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Request ⇾ Omg please do a Victor criss imagine where u guys are sorta together but he doesn’t want anyone to know so he won’t even look at her and like flirts w/ other people to cover for that but he starts to realise that it doesn’t bother her at all and he starts to like freak out????

Warnings ⇾ swearing, manipulation, hints at a blowjob??? y'all I’m sorry

A/N ⇾ I hope you like this as I’m not sure I captured Vic exactly how I wanted buut, I enjoyed writing for him and would like more bowers gang requests! so don’t be shy, I think they’re intriguing to write about!!


Victor Criss was a unique guy, to put it frank. He hardly ever spoke and when he did, it wasn’t much at that. He was quiet yet still had this flirtatious and cheeky side. Not everyone knew that, however. To the naked eye, people genuinely believed he was a mute. Apart from the disatisfactory grunts or snickers at innocent victims, he barely did speak. He barely spoke to anyone. Of course, with the exception of Y/N.

Y/N and Vic had been dating for a couple of weeks now, not that anyone besides the two even knew about it. It had something to do with the underlying fact that Victor didn’t want anyone to know. Y/N brushed it off, thinking it was because he didn’t want his venomous friends to know. Deep down, she considered the idea of him being embarrassed by her, but the soothing words he’d whisper to her late at night wiped that idea out of the question.


“Hey, baby.” Vic whispered as he snook into her bedroom.

“Hey.” She said with a short smile.

“You alright?”

He climbed into bed with her.

“Yep. I’m fine.” She knew that he knew she was lying.

“C'mon, babe. Tell me what’s up?”

“Why don’t you want people to know about us? You’re not embarrassed of me, are you?”

The next few sentences he whispered against her neck, in between leaving wet kisses and hickeys all over her. She could feel his hot breath ooze all over her exposed skin, it was intoxicating and she wanted more.

“How could I be embarrassed of you, baby? You’re so gorgeous and sweet. And not to mention that body. You’re beautiful, baby. And you’re all mine.”


Y/N tried to ignore it and it was actually much easier than she thought, considering she wasn’t allowed to speak or even look at him while they were at school. Something about him not wanting the guys to catch on, so she did as she was told and neither looked or spoke to him during school hours.

The one thing that Y/N really did like about that whole arrangement, was, that he could flirt with whomever he chose. If she, however, even dared to look at another boy, Vic would make sure he would regret it. She once had a conversation in her chemistry class with her lab partner who, coincidentally, was a boy. The next day Y/N found out that Vic had got Henry and the rest of his goons to beat the living shit out of him. She honestly wondered how Vic convinced them to do it, albeit she presumed it didn’t take much. They were all assholes, she knew that. So while she was suffering he was nonchalantly throwing his arm around another girls shoulder, or placing his small hand on the bottom of her back. He never outright kissed any other girl, or asked her out, which is why he kept on getting away with it. It, technically, wasn’t cheating. He knew this and that’s why he would continue to do it because he knew Y/N would never call him out on it.

Victor had never really meant to fall into the cycle of playing with Y/N’s heart, he really liked spending time with her, and Y/N had ever meant to get caught in his trap. They never meant to do a lot of things, yet they still did them.

According to Henry, the best way to keep a girl on your arm was to play with her heart and Vic wanted more than anything to keep Y/N. He just didn’t want everyone knowing about their relationship. It seemed weird, he knew that and he couldn’t describe why he did to her what he did. He just kept on doing it…

That was, until one day, when he purposely tried to make Y/N jealous. He was standing by some girl, who he didn’t know the name of, and her locker. She whispered something in his ear and he smirked and began kissing her neck, leaving little trails all over her tainted skin. He wasn’t doing this because he wanted to get in her pants, the contrary actually. He wanted to make Y/N jealous. He wanted her to admit that she didn’t like seeing him with other girls. This way, he would believe he had all of the control in the relationship, which was another thing Henry had advised him to do if he ever did get into a relationship. Except, Y/N wasn’t going to fall into his little trap this time. She was better than that, if she acted like she didn’t care then maybe he would stop playing his little game? Maybe, they would finally be able to go public with their relationship, and maybe she would finally be able to enjoy school once again. So she ignored him, she laughed at her friends jokes and even contributed to the crude things they were saying. She even waved back at a boy in her geometry class, she knew that would get his attention. And so it did. Victor was so surprised he stopped leaving sloppy, meaningless kisses all over the girls neck and began pushing her away from him. From the other side of the corridor Henry, Belch and Patrick could not believe their eyes. What was he doing? Did he not want to get laid later, like they thought he did every other day? Why was he throwing away such an easy target? Victor ignored their confused and slightly angry reactions and stormed off in the other direction.


