the king of the mishas

it makes me sad sometimes to think about how i’ll probably never meet anyone who will understand all of my fandom references

Petition for Netflix to pick up Kings of Con

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1,933 needed to reach 5,000

Who likes this guy?

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Well what about this other guy?

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Or….picture this……BOTH of them…..TOGETHER…..on a comedy show….. *gasping all around*

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T͡H̛EN̢͘ ̛͠FU̧͝C̨̡Ḱ̨I͏̶͝N͝͡͠G͟ ̸͝SI̶̸G̡͝Ń̨ T́H̕E̶͡ PÉ͘T̶I̢͝T̵͘͠I̛O̢N̢ ̷Y̨̧O̢̡U̢ ́͘P̢̨I͏̷͜EÇ̕É̢͘ ̛͢O̶̢F̵ ̡̀S̸H͝I̧͝TS̛̕

okay so youre not ALL piece of shits unless you dont sign

but either way what im saying here is, if we can get this petition to 5000 signatures we could get rich and rob a NEW home for kings of con, for a better price than what Comic con H-poo was charging AND A WIDER VARIETY OF VIEWERS


Link to petition

SPN Season 13 cast so far

So guys, I was scrolling through IMDb for information on the first few episodes of the new season and I found some interesting things about the cast for the first few episodes

Episode 1:

So pretty much our usual cast, new Lucifer, maybe the alt!Lucifer or maybe ours found a way back so soon, new character called Miriam (correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Miriam the angel who died in 12.10 Lily Sunders, the one who died at the diner?) but Misha is cast as someone named Richiemorales. Now, who that is and why Misha is playing them I don’t know, but I honestly think that the producers might be screwing with us because I googled Richiemorales and while no supernatural or mythological creature popped up in my search engine, I did find Richie Morales the drummer and Jazz performer.

Episode 2:

So the first thing that made me scratch my head was that Jared and Jensen are going to be playing two different character this episode, maybe they get possessed or something. So my little research happy butt googled the names to find out what supernatural/mythological/biblical creatures we are gonna see and I find:


and Sciurus

Well played Supernatural, hats off to you.

Episode 3:

First, fuck yeah Missouri is coming back. Second, fuck yeah Jody is coming back. Third, fuck no Luci stay away from my mother. Fourth, fuck no Mikey stay away from my son. Finally, who the fuck is Oberon?

Damn it Sammy I told you to fight the fairies not become their King jfc ya idjit.


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