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Random 5am thought I had instead of sleeping last night…er, morning. I’ve been in this fandom 2 years and somehow this never occurred to me:

Did anyone ever think about the logistics of having that many puppies in one room when they keep the recruits in the same dorm? They are tiny puppies. A bunch of tiny puppies who haven’t been trained yet. Was part of Kingsman training seeing how they survive sleep deprivation? Did the recruits take shifts to try and get at least some sleep, leaving someone awake to deal with tiny puppy bladders and accidents and any other assorted chaos at 4am?

I’m now imagining a bunch of crying and sleep deprived recruits in the dorm just begging the puppies to let them sleep. Just one hour, please for the love of god.

The puppies just blink up at them with their big innocent eyes. The puppies are the real test to see who the strongest are.

Hamilton characters and things my friend's and I have said
  • Alexander: *writing a paper at 1 am, four cups of coffee down, and eye twitching slightly* I am the dictionary definition of health.
  • John: Guys, honestly. I'm straight and I wish you all would sto- ! *cute guy walks by* fuck.
  • Aaron: I want you dead. But I don't want you to die, ya feel me?
  • Lafayette: *while wearing an American flag muscle tank* America blows.
  • Hercules: I'm the youngest out of all you assholes, yet I still end up babysitting!
  • Eliza: *plays with a bunch of kittens* I'm a badass
  • Angelica: If I were you, I would get away from me before I start screaming about how much of a misogynistic fuck you are.
  • Peggy: My mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party. I was two hours late because I literally had NO IDEA ABOUT IT
  • Madison: *drops purse and stares at it* this makes me wanna off myself.

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Hey guys...Im really down atm, can you two tell me a cute story to cheer me up or something? Hope you dont mind... love you a lot

Draco: Okay, so you know our cat Severus? The black one?

Harry: The one that looks like a minion of Death Himself?

Draco: The one with the prettiest green eyes in the world?

Harry: *hurt* Hey! What about my green eyes?!

Draco: *deadpan* Are you seriously jealous of my affection for our cat?

Harry: *grumpy* He only likes you. He absolutely hates me.

Draco: He does not hate you - he’s just wary; the poor thing roamed the streets as a kitten, can you blame him?!

Harry: I don’t blame him! I love him despite the way he looks at me, like he wishes I’d die so he’d have you all to himself.

Draco: *laughing* Okay, so I was going to tell you about how we got around to adopting him. We were walking home one night and we saw him being thrown around in this filthy alley. The poor thing was being bullied by these other huge cats–

Harry: *impassively* He was literally just playing with three other kittens– his own siblings, I’m willing to bet–

Draco: They were bigger than him–!

Harry: It was a bunch of kittens gamboling around, Draco–!

Draco: *impatiently* Whatever! So, Severus sort of came forward when I called out and I petted him for a few minutes–

Harry: While indirectly hinting that he wants to adopt the whole litter–

Draco: *bitterly* And Harry, of course, immediately refused; he literally never lets me have anything I want–

Harry: *speechless gaping*

Draco: So then he dragged me away and Severus followed us home, the darling–

Harry: And for the next few days I kept seeing the little thing lurking around, always hissing at me–

Draco: *slyly* There’s this thing you don’t know about - I was feeding him everyday. You never realised.

Harry: *exaggerated gasp*

Draco: *suspicious squinting* 

Harry: *pointed look*

Draco: *eyes widening* Oh fuck, how did you find out?!

Harry: I Floo’d back home one day ‘cause I forgot my wand and there you were, cooing at a very familiar looking black kitten while it sat on the kitchen counter eating out of Cleo’s old bowl.

Draco: Oh my god, you sneaky arsehole!

Harry: *grinning* Oh, I’m sneaky?!

Draco: Is that why you so casually came home one day saying we might as well adopt that ‘scary kitten’ that’s always hanging around?!

Harry: Well, you were so cute with him, the way you called him a ‘mini-Harry’–

Draco: *shutting his eyes* Nooooo–!

Harry: Which is why I promptly named him Severus - I’ll never be as scary as that cat. *spots Severus glaring at him from the sofa chair* Will I? Come here, you creepy little bastard. 

Draco: *chirps softly* Come here, Sev, come here, darling– *picks up and cuddles the glossy black cat that immediately slinks over to him*

Harry: *loudly* See?! He never comes when I call him! *scratches Severus’ ears anyway*

Draco: *exasperated* Oh my god!

(You can see Severus, as well as their other cats, here! And I hope you feel better soon, love! ❤️)

(And thank you @o0o-chibaken-o0o! ❤️)

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 8.2)

Imagine the others hearing Dr. Iplier’s screams. Anyone in earshot rushes to find him in his office. He’s on the floor, on his back, and something… something unbelievable is sitting on his chest. It’s… a dragon? The baby dragon’s scales are the same soft blue as it’s egg, and it curls up on top of the Doctor, radiating a calming heat into his chest. The Doctor stops screaming long enough to realize that the little guy means him no harm and runs his fingers down the dragon’s spiny back, revealing a pair of iridescent wings.

Imagine the others going nuts, grabbing their eggs and bringing them to the clinic to be put under the heating lamp.

Imagine Bim’s being the next to hatch. It’s a chubby, green dragon with a flower growing from the crown of its head. It waddles towards Bim unsteadily, flapping its tiny wings to keep balance. The dragon sniffs at one of Bim’s plants and then breathes a strange, golden dust over it. Before Bim’s own eyes, the plant becomes greener and healthier than he’s ever seen it before. Bim is half-way to having another cuteness overload when the baby dragon flops down into a patch of sunlight and falls asleep. Bim is once again dead.

Imagine Google’s egg hatching to reveal a prickly silver dragon with glowing blue eyes. The Googles gather around it, curious to examine the impossible creature when it opens its mouth and launches a bolt of electricity at the closest droid. Green staggers back, only to find his batteries fully charged and feeling refreshed. The other Googles raise their eyebrows in surprise, and Oliver claps his hands together, “We’ll call him Sparky!”

Imagine the Host’s surprise when his dragon lights gently on his shoulder and nuzzles against his cheek, as soft and smooth as could be. The dragon’s touch is soothing to his frazzled nerves, and the Host comes to find that the dragon can do many other things. It glows with a faint, golden light, leading Amy and the others through the library when they visit, and it even helps Host to navigate new, different places by humming softly in his ear whenever he gets too close to something. The two become inseparable.

Imagine Ed being absolutely giddy when his little dragon hatches. Its skin is the same color and texture of the leathery substance of its egg, and it wraps itself around the brim of Ed’s hat. Wherever Ed goes, if there’s even a penny lying on the ground, the dragon swoops down, snatches it up, and adds it to the collection in Ed’s pocket. The little friend also comes in handy finding lost things, especially things that Ed drops into the nooks and crannies of his cars. The tiny dragon can reach them.

Imagine Silver’s dragon stumbling off the edge of something only to bounce five feet in the air, flapping its little wings for a moment before dropping and repeating the process. The dragon itself is naturally silver, to match the Silver Shepherd’s costume, and he takes the dragon with him on missions to fight crime. The dragon manages to get him out of quite a few scrapes just in the nick of time, belching a noxious fume that knocks out the bad guys.

Imagine Wilford’s dragon emerging from its egg and immediately attacking his face. Wilford is running around screaming, trying to pull this hellbeast off of him, but no one is willing to help. Finally he detaches the little monster from himself and notices that on each little foot, the dragon has long, curved blades for claws. It’s pink color and hot temper immediately win the Ego over, despite the bleeding wounds in his face, and Wilford names him Pinky because Wilford is the absolute best at naming things.

Imagine Dark getting impatient when his dragon hasn’t shown any signs of hatching yet under the heat lamp. Dr. Iplier inspects the egg, finding that it’s still pretty cold to the touch. In a moment of genius, Dr. Iplier takes the egg down to the kitchen and sticks it in the freezer. Dark watches silently as this occurs until there’s the sound of an explosion, and the Doctor opens the freezer door to find a tiny black dragon standing among shards of its eggshell. Dark takes the dragon from the freezer and gasps in surprise when his hands frost over. The tiny ice dragon often gets into trouble for freezing the pipes in Wilford’s studio or Google’s computer, but Dark never admits to having put the idea into the lizard’s mind.