“The fuck was all that about, huh Y/N?”

She simply chose to ignore him, knowing she’d gotten what she wanted, and plastered on a sickly sweet smile, “What do you mean, Vic?” Her doe eyed expression mixed with her slight head tilt - intended to make her look more innocent - only infuriated him more.

“You know fine well what I mean.”

“No, I really don’t. But, by the way Vic, Debbie from chemistry said she’s really looking forward to seeing you later and was real confused as to why you ran off earlier in the corridor. I, personally, am real confused too. Why did you storm off in such a huff, Criss?”

He was stunned. When did she grow balls enough to make her stand up to him? He was also impressed by it and it was evident by the evergrowing tent in his trousers.

“Alright, Y/L/N, you got me. I like you a lot. I don’t want you to be waving or talking to any other guys. You’re mine, Y/N.”

He rushed over and engulfed her in a messy and forceful kiss. She quickly pushed him away.

“Sorry, Vic, but you can’t just do that. You have to agree to go public, or I’m sorry, but I’m going to stop whatever this little thing between us is. Your choice.”

“Fine, we’ll go public if you do something for me in return, we got a deal?” He said motioning to his trousers.

“Yes, i believe we do.”

IT themed Asks

Pennywise: what’s your greatest fear

Bill: what’s your greatest strength

Richie: what’s one of your funniest moments

Bev: one of the bravest things you’ve done

Eddie: the worst physical injury you’ve gotten

Ben: what’s your proudest moment/achievement

Stan: what’s something that annoys you

Mike: what’s your biggest hobby/interest

The Loser’s Club: who’s your greatest friend(s)/someone really important in your life

Georgie: one of the biggest mistakes/ most regrettable thing you’ve made/done

Mr Keene: Who/what is one of the creepiest things you’ve experienced

Greta: Who/what’s something you hate

Henry: meanest thing you’ve done

Victor: who’s one of the worst people you’ve been involved with

Patrick: have you ever done something illegal

Belch: what’s your nickname

Mrs. K: what’s the sickest you’ve ever been/longest hospital visit

Zack Denbrough: one of the most difficult things you’ve gone through

Mrs. Denbrough: one of your favorite songs to listen to/play

Mr. Uris: one of the most disappointing things you’ve experienced

Grandpa Hanlon: what’s your job/dream job

Al Marsh: what person has left one of the biggest impacts on your life, good or bad

Officer Bowers: who’s an authority/parental figure in your life

The old lady that cat meows at while Georgie is talking to Pennywise in the sewers: what’s something most people know/understand/can do that you don’t/can’t

The Barrens: what’s an important place to you

The Cure bathroom cleaning montage: what’s a song that’s really significant/important to you

The Turtle: what’s a reference you love making

Betty Ripsom’s missing sewer shoe: what’s something important you’ve lost

Ben’s NKOTB poster: what’s one of your guilty pleasures

Bev’s stolen box of cigarettes: what’s a bad/annoying habit of yours

Richie’s your mom jokes: what’s something old/out dated that you still love

Mike’s sixteen speaking parts in IT: what’s something you wish you had/there had been more of

Georgie’s raincoat: what’s an object that’s important to you

Eddie’s inhaler: what’s something you hate but need

Richie’s coke bottle glasses and Hawaiian shirts: what’s your style/favorite article of clothing

Mike’s farm: what’s a place you hate going to

Ben’s postcard to Bev: best gift you’ve been given

Bev’s snarky “Which is it Greta”: worst thing you’ve been called/most offensive or insulting thing someone’s said to you

Silver: favorite mode of transportation

Beep-Beep: what’s your catchphrase/something you say a lot

Thrust his fist: what’s your favorite quote

Losver: what’s a movie/tv show/ book that’s important to you

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Denying My Attention- Victor Criss/ Reader

Victor Criss x reader

Word count- 5236

Requested- Yup ^-^

A/n- This is total complete shit,  I apologize in advance. 


