the knit club

One of the new professors at my school started a knitting club and will teach anyone who wants to learn but right now I’m the only other person in this entire school who knows how to knit. 

So now I have all these baby knitters wandering up to me in the hallways and between class and in the lab, wanting me to check their stitches and tension and wanting reassurance. 

Which is adorable but maybe not when I am literally holding a human heart in my hand? 


Join us every Thursday after classes in third floor, fifth door on right !

• magical knitting, muggle-style knitting without use of magic, handspinning, tea and cookies

• we own a wide selection of rare muggle knitting patterns from prof. Dumbledore´s private collection given to our club by prof. McGonagall, patterns are not for rent !

• beginners and pets are welcome

• for more info contact Han or Ophelia on school corridor or in Slytherin/Hufflepuff common room

We´re looking forward to meet you ♥

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What's a way I can rebel without damaging my future permanently please I'm boring and need change constantly

Dye your hair
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Join a club
Save the bees

okay. hear me out. jack kelly learning to knit.

  • katherine sometimes knits just to keep her hands busy and give her mind something to do
  • he always watches and is very intrigued
  • one day he just decides that this is Very Cool and just. learns how. he just does it he just straight up starts knitting
  • he will punch you in the face if you make fun of this hobby
  • dont test him
  • he knits scarves and hats and then randomly gives them to kids in the street when it gets cold out
  • additionally he probably teaches the squad how to knit too
  • in their freetime instead of causing general discourse they start Knitting Club
  • they fiercely battle to see who can make the most scarves first
  • sometimes people get hurt
  • one time romeo stabbed jack with a knitting needle because he said his scarf looked shitty
  • he needed stitches
  • katherine starts coming to knitting club to make sure no one gets wounded
  • so does davey
  • they are the Parents
  • they knit like Adults and sigh loudly
  • jack kelly. knitting

thank u for your time

  • Other zombie media: The world is a dark and ugly place. Not much hope left. Can't even trust your own family. We're all murdering and cannibalizing each other. Humanity is doomed.
  • Zombies, Run!: We built a safe town on a little farm in the U.K.! :) Everyone who works hard is welcome to live here. :) Knitting club is on Wednesdays and sometimes we have parties! Our friendly neighbors who live in a nearby castle have art therapy and creative writing classes to deal with their trauma. Sure, things are bad sometimes and people die occasionally, but we can get through anything if we stick together! But if you mess with us in any way, you will seriously suffer. :) :) :) I'm sure you won't mess with us. Who wants to play Demons and Darkness?!

In 2007, this music video for Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was made. It was filmed at The Knitting Factory club in NYC and showcased Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight burlesque performance art pop show ‘Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue’. If you watch closely, you can spot Gaga’s laptop next to her, which was nicknamed “Plastic Gaga” after Yoko Ono. -(ladygagaeras)

I just went to the first knitting club meeting at my school and it’s the biggest bunch of lesbians I’ve ever been in. Like the second I walked in I was hit by a big wave of sapphic acceptance I’m LIVING