Needless to say, when Amy returns from her trip to find a bunch of kittens and tiny dragons have overrun the place, she’s quite excited to join the fun.

  • A: Not everything I do is about you, you know!?
  • B: are you sure ?
  • A: You don't even know me! Not anymore anyways. We haven't spoken since forever!
  • B: I know you enough, to know your favourite colour, where you got to have lunch, that you rescued a bunch of kittens last week...
  • A: THAT'S HARDLY A SECRET...and stalk-
  • B: *ignoring A* and that you like me.
  • A: ... you wish! In your dreams!

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So you use the tag "scared kitten" for anon questions and I was wondering......have you ever thought about drawing said anons AS scared kittens? or like a bunch of scared kittens dogpiling on you to shower you with whiskery skittish kitty kisses?

Aw that’s so sweet but maybe it would actually be more like…

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Could you possibly write a HC where it's similar to Black Butler? And Phil's young master Dan asks to be pleasured when getting himself off is not enough? Xxx it would be much appreciated xxx

Yoooooooooo this the shit fam (also we hit 1.4k??? thanks so much guys!!! <3)

*chants* SHORT DAN SHORT DAN SHORT DAN (like 5′4″) 

jfc this got long


- In daily life, Phil does almost everything for Dan. He oversees the manor, helps Dan get dressed and bathed and taken care of for almost everything. The one thing he doesn’t help with is when Dan masturbates. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, and god, does he want to, but he’s determined to wait for Dan to ask him. After all, Phil’s favorite thing is when Dan gets frustrated and all but begs him for help. Right now, about five months after turning fifteen, it’s the seventh time Dan’s tried to jerk off but simply can’t get there, oblivious to the fact that Phil’s in the shadows, keeping Dan right there, but making sure it’s not enough to send him over the edge.

-Finally, hard, whiny, and downright annoyed, Dan comes to where Phil’s in the Great Hall, dusting random knick-knacks. “Phil,” he says impatiently, crossing his arms over his deep red button-up.

-”Yes, young master?” Phil answers without turning around, a smirk playing at his lips.

-”Come take care of me.”

-”Don’t I always take care of you?”

-Dan blushes. “That- that’s not what I meant.”

-Now, Phil turns around and runs his eyes over Dan’s body, most notably the bulge in his skinny jeans. “You want me to help you, hmm?” Slowly, Dan nods, almost entranced by the way Phil’s gaze flickers between Dan’s lips and crotch as he steps closer. “Well, if you want that, you’ll have to give up control for once, baby boy. Can you do that?”

-Looking down now that Phil’s close enough to touch him, Dan bites his lip. “I take orders from no one.”

-Raising an eyebrow, Phil tilts Dan’s face up by the chin with one gloved fingers. “What a shame,” he says softly, before stepping away again, returning to his task of cleaning, watching a very frustrated and annoyed Dan out of the corner of his eye.

-”I command you to touch me!” Dan says, stomping his foot like the petulant child he is.

-”As you wish, young master.” 

-Swiftly crossing the room, Phil picks Dan up and carries him to his room, dropping him on the cream colored duvet. Phil deliberately slowly undoes each button on Dan’s shirt before easing off his skinny jeans. As he runs his hands up and down Dan’s ribs, Phil thinks about what exactly he should do to Dan- rim, fuck, blow, edge, overstimulate, or some combination. He knows Dan’ll sound so pretty wrecked and begging for release. 

-”Do you have any idea what I’m going to do?” Phil asks in a quiet voice.

-Making eye contact with Phil and then unable to look away, Dan shakes his head.

