the king of xy


Another Pokemon Steven universe Crossover! This time with AZ. Tall af gem with incredible fighting skill but after Galaxy calcite perished in the war he grew a huge hatred for humans. Once was with the gems but after the first war he went back to blue diamond, suffered 3000 years of punishment because of treason. Lost a leg in the war but since the technology is advance on homeworld he was able to regain a prosthetic leg.

  • Side character in XY: Immortal king, cursed to wander the Earth for centuries because of his mistakes in the past that led to millions being killed
  • Side character in XY: An orphan raised by a kindly detective, only to be kidnapped and brainwashed into a thief with superhuman powers, and forced to work against her surrogate father
  • Side character in XY: A member of the most prestigious Pokemon organization in the world, the Elite Four, who also sidelines as a new reporter and former member of the villainous team who wants to commit genocide
  • Main recurring character in XY: Kid who dances, has bad hair

Initially finding about the tv show:

I mean, yay! TMI gets a second chance! Alright, that’s cool!

Finding out the show will be on ABC Family:

Only because ABC Family is notorious for canceling shows without giving them a full chance, OR canceling with SHOCKING ENDINGS. EXAMPLES:

^Didn’t follow the book, but was still a great show that deserved more episodes

^Last EP: Her boss finds out she is actually still in high school

I’ll give ABC Family a chance, but if they do the same to TMI…