the king is madman because he thinks he is a king

Stuff that happened when Green Day were in London on February 8th 2017

- everyone singing along to bohemian rhapsody before Green Day came on
- the bunny at the beginning
- them coming on to the good bad and ugly theme
- which went straight into know your enemy
- that girl from the audience who sung know your enemy and then jumped into the audience but it took a couple of tries because she was scared
- the stadium going pitch black and Billie shining a torch round the audience during holiday followed by Billie and the audience chanting ‘no Trump’
- ‘the representative of England now has the floor’
- the acoustic beginning to blvrd, all of the lights in the audience, the audience singing part of blvrd before the pause where everyone chanted ‘Green Day’ followed by Billie saying ‘it’s so, so nice to be back in London’
- having the union jack hanging over his guitar during blvrd
- blvrd going straight into longview where Billie got out his old guitar
- that guy in the superman hoodie who came up and sang longview and was running around the stage like a madman. When he hugged Billie, Billie grabbed his butt, and he did not hesitate in running and jumping into the audience
- Tré skipping across the stage to throw his sticks into the crowd, and then doing a pirouette and skipping over to Jason Freese on the keyboard and thrusting in front of him during waiting
- before 2000 light years, ‘who in here is a hardcore Green Day fan?’ que everyone cheering
- all the fucking around in hitchin’ a ride: ‘Eeennggalaaaand’ etc
- the beginning of cristie road where there was just a spotlight on Billie
- minority that went straight into are we the waiting, where there was low lighting and the audience singing most of the chorus
- which went straight into st. jimmy
- Billie running out of breath in the last chorus of st. jimmy and then standing on a platform with his arms out under loads of lights and staying like that for a good few minutes before shouting 'and don’t you fucking wear it out!’
- Billie going through Mike’s legs during basket case
- Tré didn’t have his bra and hat on during king for a day ;-;
- Mike had sunglasses, Jason White had the mike mask, Jason Freese had a pharoh’s hat, Billie wore a flat police hat
- Someone throwing a rainbow flag at Billie, who then held it up and briefly wrapped it around him like a dress during the instrumental of king for a day
- the audience chanting 'king for a day’
- the call and response part with the sax and Billie playing a golden kazoo, which he then threw into the audience
- Billie waving his arms during the sax solo and putting the union jack on Jason like a cape
- Jason having a spotlight on him during his sax solo, where he played the careless whisper sax solo and conducted the audience who sang the last bit of it, which he found very funny
- the way Tré came down from the drum kit to do his 'I say waaaaaaaaaiiitt a minute’ in the mic
- the way Tré kicked his legs during his part and Billie played the drums
- 'little bit softer now’ as the stage went dark and they all lay on the floor
- Billie softly singing always look on the bright side of life and the audience singing the 'doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo’, followed by teenage kicks where Billie held the mic up from the floor and the audience sung 'this teenage kicks right through the night, alright’ where Billie added an extra 'alright’ on the end
- Billie, while on the floor, saying 'this is why we love coming to England, because you guys feel the same way about music as we feel about music’
- Billie then singing I can’t get no satisfaction, followed by hey jude, where there was a massive cheer after the first 'hey jude’ and the audience singing the 'naaaa naa naa na na na naaaaaa, heeeyyy juude’ and inbetween each na na na part, Billie singing some improv 'juuudy juuuudy judy judy go’
- 'little bit louder now’ as the lights turned back on and they all got off of the floor
- 'this song is called forever now’ followed by a massive cheer
- them going off stage and the audience chanting 'Green Day’ again
- Billie getting down on his knees and praising the audience when they came back on stage
- the audience singing the beginning of american idiot
- Billie screaming 'fuck you Donald Trump!’ at the end of american idiot
- Billie making the audience hold on the 'hooooome’ part in jesus of suburbia with his hands in the air
- the acoustic set up for ordinary world and good riddance, where there was just a spotlight on Billie with an acoustic guitar and all of the lights in the audience
- the confetti and Tré and Mike coming on at the end of good riddance
- the little group hug the trio had at the end
- the t-shirt cannon ('who wants a t-shirt?’) during one of the songs, where a shirt came very close to us
- the two hoses at either side of the stage that Billie used to soak the audience
- the many times Billie went 'eeeeeyyyy ooooohh’ and the audience replied
- the 'eeeeeeyyyy oooooohh’/who can cheer the loudest competition between the two sides of the audience, where Billie conducted each side and made each side boo at the other (I think we won tbh)
- Billie raising his arms when he wanted the audience to make noise and then be quiet when he lowered them, and then cracking up when he gradually got faster and ending up going so fast the audience couldn’t keep up
- 'is that your cellphone? hey just to let you know one thing, if you’re looking at me through your cellphone, you’re not looking at me. This is an experience of a lifetime! You get to see Tré Cool!’ (he said this while looking in my direction and I was filming and there was like 1 person in front of me on the floor who also had their phone out plus I was pretty visible plus he was looking up and not down to the audience on the floor so I’m like 95/100% sure that he was saying this to me)
- 'this is our own private underground’ 'this is for all the weirdos out there, because I was a weirdo once too…and I still am a weirdo’ 'I don’t wanna see a selfie because I don’t care! I wanna see your beautiful face’ some finer quotes of the evening
- Billie running and jumping off of that platform at the front of the stage when there was a big finish to a song
- Tré went through a total of 8/9 pairs of drumsticks, because after some songs he would throw them behind him and magically pull another pair out of his shorts, he threw a pair into the audience during waiting and another at the end of forever now and the last pair were dropped into the audience when he bowed at the very end
- The disabled girl who came and played the guitar (with Billie’s help) and then was shocked to tears when Billie said she could keep the guitar