My hands were on Victor’s chest, pushing him up against the wall in his room, my lips pressing against his.  It was dark and his parents weren’t home, which meant it was our time together.  He hasn’t given me attention all day, and this was my pay back.  I pulled back from Victor’s face, looking him in the eyes, our breaths mixing with each other’s.  His chest was heaving up and down as he looked at me, a smirk on his face. 

“You’re needy, (Name),” he whispered and I pushed my lips back against his, my hands gripping at his shirt, my teeth biting at his bottom lip.

I pulled back again, bringing his lip with me before letting go, “I get lonely when you don’t look at me.”

Victor placed his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back as he stared in my eyes.  His face was serious, and all I wanted was him.  If he wasn’t going to hang out with me during school, let alone look at me, I was going to take in my time when we were alone.  I whined, trying to pull him closer.  I hadn’t been able to be with him all day and know I wasn’t allowed to touch him.  This was unfair. -
Looking up at him, his face still held a smirk, but his eyes had an emotion that I couldn’t describe.  It could be lust, or maybe even love, but I couldn’t decipher between the two.  Not many relationships were held on my part, I usually just slept with them and left.

“I don’t want them knowing,” Victor said, his grips tightening on my shoulders. -
He didn’t want anyone at school to know of our relationship, and I was fine with that, but if he wanted it that way in public, then I was going to have it the way I wanted it when no one was around to witness it.  Victor knew this, but he had a hard time understanding that I already knew what he wanted. 

“I know, and I honestly don’t care,” I said, grabbing his wrists and pulling them off, bringing him towards me.

If I got to touch him, feel him, I would be alright with whatever he wanted.  I don’t care for his body, honestly, but his body was the only thing I could touch of him, and I was going to take advantage of that.

“Just let me touch you,” I whispered, biting his neck as I held him close. 

Victor nodded his head, a groan coming out of him.  My lips spotted wet kisses across his neck randomly, sucking and biting every moment I got.  His moans and groans were satisfying, and I knew I was doing a good job.  


I walked down the corridor of the school, a small limp in my step as I struggled not to flinch.  My books were held in my hands, squishing against my hips, rubbing with each step I took.  Kids rushed past me, shoving and talking, trying to get to class before the bell rand.  I never understood why they scurried to class, the teachers didn’t care whether you showed or not.  They thought of it as one less annoying brat to deal with.

“I like it when you blush, maybe I can carry it on further?”  Victor’s voice singled out from all the other’s that were buzzing in the halls, making me look through the crowd.

Victor was leaning on a locker, a girl below him looking down, blush appearing on her cheeks.  Henry and the rest of them surrounded her too, cracking jokes and flirting with her every open chance they got.  Victor placed his hand under her chin, slowly making her look up at him.  Once he had their eyes connect, he leaned down, whispering something as he nuzzled his head in her neck. 

When Victor looked back up, the girl, who I noticed was new, looking up, his eyes glanced over my body, our eyes only connecting for a split second.  I shrugged, remembering what we did last night.  He didn’t want the school to know about the relationship we held, ending up in him playing it off really well in front of the others.  His consistent flirting, him never looking over at me, even if we shared the same class at that moment, and him only seeing me behind closed doors.  It kind of made me upset, I did want to kiss him in public and show him off to all his fangirls, but as long as I got what I wanted behind those doors, everything was fine.  Plus, if he got to flirt, I got to flirt too.

