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Dating Vernon would include

Request: A ‘dating vernon would include’! 💞

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- first of all, what a dork

- talks about memes all the time

- I mean, you are dating Memesol™

- loves to listen to the new Drake album with you

- it’s super cute because you sing all the girl parts and he takes over the rap

- it’s like you’re dynamic r&b duo number one

- ((sorry I’ve been listening to the new Drake album 24/7))

- acts all tough and masculine and cool, but you know the truth

- he is so shy n cute behind the scenes

- he still asks permission for everything

- “Hey Y/N can I kiss you?”

- “……..Hansol we’ve been dating for a whole year now I think you can kiss me whenever you want”

- “I just wanted to make sure because you just look really pretty right now and I don’t want t-”

- and you don’t wanna hear it so you just kiss him instead 

- literally the most random person you’ve ever met

- sometimes you’ll wake up and he’ll just be dancing around the room like a 40 year old white dude at a wedding reception

- with no music on

- and you’re just like

- “????????”

- but then you get up and join him because why not

- dates are usually at kid-oriented places because……. he’s a child

- so skee-ball dates are a must

- and carnivals

- and going to see kids movies

- but sometimes it’s just you and him chilling out at home

- he loves to just sit on a balcony with you and listen to chill hip hop and hold your hand as you dangle your legs off the edge

- and you both just kinda watch the city go by

- but he honestly can’t stop looking at you and how the light reflects off your face

- he’d never tell you (because he’s still so nervous around you) but you’re like art to him


- so mushy gushy with you because he knows you both hate it

- so you both basically try to out-disgust one another with cheesy stuff

- “Jagiiii~ I got you two dozen roses and the new Disney movie on DVD since you passed your exams!!”


- and you both are just like “this is so embarrassing”

- but then later on you’re cuddled up to one another in the sweaters watching the DVD with the roses in a vase on the coffee table

- no regrets

- you act more like best friends than anything else

- it took the rest of the group like 20 years to figure out you two were dating

- mostly because skinship is at a bare minimum in public

- and also you guys are ALWAYS play-fighting

- but then one day you are all over at the dorm

- and you’re bent over the kitchen counter typing an email to one of your professors/teachers/coworkers

- and Hansol walks by and just grabs a nice ol handful of booty

- because let’s be real here that boy praises the booty

- and Jeonghan sees and is like


- and at that everyone comes running into the kitchen to see what’s going on

- and you and him, being the laziest couple ever, kiss in front of everyone instead of explaining the situation

- and everyone goes BALLISTIC

- except for Junhui

- he just high-fives Hansol and is like

- “Niiiiice”

- to conclude: Hansol would be such a fun-loving bf and it feels like you’ve been best friends your whole lives when you’re around one another

- but he’s also completely enamored by you and it drives him crazy but he loves you for it

scene change || pjm (f)

Being in one of BTS’s new music videos may take it’s toll on your feelings for a very shy, pink-haired boy.

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genre/warnings: fluff, drabble.
word count: 1,9k+

‘’What even is the concept of this music video?’’ Yoongi growled, looking down at the script in his hand while taking a sip from his coffee, ‘’sitting in a pile of dirty laundry? Me throwing a cake at Namjoon? What does that have to do anything with the lyrics?’’

‘’Stop complaining, hyung,’’ Namjoon simply said, seated next to him as his hair got styled, ‘’and just roll with it.’’

‘’Yeah, listen to what he’s saying,’’ you grinned, casually walking into the dressing room and picking up on the conversation. Yoongi shot you a glare, but decided it was best to give up on complaining. A last growl rolled over his lips. ‘’You better not keep up the informal talk, Y/N.’’

You stuck your tongue out and opened the little fridge, grabbing a water bottle and closing the door with your hip. Today was the day the boys had to shoot another couple of scenes for their Spring Day music video, and as a good friend of Taehyung, they asked you to be involved in the video. You were supposed to represent the friend they were missing throughout the song and so, even you got a couple of nice scenes. Not that you were really noticeable, but you were told the fans would definitely see you. Like, definitely.

You heard some laughter coming from the hallways and seconds later, Jungkook and Taehyung busted through, laughing their asses off as Taehyung held onto a small sticky note. Jungkook kneeled down and started to slap the floor while laughing, he could barely breath. Taehyung hastily handed the note over his two hyungs while nobody had looked at you yet. Minutes later, a blushing, pink-haired Jimin stepped into the room and looked very embarrassed, looking at the two youngsters before letting his eyes glide over the room and halting at your appearance.

A soft squeal left his lungs and he immediately disappeared, closing the door behind his back as the whole situation left you clueless. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ you tried to ask Taehyung, but he was leaning down on Jungkook while they were giggling and babbling weird things, and they clearly weren’t in a right state of mind to answer your question. So you moved on to the two older hyungs.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ you repeated the question as Yoongi and Namjoon grinned, looking down at the sticky note and sharing a few words before Yoongi gave you the small paper.

On the top were two names: ‘’Y/N + Jimin’’, followed by ‘’scene #67′’.

You tried to rack your brain and remembered scene 67 was supposed to be a scene where you were supposed to look lost in a train compartment as Jimin rushed over to you, pushing both you guys through a door to end up in the middle of a field with the rest of boys. But as your eyes lowered, you sucked in a breath as a change of actions were written down.

SCENE CHANGE: ‘’[Jimin] taking [Y/N] outside —> [Jimin] kissing [Y/N]’’

Your eyes widened as you felt your heart skip a beat. The thought of kissing Jimin made you feel a bit light-headed. Now you understood why everyone thought this was so funny, because Jimin never actually even approached you. You had some small talks with him, but he always seemed so shy around you and was never really someone to have some long ass talks with. And now you also understood why Jimin was so embarrassed and fled the scene; he knew he never really talked to you and he knew how embarrassing it would be for him to kiss you.

‘’Y/N, are you okay?’’ Namjoon asked, and you could tell he was trying really hard to push away the grin that was about to creep on his face. You just nodded, several strands of hair falling in front of your face, but you swatted them away immediately.

‘’Y-yeah, yeah. I just… think I’m going to have a chat with Jimin,’’ you stuttered and pushed your body past Namjoon’s. You gave the two giggling maknaes a disappointed look, before leaving the dressing room and making your way to the set.

As you arrived, you saw Jimin in a heated discussion with the director and he looked pretty upset. While you halted your steps and tried to listen to the conversation, another member of the crew came to stand right next to you.

‘’You know, we didn’t do it without any reason given. PD-nim said it’d give the video ten times more views,’’ he lowly said while you two watched the director throwing his arms in the air rather furiously. You grimaced.

‘’It shouldn’t matter whether a kiss gives a video more views. If both Jimin and I don’t feel comfortable with the sudden change of plan, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Him dragging me through a door would be shocking enough,’’ you argued and tried to sound convincing of your statement, but the crew member gave you a look which told you he knew he was right.

‘’Aren’t you comfortable with the idea of kissing Jimin?’’ he asked you straightforwardly and you immediately shook your head.

‘’No,’’ you said, ‘’I think.’’

‘’You think?’’

‘’I mean, who cares? It’s just a kiss, right? We don’t even know each other that well,’’ you said and you must’ve sounded very contradicting to what you said earlier.

‘’Woah, Y/N-ssi, go tell Jimin that. Maybe then he’d calm down a bit,’’ the guy said before he left you alone again, and you stared at Jimin’s tensed back for a few seconds. Was Jimin really that upset? Were you really that bad to kiss? Or was it something else?

Suddenly, Jimin turned around and was about to dash off again, but he stopped midway because otherwise, he had ran you over. He looked down at you and his eyes widened.

‘’Jimin,’’ you curtly said.

‘’Y-Y/N, h-hey,’’ he shyly said and he stood frozen in place, feet glued to the ground.

He looked really cute today, you had to admit that. They put him in a warm, fluffy soft blue coat and a striped sweater underneath it. His loose jeans was cut till his knees and he wore some green sneakers and high socks as a finish in touch. Well, actually, the finish in touch was his cute, pink pastel hair, and you almost gasped at how adorable and small the outfit made him look.

‘’Are you okay? With… the scene?’’ you asked him and hoped for him to answer it in all honesty. Because by the looks of that heated discussion he had just now, he didn’t seem too happy about it.

‘’Ah, about that…’’ he said and started to fidget with the zoom of his T-shirt, ‘’I’m not entirely sure if I am comfortable with it. I mean, gosh, Y/N, y-you’re such a pretty person. Everyone would kill to be kissed by you. I mean, wait… I didn’t mean to say… Y/N, what I want to say, is that–‘’

You halted him by holding up your hand. He pressed his lips together after his totally embarrassing ramble and just stared at your hand, really not knowing what to do now. He called you pretty but refused to kiss you. That’s fine.

