the king of hell is scottish


BHO is tu is Buachiaill thar an treuid
Iomain fein shin do chleidh ’s do chaimir,
Seun sinn fo do bhrot riomhach reidh;
     A Sgeith dhidinn, dion ri ’r mairionn.

Bi-sa do chlaidheamh cruaidh, cosgarra,
Chon sinne dhion a irinn arrais,
Bho fhigeirich is bho fheadaine frinne fuara,
     ’S bho dheathach ruadh an aigeil.

M’ anam an urrachd an Ard Righ,
Micheil murrach an comhdhail m’ anama.

As Thou art the Shepherd over the flock
Tend Thou us to the cot and the fold,
Sain us beneath Thine own glorious mantle;
     Thou Shield of protection, guard us for ever,

Be Thou a hard triumphant slave
To shield us securely from wicked hell,
From the fiends and from the stieve snell gullies,
     And from the lurid smoke of the abyss.

Be my soul in the trustance of the High King,
Be Michael the powerful meeting my soul.

More Accurate, English Lit-Friendly, Book Titles
  • The Grapes of Wrath: Poor People Suffering Under Unjust Capitalist System Make Really Angry Symbolic Grapes
  • Wicked: SJW Badass Undone By Unjust Totalitarian Society and Ten-Year-Old With Bucket of Water, Is Tragic As Fuck
  • Moby Dick: Captain Is Dick to Symbolic Whale
  • Life of Pi: Bullshit Story About Tiger Taken As Legit By Unsuspecting Reader, Reader Is Strangely Okay With This
  • The Kite Runner: Kabul Local Is Dick to Friend, Atones By Running Symbolic Kite
  • Perfume: Look At This Creepy Talented Fuck: The Oderiferous Edition
  • The Poisonwood Bible: Religion Is Poison and Your Country's A Dick: The Africa Edition
  • To Kill A Mockingbird: Society Is Racist, Classicist, and Sexist, Also Kills Innocent Birds
  • Heart of Darkness: Imperialist Shit Trippy As Hell, I Want Out
  • Crime and Punishment: Sympathetic Creep Tries To Forego Conscience Through Murder And Fails: The Russian Edition
  • Hamlet: Complexity of Moral Dilemma Undoes Charismatic Intellectual 
  • Macbeth: Sympathetic Creep Tries To Forego Conscience Through Murder And Fails: The Scottish Edition
  • King Lear: Bad Character Judgment Undoes Idiot King, Established Order Falls Apart
  • Romeo and Juliet: Love Is Great And Then You Die. Or It Dies. Either Way It's Terrible
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Love Is Like A Dream: Fickle, Random, and Trippy as Fuck
  • Pride and Prejudice: You Can Marry For Love And Be Filthy Rich!: Every Girl's Fantasy, Admittedly 
  • Les Misérables: Isn't Suffering Ennobling and Beautiful?: A Christian-Friendly Love Story 
  • East of Eden: Moral Complexity Subverts Garden of Eden Bullshit 
  • Of Mice and Men: Cruelty Kills, Er, Cruelly
  • The Phantom of the Opera: Look At This Creepy Talented Fuck: The Musical Edition
  • The Magic Mountain: Sanitorium Is Trippy As Hell, I Want In
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude: Superstitious Bullshit Causes Vicious Cycle of Suffering, Is Hilarious
  • Great Expectations: Oppressive Class System Is Full of Shit, Protagonist Slowly Realizes
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Oppressive Class System Leads To Violence, Also Poignant Redemption of Drunkard
  • Harry Potter: Boy Wizard Fights Evil Wizard In Battle Between Good and Evil, Is Better Than It Sounds 
  • Love In the Time of Cholera: Love Is A Lot of Things But It Ain't True Pal: A Love Story 
  • The Scarlet Letter: Symbolic Letter Screws Up Local Woman's Life, Also Patriarchy 
  • The Odyssey: Very Long Trip Home For Dick Protagonist 
  • Frankenstein: Science Makes Me Uncomfortable I Think It's Evil: A Symbolic Cautionary Tale
  • Dracula: Sexuality Make Me Uncomfortable I Think It's Evil: A Conservative's Musing
  • Stargirl: Unconventional Girl Gets Bitch-Slapped By Conventional Society, Says Sayonara
  • The Casual Vacancy: Vacuous Small Town Bullshit Has A Death Count, No Joke
  • The Great Gatsby: Aren't Rich People Glamorous and Tragic?: A Sycophant's Love Story 
  • Edward Longshanks: WOw the 1290s and early 1300s sure were a turbulent time for my reign I mean fighting three different wars in Wales, Scotland and France and just barely dodging a fourth front by narrowly avoiding a large scale rebellion in England that wouldve been caused by enormous taxation needed to fund the conflicts elsewhere but thats all finally over. Wales is pacified, France has agreed to return Gascony and me and my son have married relatives of the French king so as to encourage a permanent peace and after a successful campaign the Scottish nobility has fully surrendered and agreed to finally submit to English rule and the sole holdout William Wallace has been captured by his countrymen and delivered to me as a sign of good faith and obedience. Hell, even all of Ireland seems finally be coming to terms with rightful English dominion. Looks like I have finally succeeded in my longterm plan of subjugating all of the British isles under my yoke.
  • Robert the Bruce: Nyaa~~n ^_^

Pairing: None
Word Count: 403
Warnings: None
A/n: this is my first foray into fanfiction for supernatural, that being said I’m open to any and all critiques. I would also like to say thanks to wayward-mirage because their blog is the only reason I even got the inspiration to finish this, so I hope you enjoy it!
Prompt: Of all the problems I had, I never expected for an accidental acid trip with a leprechaun to be one.

Crowley sank down into the chair next to you. The effects of the spell making it harder to stand than normal.

“I know it’s probably the spell but is that couch changing colors?” you said, pointing.

He turned towards you and blinked, confused until he followed your pointing finger.

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Voice of an Angel

Request: Hi !!! Could you do a Crowley x Reader in which she is hunting with the Winchester and it’s the first time she meets Crowley and she doesn’t speak to him because of what the Winchesters told her about him but he flirts like crazy and she snaps and yells at him and he realizes she has a British or Scottish accent and instantly falls in love?

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Mild language 

Word Count: 456

Tagging: @lennonrose3

Originally posted by oh-crowley

Twigs and leaves crunched under your boots as you trudged through the woods, the Winchesters and Crowley close behind. You were all working on a case, one that required an extra pair of hands, so the Winchesters invited the King of Hell, who were told not to even speak to. That wasn’t too hard, considering you weren’t much of a talker anyway. He was apparently pretty wicked, a real troublemaker. You didn’t want anything to do with that, so when he stuck his hand out for a handshake, a dashing smile adorning his lips, you ignored him and walked off. That didn’t seem to phase him; it seemed to encourage him to try to get you to even talk to him.

“So, where did you find this lovely thing?” Crowley asked the Winchesters, smiling at the back of your head as the four of you walked.

You rolled your eyes, hearing Dean tell Crowley to shut it. You slowed your steps, silently pointing to a small pool of blood on the ground. You stopped and glanced around, looking for anymore clues as to where the creature you were tracking was headed. You spotted a bloody handprint on a nearby tree, scuffled leaves and possible footprints leading east. You glanced at Sam and Dean with a small smile, nodding that way.

“What a brilliant girl,” Crowley purred, moving to stand at your side, his smile coquettish.

You merely shouldered past him before he could flirt with you some more. Why was he so invested in you? You just wanted to get this case done so that you could knock back a few drinks and go to sleep, the exhaustion of this week’s hunts weighing on you.

“Crowley, if you open your mouth again I’m going to shoot you,” Sam threatened as they followed you.

“Love it when you talk dirty, Moose. I bet this one has the voice of an angel,” Crowley replied smoothly, shooting a wink your way when you turned to glare at him.

Before the brothers could even begin to make a move toward the demon, you grabbed Crowley by the front of his suit, roughly yanking him toward you. “If you don’t shut your bloody mouth, I swear I will bury you! Piss off!” You snapped, British accent strong, before shoving him back and whipping around to storm off.

Crowley stood there and gaped for a few moments, ignoring the Winchesters chuckling in the background. He blinked a few times, recovering from the shock, his expression turning into one of awe. “Bloody hell … I think I’m in love,” he sighed out, a crooked, blissful smile tugging at his lips as he brushed past the Winchesters to follow you, completely in a daze.

British Tea Party

Title: British Tea Party

Character: Crowley, Rowena  ||  Pairing: Crowley x demon!Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: ~1k

Prompt: “Brits are the best.” “I know, that’s why I’m possessing one.”

Summary: Family afternoon tea with Crowley and his mother always make for an entertaining hour.

A/n: This is for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll ‘s challenge! I loved getting a personalised prompt about our shared love of British awesomeness, thanks for hosting the awesome challenge! Also everyone reading this, please forgive me if my Rowena isn’t perfect, I’m only on season nine so it was mostly improvising (but I loved the idea way too much to not write it). ENJOY <3

“Fergus” Rowena sounded exactly like she always did when talking to her son, in a know-it-all manner and with a not so subtle bitchiness to it, “Why is it that your ‘girlfriend’ sounds more Scottish than you do? Is someone ashamed of where he comes from, dear?”

You quickly took a sip of your tea to hide the smile about to spread on your face. Tea parties with Crowley and his mother always tended to end in discussion, though this one seemed like an entirely new one. Usually it was more of an if-I-were-to-rule-hell-I-would from Rowena’s side while your king stuck more to the how-to-British-polite-threaten-your-annoying-mother kinda small talk. Needless to say you were the only one that got to enjoy those afternoons.

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hiddenhistoryofwesteros  asked:

Got a question for you Steven. In a previous ask you agreed that the length of wars under the Targaryens is implausible. My question then is what would be a more realistic timespan for the Conquest, Dance of the Dragons, First Blackfyre Rebellion, Robert's Rebellion, and the War of the Five Kings? Thanks.

Hoo boy, that’s kind of a can of worms I’m not sure you want to open, because it’ll play merry hell with the timeline. 

See, all of GRRM’s wars are very short: the Conquest was one year, the Dance was three, First Blackfyre was one, Ninepenny Kings was one, Robert’s Rebellion was one year but across two, Greyjoy Rebellion was one, and the War of Five Kings is three and counting.

But to give a few examples from medieval warfare:  

  • FIrst Crusade (4 years)
  • Second Crusade (3 years)
  • Third Crusade (5 years)
  • First War of Scottish Independence (32 years)
  • Hundred Years’ War (115 years)
  • Wars of the Roses (30 years)

And that’s just a handful of cases, you can find many many more

So GRRM’s longest wars are Medieval history’s shorter wars. 

My Guardian (Part 5)

Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1766

Warnings: kissing, angst, swearing, violence, mild gore, brief mention of sexual arousal.

**Sorry for the late night posts. It’s also when I write, so some of this may be weird. Anywhos, enjoy.

My Guardian Master List

“Sam and Dean will be back any minute,” Cas grumbled into your ear. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and nipped. You were actually sad that the brothers were coming home. The time you had spent alone with Cas had been wonderful. You had expressed to Cas that you wanted to keep everything that had gone on between the two of you a secret until you found Crowley.

No distractions.

Sure, Cas’s presence anywhere near you was now a distraction, but he was also a lot of help. The two of you had spent the morning drinking way too much coffee and planning your attack on Crowley’s new fortress. The boys had texted Cas pictures of the warding symbols that littered the house’s concrete barrier. You had come up with a few plans of how to take them down to allow Cas entrance.

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King Of Hell - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  Hey :) i wanted to request 1#, 8# + 9# With crowley fluff where they aren’t yet togethe

Prompt: 1. Nice costume! It would look better on the floor, though.
8. I can’t believe you convinced me to go trick or treating with you.
9. I just need my fangs and I’ll be ready.

Word count: 2,073

Warnings: Extra cheesy.

Characters: Crowley x reader, Rowena, Sam and Dean, Mary (mentioned).

A/N: I love Crowley’s little asdfghjkl (sorry) so I enjoyed a lot writing this. I have to admit that I had to take my time on this one, for I didn’t want it to be SUPER cheesy because, well, it’s Crowley. However, I still think this is one Nicholas Sparks novella wannabe.


Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

Crowley groaned as he struggled to suit on his vampire cape. Crowley and his mother insisted on wearing scarier costume. However, the King of Hell was far too in love with the girl to say no to her suggestion to dress as typical vampires.

Nice costume! It would look better on the floor, though… Or the trash can… Or even better: Burning in hell, literally.” Rowena hissed as she entered the room. Crowley was standing in front of a triple mirror. His mother noticed his struggle and decided to help her son.

“Mother. Charming as always.” Crowley spoke sarcastically.

“At least a bloody vampire…” Rowena mumbled as she fixed the cape.

“Mother, we’ve talked about this.” Crowley rolled his eyes.

“’M just saying.” Her thick Scottish accent pissed the crap out of her son.

“After tonight, the costume will be worth it.” Crowley promised, looking at his reflection on the mirror in front of him.

“Because you’ll be back with souls? Or because you’ll finally surrender to that human’s charms?” Crowley groaned.

“Both.” He replied, “And it’s not surrendering, it’s acknowledging that I can still feel.”

“Only because those Winchester boys gave you enough human blood to weaken you.” Rowena hissed.

“Mother, please. You love those two.” Rowena rolled her eyes, but didn’t argue anymore.

After Lucifer turned her down and killed her, Rowena had vowed to fight against him – which basically turned her into a Winchester ally. (Y/N) came along the package. She was a young hunter who seemed to have a thing for demons; specifically Crowley.

Rowena, as any other mother, felt jealous of the girl who had taken her boy’s heart – or at least what’s left of it. However, she liked her enough not to cast a curse on her for flirting with her Fergus.

“Ready?” The girl asked as she entered the room. She was smiling, showing of her fake fangs; her black lace dress fitted her perfectly, and the cap gave her a rather mysterious look. She had amber lenses and her lips were blood red.

“Yeah, I uh… I just need my fangs and I’ll be ready.” The demon replied, looking over to his mother who immediately caught the sign.

The witch offered to go find them to the other room, giving some time alone to her son and (Y/N).

“So, what do you think?” She asked, doing a small pirouette to show off her costume.

“You look beautiful, darling.” Crowley asked lovingly.

“Would you look at that?” She joked, “The King of Hell himself thinks I look beautiful. Guess not many can say that, huh?” Crowley chuckled as he nodded.

“Not anyone can say that – except for you.” Crowley spoke in a soft voice.

“What a romantic you are. Have you been taking human blood again?” She joked once more.

Every time Crowley tried to make a move on her, she’d dodge it with a joke or by changing the subject; which was the main reason why Crowley hadn’t ask her to be formal with him just yet. She had lived to long with the Winchesters to let herself show her soft side, and that pissed the crap out of Crowley. However, that night, he wasn’t going to let her dodge the topic as he asked her to be the official Queen of Hell.

What a pretty title that was.

“So tell me how did you convince Moose and Squirrel to let you come ‘trick or treating’ with me?” Crowley asked as Rowena re-entered the room and handed him his fangs – which he proceeded to apply.

“I told them I’d go out with you, that’s all.” She replied with an innocent voice. Crowley hummed in response and Rowena gave her a naughty look.

“You didn’t specify where you were going to go, huh?” She asked with a smirk.

“I kept the details, of course. They wouldn’t let me come soul-picking with him.” (Y/N) explained.

“Those two need to learn how to have fun. It’s not like they haven’t caught a few souls themselves.” Rowena joked, remembering when the Winchesters collected souls for Dean’s bomb.

“I think Mommy Winchester has an influence on them.” Crowley spoke, checking his fangs on the mirror. “Shall we?” He offered his arm to (Y/N) who interlaced hers with it.

“We’ll be back home early.” (Y/N) promised Rowena, who dismissed her comment with a hand gesture.

“Please, don’t worry about this old witch. Take your time.” She winked. Crowley gave her a warning look and the witch said goodbye, walking back to her room.

Truth is, Crowley had planned that evening for months. It was a special night, after all. Not every day a girl is asked to rule Hell; and certainly not by the King himself.

Their relationship had been strange – to say the least. Obviously, the Winchesters started being a bit resistant about their almost sister spending quality time with a demon; Rowena was also a problem at first too. The witch would insist over and over again that a human, a hunter, could never be the proper Queen (without mentioning that she was sure Crowley would weaken by her presence). Afterwards, the acceptance came in and, with it, the pressure.

Every day since their families accepted them, Sam and Dean would ask over and over again when would Crowley make it official, knowing that (Y/N) wasn’t going to take that first step. Rowena, on the other hand, would suggest different kinds of spells to help her son grow a pair, or at least give (Y/N) courage enough to make the first move.

But finally, Crowley had everything set and he was ready to do it. He was confident that (Y/N) was the one to rule Hell with him because, even as a hunter, she could be bad as hell if she proposed it.

“Tell me, how exactly are we going to carry the souls if we got no soul-holders or whatever their name is?” (Y/N) inquired as Crowley and she walked down an empty lane.

“We don’t need those, sweetheart.” Crowley replied with a cocky smirk.

“So what? Are you going to demonically teleport them back to your… palace?” (Y/N) asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Not everything I do is demonic.” Crowley chuckled.

They walked a bit more, skipping some of the already decorated houses. (Y/N) looked behind her as they walked past them and furrowed her eyebrows as she sighed.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” Crowley asked, stopping on his trails and tilting his head to show concern.

“Nothing, it’s just…  I can’t believe you convinced me to go trick or treating with you… Trick or treating for souls instead of candy!” She exclaimed.

“I’ve told you… This people sold their souls and were taking them in a pacific way.” Crowley explained once more.

“Let’s just… Let’s just finish this quick.” She sighed. Crowley wrapped his arm around her and gave her a small peck on her temples.

The soul collecting wasn’t as bad as (Y/N) thought it would be. Every person knew that their time was coming, and some of them were even thankful that Crowley took their souls personally instead of sending the hell hounds.

A few minutes past midnight, the last person on Crowley’s list got collected. Leaving the demon and the huntress free for the rest of the night.

“That was fast.” (Y/N) spoke as they left the person’s house.

“You’ll see, sweetheart. People aren’t afraid of going to hell… In fact, they want to go to hell – they need it.” Crowley explained, taking her by the hand to guide her back to the street.

“Makes sense.” She mumbled.

“Does it?” Crowley looked down at her.

“Yeah, I guess.” She answered.

“Why would you want to go to hell?” He tilted his head.

“To be with y… Wait, is this some kind of trap to get me to hell?” She changed the subject quickly, as she always did whenever she was close to start showing emotions. Crowley, however, knew what she was about to say.

“I won’t take you to hell unless you ask me too… Even if that means spending the eternity without your stupid jokes.” Crowley spoke softly.

“My jokes are awesome!” She giggled, punching Crowley’s arm playfully.

“Of course they are.” Crowley once again kissed her, this time on the cheek.

“So why do you need all those souls anyway?” She asked.

“Because I’m the King of Hell, of course.” Crowley answered, not quite sure about her question.

“I know but… What did you do to them? Did you send them to hell or…” Crowley stepped in front of her, stopping her from walking.

“That’s a surprise.” Crowley stroked her cheek and took her to a park nearby.

She wanted to joke about how cliché that was, but truth is she was actually enjoying it. Crowley was as cold as the Winchesters, but he sure as hell wasn’t afraid to open up a tad bit more to her; especially when it was just the two of them.

Crowley took her to the exact centre of the park. The moon light reflected on them, letting each other see enough of one another. Crowley wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer.

“I got to ask you something.” He whispered, making her heart flutter.

“Yeah?” She whispered back. She wouldn’t admit it, but she had been waiting for Crowley to make their relationship official for months.

“This is going to be extra cheesy, so please try not to… Laugh.” Crowley begged before kneeling. He took out a ring with the biggest diamond she had ever seen.

“Are those…?” (Y/N) gasped.

“The souls we collected tonight? Yes.” Crowley answered. He cleared his throat and looked directly into her eyes. “Would you do me the honour to be Queen of Hell? My Queen?” Crowley asked.

“YES!” She squealed, leaning down to kiss Crowley on the lips for the very first time.

The demon stood up and placed the ring on her finger. It was a proper marriage, or whatever you’d like to call it, but it meant everything to them. Crowley knew that she’d be a fair Queen, even if her kingdom was Hell itself.

“Sam and Dean will piss themselves when they see this.” She sighed, staring into the moving souls inside the ring. They were truly beautiful, in spite of belonging to not-so good people.

“I’d love to see that.” Crowley chuckled, “Maybe we should go give them the news now.”

“As you wish, my King.” She smiled wickedly.


“Let me get this straight,” Dean trembled “she’s the new Queen of Hell?”

“Yes, Squirrel. What is it so hard to understand about it?” Crowley rolled his eyes tiredly.

“It’s just… You told us you were just going to make it official!” Dean grunted.

“And I did! I’m a King, therefore she’s now a Queen.” Crowley exclaimed.

“Exactly. Bow to me, bitch!” (Y/N) joked with a cocky smirk. Dean gave the couple a death glare.

“I actually think it’s a good thing.” Sam finally spoke, interrupting his brother’s rant.

“Really?” Crowley, Dean and (Y/N) asked in unison; the three of them snapping their heads towards Sam.

“Yeah because… Well, (Y/N) is one of the good guys so… Hell will be a lot more calm with her there than just Crowley.” Sam explained.

“Oh so you’re taking her to Hell?” Dean hissed.

“Of course not! What kind of best friend you are? You’re supposed to know I hate Hell!” Crowley argued.

“I’m not your best friend.” Dean stated.

“Yes you are.” Sam mocked and (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

“Whatever… Just… If you or your demons do ANYTHING to her, I’ll kill you all with my very own hands.” Dean threatened.

“Classy as always.” Crowley sassed, “No worries, Squirrel. She is the Queen and she’ll be treated like so.”

After that there wasn’t much more to argue. (Y/N) in fact moved with Crowley, but would spend as much time with the Winchesters as possible. She also didn’t stop hunting, except it was easier now when it came to demons for he just had to order them to go back to Hell.

Crowley and (Y/N) ruled with fairness. She even became a demon herself and, in spite of that, she kept being the same old girl as she was in the past. Crowley fell even more and more for her, day by day, his love would increase until it reached his limits – making him feel back again.

music tag

I was tagged by @novelistjugheadjones and @southsidejuggie (thank you guys so much <33) to post my ten favourite songs I’m listening to right now and tag ten mutuals, so here it is!! 

  1. Sidewinder - Catfish and the Bottlemen (choon)
  2. A While - Gabrielle Aplin (she has the voice of an angel)
  3. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects (I heard this song for the first time in years on the radio the other day and it’s so good I’m not even ashamed)
  4. Sad Song - We the Kings (I have a weak spot for harmonies)
  5. I Can’t Go On Without You - Kaleo (6 minutes of YES)
  6. Enough for Now - The Fray (cry)
  7. Happy Pills - Weathers (a little weird but good)
  8. Bad Habit - The Kooks (another choon)
  9. A Scar to Hide - Twin Atlantic (cry again)
  10. To the Sea - Seafret (the h a r m o n i e s) 

I tag: @jvghead-jones-iii@wearelondonbound, @thekillingquill, @thejugheadchronicles, @murderyoursoul, @mantleismagnificent, @jugheadxreaderinyourhead, @redhairedoddity, @ohsnapitstaz and anybody else who’s interested this spot is for you xx ( I checked and I don’t think any of you have been tagged?? sorry if I’m wrong and if you don’t want to do it that’s cool too )

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: It’s here! Part Twenty Seven! More drama is going down. I’m figuring we’re getting towards the end, y’all. Not quite sure how many more parts there will be. I actually had to split this one up because I’d gotten so far ahead and there was no where else that would really work well as an ending. Guess we’ll see how long it takes from that point on to solve what all needs solved in the end… Hope you all enjoy!

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five | Part Twenty Six

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

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Warnings: Pregnant reader, kinda angsty, minimal editing.

Word Count: Roughly 3200

“What if she left again?” Sam paced, anxiety tearing through him at the thought. He could survive it. But, he didn’t want to. He just wanted you home.

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Flower Of Scotland Is A Sunflower, part 2

From this request: You know the reader with a Scottish accent? It would be so cool if her and Roweena met!

Part 1


Sam stood, watching your eyes trail over a page of a dusty old volume. You’d been at the bunker for little over a year and he loved having you here (as did Dean and Cas). But there was something that Sam was growing concerned about.

Without taking your eyes from the page, you turned toward Sam and took a step closer. Your eyes slowly raised and upon finding Sam in front of you, you jumped back slightly. “Jings! You gave me quite a fright.”

“Sorry,” Sam said, the corner of his mouth raising slightly. He loved listening to you speak, the Scottish accent rolling off your tongue and reminding Sam of the way your mother had spoken to him. “I just… there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What?” You paused, waiting. “Da?”

“I…” Sam bit his lip. “Are you happy here?”

“What? Of course, I am.”

“I’m serious.”

“As am I.” You closed the book, studying your father. “I love being here with Uncle Dean and Castiel. And Bobby…. Well, I love that old fart. He’s like the granda I never had.”

“But… don’t you wish you had someone around your own age here? Or your own nationality?”

You scoffed. “Dae talk mince. I never really got along with any of the lads or lasses at school.”

Sam nodded, chewing on the inside of his cheek.

“Where’s this coming from?” you asked.

“I just… I’m worried about you.”

“Awe. Ya wee sook,” you said, stepping forward and wrapping your arms around Sam’s waist, burying your face in his chest. “I love you, Da.”

“Love you, too, Y/N.”


“Well,” Crowley said, looking around at the bunker’s interior. “I must say, it’s quite different being in this room than the dungeon. What’s the occasion?”

“I need to ask a favor.”

“What’s this? The moose needs a favor? Whatever could have happened to make him stoop so low.”

“Come on, Crowley. Hear me out.”

Crowley sighed. “What?”

“I want your mother to…”

“To what?”

“Befriend Y/N.”


“My… daughter.”

“Oh,” Crowley said, his brow raising. “Right. I’d heard about that little incident. I must say, I was quite surprised. I thought for sure that of the Winchesters, Squirrel would be the one to forgo the wrapping paper.”


“I’m just saying.” Crowley paused, studying Sam. “What does my mother have to do with anything?”

“Y/N is Scottish.”

Crowley stared at Sam for a moment. “You’re pulling my leg.” Sam shook his head. “Prove it.”

“Y/N,” Sam called over his shoulder. A few minutes later, you poked your head around the corner.


“I want you to meet Crowley. King of Hell.” Sam was proud that the title didn’t phase you– you’d learned quickly to accept the weirdness that came with being a Winchester.

“Nice to meet you,” you said to Crowley. You turned back to Sam. “Is that all?”


The two men watched as you disappeared back down the hall.

“Holy shit,” Crowley said. “That was unexpected.”

“So,” Sam said, getting back down to business. “Can you get your mom to help out?”

“You want her to teach Y/N magic?”

“No. Well, not necessarily. If she wants to teach her a few things, I don’t suppose it would hurt. But I just… want her to talk to Y/N. Make it so that Y/N feels a little more at home.”

Crowley nodded. “I’ll… see what I can do.”


“You must be Y/N.”

You spun, finding a red-haired woman standing behind you. “Who are you?”

“Ah, I can’t tell you what it feels like to hear that dialect again,” Rowena said with a smile.

You straightened slightly. “You… you’re Scottish?”

“Aye. But I’ve been away from the homeland for a while. You’re like a breath of fresh air.”

You couldn’t help but smile– after all, you felt the same way. Your heart leapt with excitement upon hearing Rowena speak. “You know my name, yet I’m still unsure who you are.”

“I am Rowena. I believe you met my offspring the other day.”


“Fer– I mean, Crowley.”

“Oh. Aye, he seemed nice.”

“He’s nothing more than a loon. But, he has told me of your arrival and I just had to meet you.”

You felt your cheeks heat. “I’m glad you came. I’d never tell my da, but… sometimes I feel a little strange being here. Not really homesick, but…”

“Out of place?”

You nodded.

“That will pass,” Rowena promised. “Are the Winchesters understanding of your accent?”

“Mostly. But they do sometimes ask me to repeat myself… and I’m not sure they understand all the words I use…”

Rowena smiled. “That just means that we can talk about them behind their backs.”


under the cut, you will find 86 poc fcs &. their ethnicities, as requested by no one but 110% needed in the rpc because R E P R E S E N T A T I O N is important as hell ! all fcs that are included here have a decent amount of gifs and resources and if any ethnicities are incorrect, i apologize ! i researched to the best of my ability. please like and reblog if you found this useful, angels.

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2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?” / 24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” - Part 2

Thank you all so much! I’m glad you liked the first part so much, I really hoped y’all wanted to read a second part! Now get ready for some Crowley fluff :D

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anonymous asked:

Hi Cat & Mouse! I'm looking for a female fc, and sorry if this is really vague, but who looks like they've been through hell and back, and could play around 17-19. She also is blonde, and I would really prefer a woman of color. Thank you!

anon:  (blonde, hell and back, female woc fc again) also they need to have gif icons! Thank you again!

BONUS! No gif icons but worth a mention:

Hey! I think any faceclaim can pull off any backstory but here are some suggestions. Credit to @blueshelp​ and their Japanese faceclaim directory for some of these suggestions! -C

Crowley - First Encounter

Whether it is due to his sense of style, sarcastic wit, or charming Scottish accent, Crowley is most definitely the kind of man who sticks out like a sore thumb. 

…and maybe that’s what initially drew you towards him.

The King of Hell first caught your curious eye at the local sports bar; and apparently you had peaked his interest as well. He was dressed to impress, donning his signature custom black suit, with a matching silk tie, and dark leather loafers. 

Obviously he hadn’t been looking to catch the latest baseball game…

Eying you from across the bar, Crowley gestured to the open space on your left, before making his move. Weaving through the crowd of rowdy ‘home-team’ enthusiasts, he slid smoothly onto the stool beside you, and motioned for the closest bartender. 

“Can I buy you a drink, darling?” he had questioned, his tone silky, and his posture exuding an unprecedented amount of confidence. “Something sweet, I presume?” Flashing a small grin, you graciously accepted, ordering a [insert drink name here] as the dapper man sitting to your left requested a shot of whisky. Ignoring the drinks as the bartender placed them within your reach, you chatted with Crowley, questioning him about his hometown in Scotland, while he asked questions regarding your career and family. 

...funny how he never seemed to comment on his own. 

Stirring the straw within you own drink, you watched as Crowley knocked back his shot, laughing when his features twisted in disgust.

“That is quite possibly the most vile whisky I have ever encountered,” he coughed, nearly slamming the glass onto the wooden bar. Shuddering, the dark haired man stood, before reaching into the pocket of his suit-jacket, and withdrawing a crisp $20 bill. “I know this may seem a bit unorthodox, [Y/N]…” he began, holding his hand out for yours. “…however, would you like to accompany me to an establishment that isn’t trying to pass gasoline off as alcohol?”

Why not? I doubt he has anything to hide…



Imagine Crowley protecting you at the bar

“Hey sweetie.” You gaged as the smell of the drunk hit your nose. He must have been in here all day prowling around to smell this badly of beer and whiskey. You turned to face him from where you had been leaning over your own drink. An Appletini. He was a scruffy looking bastard. Beard flowing off his face and down to his chest, His eyes bloodshot, cheeks red as wine, you were surprised he hadn’t been kicked out yet. He smirked to show rotten teeth. You grimaced.
“Aren’t you gonna say hi back?” You turned back to your drink.
“Sorry, I don’t make a habit of talking to drunken old men.” You felt a firm grip on your shoulder as he twisted you around to face him again. Your heartbeat quickened.
“That’s awful rude talk for a lady….I reckon….” He leaned in close, running his other hand down your back. You felt a growl low in your throat. “…teach you some manners.” He let out a lugh and you launched a fist out to punch his jaw. You hit him and he reeled back. Before he could come back at you someone came up behind him and cleared their throat.
“I believe she doesn’t want anything to do with you.” The man turned and you saw Crowley. Your heart fluttered. You hadn’t seen the king of hell in a long time, this meeting was long over-due. You also hoped it would have been under better circumstances.
“What would you know you british twat.” Crowley’s eyes narrowed.
“It’s Scottish twat to you. And I just so happen…” He flashed his eyes red. “…to be the king of hell. So unless you want an express ticket downstairs I suggest you get your drunk ass out of my sight and out of this bar.” The man was shaking now and he nodded and hightailed it out the door. Crowley turned back to you. His eyes were back to normal as he caressed his hand against your cheek.
“Are you alright, (y/n)?” You nodded taking his hand in yours.
“I am now…my king.” You kissed his hand and smiled seeing the tint of red seeping into his cheeks.

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