I stood in front of my locker, dialing the numbers into the lock, shoving my books in it once it opened.  The late bell had already rung, meaning I was late to history.  Mr. Ratliff hates me, and from the second I was going to walk in that door, I knew he’d already be in his desk with a pen, writing a detention slip for me.  It made me want to cuss him out, using every disgraceful word in the dictionary on him, but the memory of the principal pulling at my ear wasn’t a very pleasant memory to remember.  A shiver took over my spine, my body shaking against its will.  Heat stood at the tip of my ear, and for a second, I could feel the principal’s fingers gripping it again.

“Late again, (Last Name)?” Markus Baier leaned up against the locker next to mine, a smug look on his face.

“As always, Baier,” I laugh, closing my locker and leaning up against it.  I smiled, looking up at the tall boy, his light brown hair landing in a fringe just above his eyebrow.  “Why you talking to me?  I thought you forgot about me.”

Markus Baier and I used to be best friends, hanging out every day after school, skipping each other’s classes to join the other in their class.  The teachers were always confused as in why a student would skip one class to go to another, and it always ended up in a detention slip or getting sent to the office.  Of course, as time goes on, we slowly drifted away.  Me going towards Victor, him going towards Greta.  It was ironic, we both drifted to the people that the other hated the most.  I despised Greta, and Markus despised Victor and everyone that hangs out with him.  Though, I noticed how is mood brightened when I “stopped” hanging around Victor.

“I could never forget about you.  I just haven’t had time to hang around people that much,” he said.

“Except Greta,” I said.

“Except Greta.”

Markus was a German transfer from last year, causing Victor and his friends to pick on him for being new, and being a “Nazi”, which nurtured the hate Markus held for them.  The two of us had connected immediately.  I taught him English, helping him get better with our language, and in return, he taught me German.  It was always a session full of laughs as we listened to each other’s fails at pronouncing what the other said, and a smile came to my face each time the memories met my mind for a quick hello.

“I think I’m gonna skip History, don’t you have Language Arts next?” I asked, both of us pushing off the lockers.

We started walking down the corridor, watching as a figure approached us.  It was most likely a kid who got a bathroom pass, so Markus and I paid no mind to them, but as we got closer to the person, I started noticing the blond hair.  I knew it was Victor, and I knew he’d pay no mind to looking at me, but as much as Markus hated him, Victor shared more hate for the old buddy of mine. -
Markus looked down at me, placing his arm on the top of my head as if it was an arm rest.  “Yeah, I do.  You gonna come with?”

I nodded my head, leaning into Markus as Victor passed, his eyes glancing at me, leaving the second he had taken that look at me.  It didn’t hurt me, if he didn’t want people knowing about our relationship, then so be it.  I didn’t mean to lean in to Markus as he was passing, it was just wrong timing.  Markus’s eyebrows pointed down, his eyes following Victor as he passed the two of us.  His muscles tighten above my head, and I could feel him clinching his fist. -
The minute Victor passed, Markus opened his mouth, his word filled with anger.  “Did you see that look he gave you?  Fuck, I want to hit him so hard.”

He noticed.

“I didn’t see him give me any look,” the lie slipped right through my teeth, almost in a natural flow.

“Well, he gave you a fucking look.”

I flicked Markus’s side, him jerking his body to the side.  “Then don’t worry about it.”

“Why are you so fucking calm about it?  That was a glare, isn’t he your best bud or some shit?” he asks, and I could practically feel the anger pulsing through his veins.

We were more than buds, I thought.  We weren’t fuck buddies, either.  We were dating, in a relationship.  Those things with all the nice and cuddly stuff.  Markus was the only person to have ever done that stuff with me, and now being in a real relationship with someone, I sometimes feel like I was replacing him.  Yeah, we’ve grown apart, he went to the person I hate the most, and I did the same for him, but it didn’t feel right.  I hooked up with people, as in having sex with them and ignoring it the next day, and Markus knew that.  He understood that I didn’t know what it was like to be loved for something other than my body, he understood the neglect I went through at home, which I rarely talk to people about, and he showed me what it was like to have people see me as an actual human being.  So, now having someone else to do that with, made me feel guilty.

“No, we’re not.  A friendship didn’t work out with him,” the lie blew through my teeth effortlessly.

“Why’d you even try to be friends with him?” he asks.

