the kings and queens were brought here

“Coronation” Part Four

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, there isn’t much fluff in this series, is there? 

Word Count: 1407

A/N: Here is part four! The series tags are almost closed. but the permanent is open if you want to be on it. i will be leaving for Upstate New York on Thursday so im going to try and post as much as i can before then. I should be back the following Wednesday. I will not be writing while im there, considering i am going there for the funerals of my grandfather and great grandfather. 

Coronation Masterlist

“You brought a Russian into this palace? Into this country! They have been enemies of both of our countries since before I was born!” Y/N shouted to the bewildered royals.

“Just stop it!” James yelled.

“You know nothing about her! You have been here all of two seconds and are already tearing this place apart! She has no affiliation with Russia. She has not been there since she was adopted by Nick. She is a nice and kind girl. She will be my future wife!” James continued to scream.

The King and Queen were now just witnesses to a screaming match between the engaged couple.

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The Price of Gold

(a fantasy Percabeth royal!au) 

When Annabeth, desperate to help her family, is caught stealing from the imperial treasury by visiting Prince Perseus, she thinks her life is over. But after the guilty prince helps her escape, she soon becomes entangled in a complicated web of mystery, rebellion, and (worst of all) romance. One thing is for sure: her life will never be the same again.

This is only Chapter 1! This will be a multi-chapter. It’s my first attempt at a fantasy or a royal au, so I’m not sure it will be any good…but i hope you like it!

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Snow swirled serenely in the cold air, slowly fluttering down to kiss the white blanket already formed on the courtyard floor.

It almost doesn’t look real, Annabeth thought. It certainly didn’t feel real, because not even in her wildest dreams did she actually think she would have ended up attempting to steal from the imperial treasury. Is it even an attempt if I have the gold in my cloak?

She pulled her hood tighter over her head and continued to walk along the narrow terrace that lined the courtyard. Annabeth could see the large gates up ahead, where she would be able to climb over the fences and run for it. Piper wouldn’t be able to flirt with the guard for much longer; she didn’t have much time left.

Her heart was pounding as she focused ahead of her. The biting, frosty air had been a blessing; most of the guards were inside, and the few outside were more focused on building a fire than investigating any cloaked figures who might be roaming the castle. If Annabeth did get caught, she would simply claim to be part of the visiting Prince’s company. She had timed her heist perfectly.

Suddenly she heard voices from inside the walls. She froze, blood curdling, and desperately looked around. Annabeth had never wished she was a mage more than she did in this moment, wishing she could disappear.

She decided to run for it. She barrelled forward…just in time to collide head on with the man who emerged into the courtyard at that moment.

They both went sprawling backwards. Annabeth hit the stone slabs hard, hissing in pain as her fingers dragged along the cold ice. Too late, she realised the bag had fallen out of her cloak. Gold coins skittered along the icy floor.

The man in front of her quickly got back to his feet, helped by an assistant, two guards behind him. His eyes, a deep sea-green colour, raked over the gold coins on the ground. “Who are you?” he demanded.

“I’m part of the foreign Prince’s company,” she said determinedly. “I’m with Prince Perseus. If you’ll excuse me—“

The man stepped forward, and two guards behind him placed their hands on the hilt of their swords. Too late, Annabeth wondered why he had two guards. She realised her mistake.

“I don’t know you,” the man said softly, before glancing at the coins once more. He looked back. “Guards, arrest this woman. She shall come with me before the King.”

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Jimin Scenario: To Hold You.

Request: Requests are open! Yaaay Can you write a vampire prince AU, where he have a human girl for a while now, & he took her to his “vampire palace” to get to know more of his vampire side, his family & what they do. With How surprise she’s of seeing him as a prince & royal. The plot could be how sweet he’s with her, & fearless with the others specially his enemy. You can add a fight scene if that helps. & you can end it as you wish. I just can’t take vampire prince jimin out of my hand after BS&T

Vampire AU.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

-I’m not sure if this is right- you muttered as you opened the door for Jimin. You were ready to go, you had told your maid to brush your hair until it shone and then you had pinned half of it with a pretty broach Jimin had gifted you a few months ago. It was beautiful as it was antique, and you couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it than to go to his place for the first time.

-Of course it is- he assured with a smile, dashing, was the only word you had to describe him. Jimin was beautiful beyond words, but that one seemed to adjust somewhat right. He had this odd shade of hair, blond, but with an ashy tone that with a certain amount of light looked lilac. -Everything is ready, unless you don’t want to go- he suggested softly. 

You did want to go, you died with curiosity to go to his place, that by the rumors it was something huge and out of the ordinary, everyone talked about it, the high palace by the hill, but not many people dared to go there.

-I want to- you affirmed and that made Jimin take your hand to pull you out of your house. The carriage was just in front of your street. You really liked it, it was luxurious but cozy on the inside, the two white horses that pulled from it made great contrast with the black material of the carriage itself. -I’m just a bit nervous-

-Nonsense Y/N- Jimin laughed helping you in after the driver opened the door for you and Jimin extended a hand for you to get in easily.