The Kissing Scene

A/N: Hey y’all! Sorry for not getting this out sooner. School has been pretty hectic this week and I wasn’t able to get much done but now it’s out lovelies!! I hope y’all enjoy it. :)

Request: (anon)  Hi! Your writing is amazing!! Can I PLEASE get a kg3 x reader where they’re in a play with a kissing scene but they hate each other so they’re dreading it but then in a practice they actually fall in love and F L U F F YAY.

Pairing: (King) George Frederick X Reader

T/W: slight angst if you consider calling someone out and a bit of yelling angst but it gets very fluffy

Word Count:1,209 (wowza that’s long)

Time Period: Modern High School AU

Theater has always been your favorite thing. Your outlet from all the nonsense that lies in your home. From all the fake friends that stepped all over you. A place where you could be practically anyone you want.

Theater was perfect.

Except for the fact that George Frederick was in it. He has always wanted people to call him “King George” because of all the leading parts he gets. On top of that he is a jerk. Selfish beyond words. He believes that he’s better than everyone, being popular because of his father’s business. And everyone just lets him step all over them….. Except for you. This probably also has to do with the fact that you like… Okay like isn’t the right word. Love… George Frederick. 

You have always refused to be degraded by his words. He hates you beyond anything and you hate him way less than he knows. You two always make everything a competition. Everything

Math? A competition. PE? A competition. Theater? A competition.

You stood in front of the casting list taped firmly onto the door in the auditorium. A mixture of anger and shock immersed throughout your body. 

Romeo and Juliet Rewritten Casting List:

Romeo: George Frederick

Juliet: Y/N L/N

You ignored the rest of the cast sheet simply staring at the words before you. You have to kiss George Frederick. This cannot possibly be happening. You sat down in your usual seat contemplating what you just read. You are the first one to read it. Of course

George strutted into the room glancing at your angered face for a split second, smirking. Ha. That fool probably thought that you were angry about getting a “small part”. Joke’s on him. He reached the casting sheet, staring blankly at the list before him. You could see the red emerge on his face, you being the same shade.

He turned to you and you two made eye contact. He looked angry. You are almost positive that you looked the same. He rolled his eyes at you before sitting….. Right. Next. To. You. You turned to him, a smirk getting planted on his face. You rolled your eyes. “Why are you sitting next to me?” You practically hissed. 

George made an over dramatic face acting offended, placing a hand on his chest. “So now I can’t sit next to you? Didn’t know that was enforced. Although….. You do understand we will eventually have to get more intimate than this?” He smirked at you. You blushed. You were flustered. Because of George Frederick. You cursed yourself before responding.

“Ugh. Don’t remind me. Although……You seem rather excited to kiss your rival. Do you not….. Georgie?” You smirked, using the nickname he despises. His eyes narrowed, his face flushing slightly. 

“Why must you always call me that? I do not enjoy being called that and you know it.” He hissed, you flinching at his words slightly. You immediately smirked back to him.

“Well of course I know that Georgie. But ya’ see. I don’t like ‘King’ much more either…. And I also kind of enjoy making you angry.” You smiled. He opened his mouth to speak, getting cut off by the students rushing into the classroom. He sighed, sitting in his regular seat.

The teacher, Mr. Washington, walked out of his office, staring at the students scattered throughout the room in their seats. He smiled at everyone before beginning to speak.

“Hello students! As you have probably seen, the cast list for ‘Romeo and Juliet Rewritten’ are up! Congratoulations to the two leads. Y/N as Juliet!” He exclaimed. You beamed, smiling at everyone. “And George Frederick as Romeo.” Mr. Washington practically sighed. You giggled at the way he said George’s name, to find George glaring at you. Well, speak of the devil.

It has been 1 week since getting the casting sheet. You have already learned your lines while George was having some trouble. You sighed, walking up to the puzzled George staring at his script.

