the knit club

One of the new professors at my school started a knitting club and will teach anyone who wants to learn but right now I’m the only other person in this entire school who knows how to knit. 

So now I have all these baby knitters wandering up to me in the hallways and between class and in the lab, wanting me to check their stitches and tension and wanting reassurance. 

Which is adorable but maybe not when I am literally holding a human heart in my hand? 


Join us every Thursday after classes in third floor, fifth door on right !

• magical knitting, muggle-style knitting without use of magic, handspinning, tea and cookies

• we own a wide selection of rare muggle knitting patterns from prof. Dumbledore´s private collection given to our club by prof. McGonagall, patterns are not for rent !

• beginners and pets are welcome

• for more info contact Han or Ophelia on school corridor or in Slytherin/Hufflepuff common room

We´re looking forward to meet you ♥


A florist and his mechanic…a tale as old as time?

From childhood pals to married odd couple, Lindy and Teddy have always been a package deal. Despite their inseparability, on paper they don’t quite make sense. She’s a rough and ready straightforward gal who probably swears too much and doesn’t quite wear her heart on her sleeve, but she does have one of the biggest of them all if you’re lucky enough to see it. She could also probably eat 12 Hot Pockets, fight 100 bees and bench press your whole family. Teddy, on the other hand, lives up to his name being as soft as any plush bear. An emotional, kindhearted fellow, Mr. Wu is a family man through and through. Despite his generally nervous and worried demeanor, you can count on his availability to assist when you need it–if he’s not at his weekly book club or knitting group.

Despite these core differences, very few love as fiercely as these two–and likely, even fewer have loved each other quite like they do.

Very first piece in a weekly series @lainaraquel and I are dubbing #SoulsSaturday where we give tastes of our upcoming webcomic every Saturday!

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Does 5.0.5. have a hobby that he keeps secret from everyone else? Like being part of a knitting club or something?

  • Tbh he doesn’t seem like the type to keep secrets?? He’d probably be PROUD of his knitting haha.
  • he knits the whole group sweaters for christmas or something. Dementia’s is really cute with neon colors, Flug’s has some kind of science puns on it. BH’s matches his edgy villain aesthetic, but he makes a big deal about how “fucking unvillainous” this whole thing is.
  • (he wears it secretly, of course. Probably under his hugeass coat like a fucking dork. “its red and warm okay fight me”)
  • apart from that, perhaps gardening? he’s already a maid, wouldn’t surprise me if he tended to BH’s greenhouse of Extremely Exotic And Poisonous/Carnivorous Plants (and the little patch of assorted wildflowers BH pretends to not notice)
  • he runs a blog where he posts pics of himself in the maid costume and various others what?

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would you write something where andrew learns how to knit?

This is beautiful let’s do this (this is less of a learns how to and more of a Andrew + knitting introduction & adventures ft. Neil Josten and Happiness)

