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hey guys! i made my first hamilton animatic! if ur into kings x secretaries, angry ham, and happy mads, u should check it out

Renamed Musicals:
  • American Idiot: Broadway Goes Punk Rock The Musical
  • Book of Mormon: How Many People Can We Offend The Musical
  • Cabaret: Plot Twist The Musical
  • Cats: Don't. Stop Right There. The Musical
  • Chicago: What Red Lipstick Sounds Like The Musical
  • The Drowsy Chaperone: Man in Chair Needs A Hug The Musical
  • A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder: Murdering Your Family Helps You Get Laid Twice as Much The Musical
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Glitter and Feelings The Musical
  • Into the Woods: If You Want Happy Endings Stop After Act 1 The Musical
  • Les Miserables: All His Friends Are Dead The Musical
  • The Lion King: Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba The Musical
  • Newsies: Broadway Equivalent of a Boy Band The Musical
  • Next to Normal: We Put the FUN in Dysfunctional The Musical
  • The Phantom of the Opera: How Has This Creepy Fucking Show Lasted 3000 Years The Musical
  • Rent: Mark Will Forever Be Alone The Musical
  • Rock of Ages: Isn't One Time More Than Enough... The Musical
  • Side Show: American Horror Story Freak Show The Musical
  • Shrek: You Thought It'd Be Bad But It's Actually Great The Musical
  • The Sound of Music: You Can't Top Julie Andrews So Stop Trying The Musical
  • Spring Awakening: Sexual Frustration The Musical
  • Violet: No One Ever Actually Says She's Beautiful and I'm Mad!?! The Musical
  • Wicked: Elphaba Thropp is Really Fucking Important The Musical [ps gelphie]

For a project, I had to create a map. I picked my favorite band from each state (or where the majority of where the members are from), filled with the image with each’s best album (in my opinion). Done in illustrator. 

Finally got around to finishing the Orsinium questline not like I’m super late to that party or anything

And wow… Maggie’s gonna have so much fun reporting that to Emeric…

Emeric: I need you to go help King Korug solidify his rule and unite the Orsimer in Wrothgar

Maggie: That can’t be too hard


Maggie: so Kurog is dead, and I was the one who killed him and his mother, plus a lot of the clan chiefs got murdered, buuuuuuut I did find all sorts of cool shinies and made some new friends whilst I was there!!

Emeric: …why do I trust you with anything?

The end is here with falling in reverse, issues, motionless in white, danger kings, and dead girls academy

The January cold didn’t stop any fans from packing out Hammerstein ballroom tonight to see their favorite bands! 

The night started off at around 6 p.m. with 2 lesser known bands opening for the headliners. “Dead Girls Academy” and “Danger Kings”. They definitely got the crowd going and pumped for our headliners.

After a bit of an intermission, just when we thought the holidays were over, Motionless in White came out with a completely decked out Halloween stage. Talk about pumpkins galore, with even having a guy dressed up in a pumpkin costume, come out and dance on stage with them. The stage glistened with candles decorating the equipment. It was such a beautiful sight, once the lights would dim down. To think we were done with the surprises of 2 other bands on this tour, Chris motionless brings out Micheal Vampire from the band “Dead Girls Academy” to join him in singing A-m-e-r-i-c-a. The crowd went crazy when he came out. We thought there were only 5 bands joining us on this tour, but a 6th band joined in spirit when Motionless sang chopped suey! by system of the down.

We were welcomed aboard on Issues’ Pirate themed set. With an actual cardboard ship, and sails painted high in the background. The band consists of two different types of vocalists. Michael Bohn who contributes to the heavy set vocals, while Tyler Carter carries the melodious sound to the songs. This band has a unique type of music, differentiating from the other bands. Issues ended their set with a song called “Disappear”, dedicating the song to anyone who has lost a loved one and the last one called "Hooligans” which had the crowd going crazy, ready for the next headliner! Issues even brought out someone in a parrot costume, who was about to walk the plank of the ship right before the last song!  They left their day 1 fans speechless while leaving all those first time listeners wanting more.

The show closed with Falling in Reverse. The band had no theme for their set, but had a crazy load of holographics and awesome lights to keep the audience pumped for the music they played. Almost everyone in the audience was able to sing along to all of their songs, which you can tell hyped up our lead singer, Ronnie radke, who was able to jump and dance around to the full 13 songs. Just when we thought the show had ended, Falling in Reverse sang 4 additional songs for their encore. They started off their encore with one of their newer songs “coming home” which was able to calm the crowd down with its light melody. And then finishing off their encore with a banger of “Just Like You” which let Ronnie Radke admit to being an asshole. He had us stick our middle fingers up in the air and admit to being assholes too!

If the end is here, then this was a great way to finish off.


You will never rest
Until the stars burn out
My day is done
I love the sound of no one coming by
Tomb beneath the trees
The name unsung
The darkness in the cracks

I am not what you have waited for

Nothing is enough
This hunting ground
I need the freedom to control my own
I need the sound of rain
Wearing dependence down
The line must be kept so thin
To live near life
Not within

No need to take the test
Before the dark must shine
Reflect my eyes
And strip this creation of mine
Tomorrow is so long
The dead end king is here
Black wings upon his back

I am not what you have waited for

Nothing is enough
This hunting ground
I need the freedom to control my own
I need the sound of rain
Wearing dependence down
The line must be kept so thin
To live near life
Not within

skullythepirate2  asked:

Alternative: it's to late and paps is dead so king boo unleashes paranormal caos with the music portals and everything. Even if the world resets he's gonna keep it up! Everyone's reaction to the inshul unlesh and the explanation as to why it held through the rest.(think the paranormal caos level in lweges mansion dark moon)

I’m not sure what that is so here’s my best! I’m like really old school with Mario.

Sans: He’s not having it. This has to stop. So he’s thinking the reason this is happening is because of a riff in the timelines.

Papyrus: Is in heaven because he’s an angel! When the world resets though he’s going to be more than a little scared at the change, but he’ll put on a brave face.

Undyne: She knew this guy would be trouble. So she’s going to have to everyone. She’s going to have to find a way to put a stop to it.

Alphys: She’s startled. She’s never seen anything like this before and she has no idea why it’s happening! She’s going to try to find out how to stop it. 

Mettaton: He’s not having it. He’s probably going to march over to King Boo and demand that he fix it now.

Toriel: She’s shocked and worried. She won’t do anything, but she hopes everyone is okay.

Asgore: He’s unsure of how to help. He’s going to call Alphys to get her opinion on it and then go from there. He’ll probably end up sitting in his castle, waiting for it all to end.

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5 favorites~

five favorite movies:

  • pulp fiction
  • reservoir dogs
  • back to the future
  • fallen angels
  • cant buy me love

five favorite books:

  • the goldfinch, donna tartt
  • lunar park, bret easton ellis
  • a farewell to arms, ernest hemingway
  • dead zone, stephen king
  • the cipher, kathe koja

five favorite music groups:

  • Alt-J
  • Timecop1983
  • VIXX
  • MGMT
  • The 1975

five favorite songs:

  • this must be my dream, the 1975
  • time machine, vixx
  • say u say me, vixx
  • the night we met, lord huron
  • cradle song, soap&skin

five people/things that have inspired you:

  • the leo jung
  • [every single author i’ve bought a book from]
  • markiplier (lmao)
  • f. scott fitzgerald (he gets his own shout out)
  • julie fischer huhu

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