He was holding your hand as you rode there, but that didn’t make anything to your nerves. -So everyone is going to be there? Your parents? Your brothers? Friends?-

-Of course!- he chirped. -I gathered everyone for this special occasion-

-How thoughtful- you mused making him laugh. -And are they really ok with it? I mean won’t they want to… eat me?-

At that Jimin lost his smile, shaking head. -No one will ever do such thing, bringing a human isn’t perhaps the most common thing for us but- he kissed the back of your hand smiling a little again. -But I already spoke about it and there’s no turning back, I found you Y/N, I couldn’t ever let go of you-

You smiled at him this time. -We found each other-

-This way you can know more about me too, more about us, and that way you can be sure if you want… this, this kind of life- he finished with a sigh.

-I wish to know it all, but you can’t blame me to be nervous though- He chuckled amused with that. -I’m serious, are royal vampires as mean and ruthless as human monarchs?-

-They are- Jimin conceded enjoying your eyes going wide to then chuckle once more. -But not towards you, you are with me Y/N, everyone will treat you like they would if you were…- he laughed lightly like he was enjoying some secret joke and you hit him with your fan.

-Like what my lord?-

-Don’t call me that- he nagged but still with a laugh in his mouth. -Like my wife-

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Sanctuary- Part 5

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Summary- You are a princess on the run from your cruel brother. Three men- Bruce (the court doctor), Tony (a weapons designer who worked for your father) and Clint (your most trusted guard) sneak you into enemy territory.  They bring you to the Winter Court where they ask King James for assistance in exchange for their skills and your hand in marriage. He agrees. Will this arrangement turn into love? Or will it always be political?

Message- Here is the last part of Sanctuary! Sorry if it sucks!

Word count- 684

Today was the day you and Bucky were going to be arriving at your old home. It has been several years since you ran away from your kingdom and into Bucky’s arms. Much has changed, your kingdom rebelled against your brother and you and Bucky were brought in to be king and queen, so your two countries had become one. Wanda and Pietro would soon be older siblings.

“Mama, Mama, we are almost there!” Wanda said as she attempted to sit on your lap, which was quiet difficult since you were round with child.

“Shh, darling, let mama rest. She is very tired.” Bucky whispers as he lifts Wanda off your lap.

“I am awake, my love.” You say as you open your eyes. You see Bucky with both Wanda on Pietro on his lap, both of them wiggling to get to you.

“Did you have a nice rest?” Bucky asked as he released the twins, both of them moving their hands towards your belly, so they could try to feel the baby kick.

“As nice as it can be on these bumpy roads.” You say as you smile at Bucky, who had moved to sit next to you in the carriage.

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Sincerely Three x Comedian!Reader who writes music


  • Okay this boy is a meme so once he’d find out you’re a comedian
  • He would lose his shit
  • But you writing music tOO? Pump the fuckin breaks
  • I feel like he’d find out by barging in on you during a writing session
  • You wouldn’t have your phone near by Bc you’re working like an adult and Jared would be texting you a million times, like a child, asking you to hang out
  • “I just found my old Nintendo 64. Get ready to get your ass super smashed”
  • “That sounds dirty and I stand by it completely”
  • “Hey”
  • “BB”
  • “BABE”
  • “Y/N”
  • “Fuck it, I’m coming over. I hope you’re not naked.”
  • “Actually….that would be farthest from the worst thing…”
  • So you’d be pluckin away at your keyboard and chuckling at some of your own jokes when
  • BOOM
  • Jared bursts in the door, Nintendo 64 in one arm and and handful of games in the other
  • “You didn’t answer your phone so I just ca-what are you doing?”
  • “Are you playing pIANO? YOU CAN PLAY PIANO?”
  • You blush a little (which he secretly melts at because your cheeks get all red and I stand by the fact that Jared would love his S.O’s cheeks? Anyways..) and tell him
  • “I was writing some songs for a comedy show I want to do…I don’t know I was just trying some stuff out I guess”
  • “Can you play it for me?”
  • “I’m not going to have a choice am I?”
  • “No, no you will not”
  • He would get the bIGGEST smile on his face
  • The big goofy Jared smile
  • “So you’re like….Bo Burnham…”
  • “I mean I guess so, but ya know one comedian is different from the other it all comes down to perspective and it’s ju-”
  • “No no you’re better than Bo Burnham”
  • He’s your biggest hype man
  • “You’re the only person I know who’s funnier than me, Y/N”
  • He. Would. Tell. Everyone.
  • He would be so proud to tell everyone that his S.O is the “King/Queen of Joke Songs.”


  • Connor would’ve met you at one of your comedy performances.
  • Jared decided he wanted to try stand up comedy and dragged Evan and Connor along to watch.
  • He would not be having any of it
  • “You’re gunna fucking blow it, Kleinman”
  • “I’m so glad you brought me here to watch you fucki-”
  • And you’d come on stage and Connor would instantly shut up
  • You went on and had everyone in sTITCHES, especially Connor.
  • Evan and Jared were looking at him like he was broken, they didn’t think he was capable of laughter?
  • You performed one of your favorite comedy songs you’d written about the patriarchy or something like that and Connor would be in love the second you said something like
  • “This next song is about everyone’s favorite societal tit punch: the patriarchy”
  • Connor hadn’t laughed like that in a long time
  • Surprisingly enough, Evan convinced him to talk to you after the show
  • (Jared sucked, but you gave him some pity laughs)
  • Connor would come up to you and he would be n e r v o u s
  • What if you thought he was a freak or just dismissed him like everyone else did
  • He’d tell you how he hadn’t laughed like that in a while and he really loved your sense of humor and point of view on things
  • Which sparked a lively discussion
  • You of course making Connor laugh through the whole thing
  • He would make you laugh quite a few times too
  • Connor is very clever and you’d admire that
  • You’d! Ask! Him! Out!
  • He would be shocked
  • “Wait fuck really?”
  • Okay now him w the comedy while you’re dating
  • You’d be the most important person in his life
  • You’d make him laugh when he’d think that he couldn’t even smile that day
  • He would be at every single one of your performances (and he would always bring you a flower)
  • Ok so I HC that Connor plays guitar sO
  • He’d help you write some of your stuff
  • “You could always write about how fucking hilariously awful jared’s set was”
  • You’d both laugh over that a LOT
  • The Murphy’s would really like you too Bc they’d notice connor’s mood change when you’re around
  • Connor would get annoyed when you’d come over and he’d just want to take you up to his room and talk and (fuck) cuddle n shit but his parents or his sister would constantly ask how your comedy is going
  • (Connor would love to cuddle don’t fight me on this)
  • You’d practice your show in front of him
  • He’d cry genuine tears of laughter
  • And he would at your show too even tho he’d already heard the jokes
  • This boy loves you so fucking much


  • This. Boy. Is. Your. Biggest. Fan.
  • You’ve known Evan for as long as you can remember and for as long as he can remember, you’ve been the funniest person he knows (Much to jared’s protests)
  • You and Evan would be up in his room on his bed watching Bo Burnham’s “What” and of course you were both laughing up a storm
  • Evan would be clutching his stomach and his lil nose would be scrunched up
  • And when Bo started playing “Repeat Stuff” you of course knew all the words
  • Evan would look at you and blush through his laughter Bc I mean you’re so cute and hilarious and he likes you a whole lot
  • After it was over Evan would look at you and Evan like
  • “Ya know, y/n. You-you could uhm you could do that”
  • “Do what Evan? Comedy?”
  • And he’d shake his head vigorously
  • “Y-yeah! Like uhm yeah like Bo Burnham! You uhm you h-have a really really good sense of humor and you have a really pretty voice and you know how to play pianosoitreallymakessenseforyoutobeacomedianand”
  • “Evan, Evan hey”
  • He would blush BC he was rambling again but his feelings for you make him flustered!
  • “You really think I could do this kind of stuff?”
  • “C-completely”
  • So you’d try, Evan has always been your biggest supporter so you’d do anything for him
  • You started with a song first, thinking it would be easier than writing a whole bit
  • You’d be in jazz band with zoe so you got the piano on lock
  • You’d write your song about growing up with Evan or something funny about childhood
  • When it was done you’d immediately run to Evan’s house and show it to him
  • “W-will you sing it for me?”
  • Of course you would so you’d sing it for him and like clockwork, the nose scrunch
  • He would be laughing so adorably hard and his face would be all red
  • “I-I haven’t laughed that hard since you pantsed Jared in seventh grade”
  • You would be so grateful for Evan and him pushing you(in his own way) to pick up comedy
  • He would always be your #1 supporter and him and Heidi would always be at any performance you ever did because they love you. (But not as much as Evan loves you)

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rowaelin meeting each other as seventeen year olds ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Rowan stepped back half a step. Sweat coated his skin as he took a few steadying breaths. His hands grabbed the two blades at his side. He watched his uncle closely, waiting for his next move. 

His uncle returned the stare. A long moment passed both them before his uncle stood up straighter, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Your training is coming along.” 

That was the closet Rowan was going to get to a complement.

“Thank-you, Uncle.”

“Take the rest of the afternoon off,” His uncle placed his sword onto his belt. “And don’t forget to clean up for the dinner with Queen Maeve and her quests.”

Rowan simply nodded, stashing his own blades onto his belt as his uncle walked out of the field they were using for training.

How could he forget? Dinner with Maeve and her quests was definitely not how Rowan wanted to spend his evening. But who was he to say otherwise? His uncle hand picked him to come on this trip to visit Queen Maeve. Though most of his cousins volunteered to take his place. HIs uncle turned each one of them down, wanting to impress Queen Maeve by showing her how much of a skilled fighter Rowan was at just the young age of seventeen.

They’d been here four days now, and it was only this morning that Rowan found out about Maeve’s special quests. The King and Queen of Terrasen were to stay for a number of days. Along with their Princess. They arrived yesterday evening and Rowan had yet to meet any of more.

Walking over to the edge of the field, Rowan picked up the rag he brought with him. He wiped the sweat off his face as best as he could before taking a gulp of water from his canteen.

