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• Final Fantasy XV in Real Life : Gladio’s Ultimate Flavour Experience ! 💪🏼
Cosplayer - Leon Chiro Cosplay Art

When Iggy is not home and your Salt Bae Gladdy Daddy finds out a new recipe!!! 😂
PS : No Gilgamesh were harmed in the making of this video

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As regards to class, astrology for long was considered royal science or art; kings of Babylon and Assyria, the emperors of Rome, popes in the Middle Ages, and the great ducal families in Renaissance Italy. No upper class family would allow any one of its members to be cremated until the astrologers examined his natal chart and fixed a day for cremation according to planets or signs. In China, where astrologers ranked very highly, the great Venetian traveler Marco Polo found them still very powerful in the 13th century. He recounts that in the great city of Kanbalu there were about 5000 astrologers provided for by the emperor.
—  Louis McNeice
In June 1943, after Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel III arrested Mussolini, Hitler sent his troops into Rome. They took the city after just two days of fighting. Rome’s population was swollen to almost double its size by refugees drawn by what they thought was the protection of an open city. Pius had the Vatican secretary of state write to the leaders of all religious orders and ask them to help refugees any way they could. At first, people could pass freely into Vatican City, but when the Nazis realized the pope was offering shelter to Jews and other refugees, they began checking identification. The Church countered by providing fake identification for people wanting to enter the Vatican. Later still, many people made mad dashes to safety after dark.
All available Church buildings were put to use. One hundred fifty such sanctuaries were opened in Rome alone. “Shelters were improvised everywhere, in lofts, in storage rooms under stairs, hidden behind blind doors or cupboards, subterranean galleries, ancient Roman doors used as escape routes: all this as soon as the alert sounded - according to agreed signs, such as the convent bells - that a Nazi inspection was approaching.” Catholic hospitals were ordered to admit as many Jewish patients as possible, even if their ailments were fictitious. Castel Gandolfo, the pope’s normal summer home, was used to shelter thousands of refugees. A wartime US intelligence document reported that the “bombardment of Castel Gandolfo resulted in the injury of about 1,000 people and the death of about 300 more. The highness of the figures is due to the fact that the area was crammed with refugees.” No one but Pope Pius XII had authority to open his summer home to outsiders. In fact, his personal bedroom was converted to a nursery and birthing area, and about forty babies were born there during the war.
Father Robert Leiber, Pius XII’s private secretary and personal confidant during the war said: “The Pope sided very unequivocally with the Jews at the time. He spent his entire private fortune on their behalf….Pius spent what he inherited himself, as a Pacelli, from his family.”
—  Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Professor Ronald Rychlak, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism (2013)

“She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
look like a pair of wings.” x

Happy birthday my dear Chelsee and Cassidee!

Heyyyy so I saw people were sending in game/fanfic ideas of theirs for review (?) So I thought why the heck not. Aight I’ll keep this short.
Baaaasically it’s like medieval times and the different ‘families’ of Hetalia (like the Baltics, the Nordics, FACE etc) are these different little ‘houses’ that control parts of a kingdom. One house can have power over another but there’s ONE house that has power over ALL of them and they call the head of that house the True King.
So Rome USED to be True King but then he died and left Romano in charge of like, everything. Buuut the FACE fam seems to be gettin powerful, as in Romano thinks they’re gonna try and steal his throne, so the obvious choice is… baby theft!
They steal baby Sealand and place the blame on the Nordics who took him in. But it also falls on their higher-ups, AKA Russia and fam whose house own the Nord’s at the moment. If the FACE fam finds out where their baby ended up, war is gonna freakin happen, which isn’t good and not what Romano wanted at ALL, because they already HAD a war and couldn’t handle another so soon.
So his options are to let war happen and stay King, or team up with Russia to find a way out of this mess and hopefully avoid the conflict.
That’s all the story I have planned, as of now. So, thoughts??

oooo i like it i like it! good conflict, good use of family structures, good stuff i say

I don’t think I could ever love softly.

I want to love all corners and edges,
knives and daggers, broken nails bitten
down till they bleed.

I want to love like Troy blazing, like
Rome collapsing, like kings cast
down from their thrones; the only
way I know to spell love is like this:
W A R N I N G.

I love with trembling arms, scratchy
eyes, chipped teeth - fire, fire, fire.

I ache to chaff myself into fire and
blaze so brightly you can see again -
I do not want to love any other way.

I’m sorry if that’s too much to handle;
fire does, after all, need another fire
to run itself out.

—  Darshana S.“IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME”

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Would you be loyal to a prot king

Of course. I’d definitely petition for a return to Rome, but a Protestant king (as in England or Northern Europe) is better than any sort of republic. 

Although, the rather democratic nature of Protestantism (for example, individual interpretation of scripture, build-your-own faith elements, etc.) generally promotes republicanism in the first place.