“Why’re you friends with Gretta?” I asked back, and he clamped his jaw shut.

I remembered the first time I met Victor, the first time I actually talked to him.  The memory was playing through my head, every feeling I felt during that moment striking my heart, all the glares I sent him, and all the glares he sent me.  I remember my hands on his chest, shoving him back into that Bowers boy, both falling to the ground.  The face Markus held as he looked at me, surprised that I stood in front of him when they were attacking him.  He had tried to push me behind him, keeping me away from their preying eyes, but I rebelled.  They were attacking him, and as his best friend, I stood up for him. 

We stood in front of the Language Arts door, Mr. Amar’s name carved into a silver metal disk that hung on the wooden door.  Markus opened the door and we both filed into the room, ignoring the stares from both the teacher and the students, placing ourselves in a desk.  I sat on the inside half of the chair, Markus sitting on the other half.  We have always sat like this, sharing a chair as if we were connected at hip.

“Ms. (Last name), this is not your class. Are we back to our old tactics?”  Mr. Amar stood in front of our desk, looking down as me.

“Common, Teach,” I said, playfully winking at him.  “I’ll even do the extra work.  Just let me stay.”

Mr. Amar opened his mouth, but I cut him off, “It’s not like you like Mr. Ratliff anyways.”

Mr. Amar looked down at me again, sighing and placing a paper on our desk, adding the words, “You both can share a paper.”

He walked away, Markus and smiling at each other as we both started jotting down answers on the paper, shoving each other every time our elbows touch.


“(Name),” Markus whined, dragging out my name.  “I don’t want to go to maaaaaaaaaaaaath.”

I laughed, making a weird a face at Markus as I placed my hand on his face, pushing him away.  He was leaning down, up in my face, his breath blowing into my face when he spoke.  His breath was warm and smelled like mint.

“Theeeeeeeeeeen cooooooooooooome wittttthhhhh meeeeee to Scieeence,” I dragged out my words like he did, now his turn to laugh.

Markus rolled his eyes, slamming my locker shut right as I took my hand out of its interior.  I jumped back, looking at Markus as he pouted.  He was weird and whinny right now, dragging out every word that came from his mouth.  A smile lit up both of our faces, laughs coming from us every time we opened our mouths.  It was like none of us had a single problem in the world, being able to laugh at anything and everything.

“Buuuuuuuuuuut I doooooon’t liiiiiiiikkkkke Scieeeeeeence,” Markus bent down behind me, his arms loosely hanging over my shoulders, all his weight pushing down on them.

It was extremely difficult to walk, his feet hitting the back of my shoes every time I took a step.

“Caaaaaaaaaan’t weeee skiiiiiiippppp?” Markus asked, lifting his arm and poking my chin. 

“Will it make you stop complaining?”  I asked, rolling my eyes.  “And stop hitting the back of my shoes, asshole.”

Markus stopped immediately, perking up a little, making it easier for me to walk.  His breaths were blowing at the edge of my ear, his chin resting on his arm, which was around my shoulder.  Markus had come up to me at my locker again, starting to complain the second his mouth opened.  It surprised me that he wasn’t hanging around Gretta, or didn’t drag her along, since they seem to hang around each other 24/7.  It almost felt like old times, him meeting me at my locker every morning, taunting or teasing me in some way, making me laugh at every word and odd sound that came out of him.

“Yes, I’lllll sttttttoooooooooooppppp complaaaaaiiiiinnniiinnnggg if weeeee caaaaan skiiiip,” Markus said, licking behind my ear, laughing as he did so. -
I jumped, Markus’s arms falling off my shoulders, rubbing at the spot he licked me.  “What- What was that for?”

“Just trying to convince you,” Markus sang, smugly smiling.

I made an odd sound, looking up at him, “Well, fuck yeah I’ll skip.  Especially if it gets you to stop whining |and| licking me.  Weirdo.”