“I see this is taking you a while to learn. Need any help?” You sighed, taking the empty seat next to him.

“I’m rather fine. Thank you…. prick.” He hissed, bringing his eyes up to meet yours before looking back down at his script.

“You’re such a jerk.” You sighed, getting up to leave. George scoffed behind you.

Excuse you.” George said angrily. You slowly turned around, anger in your voice.

“Excuse me? Excuse you! I have stayed strong with every single cruel thing you have said to me! Do you know how hard that is George? The person you love degrading you everyday of your life?! Why do you think I call you names? Why do you think I make fun of you? It makes my coping easier. I make fun of you to spend time with you idiot. And now I’m nice to you for once and you call me a prick?” You shouted tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. 

George’s eyes widened at you, blushing like a madman. “I-im sorry.”

“Whatever.” You sighed, walking away from him.

It has now been two weeks. Time for your first practice all the way through. Meaning….. Kissing Scene. It was already at the kissing scene. That was fast. You looked at George who was blushing like a tomato, but who are you to judge when you look the same?

You stared into his dark brown eyes as he stared into your E/C eyes. He looked nervous and his hands were shaking. You leaned in for the kiss before he jumped away quickly. “Wait! Y/N can I speak to you before we do this?” He asked, biting his lip. You turned to Mr. Washington who nodded in understanding as you walked close behind George to an empty room.

“W-What was that for?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow. He turned to you, his eyes glistening slightly.

“I was thinking and……. D-Did you say that you loved me last week?” He asked. You flushed completely, remebering that you did, in fact, confess your love the week before. Crap. Your eyes widened slightly. 

‘U-Um… You remember that?” You said nervously, your hands fidgeting as you looked down at the ground.

“Well. Of course. Considering I do love you quite a lot as well.” He smiled genuinely to you. Your eyes widened even more if even humanly possible.

“R-really?” You asked nervously. He nodded.

“I don’t just stop making fun of someone unless I love them. If I do remeber correctly I have stopped making fun of you.” He laughed, causing you to giggle a bit.

“But why did you force me to come in here with you Georgie?” You smiled. He rolled his eyes playfully at the use of the nickname..

“I wanted to kiss you. Before we have to kiss as actors. If that makes sense.” He stated, losing his smile which turned into a worried frown.

“W-well. What are you waiting for Georgie?” You laughed. His eyes widened and he stepped towards you planting a passionate kiss to your lips. When you both pulled away you smiled at each other. You intertwined your fingers with his before walking back to the stage.

Maybe this kissing scene won’t be as bad as you thought.


anonymous asked:

Sorry if this question has already been asked to you but what do you think Jaime menant when he says: "There are no men like me. Only me."? I honestly love this quote so much but it''s so hard to determine what he meant by that. Some people think it's arrogance, but I don't think it's arrogant to say that we're not like others, because we're all unique in our own way. I personally felt a great loneliness from this quote, what do you think?

actually no no one ever asked me that specifically so… *cracks knuckles*

first thing: I love that quote to pieces I mean I loved jaime like woah before then too but at that point it was just cemented xD that said hahaha nope arrogant my ass. okay here comes another episode of ‘janie’s unpopular opinions about jaime lannister’s true character TM’ brace yourself

okay so, let’s see the entire context and let’s recall that at this point the guy is somewhat drunk since I think he was at the point in the exchange with cat where he was fairly beyond tipsy.

“Your crimes will have earned you a place of torment in the deepest of the seven hells, if the gods are just.”

“What gods are those, Lady Catelyn? The trees your husband prayed to? How well did they serve him when my sister took his head off?” Jaime gave a chuckle. “If there are gods, why is the world so full of pain and injustice?”

“Because of men like you.”

There are no men like me. There’s only me.”

There is nothing here but arrogance and pride, and the empty courage of a madman. I am wasting my breath with this one. If there was ever a spark of honor in him, it is long dead.

now, first thing: obviously cat does not know jaime’s backstory and we know that she’s fairly wrong about pretty much all of her evaluation - like jaime has a lot of pride obviously and he’s arrogant, but his honor is far from dead as you can see later in asos and he’s not a madman. actually, he’s the only one actually speaking sense in this exchange - obviously not from cat’s pov, but tbh his reply is pretty dead-on. he is alive and ned is not, and we all know that killing aerys is what turned him into the cynical pseudo-heartless person he thinks he is these days and that he’s presented as in the beginning (pseudo-heartless because he’s not but never mind), and he’s probably spent a lot of time thinking over the fact. like it’s also obvious from his confession to brienne, but he really fucking resents having been judged that harshly over aerys. I mean:

The water had grown cool. When Jaime opened his eyes, he found himself staring at the stump of his sword hand. The hand that made me Kingslayer. The goat had robbed him of his glory and his shame, both at once. Leaving what? Who am I now?
The wench looked ridiculous, clutching her towel to her meager teats with her thick white legs sticking out beneath.
“Has my tale turned you speechless? Come, curse me or kiss me or call me a liar. Something.”
“If this is true, how is it no one knows?”
“The knights of the Kingsguard are sworn to keep the king’s secrets. Would you have me break my oath?” Jaime laughed. “Do you think the noble Lord of Winterfell wanted to hear my feeble explanations? Such an honorable man. He only had to look at me to judge me guilty." 

wow. he’s totally not angry over it still, isn’t it?

thing is: no one else in the kingsguard at least in recent times as far as we know has murdered their king as he did. he has never gone and tried to correct it with anyone else because everyone judged him on principle because of it and at that point let’s remember that he had guarded aerys for two years and when he burned people in front of him he was most likely dissociating so having to kill aerys was probably the straw breaking the camel’s back to jaime’s feelings about questioning his role in the kingsguard and the likes. I mean, don’t forget that he had been questioning the whole ‘why don’t we lift a finger if the king is horrid to his family’ rules for a long time and no one else saw fit to either do something about it or voice their concerns if they had any. there’s literally no one like him because as far as we know he’s been the only KG member who ever put the entire system into question. and as far as he knows he made the right decision (he doesn’t really regret killing aerys even if he has conflicted feelings about it ie his glory and his shame) but no one else does.

now, after that he thinks that the whole oaths/honor talk is bullshit for obvious reasons and that’s why he doesn’t give a fuck (externally) if people think he has no honor. he’s gonna embrace it if that’s what they think even if deep down he loathes it - or he wouldn’t be telling that story to brienne who’s, guess what, the One True Knight & Honor Personified Except That She Is True To It And Not A Fraud in the entire continent. this stated, let’s look at the first exchange.

cat is basically telling jaime that his crimes have eternally damned him and she obviously means pushing bran, killing aerys and possibly banging his sister, but as far as jaime thinks the only one out of the three he might consider a crime is pushing bran, not loving his sister (as far as he’s concerned) or killing a madman (and I’m saying he’d consider pushing bran a crime because before he pushes him he says ‘the things I do for love’ with loathing, which would suggest he KNOWS he’s doing something shitty). so hey she’s doing exactly the same thing ned did with him ie judging him without knowing the entire story or the reasons why he committed most of his supposed *crimes*. he gives her a perfectly logical answer that also complies with his character development - at that point he’d hardly care about gods whatsoever and he hasn’t for a long time most probably. also he’s laughing the entire time which would suggest he’s finding it all hilarious in the way it is when you’re drunk and you’re already cynical in the first place. anyway, ‘why is the world so full of pain and injustice’ isn’t just aimed at cat, it could be aimed in general, because that’s most likely a question he’s asked himself since he got into the KG. it is the question someone who has to serve aerys and hates it would ask themselves.

and she replies ‘well, because of men like you’, supposing that he is the kind of horrible person that makes the world full of pain and injustice while actually the guy had to live for years serving someone who made the world full of pain and injustice and made everyone a favor when he killed aerys. so basically she went and told him that he is the same as aerys which I’m fairly sure jaime wouldn’t agree with since they’re absolutely not.

and then he tells her that there are no men like him. but like that’s literal truth - there aren’t. no one has done what he has done, no one has been reviled for it as it happened to him, no one went into the KG at fifteen and no one did the things jaime did in that specific context and he’s just telling her the truth. he’s telling her that not only he’s not like aerys, but no one else could have done the things he did and he doesn’t really want to be likened to aerys in the first place.

and as you said there’s obviously the loneliness part of it since if you look at the whole picture, jaime’s basically kept that story for himself until he told brienne. but like he kept that secret for more than ten years also because no one would have cared to hear his part of the story, and he didn’t share it even with cersei when one presumes he would since at that point he still buys into the ‘we are the same person etc’ mantra. but he doesn’t. he never has. and he’s probably felt the burden of it for that entire time, and then again if he never told others it probably was also because he thought it wouldn’t change anything. (and guess what when he tells brienne it actually does change things but never mind.) also jaime tends to keep a lot of things that end up eating him from the inside ie he never tells tyrion about tysha or never tells anyone about aerys and the likes. of course there’s no one like him. because no one’s had his experiences and no one bothered to understand them and he’s not the kind of person that makes the world a horrible place but everyone thinks he is and at that point of the story he had sort of embraced it in the ‘well they think that of me fine I’ll deliver’ sense. he meant all of that, but obviously cat was not the right interlocutor for it since she thinks he’s insane when he’s the one out of the two of them that’s talking most sense. it’s not that it’s arrogance (he’s arrogant in other ways), it’s just the way it is.