‘’It’s okay Jimin, if you don’t want to, then don’t. Do not let other people push you around that much. The scene was good like it was, just you pushing me outside, you know?’’ you reasoned and tried to let Jimin understand you’re okay with basically everything. ‘’But it’s just… it’s just a kiss, you know? You’ll survive. You’ve been kissed before, so don’t be too nervous about it.’’

You tried to give him an encouraging smile and tilted your head. ‘’Think about it. I’ll see you in a bit for the shooting.’’

And with that, you turned around and sprinted away, leaving Jimin at the set as you silently squealed to yourself. You couldn’t really tell from his body language or facial expressions what he was thinking, but let it be a surprise what he was planning on doing so.

About an hour later, you were finally called over for the scene everybody had been talking about for the past sixty minutes. Yet it was still unsure what was about to happen. You heard from Namjoon that Jimin received the freedom to choose from the director and that you’ll see what his decision was soon enough. So, feeling slightly anxious, you tried to act your way through the scene as you dramatically turned your head towards the camera.

Just then, Jimin came running down the train compartment and grabbed your hand. He let the camera take different angles from his action as he looked down on you.

‘’C’mon,’’ he whispered as Spring Day blared in the background, and with those words, you knew he had made his choice.

You felt him pulling you along to the fake door and he was about to push it open, but suddenly he froze for a millisecond and turned around, his chocolate brown eyes staring deep into your eyes. With the acting skills flooding through your veins, you tried to adapt your expressions to the situation and leaned into Jimin. You felt his hands rest on your hips as you fluttered your eyes closed, hands resting on shoulders and breath quickening.

Soon, a pair of plump lips placed themselves on your lips, and weird enough, relief washed over you as you came in contact with him. It felt good, almost too good. Your heartbeat fastened and you felt Jimin rub his hands over your hips, trying to make the kiss as soothing as possible.

His lips felt really nice. Better than expected, and you tilted your head a bit more to taste just a little bit more of his softness. But after a good fifteen seconds to give the cameraman different angles from the kiss, you pulled back and kept your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds.

‘’Woah,’’ you heard Jimin breathlessly say and you hummed, opening your eyes and seeing how close you still were to Jimin.

‘’Yeah,’’ you smirked, ‘’woah.’’

And yet again, laughter could be heard from a distance and you whipped your head towards the sound, not noticing you and Jimin were still holding onto each other.

Taehyung and Jungkook were on the ground, again, and were laughing their asses off. But the rest of the crew was clapping and had big, satisfied grins on their faces, even the rest of the boys looked pretty impressed.

‘’Way to go, Jiminnie!’’ Hoseok yelled, which made Jin scold at him, but it still made Jimin smile.

As said before, you were still in each other’s arms and you both felt quite comfortable like this too. You looked up to meet his gaze again and smiled.

‘’That was pretty amazing, Jimin,’’ you said and meant it. You were probably never this serious about something.

Blood rushed to his cheeks as he started to smile sheepishly. ‘’You too, Y/N,’’ he said while biting his lip, the smile getting bigger as you finally decided to break the embrace.

‘’We’ll eh… We’ll talk later,’’ you said and you still felt a bit swooned by the whole scene. Was it weird you actually wanted it to do it all over again?

‘’Yeah,’’ Jimin said as he tried to regain the feeling of your lips on his, actually really enjoying that feeling, ‘’definitely.’’

*Jackson Wang voice* Cute.
Also, I have been listening to Spring Day on repeat because of this rip !!

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jackrhackam  asked:

so that whole miranda+window post is a heartbreak in a cup bUT when i read your tag about miranda and thomas gossiping about their affairs i just smiled so big please elaborate on that if you want to because that's the cutest idea omg

OH BOY DO I EVER WANT TO - but first things first, I cannot take credit for the idea! I believe I first accepted this image into my heart ‘n soul after reading this tremendously nsfw and most excellent fic by azarias. (basic plot is that Miranda tells Thomas all about her, ah, encounter with James in the carriage and they both get off it’s amazing would highly recommend)

just. this is my ideal dynamic for them. married best friends checkin’ out guys together. like just imagine: they’re at some Society Gathering, and Thomas pulls Miranda aside and points out some young noble with sharp brown eyes who looks very good in that blue coat and tells her like “Miranda he and I just had a wonderfully lively conversation about de Cervantes and he’s an avid fencer with arms to prove it you should definitely seduce him”. Or Miranda pulls him aside to whisper that she’s heard that lord so-and-so of such-and-such over there shares his inclinations so perhaps they ought to have a chat? 

picture Thomas waiting up for Miranda after some tryst, like he’s sitting there reading, then he looks up when he hears her come in, and he smiles and puts his book down and asks “so how was it?” and she grins and grins and runs over and plops down next to him and gushes about how romantic he was, Thomas, and oh, his hands, or she mentions how nervous he was, because wouldn’t her husband notice her absence? and they both laugh and laugh and Thomas kisses her forehead. similarly, imagine Thomas coming home late after some Very Innocent Meeting with lord so-and-so of such-and-such, and Miranda asks “So, was I right?” all eager, and Thomas just grins coyly, so she gasps and says “I was, wasn’t I? Tell me everything.” so he laughs and tells her all about how it took him so bloody long to get the hint (”I brought up The Symposium three times, Miranda”) but once he did –

and James. James. oh my god when James enters the picture. they would both be so excited. the second they’re alone after James leaves that first time Miranda would just be like “so, we’re keeping him, right?” “I certainly hope so.” and they’d Appreciate his hair and his uniform and his everything. (“Miranda I made him laugh today” “oh my god go on”) and listen. we know Thomas knew they slept together. there is no way she did not hook her best friend up with those details. (”When he kissed me, I expected he’d be shy, but then he used his teeth” “Oh my god” “I thought I would die - and he’s covered from head to toe in those freckles” “Oh my god” ) and oh god when Thomas began to properly fall in love with/pine for James, Miranda would Be There. like whatever the 1700s equivalent of arriving on the scene with ben & jerry’s in hand is. she’d have his back. and ahhhhhhhhh once Thomas and James got together, Thomas would be so happy and Miranda would be so happy for him because they’re best friends and this is what they do and neither of them would trade it for the world.

BTS’s reaction: You are and idol that has been shipped with them

***If you want me to make a BTS, EXO, 2PM OR SEVENTEEN reaction, feel free to request**

Y/S/N: your ship name 

Rap Monster

You two had gotten closer and have been hanging around each other a lot lately during different shows that you have been invited to. You posted a picture on SNS and people started saying that you two look cute together and should date if you already aren’t.

MC:“So did you guys know that Y/N and Rap Monster have been shipped by the fans? They even have a ship name. It’s Y/S/N!

RM: “Woah! Really?!?”


Jin appeared in your new MV and at one scene he kisses your forehead and since then the fans have gotten crazy saying that you two should totally date.

*when he reads the articles* *shy, shy*


You two had met each other during a show and later in an interview Suga had said that you are his ideal type. That is when fans started to ship you two.

*when you two meet each other again during a live broadcast*

“Now it’s your turn Y/N? Am I your ideal type?” (ignore V in the back. or don’t. i’m not your mum)


No one knows why but for some reason people just started shipping you with JHope. Some people had even started writting fanfics about you two!

“So J-Hope, Have you heard that people these days are shipping you and Y/N? What do you think about that?”

“Well, I’m not complaining.” *wink*


There was a rumor that said that you two were going to be the new couple on WGM. Even though it was confirmed that it’s just a rumor and nothing more, that didn’t stop the fans from shipping you two and requesting you two to be the next couple on the show.

“So what do you say Y/N. Do you want to be my bride?” 

((****Please Goddess of KPop, give me strength to finish this reaction request…****))


You two were both really similar. You were both said to be 4D aliens so people started to ship you two. You were called the Alien couple or Y/S/N.

Question: “Don’t you think that it is time to get married to Y/N already and make pretty alien babies?”


MC: “Don’t you know? You have been shipped with Y/N because you both have similar weird personalities and one of your ship names is the Alien Couple.”

V: “What do you mean Alien Couple! We are not weird! Everyone else is simply boring!”


You two recently had some couple photo shoots together for a magazine since you were both known to be the cute shy and magnaes of your groups. After the pictures were out, fans didn’t waste a second and started shipping you two. They even made a fan club! But you and Jungkook, weren’t complaining. You always had a crush on each other anyway.