Markus jumped in the air, doing a weird movement with his arms.  I laughed, shaking my head at him.  This was the person I chose to hang out with, and he was weird as fuck.  It’s not like it wasn’t normal for him to do this stuff before we started falling apart from each other.  He’d lick my forehead, or flat tire my shoes, running off as I chased him, slamming my locker shut before I could even get the stuff I needed out.  It made me wonder if he did this stuff with Gretta, or if it was just me.  I mean, I did all the cuddly stuff with Victor, even though I originally did it with Markus, it’d only make sense if he did it with Gretta too.  It was unfair that the thought made me mad, but I didn’t want him doing that to anyone else but me.  I want to think that I’m special, that it’s only reserved for me, but it probably wasn’t.

Markus poked my glabella, running off and yelling, “Your it!”

My feet quickly shuffled after him, my shoes echoing in the corridor as the rapidly tapped against the tiled floor.  As I ran after Markus, I passed by Victor, but he didn’t spare me a look.  He was leaning up against the wall again, a girl blushing under him.  I smiled, shrugging it off and running down the corridor, Markus’s figure in the distance.

I cupped my hands around my mouth, yelling, “Asshole!”

I could hear Markus’s laughs, and then the school doors opening and closing.  My chest heaved up and down, but I kept running, eventually reaching the same doors that Markus had exited.  I remembered how Victor couldn’t come over to my house last night, the memory popping into my mind for some reason.  The memory was pushed to the side, no longer coming back up in my mind.  I ran down the stairs of the school, seeing Markus laying on his back at the bottom of them.

“What are you doing?” I asked, kneeling next to him and poking his side. 

 Markus looked up at me, his eyes going wide before closing, rolling tongue out of his mouth.

“You got me!  I am it!  Now I must die in shame of being caught by the slowest runner of all of Derry, Maine!”  Markus dramatically said, and I sighed, flopping on top of him.  


“You make me blush,” the new girl said, blushing as Victor leaned over her again, resting against the wall.  

Markus was giving me a piggy-back ride and ended up falling, which ending in me tumbling to ground and laughing.  This spot was near the men’s bathroom, where Victor had the new girl, whose name I still haven’t learned, pinned up.  It had been a different spot every day, and each day I had been near them.  I wasn’t jealous, but it had happened once too many times for it to be a coincidence.

Markus got up and walked towards me, wrapping his arms under mine and lifting me up, licking behind my ear again.  It’s become normal for him to do that, but I still reacted each time, making a weird face and rubbing at the spot, swatting at Markus.

“Baby, I’m like a firefighter,” Victor said, smirking as he looked down at her.

His voice reached Markus’s ears, and anything that showed he was happy, dropped.  His lips went into a flat line, his eyebrows pointing down slightly in anger.  His hand went around my wrist, tugging me away from where we stood.

“Really?  How so?” the girl asked.

“I find them hot, and I leave them wet.”  Victor tapped the girl’s nose, his smirk widening as her eyes went wide, blush spreading across her face.

I rolled my eyes at him, remembering when he used that line on me.  It didn’t frustrate me that he had used it on her, there wasn’t much joy in his voice as he said it.  When he said it to me, there was smug and ecstasy in his voice, a bubbly laugh coming out at the end of his sentence.

“Disgusting,” Markus whispered, shaking his head as he tugged me away. -
Looking at Markus, I noticed how his skin was paler than Victor’s, and how piercing his blue eyes were.  In most eyes, he’d be better looking than Victor, which also made me think that was the reason Gretta had started hanging around him, but to me, Victor was the best looking man in the world, and no one could take that spot from him.

“You’re back to hanging out with him?” Victor asked starkly, sitting on my bed and pulling his shoes off.

I looked at Victor, surprise filling me as I notice all the hatred that layed out in his voice.  Victor never got mad at me for who I hang out with, this was the first.  Even when we first started hanging out, he never mentioned when Markus and I used to.  It made me mad that he wouldn’t even say Markus’s name, yet even Markus hates saying Victor’s name.

Victor’s lips were flat lines, his eyes telling me that he was fed up with something.  He looked tired, dark rings hanging off the bottom of his eyes.  Hairs stuck out in odd directions, not cooperating with the way he styles his hair every morning.  My eyes looked his face up and down, noticing his ears that stuck out and how his eyebrows always had made him look like he wanted to just give up on life.  Something was bothering him, and it wasn’t just me hanging out with Markus again.  It was something bigger, and it was something I was going to stick my nose in.  