(mind that jaime is one of the few people who tends to say things straight and tends to not bullshit in his povs and grows more self-aware with the narration rather than being unreliable - he’s like one of the most reliable narrators in asoiaf tbh if you don’t count the part concerning his feelings for cersei, but he also gets progressively self-aware in that sense as well. so like he generally means 90% of what he says unless he’s deliberately lying and you know when he is, it’s his pov most of the times. I think you can generally take at face value most of the things he says and this one also counts.)

Queen of the Water (4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.8k+ 

Warnings: swearing, two punches in the face (this chapter is a roller coaster of emotions omg)!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

Originally posted by gregorybtw

Let’s get one thing straight, everyone at St. Mark’s Preparatory School are snobby two face bitches who flaunt their status and wealth (there’s always a few exceptions to the rule, like Y/n and Steve). Y/n was the outcast in the school, the American Princess. She was stuck in her roots. She refused to fit into the mold everyone wanted her to squeeze into. Unlike everyone else on casual Friday’s, she wore jeans and her competition surf t-shirts. She took casual seriously unlike everyone else. Everyone else wore proper Royal clothing. Expensive dress pants, silk skirts, and everything else in between.

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buffalomj  asked:

Is there any evidence explicitly denying that Cordelia literally is the Fool in King Lear? I know they never share the stage, and many people posit that the same actor could play them, but I mean an actor playing Cordelia playing the Fool. For me, it makes so much sense that she would stay close to her father despite the way she denies him at the start of the play.

I see where you’re coming from, but the idea that Cordelia dresses up as the fool to follow her father is quite unlikely for a number of reasons.

As you say, it’s very possible that the actor playing Cordelia doubled up as the fool, but I don’t think that Shakespeare suggests that Cordelia becomes the fool to stay with her father the way that Kent becomes Caius to remain with Lear.

For one thing, there’s evidence to suggest that the fool existed before Cordelia’s banishment. When King Lear calls for his fool for the first time, one of his knights answers that ‘Since my young lady’s going into France, sir, the fool hath much pined away’ (1.4.71-2), which pretty explicitly suggests that both Cordelia and the fool were in Lear’s court at the same time.

The other rather serious thing to consider is how Cordelia could have raised a French army if she never left with France. From her commanding attitude, it’s rather clear that she is a leader of the French forces, a fact that would be rather unlikely if she had spent the duration of the play with her father rather than in France.

Kent also makes it clear in Act 2 that he’s in communication with Cordelia while following Lear around as Caius. Of course, you could say that she could be sending him false letters while being the fool, but that’s rather far-fetched. And when Cordelia returns in Act 4, she says ‘Soon may I hear and see him’ (4.4.29) which again suggests that she hasn’t seen him in a while.

The most important thing, though, is that characters who disguise themselves in Shakespeare, and certainly in King Lear, tend to make it very clear to the audience that they are in disguise. Take Kent, for instance, coming in in his new attire as Caius:

If but as well I other accents borrow
That can my speech diffuse, my good intent
May carry through itself to that full issue
For which I have razed my likeness (1.4.1-4)

He explicitly says that he’s putting on a different accent and that he’s shaved off his beard. And if that wasn’t enough, he calls himself ‘banished Kent’ to make sure the audience is in no doubt about his disguise. Edgar is the other one, and he’s remarkable because he makes his transformation into Poor Tom on stage; so the audience can see him donning his disguise. Disguised characters also end their disguise through a proper reveal. For example, Edgar tells Albany ‘The bloody proclamation… taught me to shift into madman’s rags, t’assume a semblance / That very dogs disdained’ (5.3.182-87), and says he ‘revealed [himself] unto [Gloucester]’ (5.3.191). Even Kent tries to reveal himself to Lear even though Lear’s well past knowing anything: ‘I am the very man – … That from your first of difference and decay / Have followed your sad steps’ (5.3.284-7)

Part of the reason for this very deliberate way of informing the audience is that the acting troupes weren’t so big and doubling was common, so that if an actor changed clothes without saying they were a particular character disguising themselves, the audience would just assume that they were now playing a different character.

Now, I think the only textual reason for thinking the fool might be Cordelia is when Lear says ‘And my poor fool is hanged’ (5.3.304). It’s not really clear what happens to the fool, and it’s actually Cordelia who’s been hanged, so there are a number of possible interpretations. One possibility is that Lear is using the word ‘fool’ to refer to Cordelia as a term of endearment (and it could be used that way); alternatively, he’s getting the two mixed up in his grief. It could be both, but I don’t think the words of a dying madman are quite enough to support the possibility that Cordelia was literally the fool.