“Impressive fighting.”

Rowan almost chocked on his water as he quickly spun around.

Eyes, ringed with the brightest gold, stared back at him. Rowan felt his ears turn pink as he took in the beauty before him. The golden locks of hair, the full lips, the delicately pointed ears that he suddenly wished he could –

The blush grew from his ears to his cheeks as Rowan dropped his gaze.

He knew who she was. The way she carried herself and the aura she gave off screamed princess.

Princess. Heir to the throne of Terrasen. And who was he? Some guy bound to serve in an army. That was all. Therefore Rowan kept his gaze low on the ground, even as he heard footsteps slowly making their way towards him.

“Can’t take a complaint, buzzard?” She drawled out. Rowan could hear a smirk on her lips.

His heartbeat picked up as he dared lift his gaze to hers. The smirk on her lips growing.

Rowans tongue was lead in his month. He could feel the heat radiating off his face as he tried to control his breathing.

“No. I mean yes- I-“ Mortified, Rowan took a deep breath. He dipped into a low, clumsy bow, mostly to hid his face. “Thank you, princess.”

As if in reply, she let out an airy laugh, her red lips pulling back in a bright grin.

“Well. You seem to know me,” Rowan stood up slowly, watching as her eyes basically glimmered with fire and amusement. “But I’m afraid I don’t know you.”

“Rowan, princess.” He all but whispered.

Gods. He didn’t think he could make a bigger fool of himself.

“Ah,” She folded her arms across her chest. And lord help him, it took everything in him not to glance down. “Prince Rowan.”

Pink started to creep across Rowan’s cheeks again. Not that it really left in the first place. Prince. His titled was sounded almost worthless in compare to the women standing in front of him.

“Well Prince Rowan,” She continued on, nodding to the field behind him before her eyes flickered back to him. “You’ll have to teach me some of those techniques someday.”

Rowan’s eyes slowly made their way from her feet to her face. He took in her simply forest green grown, her delicately figure, the small but mighty crown on her head. He tried to see if she was joking, but all he saw on her face was intensity, beauty, and amusement. Why would this beautiful creature want to learn fighting techniques?

“As you wish, princess.” Rowan didn’t know what else to say. But he was proud of himself when he sounded almost normal.

Her face lit up. Fire catching in her eyes, her smile blinding as Rowan held his breath. Her gaze was unyielding, and Rowan suddenly felt like he was her prey.

The Rowan heard footsteps coming from the trees behind the field. A males smell hit him. A hand went for his blades, but the princesses knowing smile stopped him from actually lifting them.


A male stepped into view. He could have easily been the princesses twin, with those golden locks, turquoise eyes and strong jawline. He stood tall in a Terrasen guard uniform, hand on his sword.

Rowan instantly knew who he was as the male flicked his gaze from the princess to him. Aedion Ashryver. The princess’s cousin and personal guard.

“Your mother is asking for you.” Aedion looked back at the princess. Rowan watched as Aedion’s hand tightened on his sword.

Aelin shot her cousin a smile over her shoulder. Then, when he least excepted it, her gaze found his again. Rowan felt his heart all but stop as her lips pulled back into a seductive smile.

“Well. I’ll see you at dinner tonight. Prince Rowan.”

With one last glance at him through her leashes, Aelin turned on her heel and walked towards her cousin, hips swaying.

Rowan didn’t move until he couldn’t hear their footsteps anymore. He released a long breath, raising a shaking hand to the back of his neck.

He didn’t know how he was going to make it through dinner.

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A/N: So I’ve decided to do a series of Disney inspired au’s, possibly like four/five of them so you have that to expect! This first one is inspired by sleeping beauty but in the star wars universe; a few things are different and some are the same (like the name change) so there’s that. Also, the planet Daenia is completely made up so don’t bother looking it up. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed! P.S. there is a shift in pov but that’s only in the very beginning.

Warning: None

Word Count: 7.4K+ 

The sound of muffled voices echoed throughout the palaces walls, royal families from all throughout the galaxy gathered in celebration. At the center of attention, the noble king and queen of the wondrous planet Daenia sat on their thrones. A warming sensation spread throughout their chests, the first baby of the royal couple had been born and everyone was there to celebrate her–princess y/n.

Although, not even a week old, she lied quietly in her crib, softly cooing as the sounds around her didn’t seem to bother; it seemed only natural that the noises didn’t disturb her. With the life she’d soon have of being royalty, balls and celebrations were going to be constant.