*after reading the comments under the pictures*

JK:“ Well this is makes thing both a bit easier and a bit awkward.”

**i don’t own the gifs*

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Affection (anon requested)

Nathaniel, PDA

  • Isn’t overly affectionate
  • Has to be touching you in some way though, whether it’s just hand holding or having an arm around you
  • Likes to come behind you and gently place his hands on your shoulders
  • Will sneak in a few cheek kisses, but they’re usually just tiny pecks
  • Gets a bit shy in public but if you want a kiss he’ll gladly do so

In Private

  • Likes to hug you from behind and nuzzle into your neck
  • Loves placing his hands on your hips
  • Will randomly grab you and pull you onto the couch to lay with him
  • Kisses are more passionate and deep (and occasionally lead to other things~)
  • Loves when you play with his hair and goes to sleep almost instantly
  • Likes when you massage his back because he can feel pretty tense sometimes
  • Likes being the little spoon because your embrace makes him feel safe
  • Occasionally wants to be babied, especially when his stressed, so he’ll lay his head on your lap or your chest (assuming you have boobs, he secretly likes using them as pillows)

Castiel, PDA

Definitely will be flirty in public but not in a romantic way, more of a teasing       way. Being super lovey-dovey in public is just not his thingLikes to grab you by the waist and pull you into his sideHand holding makes him really shy, but he will never admit it so he’ll still           tease you to hide his blushingWill always sneak in booty grabs/slapsIf you kiss him in public he’s going to make a scene (and probably get you         kicked out of wherever you are)Probably whispering really dirty things in your ear the entire time (only if           you’re in the sexy time phase)

 In Private

  • Make out sessions increase x10
  • Loves kissing your neck because he likes the way you get all flustered
  • Is more romantic behind closed doors so he’ll occasionally do something really sweet, like kissing your hands or forehead
  • Gets really annoying when you don’t pay attention to him and will bug you until you do
  • When he’s relaxed he likes to pull you on top of him and just hold you
  • Will playfully lick your face just to hear you complain/laugh, but it’s not the gross slimy licks
  • If he falls asleep like that then you’re going to have a hard time getting out of his arms
  • If you allow it, there will be lots of groping from him
  • When you’re sleeping he’ll whisper the sweetest things ever, but only when you’re sleeping because he’s too embarrassed to say them otherwise

Armin, PDA

  • He’s not afraid to show affection in public, but he doesn’t go all out because he likes to save those moments for later
  • Hand holding is a must with him
  • He likes to say cheesy pickup lines to make you laugh
  • Loves attacking your cheek with multiple kisses
  • His forehead kisses are the best
  • Lip kisses are very quick when in front of others but still sweet

In Private

  • Is really playful when you’re alone so he likes to tackle you and start tickling your sides
  • Thinks your laugh is the best sound in the world so he does anything to hear it
  • He likes to attack you with kisses, but on your neck this time.
  • Likes to have you sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around him so he can be close to you and lay his head on your chest
  • Falls asleep very quickly and will not let go of you until you agree to nap with him
  • Kisses are more gentle and a little steamy (likes tongue action but won’t do it if you don’t like it)
  •  Always accidentally giving you hickeys
  • When he plays video games he likes having your arms wrapped around him from behind with your head on his shoulder (accidentally hit you with his controller once because he got gamer rage and felt so horrible after, so now he calms down a bit)

Lysander, PDA

  • Is affectionate but not very physical in public
  • Will hold your hand with your fingers intertwined together
  • Likes to walk around with you holding onto his arm
  • Will place his hand on your lower back and rub small circles
  • Will kiss your temple or the back of your hand if he’s feeling more affectionate
  • Kisses with him are short but still gentle and loving
  • He’s always staring at you with a small smile and gets these wonderful surges of love for you

In Private

  • Becomes very sweet in private, the kind of sweet that makes your heart melt (and the panties drop)
  • Kisses you more deeply and passionately, loves grabbing your hair and face to bring you closer
  • His hugs are amazing and can make you feel better instantly
  • Loves rubbing your shoulders
  • Likes playing in your hair, tries to braid it sometimes and fails
  • If he’s feeling a bit bold he’ll sometimes have you against a wall while slowly kissing on your neck, getting that sweet spot just right
  • When you’re cuddling he loves whispering the sweetest things in your ear and kissing your forehead
  • Also loves having his hair played with and will probably be knocked out in like 2 minutes (it’s over if you start combing it or something, that boy will be passed out)
  • Since he’s so to himself, he will occasionally want his space, but he’ll still want you there with him in some way, even if you aren’t even talking to each other

Kentin, PDA

  • Loves PDA because he loves showing you off but still not overly affectionate
  • Always holding your hand, but usually gets more needy and throws an arm around you
  • Likes to give you piggy back rides or carry you bridal style no matter where you are
  • Refuses to sit across from you if you’re on a date at a restaurant or something, he has to be right there next to you
  • Places gentle kisses in your forehead, cheeks and hands

In Private

  • He absolutely loves giving you bear hugs and nuzzling your neck
  • Likes to give raspberry kisses to your neck and cheek
  • Loves holding your waist and having a hand the small of your back
  • Kisses are very slow and sweet, almost like he’s afraid he’ll hurt you
  • Always telling you how beautiful you are and blushes like crazy
  • Really hesitant with making out because he doesn’t know if you want it, but if you initiate it then he will not object (the boy gets turned on really fast)
  • Likes to play with your hair but always gets it tangled up somehow
  • Gets extremely whiny if he feels like he’s not getting enough attention and will pout until you give him what he wants
For Sentimental Reasons (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Word Count: 1070
Warnings: Fluff.  Pure fluff
Notes: This is the first part of a little series, I think.  Let me know what you think!

Originally posted by themichaeline

You should have never met Steve Rogers.  Your old college roommate works for Stark Industries and invited you to a come with her to a party.  She loves her job and quickly gets lost talking to coworkers and mingling.  It didn’t bother you much.  You had an excuse to where this beautiful blue dress, one that fit your top but flowed down to your knees.  It felt like something vintage and that made you splurge a little to buy it.  So you were standing on the balcony, with a glass of wine in your hand, watching the lights of New York City around you.

“It may have changed in the last seventy years, but she’s still beautiful.”

Glancing to the side, you see Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, has joined you.  It makes you a little nervous but he looks relaxed as he leans against the railing.  So you tell yourself what the hell.  You could talk to him.  “Yeah.  I love all the lights, the bustle of the cars and the cabs.  Some people don’t get it, think it’s too busy.  But for me, it’s home.  Can’t imagine myself somewhere else.”

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RFA (+V and Saeran) and their first kiss with MC <3

I know that so many people did this already but I wanted to soooo badly >_< also in this HC let´s pretend they didn´t kiss okay?


° he invited you over for a round of LOLOL

° you were together for over a month now and it pissed you off that all you ever did was playing games 。゜(`Д´)゜。

° sure, you loved playing together with him but….

° all in all it felt more like a good friendship than a romantic relationship

° and you didn´t like that (;¬_¬)

° so you made up a plan and today would be the day

° the day of your first kiss with your boyfreind Yoosung

° that meant you had to be extra pretty tonight o(^▽^)o

° when he opened the door for you he was shocked

° but of course in a good way XD

° “Woah, MC you look so pretty. Is something important Happening today?”

° oh you sweet, clueless boy……

° here MC´s masterplan began

° “Does that mean I´m usual not pretty?”

° yeah, it was this exact strategy

° “No you always look pretty MC!”

° “So you want to say I look as always? Yoosung you treat me as a friend and not a girlfriend. I sometimes think you don´t even love me!”

° you took acting lessons from Zen so you even managed to cry a little

° “But MC of course I love you !!! I just don´t want  to rush things.”

° now he cried too…

° “No, you don´t. You didn´t even kissed me yet.”\|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

° so that was the reaseon you were so unhappy …..

° no Yooosung u serious??? what a brain..

° he never knew that you felt this way and he was ashamed

° so he did as asked, kinda….

° it was mostly crushing his nose against yours

° soooo embarassing (*゚ー゚)ゞ

° but hey, you had reached your Goal (he kissing you first) and now you kissed him

° but the right way, as often as you could <3</p>


° we don´t have to pretend much here…only that they´re together

° you were frustrated

° why woulden´t she kiss you ??

° you always brushed your teeth, didn´t look that bad and never ate garlic when you met with her..

° so why?

° you then did the last thing you could think of…..

