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theory masterlist

You know what? Why not. These are all of my posts in the last year or so that could be construed in some way to be aesthetic theory. They vary in completeness and the extent to which I would still endorse them.

christopher alexander is the solution to high modernism

ideology and aesthetics

quality vs luxury

the profane and profane vs tragic

going baroque vs jumping the shark

what does it mean for a work of art to “take itself seriously”?

art and a.i and a follow-up

fandom and conspiracy

movie-like movies

pacing is ideas

artful fanfic


kitschy ideas


two forms of artfulness

functional does not mean soulless


the baroque and a follow-up

when is symbolism bullshit?

a summary of gabe’s ideas

the japanese aesthetic

She’d read in a magazine once that unequal-sized breasts was normal—some kitschy women’s magazine like Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan, the kind you retrieved somewhat apologetically from the plastic rack at the dentist’s office, I don’t normally read this kind of trash, she hopes her expression conveys to the other patrons, one of them a thirteen year-old boy with more metal in his mouth than you’d find beneath the hood of a car. He somehow finds and fixates on the word SEX written in all caps on the front cover, between the gaps in her clenched fingers, and he sits and wonders what kinds of secrets Cosmo knows about pleasure that he doesn’t.

The article about breasts comes right after the one on how to give your man the blow job of his life, and Twenty-Seven Sex Positions to Try With Your Man NOW, positions she probably otherwise never would have thought of, ones that hang somewhere between the realm of uncomfortable and completely fucking ridiculous, unless you’re a yoga instructor or acrobat.

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