I sat down next to Victor, the bed dipping as I did so.  I wrapped my hands around his shoulders, my head leaning on the one closest to me.  I could hear his heart beat, even if my ear wasn’t on his chest.  It was beating loud, two different tones giving off a relaxing noise.  His shoulders strained, tightening, not relaxing like they usually did.  

“Yeah, what’s it matter to you?” I said, reaching up and kissing his neck.

“That my girlfriend is hanging around that freak.  That’s what it matters to me,” he said, pushing me away from his neck.  

He wasn’t letting me kiss his neck, and that was his favorite thing for me to do.  The first time I did it, he had begged me to do it again.  He’s never pushed me away from him, and it hurts that he’s now doing it. 

“What’s going on with you?” I said, leaning back on the bed.  “It’s like you’ve been denying my attention recently.”

He wasn’t coming over to my house after school, wasn’t giving me late night calls, and now he wasn’t even letting me touch him.  These were things he always did, not even having to think twice about it.  It made me scared.  What if he’s had enough of me?  It led to more thoughts and I started thinking about who’s neck I’d nuzzled if he was gone, who’d let me shove them up against a wall and kiss them everywhere.  Sure, before Victor and I were a thing, I’d nuzzle and cuddle with Markus, but he wasn’t Victor.  Victor was different, and I couldn’t explain it even if I tried.

“Me?  Denying you?  You’ve been hanging out with that German freak,” Victor said, running a hand through his head.

At least I still look at you, bitch.

“He’s not a freak!  And you won’t even see me after fucking school anymore, Vic.” I clinched my jaw, staring intently at the ceiling.

“It’s been two fucking days, (Name).  You can fucking deal.”

“Yeah, two fucking days that I haven’t been able to see or touch my boyfriend,” my voice was cold and hard.  

“You were probably spending it with that fucking freak.”

My hands tingled, and I remembered my hands on Victor’s chest, pushing him back, seeing his eyes widen as he toppled backwards.  The anger that held in his eyes, the sneer he held on his face each time I passed by him in the hall, the rumors he tried to spread about me.  The memory relived in my mind, replaying multiple times.  It was my first encounter with him, and I don’t think I was ever going to forget it.  

“Call him a freak one more fucking time and I’m gonna shove those thoughts of yours so far up your ass that I’ll be able to see them when you yawn,” I growled.  

Victor looked back at me, our eyes connecting as he opened his mouth, “Freak.”

I sat up, jumping at Victor, pushing him off the bed.  I heard him grunt as he fell, rolling a little bit before standing up, towering over me as I got off the bed, my hands clinching at my side.  It wasn’t like I was calling that new girl names, making fun of every flaw she held.  He had no right to be rude like that to Markus.  He heard the words himself.  If that word left his mouth one more time, I was going to beat him, and that’s exactly what he did.  Either he was picking a fight with me or he hit his first period.  

“You don’t fucking stand up for me like that when someone says my name in vain.”

A sneer came up on my face, “I’m doing what you want.  Not interacting with you at school.”

“You just smile at me when I’m flirting with someone, like you don’t even care.  You’re probably doing shit with that freak,” Victor said.  

Now he thought I was cheating on him, all because I was hanging out with Markus and ignoring his flirts with those girls.  It didn’t bother me that he was putting up a façade to cover up our relationship, but apparently, it was bothering him because I was putting up with it.  I ignored it, I didn’t confront him, I rarely looked at him, and, sometimes, I did the same thing as him to cover up- that’s what he wanted.  I don’t get why he’s now having a problem with it.

I pushed Victor back, my hands on his chest, him stumbling a I did so.  It was our first encounter all over again, except Markus wasn’t here to witness it.  I was defending Markus again, pushing Victor, who was calling him names, around.  He slammed into a wall, and I stood in the same place.  

“He’s.  Not.  A fucking.  Freak.”