° asking the one person who knew everything……….Seven (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

° you spoke with him over the phone and agreed to meet up

° his house was messy as always and there were Ph. Pepper cans all over the floor ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

° “Hey Seven, thanks for helping me out.”

° “No Problem MC, you helped the RFA so much why shoulden´t I help you?”

° something was fishy with how he spoke but he was alwys a bit weird

° “So MC, you told me there was something you can´t tell her directly regarding your relationship.”

° you didn´t told him everything, in case Jaehee came back or was eavesdropping

° what she would never do

° “That´s right. You know I really appreciate waht she does for me and she´s alws nice and stuff but-”

° you heard something, or someone fall over and hit the floor

° your first thought was that Saeran tripped beacuse who else should be at Seven´s house?? (・_・ヾ

° but nooo, it was Jaehee ????「(°ヘ°)

° “Jaehee, what are you doing here??!”

° “Seven tolde me you wanted to talk with him about me. And I thought you were going to break up!”

° now you were confused, why would she think that?

° you loved her with all your heart so why would want to break up?

° “ Jaehee why would I want to break up?”

° “You know MC, it really sounded a bit like that..”

° thank you very much Seven

° then she kissed you, out of the blue

° “MC don´t break up with me I love you!!”

° “Jaehee, I won´t break up with you. I just wanted to ask Seven why you woulden´t kiss me. I thought you wanted to break up.”

° and then there was a super cute confessing-scene which almost landed online thanks to Seven

° but Saeran nicely convinced him otherwise… ( ° ʖ °)


° this one will be quick XD

° we all know he will get to the thing as soon as he can ( ° ʖ °)

° but you were a little shy regarding this matter

° since Zen´s praying that all men are beasts he understands and protects you from the beast

° but every patience comes to an end, even Zen´s

° so he worked out a masterplan, as he called it

° doing stuff a couple would do in the publich was off-limit for you

° you didn´t want for Zen to be in a scandal or hurt his carreer

° and Jaehee would probably kill you

° so it had to be at home, where no one saw what you did and you had all the privacy you wanted (ノ^∇^)

° he only could hold back so long because you agreed to move in with him

° moving in without even kissing MC??? SRLY???

° you were away Shopping and he had one of his rare free days

° meaning it was the perfect chance for him to fullfil said plan

°  when you came back home you didn´t expect to see Zen in the livingroom

° a livingroom full of roses and chocolate

° “Zen, what happend to the living room ?”

° don´t get me wrong, you loved what you saw and were really happy but you didn´t quite undertstand why he did that..

° and then you sneezed, loud and then again and again

° allergies suck, right?

° “Zen I-achoo!, really appreciate what you did but plea-achoo, please put them out I have allergies.” 

° okay, maybe his plan didn´t go that well

° he hurried and put all of the flowers away, so his last hope was the chocolate

° “I´m sorry MC, I didn´t knew that. But I also have some chocolate for you.”      (。♥‿♥。)

° felt bad for Zen so you took a bite

° buuuuut it had nuts in there…..

° did I mention how allergies suck?

° it ended with Zen calling the ambulance because of your allergies

° guess the masterplan wasn´t that much of a succes?

° “I´m so sorry princess. I guess you wanna break up now?”

° “No. why should I? It´s been a long time since someone did sucha nice thing for me. But why did you do that in the first place?”

° “Just forget it MC. Nothing important in the end.” sigh

° poor Zenny

° “Well, whatever, I still think your the sweetest boyfriend walking on earth.” <3

° and because the best boyfriend only deserved the best, you kissed him

° RIP Zen ( ≧Д≦)

° no, srly you almost had to call the doctor because of the bloodloss through his nose XD

° maybe the plan failed but in the end he got what he wanted now hide yourself from the beast MC


° I don´t count the kiss infront of Sarah as a real couple-kiss

° so after you moved in with him permanently he still was a bit hesistant

° he already forced himself on you and didn´t want to do it again

° after all he was raised to be a gentelman XD

° you could kind of sense that but in return you didn´t want to push him and express his Feelings

° you knew it was all new and a bit difficult for him

°  but the result was that you both were Holding back for each others sake

° that means both of you were frustrated

° and when Jumin Han was frustrated he got pissed…. like really pissed

° and that means more work for poor Jaehee (⌣_⌣”)

° so she called you to ask if everything is alright betwee you two

° “MC, Mr. Han is very…. tense for a while now. Do you have any idea why that is so?”

° you did, kind of..

° “I think I have an idea why, I will talk to him today, I´m sorry if he caused you trouble.”

° you knew you had to do the second-first-step

° it shouldn´t be that hard right?

° hahaha

° this evening he came home even later than usual

° you made dinner for yuo two and played some nice music in the background

° “Hi Jumin,, Jaehee said you´re stressed lately. Is something wrong?”

° “No, what should be wrong?”

° whenever he was bound short he was stressed or annoyed

° “But you´re bringing home more work than usual these days.”

° “MC, please. I am just busier than normally. It has nothing to do with anything.”

° so he was stressed

° “Hey Juimin, I know what to do when you´re stressed and worn out.”

° he looked up, probably to hear what you had to say or say something himself

° but you were a lot quicker

° you gave him a kiss

° “MC, I think you Need to take responsibility for what you have done.”

° he got up and walked towards you, till you hit the door leading to the bedroom

° I think you can guees what happend next ( ° ʖ °)


° after you became a couple he mostly spend his time at the Hospital with Saeran

° so no time for you :(

° but you understood, if it was your brother you´d likely do the same

° but nevertheless it hurt that he left you alone like that

° he started to build his walls again and left you out

° nooo, don´t go back there  (;へ:)

° you treid you best to help and do all the cleaning Vanderwood once did

° but it didn´t help much

° you decided it was the best to go back to your house for now

° so when Seven came back home he expected you to be on the Couch or wherever in the house

° and you were somewhere, but not somewhere in the house

° so he checked the security cameras, maybe you went Shopping?

° you did leave, but together with all of your belongings

° he panicked

° why did you leave?

° was it because he was busy with ihs brother? Because you had to clean all the time?

° but the most important question: were you planning to come back?

° who knows?

° he wanted you to come back

° being in panik-mode he did the first thing that came to his mind

° hacking into your landlord´s computer andthrowing you out of your flat

° nice ting to do Seven….

° and then, he waited

° the phone rang

° “Hi MC, whats up?”

° “Hey Saeyoung, my landlord threw me out. I don´t know why and I don´t know what to do.” 

° you were crying

° “Keep calm. First you catch your stuff and come back here. I´ll make something to eat and then we can discuss what to do next.”

° “Thanks Seven you´re the best. See you in 10.”

° did he overdo it? probably…

° you arrived at his house and when you stepped inside you could already smellsomething burnt

° “Seven, is your house in fire??”

° “Nah, it´s just the pancake.”

° he looked like he was in a dough-explosion ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

° you laughed, he looked a bit hurt

° “You always know how to cheer me up. I love you Saeyoung!” (。♥‿♥。)

° you kissed him and he decided to spin you around after picking you up

° so cuuuuteeeeee

° it was the best time of your life……until he told you about what he did XD


° it clearly didn´t lack any intention from his side…

° the first time he “wanted to see which eye colour you have”

° but instead of letting him get Close to your face you told him

° MC, please read the mood, would you?

° the second time he accedantly bumped his forhead against yours

° but you told him it was okay and went into the kitchen

° the third time he became desperate he grabbed you by your shoulders and stared at you (he wanted your ok at least)

° but you started to feel embarássed and excused youself to the bathroom

° it wasn´t like you don´t want him to kiss you

° it was more like you being to shy and afraid you were not good enough

°  you saw that he was sad whenever you rejected him like that

° so you made up your mind and decided to not back away next time

° unfortunately that time didn´t come (︶︹︺)

° he was sad, yes, but he respected you and your privacy, so he stopped tryind to push you

° that meant that you had to take the step, next time there was a chance

° that time came around on your next date

° you went to the aquarium and then fetched some dinner in an italian restaurant

° why? because why not!?

°  when he had a piece of pizza left on the corner of his mouth, you saw your chance

° “You have something on your face, mind if I wipe it away?”

° “Yes, that would be very nice of you.”

° imagine the shocked look on his face when you wiped it awya with your tounge XD

° but before he could say anything you shut him up with your lips on his <3

° what a lovely date (♥ω♥*)


° he wasn´t that good with emotions

° still you showerd him with affection

° it took him almost a month to get used to hugging, so kissing was a far away dream to you

° it made you sad but hey, you still had the rest of your life right?

