the king of xy

Despite XX

by Remi, 16, Transmasculine

“XX,” said the doctor as my lungs claimed air.
“XX,” they said to announce my birth.
“XX,” said the boys; I couldn’t play with them.
“XX,” and that defined my worth.

“XX,” said the baby album; though I still asked.
“XX,” said my mother; I was not a son.
“XX,” said my dad to that very same question.
“XX,” said my family, and that was done.

“XY?” my brain inquired. I wondered.
“XY?” could that ever be truly me?
“XY?” forbidden, not forgotten.
“XY?” could I ever be?

“XX,” said the school where I signed the papers.
“XX,” said the standardized testing sheet.
“XX,” said the sign on the door of the bathroom.
“XX,” said the teachers as they called me “she.”

“XX,” claimed my birth certificate.
“XX” was my only choice.
“XX,” stamped itself upon my body.
“XX” it was. I had no voice.

“XY,” my brain said in persistence.
“XY,” I fantasized pre-sleep.
“XY,” I thought, but kept my mouth shut.
“XY” was something I’d never be.

“XX” brought threats of rape and violence.
“XX” made sex a forbidden thing.
“XX” scarred me, but could not kill me.
Despite “XX,” my hope grew wings.

“XY” led me to the internet.
“XY” said I’m king, not queen.
“XY” said that I’m not broken.
“XY” rose beyond mere dream.

“XY,” I said. I said it shakily.
“XY,” said my reflected face.
“XY,” I knew, now fit just right.
“XY,” I said, and fear erased.

“XY,” I claimed. My claim was tentative.
“XY” stood through friends’ critique.
“XY,” I said. Though they abandoned me,
“XY” is what’s truly me.

“XY,” proclaims my pronoun necklace.
“XY.” I am LGBT.
“XY,” I say, and it feels right.
“XY” is where I’m meant to be.

“XX” still comes in choice of restroom.
“XX” still comes from family.
“XX” still hangs out on my papers.
“XX” shows through in my physique.

“XY,” I say. I reclaim my world.
“XY,” I say as my binder breaks.
“XY” I say as I save for hormones.
“XY,” I say, and my earth still shakes.

“XY,” I smile. I love my pronouns.
“XY,” say all my friends these days.
“XY,” I shout to all the haters.
“XY” is how my story stays.


Another Pokemon Steven universe Crossover! This time with AZ. Tall af gem with incredible fighting skill but after Galaxy calcite perished in the war he grew a huge hatred for humans. Once was with the gems but after the first war he went back to blue diamond, suffered 3000 years of punishment because of treason. Lost a leg in the war but since the technology is advance on homeworld he was able to regain a prosthetic leg.

anonymous asked:

I stopped reading pokespe after dppt (I miss the og 10 so much,,,) can you give me a quick rundown of bw/2, xy, and sumo?

B2W2 (still going on): Unova is still feeling the aftereffects of the ending of BW, and Interpol Superintendent Rakutsu/Lack-two/Blake (take your pick) is working to stop the mad scientist Colress and his Pokemon-controlling Colress machine. However, the computer chip containing the files for the machine to counteract the Colress machine was entrusted to a now twelve year old Plasma grunt girl, so he’s working undercover as a student at the recently established Aspertia City Trainer’s School in hopes of finding her. He’s cleared all the girls so far, all except the new transfer student, Faitsu/Whi-two/Whitley, who’s secretly waiting for the return of Plasma’s true king, N…

XY: X was once an up-and-coming trainer with a promising future, but is now a depressed shut-in who literally never leaves his room. His childhood friend Y spent every day for the past several years to get him outside, but only technically succeeds when Vaniville Town completely burns to the ground. Team Flare wants X’s Mega Ring and will stop at nothing to get it, so X, Y, and their other three childhood friends must run for their lives, not knowing who to trust, and someone please hug these children they don’t deserve this

SM/USUM (still going on): Moon arrives in Alola to deliver a special Rotom to Professor Kukui, and ends up being helped and helping a money-hungry courier named Sun. Moon quickly realizes that something strange is going on in Alola, something that is angering the local deities and causing holes in open in the sky, and wants to solve the mystery. Sun later kinda sorta ends up being forced into taking the Island Challenge by the Kahunas in hopes that he will calm the angered deities, so Moon decides the best course of action is to help him out some more. Now if only that strange boy Gladion would just straight up tell them what the heck is going on…

Tried to bring together a fanmix for these two. Again, it’s sort of sad I guess, but I tried to make it as relevant as possible!

Cover Art: here

1. Austra - Alone, Together  2. Editors - Munich 3. First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar  4. Mylene Farmer - Fuck them All 5. The Cranberries - Liar 6. Austra - Painful Like 7. Moremoney - Scar On 8. Florence and the Machine - Blinding 9. Big Scary - Belgian Blues 10. Kings Of Convenience - Rule My World  



Initially finding about the tv show:

I mean, yay! TMI gets a second chance! Alright, that’s cool!

Finding out the show will be on ABC Family:

Only because ABC Family is notorious for canceling shows without giving them a full chance, OR canceling with SHOCKING ENDINGS. EXAMPLES:

^Didn’t follow the book, but was still a great show that deserved more episodes

^Last EP: Her boss finds out she is actually still in high school

I’ll give ABC Family a chance, but if they do the same to TMI… 

  • Side character in XY: Immortal king, cursed to wander the Earth for centuries because of his mistakes in the past that led to millions being killed
  • Side character in XY: An orphan raised by a kindly detective, only to be kidnapped and brainwashed into a thief with superhuman powers, and forced to work against her surrogate father
  • Side character in XY: A member of the most prestigious Pokemon organization in the world, the Elite Four, who also sidelines as a new reporter and former member of the villainous team who wants to commit genocide
  • Main recurring character in XY: Kid who dances, has bad hair