the kings and queens were brought here

[Here’s another headcanon dump about my babies]

Spark was officially ordained Champion of Ianite when he was around 21, brought to her attention by his work in building Dagrun as a safe place for Ianitees during the rising conflict between the Gods. They actually ruled as King and Queen of Dagrun before they were even in any kind of relationship; Spark tried to present the city to Ianite for her to rule over, but she insisted he rule it since he had created it. Neither would back down (they’re both super stubborn, of course, have you SEEN their children) so they agreed they should both rule.

Spark went into the championship with a healthy respect, loyality and admiration for Ianite, and then gradually spiralled into having mildly embarrassing, not-mild-at-all feelings for her, which he was a lad about and kept to himself because he knew to put his people before his own feelings bless his beautiful soul. Except Dianite is ONTO him so damn hard that it’s uncomfortable. Ianite has no clue but her brother is metaphorically standing behind her glaring accusingly at Spark over her shoulder. It really freaks him out actually. And he’s afraid of what might happen if it’s Dianite who spills the secret so he’s not really all that bothered when he speaks without thinking and tells Ianite he loves her one evening in the doorway to his room while saying goodnight. She just smiles and kisses him on the cheek and floats off to wherever she spends her time, because she’s a goddess and he’s a mortal and he’s sensible enough to pretend not to remember in the morning anyway.

Except the mind is a very powerful thing, especially for a god, and having the idea of something in your head for long enough can start you on the what-ifs and suddenly Ianite is wondering WHY gods and mortals shouldn’t love, and then she’s knocking on Spark’s door with a picnic basket tucked under her arm and an invitation; and easily within a year Spark takes her back to the same meadow with the same picnic basket and gets down on one knee with a different invitation (they’re the king and queen of Dagrun anyway, why shouldn’t they be married?). Spark is 24 and Dianite is the best man (his idea, not Spark’s) and the world is good.