° Saeran often wondered how he deserved you…

° he was afraid of loosing you

° especially after his idiot brother told him that you would if he didn´t kiss you

° shock of his life ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

° “MC, do you want to leave me?”

° “No, why should I?”

° you were confused, did Seven tell him some bullshit again?

° he did that nonstop so it wouldn´t suprise you

° “Saeyoung said you would if I don´t kiss you.”

° you spitted out your drink  (`〇Д〇)

° “He said what!!?”

° yes, you could take this chance and force him to kiss you

° but where was the point in that ?

° “Don´t listen to him. I won´t leave because of that and we can kiss if you fel you can manage it, okay?”

° you were just to nice to him

° he knew you only meant it good but he also saw the sadness in your eyes

° so he went to his last backup-plan

° “Saeyoung, I need your help. I want to kiss MC but I don´t know how to do it.” 

° “If you want I can practise with you.”

° “Ok, bye.”(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

° “NOOOO!! Wait!”

° then things happend that I don´t want to explain

° “Hey Saeran do you know wher I left my-”

° you walked in as Seven kissed his brother, Saeran tried to punch him but failed

° “Ooookay… I´m comming back later then.”¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “No, MC WAIT!!”

° he punched his brother so satisfying and ran after you

° of course you weren´t mad at him if you were then at Seven

° “MC, please don´t be angry at me, it was his fault.”

° he sounded like a kid who´s ice cream got eaten by his brother XD

° I think if someone would do that he would be dead in 3 seconds

° “Saeran, I´m not mad at you that you kissed your brother before me.”

° yes, you were playing with him feeling guilty

° he was afraid

° “No, MC don´t leave me, I´ll do anything …”

° by anything he was referring to kissing and that he did

° result: he felt good kissing you so he didn´t stop you know what follows XD

° but still you punched Seven for kissing your boyfriend

Why did this turn out so long? I have no idea….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry for taking so long though, exams kept me busy so I had not too much time on my Hand

Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you did, leave a like, comment or a repost, which would make me very happy (*^▽^*)

Also if you have any requests or questions just send them nad I´ll do my best    ( ゚▽゚)/

Dating Newt Scamander Would Include... [Part Two].

Because you guys are awesome, and really took a liking to the first set! Here are some more! If you haven’t read, here is part one!

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  •  One of his desired and favorite things to do with you is to sit close to one another, whether cuddling or not(which, it usually is cuddling), with a warm cup of tea whilst he listens to you talk about your day.
    • And of course, in return, you happily sit there and listen to him talk about his as well. While he likes to use hand expressions, you’ve fallen out of his lap a few times while he was talking, but it was always resolved with a warm kiss to your forehead as he apologies. You laugh, kissing his nose while informing him, “it’s wonderfully cute that you get that excited.” 
      • Imagine him nuzzling his face into your hair as you talk. He takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. He hadn’t felt such a sensation in years, and to know you can make him feel so secure and at home was something he took great pride in.
        • Sometimes no words are said, and you merely soak in being so near to one another while reading books.
  • Getting an inevitable attachment to Pickett. In which, the Bowtruckle takes a sudden liking to you (after) figuring out what was going on between you and Newt.
    • Pickett probably loves the two of you together, and urges Newt to kiss you more often, or to be more affectionate.
      “Should I hold her hand?” Newt murmurs, more to himself without expecting an answer.
      “Just, do it.” Pickett replies with a squeak from inside of his jacket.
      • Because the two of you are so cute and shy together, it silently suffocates him.
  • Imagine knitting him a new Hufflepuff scarf. 
    • He’s literally so hesitant about wearing it though because “Oh god, what if I ruin it? What if I tear it? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”
    • You hush him quietly and kiss his cheek, “If you do, I can always knit you another one.”
    • Probably sleeps with it every night, because he really does adore you for taking time out of your day to make something for him.
  • (Based off one of the deleted scenes). Newt showing you the scars on his body, from previous creatures he’s caught that didn’t give him a necessarily good time.
    • He doesn’t regret them, nor does he blame the creatures for giving them to him. If anything, they’re a reminder that goodness and kindness do come at a cost.
    • “They’re not dangerous, someone just treated them like they were…” He whispered to you quietly as your fingers reached forward to brush against one of the white scars on his bare torso. Newt didn’t flinch away, but watched you as you did so with his usual awkward stammering.
  • Tracing the freckles all over his face, his arms, and his chest. 
    • Probably ticklish, tries to squirm away from you when you do this because you’re t i c k l i n g him very intensely.
      • He’s on the verge of laughing so hard, he’s turning red.
  • Those nights when you wake up, only to find him sitting away from you, his hands pressed against his lips in thought.
    • You try not to scare him as you sit beside him, but alas, you do and he jumps out of skin as you perched yourself beside him. “I’m sorry,” He says to you, “Did I wake you getting out of bed?” You shake your head and wrap an around around him.
      “What are you doing awake?” You question.
      “I couldn’t sleep, too much going on in my mind right now for that… Quite a predicament, isn’t it?” He played with his fingers in front of him, subconsciously tilting his body towards your warmth. “Why are you?”
      “No reason,” You rubbed his back gently, “Tell me what’s bothering you.”
    • And, it’s nights like this that you finally get a more clear view of his time at Hogwarts.
  • Newt finds himself staring at you during the most mundane actions.
    • Especially when you give him a smile. He’s slowing building a visual dictionary of all your smiles, and what they seem to mean. Your “i adore you/I love you’ smile is by far his favorite, and it constantly leaves him wondering how he was so lucky to have found you.
      • Also stares when you’re taking care of newborn creatures. Something about seeing you so maternal and loving towards his creatures sets his heart on fire, and leaves him briefly wondering if you were the same way with actual babies.


  • Imagine Newt constantly writing Love Letters or sending Postcards on his travels, when you’re not with him.
    • While he’s sitting down writing them, he always pulls out the picture he has of you from his coat pocket and sits it in front of him. Newt sighs quietly, thinking of how much he missed you, and the things you did for him. 
    • Always ends them with a small ‘Xoxo’ followed by his name. 
    • Usually, it’s just fluff, but he always accentuates how much he misses you, and how much he wished you were with him because he was feeling alone.
      • He totally brings you home small trinkets from his journey’s. You keep them on a shelf in your room, next to the stacks of letters and post cards. He’s gotten careful about not buying absolutely shiny items, otherwise he knows Niffler will find them.
      • And in return, you collect things during your day out and about, that you know he’ll love and gift them to him when he comes back to you.
  • Always crying when he comes back.
    • The two of you are literal messes as he sets his case down to embrace you in his arms, with no reserve at the moment because he needed to hold you close.
      • You digging your face into his neck and whispering, “I missed you so much…”
        “And I you.” He replies, and kisses your forehead with so much love. 
      • Lasts a few minutes, before he pulls away and tugs out his notebook, “You’re not going to believe what I’ve found.” And so, on the walk back to your place, he explains very happily and jumpily what he had found out during his journey.
      • Sometimes, he comes to a stop during his banter and just stares at you. “I never thought I’d miss someone as much as I had missed you…”
        “Well, you’ve got a duty to finish your bo-”
        “Travel with me.”
        “I said, ‘travel with me’. Pack your things,” He rounds you so he’s in front of you, “come with me… Think of it. The two of us, discovering the unknown, finding things that are… Fantastic and beautiful. It’d be like… I don’t quite know… Living a dream everyday.”

Likes and reblogs are much appreciated, thank you, thank you! I hope you guys enjoyed the second installment! Have a good day/night, and stay tuned for more Newt!

Dear Journal,

Hi it’s Sirius. Remus just fell asleep next to me and he wanted me to write about our night in here. He’s so adorable. He’s just laying on my chest with his cute messy sex hair. I’m not trying to say that we had sex but.. that’s kind of what i’m doing.. Anyway, after spending the day at the waterfall, we enjoyed a nice walk on the beach and looked at the sunset. It was so beautiful. The warm orange rays of sunshines were glowing on Remus’ skin. The feeling of his hand in mine and the sand between my toes made my heart warm up. We walked to the beach house and changed. I put on a white shirt because Remus loves when I wear them. He was leaning on the railing of the balconny, looking at the beach. I hugged him form behind and kissed his cheek.

“I think it’s time for your suprise.” I said.

“I can’t wait to see it.” He chuckled.

It took his hand and we walked outside. I layed my hands on his (beautiful) eyes and guided him to my suprise. I had set up a table by the beach where we could eat Remus’ favorite dish. I had charmed canddles so they could fly around us.

“Are we there yet?” He asked.

“Just a few more steps baby..” I said, hoping he would like it.