  • SO after Renee moves away for her peace keeping ventures, Andrew has no one to spar with
  • Neil offers to take her place, but Andrew would rather gut him himself than see Neil with a knife in his hands again
  • and, stupidly, he couldn’t inflict wilful, angry violence on Neil if he tried
  • suddenly his avenue of stress relief/violence relief is gone, and it hits him harder than he expected
  • frustration builds up; muted anger and bitterness and the itching need to hit and hurt
  • the nightmares get worse, and after them there’s nothing to take the phantom pain and fear away
  • he starts drinking and smoking more, becoming more dangerous in practice and person
  • he’s more abrupt with Neil more often, lets him touch him less, basically just distances himself because he’s scared that he’ll snap and it’s Neil who will suffer
  • and Neil is seriously worried
  • he’s never seen Andrew like this, and its scaring him
  • and he misses him too
  • so, unsure of what else to do, he calls Bee
  • he’s done that before, after the first time Andrew fucked him, when he freaked out and took off and Neil had no idea what to do
  • Bee knew Andrew well enough to know what to do then, he hopes she can do something similar now
  • Bee is all over it
  • she knows Andrew needs something to help him relieve the stress and tension and anger, something perhaps calming and peaceful in the place of Renee’s reciprocated violence
  • so she calls in her annual leave and flies up, inviting Andrew out for lunch
  • Andrew suspects Neil had something to do with this, but goes along anyway
  • and Bee can see that Neil was right, Andrew is tense and disconnected and jumpy, worse than before the meds
  • because this time he’s fighting it, he doesn’t want to linger in the same darkness he once welcomed, but he doesn’t know what to do
  • Bee has an idea
  • Now, Bee is a knitter, an avid one
  • her grandmother got her into it a lifetime ago, and she does it from time to time to relax and unwind and remember her
  • she thinks maybe Andrew might take to it, given a little push
  • so she invites him out again, not telling him where they’re going, just saying its a surprise
  • Andrew only goes because he trusts Bee with, well, everything
  • when he sees that it’s a knitting club he just about walks out
  • what the fuck would he do with knitting? He’s a 5 foot tall man of barely contained violence, who can kill 4 men twice his size with his bare fists
  • knitting is not for him
  • but Bee asks that he try it, just once, just to see
  • he begrudgingly agrees
  • the club is mostly older women, though there are a few older men and strangely enough a bunch of younger people too, maybe his age
  • some are there for volunteering or community service, or simply because they either enjoy knitting or want to try it out
  • Surprisingly enough, its not so bad
  • Andrew can sit in silence and work while he either listens to the stories being told around him (the elderly have some fascinating stories to tell, when the younger ones ask) or just tune them out
  • and Bee thinks that maybe it’s working, maybe Andrew likes this, maybe he finds it as peaceful and tranquil as Bee had hoped (also she’s impressed because wtf first time knitters are shit but Andrew has taken to this with an odd amount of skill)
  • she takes him back next week, then the week after that, and he goes every time without another word
  • after that she has to go back, but she buys Andrew a knitting kit with a half a dozen balls of wool and gives them to him as a gift
  • she asks him to continue on with it, and maybe knit her something if he has time
  • so, Andrew does
  • at first he hides it from Neil, slightly embarrassed
  • but to his surprise Neil comes home one day earlier and catches him at it, but does nothing but smile fondly
  • “my mum used to knit. It was the only present i ever got apart from knives”
  • so Andrew integrates it into their nightly tv time, wherein they watch whatever movie Nicky has been gushing about over Skype (usually a gay classic), Exy games/re runs, or shows and movies Andrew used to like and that Neil has to catch up on (being on the run didn’t make for good media consumption)
  • in a moment of rare sentimentality, Andrew knits Neil a scarf- bright orange with a fox paw print in the centre
  • when Neil sees it he smiles so wide that his face must ache
  • but he kisses Andrew so softly and sweetly, fingers curling into his hair and tugging gently
  • (maybe later he lets Neil take him with his mouth, lets him press his happiness in soft kisses and licks and sucks to Andrew’s cock)
  • Andrew hates him (its very satisfying)
  • he also knits Bee something, as she asked him, a frilly pink beanie she can wear in winter
  • she absolutely adores it, and wears it every chance she can get
  • Andrew continues the practice for years, letting it fit into his life where violence once was
  • the urge to hit and punch and hurt is still there, but the edges are softened and he can take it out on the court (to Neil’s obscene delight)
  • On the nights when he wakes from nightmares, on the bad days where he can’t bear to be touched or looked at, not even by Neil, when he’s afraid of himself as much as of anyone else, he takes his knitting and retreats to his room
  • and he just sits and knits until the tension and nausea and fear and memory fades away
  • Neil thinks that the practice is good for Andrew, and adorable besides
  • he encourages it by hunting down the most ridiculously coloured, oddly textured, strangely patterned balls of wool he can find, gifting them to Andrew as presents
  • Andrew hates him, and in retribution knits items of clothing that he forces Neil to wear
  • around christmas, when they go out for a double date with Dan and Matt, he makes Neil wear a patterned beanie of obnoxiously bright yellow, pink and orange, a christmas scarf with cats on it and yellow mittens with red stars on them
  • he looks like a right asshole, but Neil has never been happier in his life. He loves wearing things that Andrew has made for him, regardless of what they look like
  • he would wear nothing but Andrew’s knit wear for the rest of his life if Andrew would let him (this is the same boy who owned like 3 ratty t shirts till Andrew staged an intervention you know he would)
  • When Dan sees him she laughs so hard she cries, and Matt giggles and kisses him on the nose
  • (that boy is so cute they would steal him if Andrew wouldn’t shank them)
  • After they get the cats Andrew also knits stuff for them, rugs for their cat houses and little booties
  • he subscribes to a knitting magazine that gets published monthly and contains tutorials on new knitting designs and techniques
  • he actually gets invested in the culture, and learns all the big names in the knitting world, something that is ridiculous and absolutely not the direction he thought his life would take
  • he even goes back to the club, from time to time, in the off seasons
  • he gets friendly with a couple of the older people there, who have no idea who he is and who couldn’t care less, because old people are harmless and their stories are always eventful
  • When Renee gets back he gives her a sweater of her favourite colours, and she kisses his cheeks and hugs him tightly
  • when she asks him later if he wants to spar, Andrew, to both their surprise, says no
  • instead, he goes home to Neil and the cats, to a cup of hot cocoa and reruns of Queer as Folk, to his balls of wool and his knitting needles
  • And with his boyfriend curled against him, his work in his hands and the cats sprawled on his legs, Andrew finds himself content
  • for the first time in a lifetime, the violence that itches under his skin is quiet

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What's a way I can rebel without damaging my future permanently please I'm boring and need change constantly

Dye your hair
Get a tattoo
Get a piercing
Join a club
Save the bees

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Oh my god, please tell me more about Chowder/Ransom????

“Okay, let’s just go through the flashcards one more time and then - ”

Justin,” Chowder huffs, “I have told you one million times, you don’t need flashcards of my family.”