It does seem to me that, even if the fool is not Cordelia in disguise, there is a parallel between them, either emphasising the fact that the same actor is playing both, or indicating that they’re kindred spirits. They are linked in a number of ways; for instance, the first time Cordelia is mentioned after she leaves for France, her name is coupled with the fool: ‘Since my young lady’s going into France, sir, the fool hath much pined away’ (1.4.71-2), the same quotation suggesting that they were close to one another. The fool is also honest with Lear like Cordelia is, and Lear is fond of the fool the same way he was fond of Cordelia. So in some ways, the fool acts as a replacement for Cordelia while she isn’t around. She may not have dressed up as the fool, but the fool is there in her spirit.

All in all, it seems to me that while it would be consistent for Cordelia to follow her father around after her banishment, she doesn’t. She chooses to help her father in a different way, and leaves the companionship to Kent and the fool.

anonymous asked:

I read something that claimed Tywin was always going to declare for the rebellion, no matter what happened on the Trident, and take King's Landing anyways. The logic was that Tywin wouldn't have marched from Casterly Rock *before* the Trident occurred, unless he saw that the winds were blowing for Robert. Also, that Tywin wouldn't have benefited from Rhaegar coming to power and would be better off under Baratheon kingship. What would you say to that?

The problem is that neither side benefits Tywin, and so he wants to be on the winning side of the war. Now, given that Aerys repeatedly insulted him, Tywin is certainly not going to be a fan of Aerys, and he made that known as far back as the Defiance of Duskendale. Rhaegar wedding Elia too, stings Tywin’s Lannister pride badly, so there’s no love lost between Tywin and House Targaryen.

Certainly, Tywin would have had to be moving quickly, Casterly Rock is much further than the Trident, and we don’t know how long the delay was between the end of the Trident and the start of Eddard’s march south. We can explain this way with the usual GRRM is bad at travel time, but maybe that was intentional on this part. We’ll have to ask him what he thought for sure.

If it came down to a forced choice, Tywin would have probably sided with the rebels because he wants to visit the most brutal reprisals for those who slight the power and prestige of House Lannister, and if one side has repeatedly besmirched his family and the other has no strong interaction one way or the other, he would definitely side with the rebels. It’s also possible that he thinks Robert is either easier to manipulate than the madman Aerys or the gloomy Rhaegar, and that would make things easier to be on the winning side and using his money and power to influence Robert’s court.

But I still think that whoever won the war, Tywin wanted to be on their side, and move to increase Lannister power from there.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Wrong Number

A/N: Hey y’all! Requests are closing soon so make sure that if you have a request to request it! Thanks for all the requests I’ve recieved so far!! This is more of a texting fic than anything so brace yourselves.

Pairing:George Washington X Reader

Request:(anon)  a modern! gwash x reader where the reader tries to confess to gwash over text but accidentally texts “king” george and george eacker before getting the number right and eventually texting gwash with “WHY IS EVERYONE’S NAME GEORGE”

T/W: none hun (unless a bit of king george X samuel seabury is a trigger) 

Word Count:823 (SO SHORT MY BAD)

Time Period: Modern

Contact Names: So the contact names are all just George…..

You took a sharp deep breath as you sat on your couch, your phone at the ready. You had promised yourself to confess your love for…. George Washington. He is by far the best person you have ever met. Just thinking of him makes you blush. 

Now, we all know that confessing over text isn’t the best descision but it was the only way you could do it without becoming a flustered mess. It has happened before.

2 weeks before

You sat in the coffee shop awaiting your ‘best friend’ George Washington. Today was the day you were going to attempt to confess your feeling for the guy. You sat, your hands fidgeting. 

Finally George walked in looking great as always. He took the seat in front of you. “Uh. George can I tell you something?” You said as confidently as possible.

“Of course Y/N. Anything.” He smiled. His smile made you blush like a madman.

“I-uh. I like coffee!” You said nervously, taking a sip of your coffee.

“Ookayy…..” George said, chuckling softly as you began to blush even more.

That memory alone makes you flustered. You grabbed your phone off of the counter next to you and sank into the couch cushions as you pressed in the pin. Your heart began beating out of its chest. You were nervous. Very Nervous

You finally got to Georges’ contact. Or so you thought…..

Y/N: Hey George! Can I talk to you about something. Just here over text. :)

And Send. He responded almost immediately catching you off guard a bit.

George: Sure.

You were a bit puzzled by his shorter message, considering George always sends you longer replies in at least a full sentence. You shrugged it off telling yourself that he was probably feeling lazy.

Y/N: I love you. There I said it! :))

You texted back, your hands shaking while typing every word. You became flustered before checking for a new message.

George: You do know that I am Samuel Seabury’s boyfriend. Correct? Also…. I do believe we hate each other. Also correct?

