the klingon way

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Shiro attempts to grow a moustache alongside Coran after losing his from that one fic you wrote where Coran got his moustache burned off.

“What’s with the face scruff?”

“Solidarity. Since healing up means Coran can’t just shapeshift his mustache back, figured I’d grow along with him until he got all his fluff back in.”

“I was gonna help, too, but Shiro said it didn’t count.”

“You never shave anyway, Pidge. You’re not skipping anything.”

“It’s the thought that matters!”

“You two are weird.”

Hunk leaned his chin on his hand, twirling a spork in the air. “So, you just gonna let it grow in a bush, or do something with it?”

“Dunno. Haven’t given it much thought yet.” Shiro grinned. “Maybe some alien style will just speak to me.”

Hunk tilted his head, looking at Shiro’s face, this way and that, then brought his hand down on the table, eyes sparkling. “Klingon.”

“What? No way-” Lance started to protest-

“Oh, yeah, you’ve totally got the jawline for it,” Pidge agreed, grin huge. 

“He hasn’t grown in nearly enough!” 

“Just because you can’t even manage a pencil-”

“Guys, chill. Though…” Shiro absently scratched at the growing fuzz. “It would be kinda cool if I could pull it off…”


“Come on-”

What’s a Klingon?” Allura quietly asked Keith as the others continued to bicker, and he silently shrugged. Whatever it was, she hoped it really was going to look cool enough for Coran to like it.

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hi maddie! i've been wanting to make some uhura gifsets but i'm the worst at finding poetry about certain characters and was wondering if you knew of any that reminded you of her?


Just found the coolest TNG and TOS star trek soft drink cups at a car boot sale. As far as I can tell they were released by Pizza Hut in 1993-1994 as part of some kind of promotion probably to do with star trek generations. They are awesome though either way!


USS Enterprise NCC-1701D Crew: Worf [x]

“But it’s our way! It’s the Klingon way!”

“I know. But it is not my way."