“But I always forget if it’s your mom or your grandma that’s in the knitting club!” Ransom whines.

“It’s both, and neither of them care if you remember. You don’t have to memorize things about my family to get them to like you, babe,” Chowder says gently, turning into his neighborhood. He feels the same lightness in his chest that he always gets when he’s almost home, and it’s even better having Rans here, too.

“I just want to make a good impression,” Ransom says, reaching over to grab Chowder’s hand. Chowder intertwines their fingers and gives Ransom’s hand a quick squeeze just as he turns onto his street.

Oh fuck,” he says under his breath when he sees the cars. He hopes Ransom didn’t hear him, but apparently he’s not that lucky.

“What? What?” Ransom asks, clearly seconds away from panic.

“It’s nothing - it’s fine!” Chowder rushes to reassure him. “It’s just - um - my extended family is here.”


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Steve comes really close to dying but doesn't?

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory by hitlikehammers

Steve breathes, and thinks that this would be okay—thinks that, like this, in this; so much ruin and so much death: he thinks that if he gets anything at all, at the end of the line, he’ll be lucky.

He sees the echoes; the failures of the past. He sees Bucky, sees missed chances, sees an opportunity to make it right—in his own head, his own heart, before it all goes dark.

Steve thinks, of all the dying boons he could know: this is more than generous.

Project Kraken by cobaltmoony, Unforth (tentacles)

It’s so cold.

So incredibly cold.

And as determined as Captain Rogers is to survive, the whiny, weak, all-too-human part of him knows the truth.

He’s going to freeze to death.

And then - crack, crack, crack - there’s someone outside his icy prison. Rescue has come. Rogers is going to survive this, he’s going to be alright, he’s going to see the war through, retrieve the Tesseract, do his duty…

…see Peggy again…

…but never Bucky, because Bucky is dead…

…and the ice over his face fractures.

His savior is revealed.

A man wearing a hat embroidered with the many-tentacled skull of Hydra.

Some things are worse than dying…

The Thirteen Letters by dropdeaddream & WhatAreFears

Womb to tomb, sweetheart.

This Is My Last Breath by FlyByNightGirl

War stories, laughter, dances, disasters, stars. Family, fall out boy, falling, nightmares and two broken hearts.

(There’s a double love story about two boys with 70 missing years in between - somehow Sergeant James Barnes became The Winter Soldier, and this is how.)

We Should Get Jerseys by castiowl

Bucky’s attempt to make it through another semester of grad school is greatly hindered when he accidentally buys a haunted sword off Craigslist from Steve Rogers, resident hermit. Find within: knitting clubs, ghosts, baristas, secret organizations, and weekly dinner parties.

  • Other zombie media: The world is a dark and ugly place. Not much hope left. Can't even trust your own family. We're all murdering and cannibalizing each other. Humanity is doomed.
  • Zombies, Run!: We built a safe town on a little farm in the U.K.! :) Everyone who works hard is welcome to live here. :) Knitting club is on Wednesdays and sometimes we have parties! Our friendly neighbors who live in a nearby castle have art therapy and creative writing classes to deal with their trauma. Sure, things are bad sometimes and people die occasionally, but we can get through anything if we stick together! But if you mess with us in any way, you will seriously suffer. :) :) :) I'm sure you won't mess with us. Who wants to play Demons and Darkness?!

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Hihi! Do you think you could do headcannons for what sports or clubs the paladins would be in (like in a highschool au), and how their s/o would be involved?

(I’m basing all the clubs off of what is at my own school).

Shiro: Shiro’s in Model UN(mock United Nations), Student Council, and Cross Country. He has been offered the president role in his two academic-oriented clubs but he’s turned them down because he still wants time for Cross Country. He met you when Student Council was having a bake sale and you accidentally dumped a plate of cupcakes on him. You still bake with each other. 

Pidge: Pidge is the head of the Robotics Club, sporadically attends chess club, is in fencing, and is also in Model UN with Shiro. You met Pidge when they challenged you in class to a game of chess after the two of you disagreed about the answer to a math problem. In a twist of fate you beat Pidge and they keep on asking for a rematch. 

Hunk: Hunk is in SPECTRUM(gay-straight alliance), human right’s club, and is in the Spanish Honor Society with Lance. Hunk’s the second in command for human right’s club so he does end up attending a lot of other club meetings. He meets you when he visits your club’s meeting. 

Keith: Keith isn’t in that many clubs but he is in fencing with Pidge, sometimes goes with Shiro on his runs for Cross Country, and also is in knitting Club. You were new to the school and Keith introduces you to the knitting Club. You both really enjoy the yarn crafts. 

Lance: Lance is by far the most social and the busiest. He’s in the Spanish Honors Society, fashion club, book club, movie club, and swims free style on swim team. Lance met you when you were sent to give some papers to the swim coach. He thought you were one of the girls and splashed a huge thing of water at you and the rest is history.