the kipper and the corpse

I listened to ‘Boston’ the other day (for about the hundreth time). I enjoyed it, obviously.
I then watched an episode of Fawlty Towers called 'The Kipper and the Corpse’ (again, for about the hundreth time).

That’s when I finally noticed. In 'Boston’, the dead passenger is called Mr Leeman, and the doctor (of Civil Engineering) is called Dr Price.
In 'The Kipper and the Corpse’, the dead hotel guest is called Mr Leeman, and the doctor is called Dr Price.

John Finnemore, I bloody love you. You are:

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This is the 1975/9 British sitcom Fawlty Towers
Cleverly-written, the jokes are timeless.
The main reason I love it is because I feel like I’m watching a really funny play (probably because of the ott acting.) This is 10 minutes into the episode The Kipper and the Corpse; a man has just died in his sleep and hotel manager Mr Fawlty has to deal with the body. (You can watch all 3 parts of this ep on youtube).