that it didn’t even groan under the weight).  “Once you graduate, you can go do your own thing, right?”

Queen Bee huffed, burying her face into Marinette’s shirt.  “My father is the one who will be paying for university, though.”

“Well, being polite towards someone and accepting them are two different things,” Chat pointed out. “I mean, so long as you’re reasonably polite towards this woman, then as soon as you’re up for university, you can be out and not have to deal with her anymore.”

“Yeah.  What were you planning on doing, anyways?” Marinette asked, gently stroking her fingers through Queen Bee’s hair.

“I always figured I’d go into politics.” She shrugged.

Vixen raised an eyebrow. “Is that what you want to do?”

Queen Bee paused, then frowned slightly.  “I… don’t know.  I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Hey, if you want to go into politics, like actually want to, then go for it.” Chat grinned encouragingly.  “You could do a lot of good.  But if it isn’t want you want to do, then we’ll have your back while you figure that out.”

Queen Bee swallowed hard, then buried her face in Marinette’s shirt.  “… Thank you.”


In 2007, this music video for Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was made. It was filmed at The Knitting Factory club in NYC and showcased Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight burlesque performance art pop show ‘Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue’. If you watch closely, you can spot Gaga’s laptop next to her, which was nicknamed “Plastic Gaga” after Yoko Ono. -(ladygagaeras)

Damian's First Crush

knitting-queen-universe requested: can you do a headcanon for damian realizing he has a crush and how he reacts/acts around them?

Here You Go: I hope you like it. This is my first attempt at a headcanon. I absolutely love smol Damian. He is my baby boy and I want to adopt him.

  • He doesn’t realize he’s crushing all at once, but in stages.

Stage 1: She’s one of the only classmates of his who doesn’t either suck up to him because their parents want a good connection, or talk about him behind his back because he’s so quiet and somewhat anti-social.

Stage 2: she makes a good point in a class discussion and he thinks “this person has a modicum of intelligence. she’s not a complete imbecile.” Maybe he shouldn’t have said that to her, though. She just looks at him like, “thanks, i think” and walks away.

Stage 3: He sees her on the playground laughing with her friends and realizes she’s cute. He feels himself start to blush, but doesn’t understand why…. Like, what is this feeling and why is his face hot and what is happening? so he gets all pouty faced instead

  • He starts paying extra attention to her in class, especially during discussions. Every time she makes a point in class, he makes a counter point.

*Heated classroom discussions become a thing between them. The whole class pretty much realizes that Damian and this girl are crushing on each other

*He puffs out his chest and does that thing guys do where they tug on their lapel ( he totally picked that up from his dad) everytime he makes a good point.

*Also gives her the Wayne Smirk

*One day he sees her being teased on the playground and rushes to her aid. He wants to punch the guy in the face, but realizes she wouldn’t like that. *So he just gives him some snarky, savage comeback and the BatGlare.

*When she thanks him afterward, he gets all pouty and just walks away. God forbid she see him blushing

*Later that night during training, he’s distracted and his brothers jokingly ask if he’s thinkg about a girl

*OFC, he denies it… he says he was just worried about a classmate that’s being teased. But he slips up and says “she”

*So then the boys are like “ohhh, so it is a girl”

*After Dick points out that he has a crush, he asks Alfred for advice

*Alfred suggests taking her cookies the next day. He packs extra for Damian’s lunch

*“Here (name), I hear it is customary to bring food to someone if you wish to be friends with them” He doesn’t exactly understand the concept, but gets close enough. He just hands them to her and walks away

*He becomes very protective of her.

*He doesn’t let other boys sit next her at lunch, and anytime the class needs to partner up, he’s like “No. You cannot be her partner. She’s my partner.”

*When he finally gets up the courage to ask her to a gala she’s like “took you long enough”



Hold My Needle

This is a one-shot based off of a genius idea @christina-dh had which you can find here. I hope you guys like it!

It had been a pretty quiet day for Manon. The Thirteen were off training with their wyverns, and Elide was spending her day with Aelin and The Cadre until late in the afternoon, so she decided to spend the day at home, knitting.

Weird, right? Manon Blackbeak, the Crochan Queen, knitting. But she actually really liked it. She found it soothing, just sitting on a comfortable armchair, getting lost in the sound of clicking needles, and knitting sweaters for Elide -which by the way she loved wearing, in both winter and summer, even though Manon kept telling her she was going to get a heat stroke- was like an escape from the havoc of everyday life.

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening resonated through the room, and Manon turned around, only to find Elide coming in. Wait- wasn’t Elide supposed to come back late afternoon? Why was she back so early? Was something wrong?

“Hey Manon” Elide turned to her, managing a weak smile, but Manon knew something was wrong, she could see it in her eyes. “Knitting, I see?” she huffed out a laugh.

Manon would have killed anyone on the spot if they found out she likes knitting, but this was Elide -she was, after all, the only person Manon would get on her knees for- and she trusted her with her life.

“Elide, is something wrong?” Manon asked, her hands pausing on the needles

“It’s nothing, really” Elide sat on the floor by Manon, looking down at her hands.

Manon gently lifted her chin, forcing Elide to look up at her

“Elide, what’s wrong?” she said, her voice laced with worry and her eyes soft, gazing directly into Elide’s

“It’s just-” Elide looked down as she spoke, not wanting to meet Manon’s gaze

“It’s just that Lorcan was teasing me a bit earlier” her voice was getting quieter as she spoke, hand grazing her arm “and I guess he hit a sensitive spot”

Manon suddenly felt a wave of rage wash over her, like someone had just lit a fire inside her.


Of course it was Lorcan -she never really liked Lorcan, but now she had a reason to hate him- she heard the snap before she realised her fingers were clenched so tightly around one of the needles, it had broken in half. Elide looked to Manon’s hand with wide eyes.

“Manon, it’s really not-”

“Elide”, Manon stood up “hold my needle” she handed the needle she still hadn’t broken to Elide, and stepped out of the door, rage radiating off her.

Oh boy Lorcan got himself in a bit of a pickle there ;)

lights still shining in the room, you left me here (2/2)

Perhaps at one point, her marriage to Jon had become less of a sham. But with a history of three dead children between them, even the strongest of unions would break, let alone one as fragile as theirs. When Sansa tries to save herself, her actions lead to some interesting revelations [rated M, discussions of miscarriage and infertility; part 1 can be read here].

“Did you put her up to this?”

Dany and the Hand glance at one another again, both of their faces affixed with discomfort.

“We only made it a reality,” Tyrion says. “The princess was the one who proposed the idea of separation in the first place.”

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