-”Well, first,” Phil purrs, getting on the bed himself and straddling Dan. “I’m going to kiss your lips until they’re swollen and bruised. Then I’m going to make my way down your throat and leave marks in my wake. After that I’m going to rim you. Finally, when you’re begging me to fuck you, begging me to let you come-” Phil breaks off in a dark laugh. “I think I’ll tease you a little more.”

-”Fuck,” Dan swears softly before Phil’s lips are on his, insistent and rough. By time Phil moves away, he’s gasping for breath. Dan doesn’t have time to recover because immediately Phil’s attacking his sensitive neck and Dan just wants Phil to touch him, really touch him.

-Soon, Phil’s done there and roughly turns Dan over, grabbing his hips to pull his bum into the air. Without hesitation he licks a broad stripe over Dan’s hole, smirking when it earns a breathless sigh. He follows it up with a bunch of kitten licks in quick succession. Phil’s grip tightens when Dan starts pushing back onto Phil’s face. “Still, baby boy.” Dan whimpers but obeys, clenching his fists as Phil starts to push his tongue into Dan’s hole. Teasingly slowly he starts to fuck it in and out, soon wiggling one, then two fingers in beside his tongue, using them to hunt out Dan’s prostate. He knows he’s hit it when Dan cries out and starts rocking his hips back again. As soon as he moves, Phil pulls away, and stands up, staring down at Dan.

-”On your back.” Dan complies. “Do you want me to continue until you come?” Phil asks, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling out his cock to start jerking off above Dan.

-”Yes,” Dan whimpers.

-Smirking, Phil cocks his head to one side. “Beg, pretty boy.”

-”I most certainly will not!”

-Phil just shrugs and keeps stroking himself as Dan watches, seemingly pinned into place. “Getting close. Last chance,” Phil sighs, but Dan remains adamantly silent. Quickly, Phil on Dan’s body, marked up with hickeys. Now he looks thoroughly ruined, especially with his cock red and swollen and leaking against his stomach. Phil raises an eyebrow, dragging his finger through the mess and holding it to Dan’s lips. On instinct, Dan opens his mouth and sucks it off. “Such a good slut, maybe next time you’ll get my cock.” At that, he buttons his slacks back up and leaves the room.



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Ouch (Connor McDavid)

Anonymous said:

hey I think #34 would be really funny with connor mcdavid but if the reader was the one who broke something??

#34: “You broke what?!?” - “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Word count: 983

Warnings: Mentions of being in a hospital

Originally posted by mttymrts

“You’re joking.” You say to the doctor standing in front of you. He shakes his head and points to the x-ray.

“I’m afraid not, Ms. (Y/L/N). You broke your ankle clean through.” You let out a groan.

“You’re not going to have to cast it or anything, are you?” The doctor gives you a stern look.

“What part of ‘you broke your ankle clean through’ leads you to believe we might just be able to put it in a boot?” You sigh and take out your phone.

“That means I’m gonna have to tell Connor.” You say seriously.

“Sorry?” The doctor asks.

“My boyfriend. He always tells me I’m going to break a bone doing something stupid, and guess what I did?”

“You broke your ankle by-”

“I tried to step around the cat and she tripped me.” You mutter. “You’re absolutely positive we have to cast it?” The doctor looks at you sympathetically.

“I’m afraid so. If it will make your boyfriend feel better, I’ve had people break bones doing things much more stupid than trying to step over a cat.” You smile slightly. “A technician will be in soon to cast your ankle, alright?”

“Thank you, Doctor.” The doctor nods before leaving the room, muttering something about ‘those damn kids on hoverboards.’ You glance at the time on your phone.


That meant that Connor and his teammates were just getting into the locker room after practice.

“Better now than later.” You say to yourself as you find Connor’s contact. Pressing the ‘call’ button, you bring the phone up to your ear and start nervously chewing on a nail.

“Don’t pick up, don’t pick up, don’t pick up.” You chant to yourself. Unfortunately, the gods don’t care about your pleas.

“(Y/N)? Hey, what’s up?” You let out a nervous laugh.

“Are you sitting down?” You ask.

“Uh, yeah? Is everything okay, babe?”