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Story that Touka read to the children is “The Willow-Wren and the Bear” by Grimm Brothers F#CKIN LOOK AT DIS FORESHADOWING

ONCE in summer-time the bear and the wolf were walking in the forest, and the bear heard a bird singing so beautifully that he said, “Brother wolf, what bird is it that sings so well?” “That is the King of birds,” said the wolf, “before whom we must bow down.” It was, however, in reality the willow-wren (Zaunkönig). “If that’s the case,” said the bear, “I should very much like to see his royal palace; come, take me thither.” “That is not done quite as you seem to think,” said the wolf; you must wait until the Queen comes.” Soon afterwards, the Queen arrived with some food in her beak, and the lord King came too, and they began to feed their young ones. The bear would have liked to go at once, but the wolf held him back by the sleeve, and said, “No, you must wait until the lord and lady Queen have gone away again.” So they observed the hole in which was the nest, and trotted away. The bear, however, could not rest until he had seen the royal palace, and when a short time had passed, again went to it. The King and Queen had just flown out, so he peeped in and saw five or six young ones lying in it. “Is that the royal palace?” cried the bear; “it is a wretched palace, and you are not King’s children, you are disreputable children!” When the young wrens heard that, they were frightfully angry, and screamed, “No, that we are not! Our parents are honest people! Bear, thou wilt have to pay for that!”

The bear and the wolf grew uneasy, and turned back and went into their holes. The young willow-wrens, however, continued to cry and scream, and when their parents again brought food they said, “We will not so much as touch one fly’s leg, no, not if we were dying of hunger, until you have settled whether we are respectable children or not; the bear has been here and has insulted us!” Then the old King said, “Be easy, he shall be punished,” and he at once flew with the Queen to the bear’s cave, and called in, “Old Growler, why hast thou insulted my children? Thou shalt suffer for it we will punish thee by a bloody war.” Thus war was announced to the Bear, and all four-footed animals were summoned to take part in it, oxen, asses, cows, deer, and every other animal the earth contained. And the willow-wren summoned everything which flew in the air, not only birds, large and small, but midges, and hornets, bees and flies had to come.

When the time came for the war to begin, the willow-wren sent out spies to discover who was the enemy’s commander-in-chief. The gnat, who was the most crafty, flew into the forest where the enemy was assembled, and hid herself beneath a leaf of the tree where the watchword was to be given. There stood the bear, and he called the fox before him and said, “Fox, thou art the most cunning of all animals, thou shalt be general and lead us.” “Good,” said the fox, “but what signal shall we agree upon?” No one knew that, so the fox said, “I have a fine long bushy tail, which almost looks like a plume of red feathers. When I lift my tail up quite high, all is going well, and you must charge; but if I let it hang down, run away as fast as you can.” When the gnat had heard that, she flew away again, and revealed everything, with the greatest minuteness, to the willow-wren. When day broke, and the battle was to begin, all the four-footed animals came running up with such a noise that the earth trembled. The willow-wren also came flying through the air with his army with such a humming, and whirring, and swarming that every one was uneasy and afraid, and on both sides they advanced against each other. But the willow-wren sent down the hornet, with orders to get beneath the fox’s tail, and sting with all his might. When the fox felt the first sting, he started so that he drew up one leg, with the pain, but he bore it, and still kept his tail high in the air; at the second sting, he was forced to put it down for a moment; at the third, he could hold out no longer, and screamed out and put his tail between his legs. When the animals saw that, they thought all was lost, and began to fly, each into his hole and the birds had won the battle.

Then the King and Queen flew home to their children and cried, “Children, rejoice, eat and drink to your heart’s content, we have won the battle!” But the young wrens said, “We will not eat yet, the bear must come to the nest, and beg for pardon and say that we are honorable children, before we will do that.” Then the willow-wren flew to the bear’s hole and cried, “Growler, thou art to come to the nest to my children, and beg their pardon, or else every rib of thy body shall be broken.” So the bear crept thither in the greatest fear, and begged their pardon. And now at last the young wrens were satisfied, and sat down together and ate and drank, and made merry till quite late into the night.

SVT - Click a Prince: Seungcheol/S.Coups

Originally posted by seungcheofine

Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: OT13 - Seunghceol/S.Coups x Reader 

Words: 933 

A/N dear lord this was hard. why? ‘cause Seunghceol that’s why   *nervous sweating* Cause some one actually messaged me to ask me about S.Coups’s part aka the push I needed. ;) 

You sat at the table, eating, staring at the empty seats before you. Hadn’t it only been two weeks ago that all the wooden seats had been full.

Hadn’t it been two weeks ago that the table before you seemed to belong to an enormous family. Hadn’t it been two weeks ago that even though your life had been sliced, you had also felt the warmest you had ever felt. And now, all you had to show for this move was an empty table and a slice of chocolate cake in front of you.

You sighed, maybe looking at the thrones would make you feel a little better. Or at least distract you from the crushing loneliness you felt.

You shook your head, still heading towards the throne room with the plate, a ruler shouldn’t think this way. If you were to rule, everyone else came before you, you had no more feelings, only logical calculations to make.  

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A Court of Queens and Lords: Part 15

Part 1-10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Sidenote: I’m late again and sorry, again. One word: Finals.

Part 15:

It took Feyre a few seconds to recognize who they were, but once she saw the look on Rhys’s face, she knew.

Alina and Rhy’s mother, Karna. They were as beautiful as Rhys had described them to her. He had had a nightmare and Feyre was there to console him. He dreamt of them being taken away again, being killed and tortured. To calm him down, she asked how they were like. He told her of Alina, her spirit of light and love that captured everyone’s heart. His mother, who fought for her wings and delivered kindness to anyone she could give it to.