I stopped walking and removed my hands from his eyes.

“Keep your eyes closed babe.” I said, walking to the table and taking the bouquet of red roses.

Remus always loved flowers. Sometimes, when Teddy was still a baby and I would have a lot of work at the hospital, I would come back home with flowers for him. Seeing him happy made me feel so good. I knew that little suprises like those made him fall in love more and more.

“You can open now.” I smiled, holding the flowers in my hands.

He chuckled and opened his eyes. His jaw dropped and his eyes were shinning.

“Pads this is beautiful!” He said, as I handed him the roses.

“I’m glad you like it. I wanted it to look like the night I asked you to marry me.” I smiled.

“You are a romantic after all!” He said, his lips close to mine.

“Maybe i am..” I said, kissing him slowly and sensualy.

“Thank you. This is perfect.” He whispered, our lips brushing.

We sat down at the table and ate the delicious meal. All during dinner, we had a wonderful view. And I’m talking about Remus.. not the beach! After eating, we layed on a blanket on the sand. We were looking at the stars just like old times. The wind was warm agasint our skin and the sound of the waves made everything better.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” Remus asked me.

“On the Hogwarts express, in cabin 27.” I said, smiling to myself.

“Cabin 27… I remember you on that day. You were so happy and your eyes were glowing.” Remus said, turning on his side to look at me.

“I remember you too. You were reading Romeo and Juliet and you had flushed cheeks. You were so shy and adorable. I wish I could relive this moment.” I said, kissing his lips.

“Me too. The moment where it all started.” Remus said, pulling me back in for another kiss.

A much longer one. A lovingful and sensual kiss. He rolled on his back and I stood over him. My lips traveled down his neck and to his soft chest. His fingers in my hair, my hands on his waist, our lips on eachothers. It was just like a love scene from a movie. The quiet sound of the waves, the stars above us, and the sounds of pleasure floating in the air. When I colapsed next to Remus catching his breath, i smiled. I love him so much. I can’t even describe my feelings.

“I love you so much Remus. You know that right?” I said, holding him in my arms.

“I do Sirius. And I love back just as much. I never knew it was possible to love someone like that..” Remus said, his eyes sparkling.

“You’re my reason to live. I love you so much.” I said.

“I love you too. So much.” He smiled.

So we just layed down, enjoying eachother and eventually falling asleep. Together. Forever.

June 30th 2014

Telling Someone You Want To Kiss Them

This one is dedicated to @zut-ara​ who sent me a prompt a while ago to write a scene between Katara and Zuko after the Ember Island Players show, and who also is a main part of the reason I decided to make this blog. Follow her if you don’t; she’s fantastic. This one’s for you! 

I made a mistake.

Katara laid stretched out on the sand, her back against the grains, hair fanning out around her, and turned her head from the full moon above to the person sitting next to her. Zuko was facing the bonfire, staring into the flames intensely. The fire illuminated the prince’s face, light dancing off his pale skin. Katara watched him, unable to look away. There was no other way to word it. Right at that moment, he looked beautiful.

I made a mistake, she thought again.

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Can we get some johnny sex headcannons please???

;)))))))))))))) *in Flynn Ryder’s voice* Hi ;))))))))))))

-he is usually so soft and careful
- he just loves you so much like he doesn’t want to hurt you at all
- but sometimes this smol bean prince gets mad that’s when it gets a lil INTENSE
- very into kissing every part of your body
- his favorite position is honestly probably u riding him cause he doesn’t really like to take the first move and you being on top he can look up at you and when you are both really close he is a sucker for pulling you down so u guys are like hugging and moaning while you release
- afterward it’s kinda like that scene from titanic where he rests his hand on ur chest and loves when you play with his hair
- honestly he is a boobs AND butt guy
- very grabby and feely
- yoooooooooooooooooooo sometimes he is feeling real confident and like dominant and will spank you and like he feels so in control and honestly he loves it
- he might seem shy but if y'all are in public and he gets a little needy he WILL tease you
- honestly he loves cuddling afterwards and is so giggly and like runs his fingers along the sides of your body
- forehead kisses


jungkook: an awkward peck on the lips “wait can i do that again” needless to say, the kisses after the first one were all better

jimin: like a scene from a movie where he cups your cheeks and kisses you gently but afterwards he acts all shy and hides himself behind his sleeves

yoongi: a cute lip bite before he slowly inches closer to kiss you and nearly turns all red when you ask him for another one right after

namjoon: him kissing you and accidentally hitting your nose with his “ow” “iM SO SORRY” but you laughing and hugging him 

hoseok: him leaning in out of nowhere and pecking you on the lips “w-what was that…” “you were being cute” chucking yourself out a window because he seems so carefree about having your first kiss

taehyung: getting serious out of no where and kinda freaking you out with the intensity of his eyes and when you kiss, you feel like exploding because of his assertiveness whERE DID THE INNOCENT CUTE TAE GO

seokjin: a gentle and soft kiss that came after lots of reassuring because he kept looking at you and asking you if it was okay if he actually kissed you 

War of Love Extra Scenes (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: Doesn’t matter ;)

Warnings: None

A/N: So yup this is the stuff that I took out of the story because it seemed unnecessary? Well maybe idk. UNEDITED SO BEWARE. Enjoy!

Explains why Hammy kissed Y/N

Hamilton sat next to you, looking at the open field. He sighed, then glanced over at you. You were occupied with playing with your thumbs absentmindedly, unaware of his stare. He knew that you weren’t a man, not even close. You were shy around them in the beginning, blushing every time you walked into the tent with half-naked men. He made sure to keep his shirt on around you after that. 

But he was curious; why hide being a woman? Were you running away from someone? Did you want to fight without being limited? There were so many questions, but no answers.

You looked at him, your short hair bouncing. He suddenly had the urge to pull you towards him, to press his lips against yours. Instead, he smiled, and you grinned happily back. 

“Are you okay, Ham?” You asked him, and he nodded. He shouldn’t be thinking of you this way, he was already courting Elizabeth Schuyler. But when he looked into your eyes, a small part of him regretted that woman not being you.

“Let’s get back. Lafayette must be going crazy trying to find you.” He said, standing up. You stood up with him, hope in your eyes. He held in his sadness at the look, and walked back with you to the tent.


Explains why Laurens’s hair is so messy all the time

Laurens laughed with you at the bar, your smile contagious. You touched his cheek, and he blushed, looking away. He’s never met a man that didn’t mind touching other men. Matter of fact, he never saw you go to the brothels with other soldiers and you stayed at the tent instead, hanging out with the rest of the boys.

“Laurens, you look quite handsome today. Did you finally brush your hair?” You said to him, wiggling your eyebrows. He touched his hair.

“Oh really? I haven’t even looked at it this morning.” You shook your head, and put your hands on it, removing some strands.

“I like it when it’s messy.” You mumbled, meeting his eyes. His widened, his heart thumping in his chest. He cleared his throat, standing up. You stated at him in confusion, and he gave you a nervous smile before walking away.

No, he couldn’t like you. He couldn’t like James Washington. He glanced at you as he walked away, and you smiled. His heart dropped.



Explains what happened to Sally

You ran towards Jefferson’s space quarters, looking for any sign of your best friend. You saw some of her friends walking by, and they were shocked at seeing you. One, his name is Marcus, stopped your running.

“Y/N! What are ya doing here? He’ll be upset!” He said, touching your arm.

“Where’s Sally?” You asked, looking around him. He sighed, pointing towards the house.

“She’s inside. They moved her.” You ran towards the house, ignoring his pleas for you to stop. You looked up to the second floor window, and saw that the curtains were closed. You decided to take the back entrance instead, making sure no one saw you. Some of the “workers” turned and looked at you, but smiled, waving you forward. You thanked them, bumping into the one you were looking for.

She grew out her curly hair, it was cascading down her back. You noticed her enlarged belly, and you froze. She didn’t notice the shock on your face, but instead hit your arm.

“Y/N? I told you to stay away!” She hissed, pulling you into a backroom. Your eyes watered, and you pulled her into your arms. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner!” You cried, and She stroked your hair, and kissed your forehead. 

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m fine…” you looked at her, then at her stomach.

“You’re pregnant.” You whispered. She nodded. “And do I have to ask who’s the father.” She hesitated, looking away from you.

“You shouldn’t have come back,” she ignored your questions, “He’s been looking for you all over the colonies. It’s dangerous to even be in the same state, let alone on the plantation. What were you thinking?” Sally chastised, glaring at you. 