“He’s a Nazi,” Victor said, his hands pushing him off the wall.  

“No.  He’s not.  He’s a German boy who is my best fucking friend.”

“The German boy that went to Gretta after you split.”

Memories of Gretta hanging all over Markus flashed through my mind.  I remember seeing them hugging each other, pushing each other playfully, calling each other teasing names.  Victor was right, Markus went to Gretta, but I have him back now, and that’s all that matters.  

“The German boy who’ll look at me during school,” I growled.  

“He doesn’t let you kiss his neck,” Victor looked at me, stepping in front of me, squaring up my size.

“He lets me touch him in public.”

“You don’t even fucking care that you can’t touch me, (Name),” he looked down at me.  

“I do, you just don’t fucking want me to,” I looked back at him.

There were many emotions showing in his eyes.  Sadness, regret, anger, and, from what I’ve experienced, love.  It was an emotion that Markus showed me, he showed me how to recognize it in other’s eyes, and I was eternally grateful for that, but it always strikes me as odd when I see it with Victor, even if we’ve been together for around half a year now.  I wasn’t used to it.  Lust, yes.  Love, no. -
“You smiled when I told the new girl the pick-up line I use on you,” he whispered, his hand moving out to my cheek.  

Now he’s being cliché.

Victor jumps at the chance to use something cliché on me, whether it’s touching or just simple words, he’d use them.  Slipping a hair behind the ear, talking to me while I was sleeping, doing the cute kisses under water when no one was around, anything really.  

“And when I was towering above her,” he added. -

“Would you of rather me get jealous and throw you off her?  Because I know that shit was more special for you to do to me, so it didn’t matter if you did or did not do it to her,” my voice was softer now, my words no longer coming out in growls.

He’s so complicated.  One minute, he’s mad at me for not interacting with him in him public, like he asked, and the next, he thinks I’m cheating on him because I’m so fine with it.  I’m not cheating, nor will I ever- I love him too much to even think about it.  It made me upset that he thought I’d stoop that low, and it made me even more upset that he thought I was doing it with Markus- my best fucking friend.  Victor casted this on himself, he didn’t want anyone knowing, and now he’s jealous and mad when I go along with his façade.  

Victor sighed, “No, no I wouldn’t.”

His voice was lower than usual, more tired than he usually is.  This must’ve been bothering him for days, nagging at the back of his mind each time he saw Markus and I together; each time I smiled at a scene that most people would consider cheating.  I was too okay with it, in his mind.  I was so okay with it that he thought I was cheating.  Hell, maybe he even thought I was going to break up with him.  I wonder what was going through his mind each time one of those things happened; what was going through his mind even when he wasn’t seeing me do any of that stuff.  

“See, I’m just okay with you trying to cover up,” I placed my hand over Victor’s hand that was on my cheek, looking up at him.

Now I’m being cliché.  What have you done to me, Vic?

“I know- You- You’re just so fucking cool with it.  I thought- I thought, maybe, you were losing feelings for me,” Victor stepped towards me, his gaze trained on me under him.  

“No, Vic.  I fucking love the shit outta you, you know that.”

“Yeah, I know,” Victor placed his chin on the top of my head, smelling my hair as he did so.  

I tangled my hands at the hem of his shirt, pulling him closer than he already was.  His cologne invaded my nose, wafting in through each inhale I took.  I could feel his muscles under his wife-beater, which he wore under his shirt.  It still hurt that he thought I was cheating on him, but it did makes sense.  Being comfortable with the flirting, hanging around someone that he hated after I haven’t hung out with them for a long time, and doing some flirting on my side.  This wasn’t a normal relationship, I had noticed that a while ago, but it was my- our relationship.  He wasn’t the one to show me the feelings that he felt towards me, but he was allowing me to experience them on a whole different level.  

“Get on the bed, asshole,” I pushed my face into his chest.  “I wanna fucking cuddle.”

Victor laughed, nodding slightly as he let the both of us fall on the bed. 

“I wasn’t denying your attention, (Name),” Victor said, and I nuzzled my head into his neck, placing wet, sloppy kisses all over his pale skin.

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