the kirin


So, this last week has been an absolute WILD ride. I’ve gotten ponies, a Kirin, and polished off the MSQ… just in time to pick it up again when maintenance comes back up.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crying like a fool in the last cut scene. Maybe I’m just overemotional…

I do love Alisaie and Alphinaud’s new clothing. YOU CAN TELL THEM APART!

Also, unlocked Sephirot and Sophia, again in time for part 3 of their story to come out. I must admit I RAGED when I got that notification. Who is Uncle Khai? Who is his master?! -vibrates with rage-

also I still can’t believe that person who said “Aristocracy thinks that Kirin Jindosh is one of them because he looks like them.” I mean have you even seen this guy?

What do these looks have in common except for high white collar? The nobles wear long-ish coats with big lapels and pantaloons to show off their ankles, everything is made of black or dark blue expensive cloth. Jindosh wears a scruffy brown leather jacket and the cheapest straight pants. We only ever see brown colors and leather jackets on low class people. And no noble would be caught dead in these worn-out laced shoes. Just because Jindosh put a gift-wrapping ribbon around his neck and manages to work this whole mess into a cohesive Look™ doesn’t mean that he would be read as aristocratic by any noble in their right mind. 

Like, the point of it is that Jindosh lowkey despises nobles, because he believes that intellect and capability should determine people’s worth and not the place of birth, but he is forced to interact with them bc he needs their money. So he passively-aggressively threatens that his robots will kill them if they are not here in precise time and then makes them wait for several HOURS for no real reason, knowing perfectly well that they’re here. And then he shows up, obnoxiously looking like a commoner mechanic and vapes out of his fucking thumb into their faces.


Eliminating Kirin Jindosh hurt more than any of the other targets. Either way, it was destroying a brilliant mind. I’m glad I found that newspaper outside Breanna Ashworth’s office, for some peace of mind