“I told you that I will come back. And I’m here. So let’s go.” You pulled on her arm, but she stayed in her place, sorrow in her eyes. “Sally, what are you doing? Let’s go!” you tugged again, and she shook her head,  as still as a statue.  

“I’m not leaving, Y/N. I have children here, and I can’t risk their lives.” She whispered. “I’m not leaving." 

You stated at her, wondering if you could convince her. Her expression was resolute, not able to be swayed either way. You sighed, putting a hand to your forehead. "Okay Sally. Okay.” You struggled to let go of her arm, but did it anyway. She gave you a sad smile.

“Now tell me about the army.”


Explains why Mulligan is so touchy feely with Y/N

James was constantly nervous around the group, never touching or joking around. Mulligan decided it was his duty to bother him until he was accustomed to the four. So, whenever James walked into the room, Mulligan pulled James close, messing up his hair. At first, James was tense, trying to get out of the hold. Eventually, he finally laughed at the Irishman.

Mulligan grew to see James as a younger brother, and taught him how to tailor clothes, just like him. And when James went with Cato and Mulligan out to spy on the British, Mulligan didn’t have to tell him anything about spying, much to his surprise. 

Sorry for the awkward ending, didn’t finish it 


Lafayette and Y/N finding out about Laurens

Lafayette stood still, only his hands shaking, staring at the letter. You walked over to him, confused. When you touched his arm, he looked down at you, tears falling out of his eyes. You never saw him this distraught before, so it was quite a surprise to see his face so sad.

“Laf, what’s wrong?” You asked, and he said nothing, passing you the letter.

“On Tuesday the 27th, my son was killed in a gunfight against British troops retreating from South Carolina. The war was already over. As you know, John dreamed of emancipating and recruiting 3000 men for the first all-black military regiment

His dream of freedom for these men dies with him…”

“No, no. He promised he would be okay. This can’t be true.” You gasped, dropping the letter on the floor. Lafayette did not utter a word, but instead, grabbed your hand and pulled you into his arms. You could swore that your cries could be heard from blocks away.

Ponyboy Curtis: Favorite Scene

Requested by: @andabottleofcola
Outsider boy: Ponyboy
Prompt: #20, “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

“What do you mean we’re leaving?” you inquired, staring at the rest of the gang.

You all had only just arrived at the drive-in and, after one conversation with Tim Shepard, the guys have now decided to ditch. You had been waiting to see this movie all week and found it completely unfair for them to bail last minute.

“Look, Y/N,” Dally tried to explain, “we’re all going to the poker game at the Shepards’ place. Just watch the movie by yourself.”

“Are you crazy?” Soda asked rhetorically. “She’ll get jumped for sure. How about you and Pony just go on home and we’ll take you tomorrow night.”

“Wait, Pony, you’re not going?” you questioned.

Ponyboy shook his head as Steve replied, “Yeah, only guys 16 and up. Tough break, kid.”

“Well, that’s kinda perfect,” you stated. “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll see it with you.”

“He’ll also try to stop his boner—”

“Two-Bit!” Soda scolded his friend.

“Sorry,” Two-Bit murmured.

As the gang left, you heard Johnny mumble a “tell me how it goes, man” to Ponyboy. Once they had all gone, you gestured for Ponyboy to follow you to the plastic seats toward the front.

“Wanna get some popcorn and sodas first?” Ponyboy asked. “I’ll pay.” You smiled and nodded, letting him lead you to the concession stand.

“I’m so excited to see this movie,” you told him in line. “The trailer made it look really good.”

“Yeah, the book was phenomenal,” Ponyboy informed you.

“I didn’t know there was a book,” you stated. “How did it end?”

Ponyboy grinned, “I ain’t gonna spoil it for you, Y/N.”

You giggled, moving down the line with him, “Yeah, alright, fair enough. Well, just tell me one scene you liked. It probably won’t even be in the movie.”

He stared at you for a second, internally contemplating whether or not to tell you. Finally, he sighed with a smile and remarked, “Well, okay. My favorite scene had to be the one where the main boy and girl are together alone, well kinda. They’re out at the movies together.”

“How fitting.”

“No kidding,” he agreed with a smirk. “The thing is, the boy and girl had been friends since they were little kids and the boy had a humongous crush on her.”

“Does the girl like him back?” you inquired curiously.

“Well, at this point,” Ponyboy explained, “the reader doesn’t know. The story’s told in first person by the boy. We only know that the boy likes her lot because she’s all he can think about.”

“Awe, that’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” you gushed.

“Yeah, I think so too,” he chuckled awkwardly. “So, in this scene, the boy plucks up the courage to kiss the girl and tell her how he feels… in that order.”

“And what does she say?”

“I don’t know yet.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t you finish the—”

Suddenly, Ponyboy pressed his soft lips against yours and held your face with his warm hands. The kiss only lasted about four seconds but it felt like hours. It had been gentle, romantic, and utterly perfect.

When Ponyboy pulled away, he grinned at your wide eyes and shy smile, saying, “Y/N, you aren’t going to believe this, but I’ve liked you a lot for a really long time. You wanna be my girl?”

You didn’t reply. All you did was grab his face closer to yours and kissed him again.

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hc's for when they try to make it official with s/o? hope you're having a good day!

aaah i’m sorry this took so long ! i had this a few other hc ready to be posted but my lapTop restarted and i lost them ALSO I JUST FINISHED EP 11 OF S2 AND IM SHOOK


- being the gentleman he is, he and his s/o would’ve have gone to a few dates and all

- occasional pecks on the checks and little flirting now and then

- it’s all really subtle and innocent

- Shiro would kinda ask himself if he was ready to commit

- he really likes s/o and would hate to screw it up

- and he’s scared that it seems like he’s leading them on

- but he sure about what he feels for them

- shiro would ask them to be his girlfriend/boyfriend when none of the gang are around

- he’ll apologize for taking so long to so so

- when s/o says yes he’s overjoyed

- kisses them just because why not

- blushing wildly when he pulls away

- they both take the relationship slowly but steadily


- man he knew he got it bad when he said a pick up like to s/o and instead of rolling their eyes or actreally blushy blushy, they laugh

- and his heart kinda flutters and he just smiles

- this guy would be straight forward about how he feels for them when he finally realizes it

- flirts with s/o way to long before asking them out on a date or something

- kisses them under the star or does something else thats just as cliche

- asks them to be in a relationship like a few days later and so smoothly

- takes it slow and really chill about everything

- but kinda loves s/o’s kisses waaay to much


- this guy would be like more open to you than other people he met (except the space fam)

- and he wont realize that he smiles and laugh more around them

- also kinda feels like he needs to protect them at all costs

- and then it finally hits him that he likes them a lot

- he’d freak out and run to the fam

- and they would all just laugh because they knew it all along

- takes s/o out on a date during a small mission (like checking a planet of some sort)

- and keith is just so happy that he forgets everything he ever has doubted

- kisses his s/o on thier way back

- and on an impulse he’ll ask them to be his


- pidge would be so focused on finding her familt that she’ll push away her feelings for s/o

- they both have gone out a few times on missions (allura’s ideas wink wonk) and spend some time reasearching together

- she’ll find something that will lead her to her family and she just bursts

- and kisses s/o who helped pidge

- and when they pull apart they both are blushy blushy

- and the scene is so precious

- “i don’t know why but i feel like this is the perfect time to ask you to be mine, so what do you say?”


- he’d know he likes them ever since the start

- and he wont even deny it or be shy to ask them out

- man this guys is far more naive than lance

- probably aks s/o out on a lot of really chill and fun dates

- but when he finallu decides to commit he’ll plan everything out

- a fancy dinner with great food and a long ass speech

- but ditches the speech because he feels like its weird

- the  supposed to be serious confession would end up with him and s/o laughing 

- when they say yes he’d grin from ear to ear

Wanna one reaction when they are watching a movie with you and a kiss scene comes


He’d look at you to see if you are reacting.He’d make duck lips at you until you give him attention.

“Wanna kiss?”


Originally posted by aceyng


Would stare at you,but seeing you more interested in the movie than him he'd  just let you continue watching the movie.

I want a kiss~”

“How so?”

“Can’t I have a kiss from my baby?”

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He wouldn’t really care about the kiss scene.Like it’s a kiss scene,why would it be so important?

“Minhyun,kiss me.”



“Come here.”

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He’d come closer to you to make you frustrated.He’d make duck lips at you until you finally kiss him.

“Happy now?”


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Would start laughing seeing you getting red by the kiss you just saw.Would tease you a lot that you get shy just from that.

“How can you get shy from this,but when I kiss you,you are ready to devour my lips?”