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. You had accidentally texted George Frederick. The “king” of the school. You and him have always had a rivalry since you met as children which has never really died down.


You typed back frantically. The look on your face was absolutely priceless as your arms flailed around out of utter embarassment. You quickly changed his contact to “George Frederick” so that this would NEVER happen again.

George Frederick: Mhm.

You were practically scarred and almost decided to give up. Practically. Almost. But not yet. You went to the next George, believing this was the only other George in your contacts. Boy were you wrong.

Y/N: Hey Georgie! Can I talk to you about something? Okay nevermind i’ll just say it. (or text it. Whatever.) I LOVE YOU.

Your phone pinged seconds after you texted, your eyes widening at what he said.

George: Knew you’d come around eventually babe. ;)

You were disgusted until you realized….. This isn’t the George you were looking for.

Y/N: ugh which george is this?

George: Eacker, baby.

You groaned, nearly throwing your phone against the wall. You didn’t even answer him back. You just changed the contact name to “George Eacker (Reminder: Never Text).” You finally found the George you have been looking for, making sure this was the last George in your contacts. 


You typed, frustrated at the fact that you just confessed your love to 2 people that weren’t the ones you loved. 

George: I don’t know dear. Pretty good name. Is it not?

You laughed at his response. Now, this is the George you know and love.

Y/N: Very good name. Btw I love you. :)

You internally cursed yourself because of the stupid way you conffesed, giggling at his next text.

George: wait what

Y/N: Do I really have to type it again?

He never did respond this time. Instead, he took the 20 minute drive to your apartment, using the spare key you gave him to come in. You whipped your head around to find him standing there. You jumped up and attempted to make yourself presentable, completely forgetting that you were wearing some random onesie.

He chuckled quietly at your choice of clothing which made you blush.

“G-george why are you here?” You questioned, giggling slightly. He smiled at you, walking dangerously close to you.

“I just wanted to say i love you too. Oh! I also wanted to give you this!” He smiled, pressing his lips to yours.

At first you tensed up but soon melted into the kiss, smiling against his lips. He pulled away, picking you up by your waist and twirling you around.

“You do not even know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He smirked.

“Trust me. Me too.” You smirked back.


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Talk to me about Alexander/Hephaestion and that whole "Without me, you would be nothing" incident? I feel like that's the only time the two of them have clashed so equivocally in public, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about how that fucked up their dynamic and/or made Hephaestion secretly bitter or resentful? Do you think they resolved their differences, or was it always simmering beneath the surface from that point on?

this is possibly one of my FAVORITE INCIDENTS, EVER,

from plutarch’s anabasis, 47.5 - 7:

Moreover, when he saw that among his chiefest friends Hephaestion approved his course and joined him in changing his mode of life, while Craterus clung fast to his native ways, he employed the former in his business with the Barbarians, the latter in that with the Greeks and Macedonians. And in general he showed most affection for Hephaestion, but most esteem for Craterus, thinking, and constantly saying, that Hephaestion was a friend of Alexander, but Craterus a friend of the king. For this reason, too, the men cherished a secret grudge against one another and often came into open collision. And once, on the Indian expedition, they actually drew their swords and closed with one another, and as the friends of each were coming to his aid, Alexander rode up and abused Hephaestion publicly, calling him a fool and a madman for not knowing that without Alexander’s favour he was nothing; and in private he also sharply reproved Craterus. Then he brought them together and reconciled them, taking an oath by Ammon and the rest of the gods that he loved them most of all men; but that if he heard of their quarrelling again, he would kill them both, or at least the one who began the quarrel. Wherefore after this they neither did nor said anything to harm one another, not even in jest.

me @ perseus: what a shit translation, dont u know that the RIGHT translation should be ‘alexander-loving’ and ‘king-loving’, maybe if you went to school for these things you might have a better grasp on the ancient world, etc.

anyway, way more than if these two kissed and made up (which we’ll get to in a sec!!!) is the political context around this incident which, lemme tell u, is a killer

like, this is a fun thing to talk about because yes, you’re right, this is pretty much the first and only time they’ve ever clashed in public, and its also interesting because this is like, the only time hephaestion has a personality in any of the accounts w/o andrew chugg inferring the shit out of the sources. but what’s necessary to note is that, on the indian campaign in probably about 326 b.c., alexander was in a really precarious political situation - the court had split pretty decisively down the middle post the parmenio/philotas liquidation and the murder of cleitus, the only difference is now that people are kind of scared of being openly critical. craterus takes over from cleitus in being the proponent of the old guard, and hephaestion is very staunchly pro-alexander. and this is an interesting incident bc it actually runs p close to another account of plutarch’s about another one of hephaestion’s feuds, this time with eumenes, alexander’s secretary. 

