the kirk

What I love about the original series and spirk is that after months of not being that involved in it or focusing on another fandom I can come back and feel safe and warm and happy with the series and characters I love. I can live knowing Kirk loves Spock and vice versa and that he blew up the Enterprise for him and how Spock heard Jim wanting him from lightyears away. I can go back to a place where diversity and love are common place and wordly issues don’t exist on Earth. It makes me so happy, and sometimes I just need to express how much Star Trek means to me. The new series are great, but the original series is always what I go back to first and foremost.

Spock takes pictures his well aged bondmate while the man is either gardening or sitting on the porch. Spock takes some picture as he stands on the balcony above his bondmate and uses the zoom in focus while his bondmate is kneeling down into the flower bed carefully getting the weeds out. Spock makes sure to capture his bondmates face.  He is making a entire album devoted to his husband. It’s got thousands of pictures. Thousands. From his thirties to now. Kirk can look up and expect to see his bondmate either up there or by his side helping him weed wearing gloves. The way Kirk looks at his bondmate with glowing fondness and admiration. Spock swears there is light behind his bondmates head in the pictures he has taken (which there isn’t) that give the desirable effect of his beauty and age. Spock sometimes comes up unexpectedly on his bondmate and kisses him when he least expects it. Kirk loves it, regardless, when his bondmates home from being a ambassador and showers him lovingly with kisses.  It makes him feel so young. Spock finally releases his massive album online one day that centers mostly on Kirk and it’s labeled under, “Kirk, Captain, Admiral, Jim, T’hy’la, adun.”

Y’all know the holding hands (👫) emoji?

You may think it’s an m/f couple, but actually, it’s a gay man and lesbian holding hands because they’re best friends. The straights are no longer allowed to use this emoji as it is gay culture. This has been a PSA.

What's going on with the TOS crew during Discovery? Part.1

To provide some context:

The first episode of discovery takes place in the year 2256

The Enterprise (NCC 1701) launched around 2245. The Enterprise is 11 years old in Discovery and still very much a new starship.

Discovery takes place is three years  after the Canon events of the first Original Series pilot and the flashback in the later TOS episode “The Menagerie,” (2253)

During the time of the first Discovery episode Christopher Pike is still in command of the USS Enterprise and is finishing up a 5 year exploratory mission.

Spock is 26 years old and is serving on the USS Enterprise as its science officer. 

James T. Kirk is 23 years old and is a Lieutenant  aboard the USS Republic. He is finishing his last year in a five year officer training regimen through Starfleet Academy. it will be 9 years till Kirk takes command of the Enterprise. 

Nyota Uhura is 17 years old and is more than likely attending classes at Starfleet Academy for advanced phonology and advanced acoustical engineering. She is also a rising star in Starfleet Academy’s Chorale Ensemble. It will be 10 years till she is a Lieutenant assigned aboard the Enterprise.

Montgomery Scott is 34 years old and has been in starfleet for 14 years. it can be assumed that he is serving in an engineering department of a starship or as an engineering advisor for the Deneva colony. it will be 9 years before he is assigned to the Enterprise.

TOS Kirk was a by the book fella.

Problem was, they were still writing the book.

So while it looks like he had some crazy adventures and disregarded Starfleet at every turn, that’s a lie.

Most of the time, he spent every other episode calling back, following the strictest of laws, going through proper motions and channels. Every other action was court-martialed and brought to trial. He was, for the most part, a dedicated captain following Starfleet’s rules.

Just because he is now the reason for about two dozen more rules, doesn’t make him the crazy madman adventurer we see him as. Of course he differed from his orders, at times. But those are the most excusable times, and even then, after disobeying, he laid himself up for proper discipline. He knew he’d done wrong in the eyes of his superiors, but his conscience wouldn’t have let him do any different.

Kirk was a rule follower and a rule maker. And only on special circumstances, a rule breaker.