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He’d be already all over you,wouldn’t care about the movie at all.

“Kiss my lips too.”

“But I like to kiss your cheeks.”

“Shh,you need to like my lips too.”

(why is he so beautiful)

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He’d be shy about it,but deep inside he’ll wait for you do do something.


“I’ve waited for this all my life.”

“How?I kissed you five minutes ago.”

“I’m a greedy man after all.”

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He’d be a little shy seeing the two characters having an passionate kiss.He’d look at you with his puppy eyes like he wants something from you.

“Do you want a kiss too?”

“I do.”

“Come here.”

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He’d be  busy tickling and playing with you to care about the movie.

Stop or I’ll bite you.”

“Bite me,you bite like a deer.”


Originally posted by rosybaejin


Would be enjoying the movie in peace until the kiss scene comes.He’ll get really shy when you tease him about it .

“I am an teenager,of course I get shy over this.”

Originally posted by since20st


He’d be the one teasing you.He’ll be happy to see you getting shy ,but he’ll be slightly shy too.

“Why are they kissing like it’s the end of their life?”

“Because the apocalypse is coming.”

“But their kiss looks weird and forced.I can kiss you better than they kiss.”

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I’m sorry for not posting yesterday^^I caught a cold and it was so bad that I needed to go to hospital.Sorry once again.

Koe no Katachi - a review of the final chapter

As you guys have already saw, the final chapter ended up with some holes in the plot. Did Ishida and Nishimiya finally get together? How? What happened to Shimada (since Ishida said that he wanted to talk to him)? As Shouko’s mother said, what her daughter will do in the future?

Maybe we’ll never know the answers for these questions.

Personally, like many of you, I’m a bit disappointed with this ending, but some things made me think and it comforted my heart.

First of all: even though I saw some people saying that ShouShou stayed as only friends, I do think they became a couple in the end. Obviously I would love if they had kissed or anything, but, actually, I never expected something like this (maybe a hug). But, what makes me think that they’re together after this timeskip is the symbolism of the last pages.

In Japan, the relationships aren’t like in the West. I think most couples don’t show much affection in public (even hold hands seems awkward!), and Nishimiya and Ishida are too shy to kiss in front of the others. But, for a guy who couldn’t hug or touch her in the past, like when they were crying at the bridge (THAT SCENE ;-;), hold her hand can tell a lot of things, and it could make a parallel with the chapter where Nishimiya tried to kill herself.

At that time, she was also wearing an yukata, and the focus of the scene was that Ishida was holding her by the hand so she wouldn’t fall. But the context was very different; he was saving her life. After that, at the bridge, Ishida asked Nishimiya to help him live, like if, without her, he wouldn’t be able to stay in this world, and the last pages of the final chapter show that, together, they can do anything. And they’re saving the lives of each other perpetually.

So, what I’m trying to say is that the scene where Ishida grabs her hand is so meaningful (because the last time they held hands, she wanted to die, and he almost died trying to save her life), that it didn’t need many words, or a confession. Obviously, I would be dying in happiness if they had confessed to each other, but the feelings that both of them hold are more than that; it’s a pure love.

Another thing that can explain the holes in the plot is the anime adaptation. Maybe the mangaka left these loose ends on purpose, to left the audience in antecipation, and because it’ll be settled on the anime version. But this is just a supposition.

Anyway, this is what I think about this chapter. I’m leaving Koe no Katachi with a taste of wanting more, but this story has taught me soooo many things, and made me cry and laugh and cry again, that I can only thank the author for making something so beautiful and real. Words can’t explain my love for this manga, seriously.

So, thank you, Ooima Yoshitoki, for all these months of love and redemption, for all these life lessons, for all these feelings. I’ll never forget this story <3

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I think my favorite evak moment (not scene because tbh I love them all) is when Isak dodges Even's kiss but then goes in for the kiss and gets shy again. Even just laughs about it & doesn't force him. It was so realistic and well done. Bcuz he really isn't embarrassed to be w/ Even. He really wanted to kiss him in that moment. But it was also all so new to him and that can be overwhelming and intimidating. It wouldn't just be his 1st public kiss w/ a guy but also 1st w/ someone he really likes.



Ahhhh seriously is there anything about that season that wasn’t so realistic and relatable and made my heart clench and die like ahhhh my gosh

I love Isak so much

I love Even so much

and that moment was so beautiful because you can see just how happy Even made him, and how flustered and gooey and soft, the thought of Even about to kiss him made Isak, his instinct was to pull away because “omg what if people saw and Isak no you have to keep up appearances” that’s what Isak has been telling himself for such a long time that it has become instinct to just dodge the real things that make him go dizzy with happiness and is the true him. but then afterwards he was like “buuuut I wanna…I don’t wanna dodge it anymore…I want this” so he leant in again but then he just ended up giggling because omg what is happening, is this real life? is this actually happening to Isak? this feeling in his chest, the warmth radiating from his stomach, the way Evens presence makes the entire world fuzzy “ahhhhh is this happening” and he just ended up giggling because what the hell Isak has a boyfriend who wants to kiss him in public and for the first time ever Isak is questioning his instincts to hide and just wants to kiss this gorgeous man in front of him

can you believe? 

EXO reaction to kissing their girlfriend (you) for a drama

stubby-the-dean said: Would you mind doing a reaction of them kissing their gf for a drama, either them or another actor, I’m fine with whatever you choose to do. Thank you lots!

A/N: I am so so sorry it took me so long, but I was very happy with your request since I love to act and just to imagine this situation is like..*the feels*, either way, I hope you like it <3

D.O.: Of course he would feel embarassed , but also quite happy it’s you he will have to kiss, not some other girl, will act like he isn’t bothered at all by the situation, but would smile at you on set when you’re not looking.

Lay: Won’t be able to control himself during the scene, he will not mistake the dialogue on purpose , but can’t help it to burst out into laughter when you lean down to kiss him.

Baekhyun: Tries to manipulate you into practicing for hours to “deliver the best performance” , “Baekhyun, it’s just a kiss, it doesn’t have to be so perfect” , “aish Y/N, how can you say that? Aren’t you an actress? You should know practice makes perfect, now come here, let’s do the kiss part again” *Smiles to himself when you give in and kiss him*

Kai: Feels pretty shy at first , but feels relieved on set, thinking that it’s much better kissing his girlfriend than another girl, what comes to his surprise is that you’re the one that keeps laughing and messing up the takes, making him feel super happy inside that he now has another reason to kiss you again.

Sehun: Feels quite surprised about how shy you get with the whole situation. “But.. we kiss all the time” “I know, but not in front of the camera, and not with specific directions” “Y/N,please, we’re gonna do great” , he doesn’t hear an answer, as you look up and sigh “I know what this is about, you’re afraid you’re gonna loose it right? that you won’t be able to control yourself in front of the came” “Sehun, shut up” . He laughs but in the end actually conforts you.

Luhan: “I’ve never been happier about being an actor”, “Luhan, it’s just work, there’s no big deal” “you know actually, now that you said that, I think we should practice”

Suho: Feels super embarassed and when it comes to the hour to record the scene he gets nervous and forgets his line a couple times, he just giggles and apologize, while trying to concentrate.

Chanyeol: Actually messes it up 6387287583 times on set just so he can kiss you more, after realizing you and the staff are mad at him he realizes that he will have to say the right line or you might kill him. Still tries to act innocent when you bring it up later.

Kris: At first acts like it’s going to be a piece of cake, but when the director gives all these specific directions about how passionate the kiss must be he just gets embarassed and wants to hide.

Chen: “We’re gonna make people jeaulous of us” , “Chen calm down, it’s just a peck on the lips”, “Yeah, sure, but still, you’ll see, people will get jeaulous”, “alright then..” , after a little while he asks you “is it really just a peck on the lips?” “nope, I just wanted to let you down a little bit”

Xiumin: Gets excited and embarrased at the same time, can’t help but notice you get quite nervous for the kissing scene so he justs tries to light the mood and starts making jokes about it.

Tao: instantely excited, makes a huge deal of it, “Y/N you know what that means right? we’ll have to practice, more than we often do, WAY more often” , as you roll your eyes he acts like he is doing the right thing “don’t look at me like that, you’re the one that wanted to be an actress right?” *smirks endlessly when discovers it’s a make out scene, rather than just a kiss*

A/N: Okay, I guess, this is alright, I actually have good news, I made a schedule ( a real writting on paper on) to post things here, so there won’t be a day where I don’t post anything, I might tell you guys more about it later, but it makes me really happy because I love writting for you guys , love ya <3

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