They both stood before her, their eyes dead, their souls seemingly gone. But they were standing and moving. They were the very opposite of dead and alive.

“Ah, how I love dear family reunions,” the King said.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked Aelin, her question full of bite and annoyance. She was still embraced in the birdman’s arms.

“He is the King of this world,” replied the woman next to Hybern. “Show some respect.”

“You will not speak to my Queen that way, you evil fucking bitch.” Said the man embracing Aelin, eyes full of rage. The woman laughed.

“You can insult me all you want, Rowan. The fact is, you’ll all be dead before you can get your hands on me.”

“Wanna bet?” Replied Aedion, with a smirk set with determination.

“It seems to me,” Hybern replied “that some introductions should be made. Now here,” he pointed to his soldiers, “are my pets. They were brought to me by the Cauldron, quite literally. Maeve was brought to me by none other than the great Morrigan’s father. He was very helpful, indeed. He knew where all four of you would be.”

“Where is he?” Demanded Mor, her voice full of anger. She didn’t seem surprised though.

“Right here,” replied Keir, standing next to Maeve. Mor glared at him.

“You see, I landed in the same place as you did, Aelin darling. Keir-”

“So you landed in the Court of Nightmares,” interrupted Aelin.

“Yes,” replied Maeve, annoyed at the interruption.

“How fitting.” Maeve glared at her while Rowan smiled proudly.

“Like I was saying, Keir found me and I… convinced him to hide me.” Keir appeared like all the other soldiers. But Feyre realized these weren’t just soldiers. Feyre’s court seemed to set eyes on a particular soldier, recognition clear on their faces.

“I don’t understand,” said Azriel. “Keir told us about Aelin. If he was working for you then why would he take us to her.”

“That was before he had found me. Dear Aelin and I were unfortunately separated.” Maeve replied with a teasing pout.

“Thank the gods for that,” mumbled Elide.

“Why are you telling us all this?” Asked Cassian.

“Every good revelation comes with a story,” teased the King.

“That’s enough,” Rhys said, voice full of emotion. His eyes were still on his family. “How did you-”

“Bring your family back to life? We didn’t. Not entirely. Maeve was brought to me by what might have been fate or coincidence, but either way it was some sort of blessing.” The King said, voice full of endearment. Aelin gagged.

“She was the perfect piece to the puzzle. I had used the Cauldron to create a portal to create something lethal and unstoppable. It brought me Maeve, who helped me create what I needed. These pets of mine,” he pointed to his soldiers “are completely controlled by Maeve. She is their power source, her magic keeps them walking and fighting. With the Cauldron, I not only created a portal to Maeve’s world, but the portal to the Morto lands.”

“With this portal,” continued Maeve, “we were able to bring lifeless, soulless bodies to our control. And they are all controlled by me, so I suggest to treat me very, very nicely.”

There was a loud silence in the room as everybody in the room tried to process what they had just heard. His soldiers, they were all previously dead. Which meant… which meant that her father was dead too. Rhys looked to her, his eyes full of realization and worry for her. All she could be right now, was shocked. She couldn’t explain what she was feeling, she didn’t know how to feel. Her father had neglected her, had let her provide for her family on her own, had given her off to some beast and never looked back. He hadn’t even tried rescuing her. And yet she knew this wasn’t a way for anyone to die. To die and become a weapon in a world’s destruction. The only thing she could feel for her father was pity. Feyre looked towards to her sisters, to see what she should be feeling, and they all met eyes. It seemed that the Archeron sisters had a knack for blankness. Maybe it was genetic.

She felt Rhys’s hand on her elbow, he held her upright as their whole world tilted. People were being brought back from the dead to be used as unstoppable weapons. They had no chance. None of them had expected the impossible and now that it was here, they were clueless.

Feyre wanted out of there so bad. These soldiers, or dead people, or whatever they were could kill them. Her friends all looked exhausted from the fight, some were injured. She realized these creatures weren’t necessarily powerful, but they could exhaust. Her power would most likely be useless to kill them all. She closed her eyes and imagined that she and her friends were safe in the Night Court. They’d be in the dining room, all of them seated and safe and sound. They’d all be happy and without worries. And when she opened her eyes to face reality, they were all in the Night Court dining room. She scanned the room as they all looked around the room, faces full of confusion. They were all seated at the dining room table just like she had imagined.

Except they were all definitely not happy, and not at all safe.

Bucky Barnes Soulmate au Pt. 2

Based on this post

Summary: Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.        Part 1

Originally posted by little--batman

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Dorian’s Death

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit. And don’t glare at me like that, fam. I know it’s going to be terribly sad but hear me out.

It’s raining. It’s raining really hard and Aelin growls at the sky. Rowan is standing behind her, ready to catch her when his mate eventually falls. By this point Aelin has already lost Chaol so its just her and Dorian now. Aelin is carrying some momentum Chaol gave her when she was Celaena, Let’s say a ring. Rowan is watching his mate slid the ring onto her thumb and kissing it gently. 

They’re in a room. And Dorian is on his deathbed. It’s a shared secret because no one knows but Aelin and Dorian this was the room Celaena Sardothien was given so long ago. Aelin sits by Dorian and she smiles softly and fixes his crown. 

Dorian would smile and those little wrinkles by his eyes would pull together. Dorian, at this point, as begun to lose a bit of his memory. So sometimes he calls Aelin Aelin and other times it’s Celaena. And being in this room, is bringing back some really good memories. So the two start to share inside jokes.

Now remind you we have Rowan, Gavriel, Fenrys and Connall, Vaughan, and even brooding Lorcan just standing at different points in the room. They’re warriors and they’re with their mourning queen. We even had bloody Aedion sitting in a chair just watching his cousin and the “fine lady eating” king of Adarlan. 

So here we have the Queen of Terrasen and the King of Adarlan. And they’re sharing jokes. Dorian starts if off, because it’s Dorian. “Remember” He says. It’s so hard for him to talk but he doesnt care “When you were forced to bow to me”

Aelin laughing and nodding. She remembered. She remembered glaring at him. She remembered it all. Aelin holding Dorian’s hand and Dorian smiling at Chaol’s (probably engagement ring) he gave to Celaena. He’s glad she’s wearing it. The gang is back together again. One last time. “Remember when you brought me books. And stupid notes?” Aelin likes that memory so much.

Dorian choking out a laugh and tears dripping from the corners of his eyes. He felt Death brushing his hair the way Aelin was. He was ready to join Manon and Chaol. But he wasn’t ready to leave Aelin. He is very confused at this moment. 

Something passes over Dorian’s eyes and Aelin knows he’s having memory troubles again. She smiled and kissed Dorian’s wrinkled old man hands and she waits. “Celaena?” Dorian croaks. Aelin smiles and she nods quickly.

She shifts. She shifts into a human and she closes her eyes. And when she opens them, she’s Celaena Sardothien. Adarlan’s Assassin and Champion. Survivor of Endovier. And a huge flirt. Celaena winks at Dorian and he chuckles. 
“You are brave” He’s obviously almost gone. Celaena can see it in his eyes. “You are beautiful” Dorian’s hands go limp in Celaena’s but she squeezes harder. Just one more minute. She just needs one more with Dorian.

“You are my salvation. My…love” Celaena is smiling and she whispers “I love you too, Dorian” and watches his eyes close. Rowan knows now is not the time to growl and do some territorial Fae nonsense. His mate needs this. 

Celaena looks at Dorian confused. She didn’t hear his heart stop like everyone else. And no one has the heart to tell her. So she shifts. And she’s Aelin again. And then she freezes. Now she doesnt hear his heart. She shakes him gently, whispering “Dorian…Dorian?” It’s a question. She’s asking him to wake up. 

Then she’s screaming. and Aedion jumps up and all the other males go taunt. She’s shaking Dorian harder and screaming at the bloody flirty bastard to wake up. But he wont.

She’s screaming louder now and tears are blinding her sight. Fenrys rushes forward because that little wolf has developed the best friendship with Aelin. He grabs her and slowly pulls her away. Again Rowan knows now is not the time to be territorial. Aelin is kicking and screaming and Connall helps his brother because those two twins are Aelin’s pride and joy and she has raised them like a mother and the cadre have been their four fathers. 

The twins are repaying her and holding their mother figure. They’re not tiny Fae. They’re lean and well muscled and Aelin is 5′7. So eventually she’s overpowered but not silenced. Then her mate is blocking her sight. He bends down in front of her and holds her face. And they’re back when they first met. Rowan being able to calm her down. 

Meanwhile Aedion is slowly lifting a sheet over Dorian’s body. Vaughan and Lorcan pick him up and they carry our King out like he should be. Dorian has now joined Manon and Chaol. And it is then Aelin realizes she wont see her friends again. 

Dorian. Who allowed her to look at a man with want and need and lust again. Who allowed her to laugh and smile and share snarky comments. 

Chaol. Who allowed her to love a man again. Who allowed her to open her heart up and dance at bad moments and wear things just to tease him.

They were a Trio. And now her boys were gone. And for not the first time, Aelin hates her immortality. 

She’s shaking her head and trying to pull away from the three males and trying to get to Dorian. Because she knows. She bloody knows she’s going to forget how blue Dorian’s eyes are. What his laugh sounded like. What his favorite books were. Chaol (who died when he was around 50-60) eyes are already starting to look more brown than golden in Aelin’s mind. She’s forgetting the little things about him. She’s forgetting what he looked like when he smiled. 

And she doesnt want to forget those things about Dorian. But she knows she’s going to. 

Aedion pushes his way through all the Fae males to his cousin. He hugs her and he whispers to her about little eight year old Dorian and thirteen year old him and seven year old her. Aelin chokes out a laugh and Aedion has clipped a necklace around Aelin’s neck.

It looks like the Eye of Elena, but it obviously isn’t. Just by looking at it Aelin is reminded of all the bonding she and Dorian went through in ToG. Then she remembers all the pain and suffering that happened in Eos and ToG6. 