“Well, you know how you always joke that I’m going to break a bone doing something stupid?” Connor falls silent for some of the longest seconds of your week.

“You didn’t.” He says, deadly calm.

“To be fair though, it was the cat that broke my ankle. Blame her.”

You broke what?” Connor yells.

“My ankle.” You say quietly. “But don’t worry, I’m okay!” Connor lets out a dry laugh.

“You’re ‘okay?’ (Y/N), you’re sitting in the E.R. with a broken ankle! Does it hurt?” He asks.

“Not really. They gave me some pain meds, so I’m good now.” Connor groans.


“Please don’t be mad at me!” You plead.


“I didn’t mean to break my ankle!”

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because I’m sitting in the hospital with a broken ankle.” You say meekly.

“How could I ever be mad at you? It’s just a broken bone, sweetheart. The only thing that matters to me is that you’re okay. Which hospital are you at? I’m leaving right now.” You quickly give him the name of the hospital. You can hear Connor explaining the situation to his teammates who all wish you a faint ‘get well’ from over the phone. Connor stays on the line with you while he drives to the hospital.

“How was pract-ow!” You’re cut off by a sudden stab of pain coursing through your leg. The technician, lightly applying the plaster to your leg, smiles apologetically at you.

“Sorry darling. Are you going to need more meds?” You shake your head, your lips pressed into a thin line.

“I’m fine.” You grimace.

“(Y/N)? Hey, are you okay?” Connor’s asking you over the phone. You nod before realizing that he can’t see you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. This feels like rolling around with a bunch of kittens.” You say, sarcasm dripping from your words.

“I think that’s the wrong situation for you to be in right now.”

“Oh, ha ha.” You laugh. Connor lets you know that he’s walking into the hospital and you hang up the phone, knowing you’ll hear him soon enough.

You were absolutely right. No less than two minutes after hanging up you hear footsteps running down the hall.

“That’s my boyfriend.” You smile and whisper to the technician, who gives you an understanding nod.

“(Y/N)!” Connor throws open the heavy door, rushing to your side. He kisses your forehead and stares at your half-wrapped foot. “Oh, God, I was so worried about you.” He moans. You laugh and reach a hand up to his face.

“I’m fine, really! The doctor said it was a clean break. No surgery!” You say brightly. Connor, however, is already onto the next subject.

“I am seriously not letting you off of the couch for-how long does she have to be in this thing?” He asks the technician.

“Six weeks.” He replies, eyes never leaving the task at hand.

“Six weeks.” Connor finishes.

“Unfortunately, we both have jobs. It’s not like I lost a limb!” You contest.

“Please, (Y/N), let me be that overprotective boyfriend, just this once?” He looks at you pleadingly. You, always the stubborn one, think for a moment before sighing.

“Fine. But I don’t want you to-ow!” You cry out again as you can feel the bone being set into place. Connor grabs your hand and lets you squeeze his hand as hard as you need to.

After the cast is done being set, Connor elects to save the trip by picking up you and your crutches.

“Connor!” You protest as he swings you into his arms.

“Pretty sure you agreed to let me be overprotective, (Y/N).” Connor grins down at you as he walks towards the car. You huff and elect to just be silent instead of arguing. If there was one good thing that came out of breaking your ankle, you think, it’s that you broke it while dating the most loyal guy in the world.

First, look at this

Then, read this:



“I’m home!”

Callie nudged the front door of their house open with her hip after wrestling with her keys; arms laden with a warm, slightly squirmy little body and a shopping bag full of purchases. The bundle in her arms let out a soft whine, nose sniffing at the air, and the brunette made a gentle shushing sound, nuzzling her face into soft golden fur.

“Hey, did you remember to pick up the—“

Arizona rounded the corner into their front hall and stopped short at the sight in front of her – her wife with an armful of…a dog?


“Okay so hear me out.”

Callie cautiously looked over at the other woman, a huge grin spreading across her face as the puppy in her arms nosed and licked at her chin, ears flopping playfully around his head.

