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Hey fabrickind, I'm doing a cosplay of Bardock from dragon ball. What should I use for his headband, the cloth he wears on his arms and legs, and his undersuit? I usually only do armor, and want to branch out a little so I picked something with some fabric, but is still focused on armor.

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This is going to be almost entirely knits. You want something that can stretch and move with your body, and that will have an athleticwear aesthetic to it (though the reason why athleticwear has the knit aesthetic is for function, not form!).

For the headband (not pictured here, but it looks like the same material as the wristbands) and the wristbands, you’ll want something that’s lightweight and will absorb sweat a bit. If you can find a wicking fabric, which can wick sweat away from your body to keep you cool, that’s probably best. If you can’t, a red jersey knit would be a great option (this is like what T-shirts are made of). It’s a bit loose, so a “spandex” type knit (raschel-knit spandex, milliskin, etc.) would be overkill, but still suitable (most of these are a nylon/spandex blend).

For the undersuit, you need a knit with both good stretch and good recovery. Recovery is where the fabric snaps back after you stretch it out and let go, like a rubber band. Higher spandex content creates higher recovery. I’d go with a standard “spandex” type material (raschel-knit spandex) for this. A milliskin would also be good. This needs to both conform to the body and stay there rather than sagging over time, like a jersey knit would. I would use a bodysuit pattern along these lines.

When sewing knits, you need to take a few special considerations in mind. You need to sew it without stretching the material, you need to stabilize the material (a walking foot or some tear away stabilizer in the seams works for that), you need stretch stitches (a zigzag works, or a special stretch stitch that many modern machines have), and you need needles meant for knits (I’d recommend stretch needles over ballpoint needles for the bodysuit, since they help prevent skipped stitches in addition to preventing runs in the material).

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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I have officially finished hat #4, this one with the extra challenge of switching colors partway through! This one has a wider brim because I made it for a much older male coworkers, and in my experience guys around that age tend to roll the brim up on their beanies so I made it so he’d be able to do that.
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