the kings of music

Since y'all shipping Jefferson x Lafayette why not

Hercules Mulligan x James Madison

Peggy x Maria

Alexander Hamilton x Usnavi

Alexander Hamilton x Lin Manuel Miranda’s disembodied voice in Moana

Lafayette x Jefferson x Johan

George Washington x Benny x the dad from Moana

King George x Kristoff

Hamilton Au 1: Heathers au, but Alex isn't Veronica, and Thomas isn't J.d or a Heather

Veronica: Thomas ((because I still want this to be Jamilton and I personally don’t wanna make Thomas a Heather. Deal with it.))

J.D.: Alexander. ((It fits! He’s smart, angsty, and his dad was an ass, and his mother died in front of him, and he lives his life like life is war. How does this not fit?!))

H.Chandler: King george, ((because he wears red, he thinks he rules everyone and is a sassy little ass and he would make a perfect Heather leader!))

H.Duke: ((Burr, because he’s a jealous ass, and he starts out as a person with no personality, then turns in to an idiot who does stupid shot to get what he wants including killing a man.))

H.McNamara: Seabury. ((He is totally perfect for this and I don’t even know why.))

Kurt: Reynolds ((I want Alex to kick his ass so he is now a jock.))

Ram: Lee, ((I was running out of guys I didn’t like in the play))

Martha: Madison ((because chubby Madison is adorbs and is Jefferson best friend))

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Stand by You by Pikuna

A music-mix for my Story ’Stand by You’.
Thought a while about to do this playlist, since I have the feeling it could at least spoiler the mood of how the story will continue, but well…I think most can be guessed anyway. xD

1. Rachel Platten - Stand By You / 2. Schandmaul - Prinzessin / 3. Queen - We Will Rock You / 4. Blake Shelton - Friends / 5. Bruno Mars - Count on me / 6. Pharrell Williams - Happy / 7. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars / 8. Disturbed - Who taught you how to Hate? / 9. RED - Part That’s Holding On / 10. Lindsey Stirling Ft Andrew McMahon - Something Wild / 11. Phil Collins - You’ll be in my Heart / 12. Ryan Star - Last Train Home / 13. Within Temptation - What Have You Done / 14. Nickelback - Miss You / 15. Lindsey Stirling feat. Carah Faye -  Where do we go / 16. Janet Jackson - Broken Hearts Heal / 17. Lindsey Stirling ft Dan + Shay -  Those days / 18. Avril Lavigne -  Keep Holding On / 19. 3 Doors Down - It’s Not My Time / 20. Nickelback - Far Away / 21. Queen - You’re My Best Friend / 22. Journey - Faithfully / 23. Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran -  Be my Forever / 24. Sunrise Avenue - All Because Of You

dont 👏🏻 call 👏🏻 it 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 true 👏🏻 reminder 👏🏻 of 👏🏻 your 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 if 👏🏻 its 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 fully 👏🏻 armed 👏🏻 battalion 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


You are allowed to like the movie over the stage production. 

You are allowed to walk in a theatre without knowledge of anything.

You are allowed to watch Les Mis, Wicked, Hamilton, or Phantom only and like musicals. 

You are allowed to not be character wannabes.

You are allowed to share the love of musicals without needing to know everything in it. 


will you believe me if i said i reached 256 layers making these 2 5 6  maximum
l a  y e r s and my list isn’t even finished————tho THESE WERE REALLY FUN TO MAKE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FACT I DID THIS ON NEW YEAR I WOULD’VE DONE MORE :’0

i mixed up a palette art meme and the expression art meme made by @galactibun together and ended up with these