“Calliope Iphegenia Torres—“

“So I get to the grocery store and there’s this fundraising…adoption type thing happening outside. The humane society had a bunch of cages and there were these adorable kittens and a bunch of dogs and then they had this pen, and it had these puppies just playing and rolling around—“

“No. Absolutely not—“

“And I just stopped to look, I swear, and then this little guy looks right up at me,” she laughed as the puppy licked her cheek again and squirmed in her arms, craning his neck to sniff in the blonde’s direction, “and Arizona, look at this face!”

“Callie, you didn’t…we don’t have time for a dog. Do you know how much work a dog is?”

“I know, but…look at this face.”

The puppy made an adorably huffy sound and barked happily, and big, brown eyes looked toward Arizona, their sweet puppy look almost too much for the blonde to handle. She held her hand out toward him and was met with a wet nose nudging into her palm, and she couldn’t help the soft laugh that bubbled up from her chest as she rubbed his velvety soft head.

“He’s adorable. But we really can’t keep him. There’s no way.”

“But Arizona….”

An undeniable pout crossed the taller woman’s features, and she turned to the squirming, golden bundle again, making a kissy face as she nuzzled her nose into a soft snout. She shifted the puppy in her arms a bit and pressed her cheek to his so two sets of sweet, pleading eyes were now directed towards her wife, and she knew that their adorable faces would be damn near irresistible. Callie wasn’t below manipulating her way into this with a well-placed, heart-stopping look – and Arizona knew it, too.

“Please keep me?”

“Oh, that is not fair…”


Nearly barrelling over her mother, Sofia skidded in her sock feet on the hardwood floor, her eyes going wide and a look of utter delight crossing her face as she immediately reached up to pet a wayward paw. The dog barked again in surprise, squirming and trying to lick at the new tiny human, and although Arizona tried to be strong, she could literally feel her resolve crumbling with these two.

“Mommy, it’s a puppy! Is he ours? Where did he come from? Are we keeping him?!”

Callie could only grin as she released the dog onto the floor and Sofia plopped down beside him, pulling him in for a flurry of excited puppy kisses and hugs and tail wagging. The little girl’s giggles were really what did Arizona in, and as she watched the delight on her daughter and wife’s faces, Arizona let out a resigned sigh, a reluctant smile tugging at her lips as she shook her head slightly.

“We sure are.”

The puppy let out a bark and bounded away from the small arms of his new captor, bouncing off at a trot to explore his new environment, and Sofia scrambled up from the floor, running after him with another happy laugh.

“I’m so mad at you right now.”

Arizona crossed her arms, eyes narrowing slightly despite the smile on her face and her obvious new-found puppy love.

“No you’re not,” Callie grinned, leaning in to press a kiss to the blonde’s cheek, “admit it, you love him.“

“Mama! The puppy peed in the kitchen!”

Arizona rolled her eyes slightly as their daughter’s words carried down the hallway, stifling a laugh as Callie wrinkled her nose at the idea of cleaning up the inevitable mess.

“You know what just happened right? We just had another baby. Puppies are babies.”

“Mama!” Sofia’s shouts rang out again from the general direction of the kitchen, “He’s eating the chair!”

The elder brunette’s eyes widened slightly and she leaned in again, dropping a quick kiss on her wife’s lips before she hurried off to find the newest member of their family and see what trouble he was into.

“We always wanted another one. He has your eyes!”


Betty x Reader: "I'll start a kitten hotel!"

Warnings: none
Requested: no
A/N: this is short but is full kitten love I promise. I was heavily inspired by Bubbles’ love for kittens.

*Betty’s POV*

I was lid on my bed, hugging a pillow and sobbing into it lightly. There wasn’t a particular reason other than I had a shitty day and needed to let some pent up emotions out. I missed Archie, and I really thought we had a chance, but he was caught up in an older woman’s web like a curious house fly. I missed all the nights we’d sit at Pops and share a milkshake. To him it was nothing more than two friends sharing a milkshake, but to me it was everything. Suddenly, the phone rang and I popped up out of my position to answer it.

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Finding Gilbert 2.0 // Qian Kun

Pt. 1

the prompt: the Kun scenario was so cute i love it,,,, i think we would all love a part 2

words: 1797

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: I’m so glad you guys wanted a part two for this bless up!! I want kun and hansol to debut so badly :(

- destinee

Originally posted by eldia

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On your Twitter, who is the Haikyuu!! kid in the red and white stripped shirt??

ah! well the guy in the striped shirt was asahi and then the two others were supposed to be suga n daichi!

i’ve been meaning to make just some sort of comic with these three but i keep getting new ideas!? @ _ @” 

So, no matter what anyone says, none of this was Lance’s fault. Absolutely none of it.

It was not his fault that some monster left the box on the corner of the street he always passed by on his way home from work. It was not his fault that it was raining, the torrential kind of downpour that fell in sheets that soaked you to the bone in seconds. And it was not his fault that his hearing was impeccable, so he just couldn’t ignore the tiny little “mew” that sank its claws into his heart and refused to let go.

There was absolutely no way that Keith could blame him for taking the box of kittens home with him. He couldn’t just leave them in the soggy cardboard, he wasn’t heartless!

His boyfriend sat opposite him on the living room floor, seven teeny and slightly soggy fluffballs curled in a nest of their softest towels situated between them. One was extra puny and a lot less furry than the others, curled up tight between its brothers and sisters and itty bitty body vibrating with its rapid breathing.

“Babe, come on–”

“No, Lance, we can’t just keep them! They’re so… vulnerable, and we don’t have the time–”

He was cut off by a syncopated chorus of mewling and stopped short, hand frozen mid-reach toward the bundle of terrycloth.

Lance scrutinized Keith’s face for any twitch of his features or change in expression that might reveal what he was thinking.

Finally, Keith buried his face in his hands and blurted, “Oh God, we can’t just get rid of them. We can’t!”

Lance laughed and whooped excitedly. “YES!!” He grabbed Keith’s face and pulled him forward to kiss him within an inch of his life. The kittens meowed in protest from below, and they pressed their foreheads together, grinning down at the new members of their family.

And that was how each person in their friend group ended up with a kitten (even Pidge, who was pretty severely allergic, and had to start getting shots so she could breathe without sneezing).

Ugh, the classic kitten situation… this time with extra, “can we keep ‘em?”

Happy Lance Month!

I feel like Lance would love a bunch of kittens for his birthday. He’d just lie on the floor and let them crawl all over him in a swarm and groom him with their tiny pink sandpaper tongues leaving his hair (and eyebrows!) sticking up in random spikes pointing every which way. Keith would take a bunch of pictures on his phone but deny, deny, deny when Shiro finds them later… though he would come really close to taking Shiro’s hand with his phone in his desperation to get it back after Pidge threatens to delete them.

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Hey hey What if sakamaki and Mukami brothers have a girlfriend who loves cats :33

Shuu: He wouldn’t mind if you got a cat because cats make no noise and no noise means more zzz’s for Shuu

Reiji: As long as you aren’t crazy obsessed he doesn’t mind.

Laito: He loves cats too so he would love do get a bunch of kitten-chans with you.

Kanato: Cats don’t love you, why do you like them so much?

Ayato: What is wrong with you? Cats are losers compared to the god like animals that are dogs…

Subaru: He thinks its cute

Ruki: Wouldn’t mind in the slightest.

Kou: aww, now you two can become a crazy cat family together.

Yuma: He finds it adorable.

Azusa: He would probably buy you a cat but accidentally kill it because he wanted it to feel pleasure by cutting it with a sharp knife.

Concept: A puzzle that’s named, like, ‘Pile of Kittens!’ The box just shows a bunch of kittens playing in a grassy field. Halfway through assembling it, you notice that all the pieces with eyes on them fit together. The eyes all go together, and you can’t find anywhere else to stick them. No matter how you try, you can’t get the pieces to fit together in a way that resembles the box art. If you actually assemble the puzzle, you just get an amorphous sphere of kitten fur with a cluster of 20 eyes in the middle.