But the gem is blood red. A bright burning red and the metal swirling around it, encasing it- Its gold. Adarlan colors. Dorian had made it for Celaena all those years ago when he wanted to marry her and make her his queen. 

From that moment on, Aelin never takes off Chaol’s ring. And she never takes off Dorian’s necklace. But she eventually forgets what her two best friends look like, sound like, and smell like.

Taming the Rage

Title: Taming The Rage

Chapter #4

Author: lokislover9 (previously lokislut9)

Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and that it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but he can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Notes/Warnings: none

Every midsummer in Asgard sporting events and weaponry competitions take place on the palace grounds. Prior to leaving for college, Erika had always competed and was once again looking forward to the challenge. For those who desired practice runs they were to begin in 2 weeks. She decided to do some reading up on her favourites at the palace library. Oddly enough Loki had been curious of her whereabouts and went to see Heimdall. “And how are you on this fine day Sir?” Heimdal is immediately suspicious of him. “What can I do for you Prince Loki?” “Can you please find the lovely Erika?” He lowers his brows to him. “Why?” Loki puts his hands behind his back. “I beg your pardon but since when do you have a place to question me?” “I don’t. You will be kind to her?” Loki smiled. “Of course.” “Very well. She’s in the library.”

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Marry Me?

Request:  Series (or not, your choice, but a series of this would be splendid!) of Crowley and the reader and eventually he asks her to be queen of hell? (With nicknames like kitten, dove, etc?)

Requester: @crowley-trash

Warnings: none

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while! My life has gotten sucky and its hard to write. Anyways, I’m sorry that it took me so long to get this out, but here it is! I hope you like it @crowley-trash!

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The Northerner

So this is a little oneshot about @s-kinnaly‘s zelgan child Kanisa and her love interest Vidar, set at the moment they first met (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I may or may not have gotten slightly carried away with all the gooey romantic stuff going on, whoops, but I can’t help it! I really love Kanisa, she’s awesome

Rinku belongs to @figmentforms, of course! :D

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Silence of the gods
  • Leafe:
  • My ladies Summer and Autumn were wailing uncontrollably at the news. Yet another treatment has failed. Oh if Fawn was here! But that trouble maker, Hope just had to go off and get lost. Fawn and Ceder, retired and happily resting after years of service up and left after her. They were to old for that.
  • "Now now, we must not upset the rest of court..please..shush.."
  • I try to be patience with them. My grandfather, Sir Spring requested I take in his..most awkward and youngest pair of twin daughters. Out of 35 of his children they were..annoying to be nice about it.
  • The girls holding hands bring themselves upright enough to bow on my way out. The ground shook, with so much strangeness happening I thought nothing of it at the time.
  • (Jay): "Baloofa milk is here.."
  • I hear a flat voice of my nephew and apprentice returning from a long trip in the woods to the cliffs where the mammoth baloofas live. I look over how disheveled, battered and bruised he looked from the hike. I sent him off right away to help the queen.
  • THE QUEEN was all I could think about.
  • "At last.."
  • I mix together a mouth wash that MUST work. Only the queen can tell us what truly happened!
  • Scared and temepling faces I must pass as I creep into the chamber where the wounded royals were brought too. It was surrounded by the best of the best on guard ..waiting ..whatever attacked the king could be anywhere here.
  • "Oh this.."
  • *hands her the bottle with a shaking hand.*
  • *muffled prayers could be heard in the background all in anticipation to hear the musical voice of the beloved Meredith again*
Sanctuary Roleplay Prompts
  • “Never let it be said that I don’t know how to show someone a good time.”
  • “If anyone needs me, I’ll be coughing up blood.”
  • “Which part of ‘I am a genius’ aren’t you getting?”
  • “If we don’t leave now, things are going to get rather bullet-ridden.”
  • “Stop doting on me. It makes my teeth itch.”
  • “What if he’s posing as the king of a lost mountain tribe and he wants me for his queen?!”
  • “I’m just going to jump off this cliff and hope that I sprout wings.”
  • “What’s a faked death among friends?”
  • “You were my favorite…until you killed me, which - as you may have guessed - left me with some emotional scars.”
  • “I’ve got wood!”
  • “Have you had a chance to check out my nubbins?”
  • “We’re about to see the ninth wonder of the ancient world, and I didn’t even bring a camera.”
  • “I love you. Remember that always.”
  • “You haven’t even touched on me getting wild yet.”
  • “I brought you here for two reasons - Because only you can help me finish what I’m working on and because I love you.”
  • “Thanks for taking off your pants.”
  • “I only get one set of days. I think you need to appreciate what it means if I give them all to you.”
  • “If you’re going to help, do try to remain sober.”
  • “Ugh… What the hell did they shoot us with, a hangover gun?”
  • “What is it about you and me and dark, narrow corridors?”
  • “Is that your real name, or just the one we’ll put on your headstone?”
  • “Is that a revolver under your bustle, or are you just happy to see me?”
  • “You know, you might want to spend a little less time with Jack the Ripper. It’s affecting your manners somewhat.”