the kitchen table series

Piping Skills by Heraton29 

When Harry can’t quite master decorative piping, he uses the best template in the world - Louis’ tattoos.

(Featuring: terrible puns, lots of licking, and kitchen table sex)

Part 2 of the You & Icing series by @allthelarryfics

“The blues, of course, are about finding the good in the bad, playing through the pain to extract the joy and the lesson within. The scenario presented in this Carrie Mae Weems photograph from the Kitchen Table Series contains all of the tensions and dualities embedded in the blues: His succulent lobster is completely eaten, while hers remains untouched. His glass is almost empty, while hers is full. Eyes closed, they are both lost in the shared moment. As he plays, she sings and touches his face tenderly, cigarette dangling from her free hand. A man and a woman, lost in beautiful, poetic, and forever enigmatic moment.”

Dawoud Bey, an excerpt from his reflection on Carrie Mae Weem’s series in Aperture, Vol. 223 Vision & Justice


Carrie Mae Weems: “The Kitchen Table Series" 

This is not only a voice for African-American Women but a voice for all women.