the kings of music

Eliza: i knew you’d fight until the war was won

Hamilton: war’s not done

Eliza: but you deserve a chance to meet your son

Hamilton: *points at eliza’s belly*



so i saw @welcometofalsettos do this a few weeks back and wanted to make my own

{updated because i realized i missed a few things}

during american revolution

lafayette: i’ll bring freedom to my people if i’m given the chance

hamilton: we’ll be with you when you do

during french revolution

hamilton: nah let’s not help, they’ll be fine

lafayette: *somewhere in france* yoU BACKSTABBING AMERICUNTS


Michael Jackson in the village of Krindjabo in Ivory Coast, 1992.  

Jackson toured the village of Krindjabo in 1992, where chiefs reportedly revealed that DNA tests and mystic messages confirmed that the singer was descended from the royal Sanwi line. He was declared a prince with the royal title of Prince Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh.