the king kahn

Honestly thinking of rewriting PLL seasons 6/7 where

1. A is intimidating and not cringy
2. Has legit motivation
3. A is not CeCe but she is still there and is treated respectfully and is played by an actual trans woman
4. No characters disappear for no reason
5. There are actual answers
6. Bi!Mona and Pan!Hanna
7. Emison rising and being a power couple
8. POC and LGBT characters are not just murdered for *shock value*
9. More actual answers
10. The parents exist
11. Hanna and Caleb not being to reduced to the mess of characters they are now
12. No Spoby and Haleb post-time jump as they understand their high-school relationships wouldn’t last
13. Sara Harvey not being played by Dre Davis and not a wasted character
14. No wasted characters
15. Even more answers
17. Jaria developing post-time jump leaving any chance of Ezria in the dust
18. Ezra actually receiving consequences for stalking and having a relationship with a minor (also he and Aria won’t date while he’s a teacher, and don’t have sex at the end of season 2 bcos it was romanticised as heck in the show when it was actually statutory rape)
19. Dark!Aria arc

I’m sure I can think of more but this is all I can come up with at the moment. It’s actually so tempting to retcon the entirety of the last two seasons. I legit will.

(Feel free to add more to the list.)

Sometimes people forget just how smart King of the Hill can be.

When Kahn finds out that his daughter Connie is rejected from Rice University’s prestigious summer school because of racial quotas, or simply putted because she’s an overachieving asian, he loses it and believes that all his families hard work and achievements were for nothing. They start living like rednecks since they think their education doesn’t mean anything and nearly become homeless in the process.

When Kahn is thrown into a stick fighting ring Hank tries to talk sense into him and we learn what made Kahn make this decision.

I was really thinking maybe this episode would have an answer in it! What did we learn?!

We learned……. that Noel and Ezra ain’t shit? That parents in Rosewood still suck ass???? That Peter Hastings still fucking sucks??? That Jenna is still a shady bitch??? Shocker. Wow. I’m truly amazed by these mind-blowing revelations.

  • Lafayette: King Louis has commenced negotiations with Messieurs Franklin and Adams of the American Delegation.
  • Washington: Negotiations?
  • Lafayette: A treaty of Alliance between France and The United States is imminent.
  • Lafayette: The number of regulars taken prisoner at Saratoga in particular, has earned King Louis' support and the admiration of Parliament.

I wanted to do this King of the Hill/Yogi Bear mash up based on my favorite KOTH episode. I had fun looking up what characters to base them on (Yogi, Boo Boo, Ricochet Rabbit, Snagglepuss, etc), but I still pretty much hated it until did the background and textures. Then things fell into place. I don’t know, it’s still pretty corny.