Ok, but can we talk about the fact that The Kiss™ from ep 7 was probably Yuuri’s first kiss? I mean, he never had a girlfriend anyone, he’s extremely closed and shy, he hates to be touched if he doesn’t trust someone and it takes him months to accept Victor’s closeness. I’m sure that the only possibility for Yuuri to kiss someone before would be if he got really drunk (but then he probably didn’t remember that) or maybe I could believe he kissed Yuko if not the fact that she was probably married before he even turned 18. And I’m almost sure it was the first time Victor kissed him too, so his first kiss of all times then.
Yuuri had his first kiss in international tv, after giving his best performance ever, on the ice where he’d just expressed his love by attempting to do the most difficult jump there is and he is kissed by no one else but his completely smitten lifelong idol and skating legend Victor Nikiforov. Like, how the fuck?! No wonder he’s so shocked and happy, lucky little katsudon. 

And now I can’t with this anime again, I just love how pleasingly unrealistically romantic it is.