that particular feud apparently kind of exploded after hephaestion put a flute player in eumenes’ chambers in babylon, which is likely to have been an actual deep rooted political conflict that exploded over something really trivial. that’s really what this reads as: that craterus and hephaestion, as heads of opposing factions at court, literally pulled out their dicks - sorry swords - over something really small. alexander publicly chastising hephaestion, while craterus gets spared the humiliation is another interesting tidbit - and personally, i think its likely that, you know, alexander already being accused of surrounding himself with sycophants like an Eastern Gay Feminized Tyrant made a specific point of rebuking hephaestion in public instead of craterus, which could have inflamed his faction even more. note that plutarch says that this is more than just a fight in the middle of the camp - their ‘friends came to aid’, which means the opposing factions, which means that this could very well have broken into a riot, or outright mutiny.

keep in mind, as well, that this is before his army refuses to go any further into india - tension would have been running high, they’ve been on campaign for ten years, etc etc. alexander has an iron fist around his men, but i dont think he could have afforded at that point to antagonize the old guard which still, even at this point, makes up the bulk of his infantry. ergo, make a point.

but what’s also interesting is the CHOICE of rebuking - he tells hephaestion that without him he is nothing, that he is a fool and a madman. alexander, throughout his career, has favoured ‘new men’. some people think its an oedipal reaction, some people think that it’s just tactically advantageous to be the nexus of your court - if they have no prior loyalties and owe everything to you, it’s much easier to extend control. either way, chugg and renault and some others actually have a theory that hephaestion might not have been native macedonian - literally no traces of his family extend beyond his patronym, amyntoros for amyntor, which is a form of the macedonian name amyntas that was more common in athens, not to mention that there is literally a temple in the athenian acropolis called ‘the hephaesteion’ etc etc. if that theory is correct, then the ‘without me you’re nothing’ thing really takes on new meaning.

in any case, i… dont think this is the kind of thing that people get over? i do think that like, they’ve spent more than 20 years of their lives together, so it’s easy to forgive. at this point, i do think that alexander wouldn’t have done anything to hephaestion even if it was politically expedient, just because he literally lets him get away with shit that no one else would have been able to get away with. having craterus killed would antagonize a huge part of the court, and would make up the third incident in the pattern, if we’re going by moscow rules, but having hephaestion killed - hephaestion, who had a shittonne of enemies in the court - may not actually have been that bad. so yeah, the fact that hephaestion came out of this incident unscathed really shouldn’t be overlooked. what also shouldn’t be overlooked is that shortly after this, in 325/324, alexander sends craterus back to macedonia, while he marries the persian princess to hephaestion - therefore making him his brother-in-law, theres also a really gay part in like, i think it was green or chugg, that says its because alexander wanted them to share a bloodline, like bitch…  - makes hephaestion chiliarch, etc etc. like… honestly people usually just buy some flowers and make some carbonara, boy really goes all out w giving the bae widesweeping executive power like damn

so in conclusion

yes, it was a Dick Move, but also i think it had underlying political reasoning, based off circumstantial evidence, that plutarch just never went into. i don’t think something like that was ever really forgiven, since it resembles public humiliation so much, but one thing that stays constant about alexander is that he really has a flair for the dramatics, for saying the right thing at the right time, and leveraging other people’s sentimentality back at them in the most vicious way possible. and right there? in the middle of the camp on a testy campaign, where tensions are running high, and they’re on the verge of breaking into a riot and he has to shut things down fast? whats the thing you say that would make someone go cold instead of hot? make him shut down instead of furious? what do you say to someone like that, who gets described as philosalexandros? 

its a very very effective way to handle a situation, is all im saying.

The Prince and the Huntress (Part 2)

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Fairytale AU

Prince dean X  peasant hunter reader

An: Wow! thank you all for the great reception to the first part of the series. I tried to make this second one just as good, so here’s hoping you like it. Also just wanted to say tags are open for this series. Happy reading!  

A fairytale wouldn’t be complete without a prince or brave knight. Let’s introduce him now shall we, now that we’ve met our brave heroine.

The story starts with a handsome and charming prince.

It begins with Dean


When it was announced by queen Mary and King John that there would be an heir to the throne the kingdom celebrated for three straight days.

When he arrived the festivities continued for a whole week because not only was there an heir but it was a boy. A future king.

Up in the palace there were constant feast and balls for the whole week while the people had their joy below. For a month guests came from other kingdoms, even across the sea to congratulate the royal pair, all bringing extravagant gifts. The whole town emptied, everyone flocking to the great palace just to give their congratulations. The line stretched for miles and those who didn’t get their chance at an audience would go back the next day.    

Eventually the revelries ended, the guests left, the people had all had their audience and life went back too normal for a while. A few years passed, Dean grew, happy and loved and the kingdom flourished under the reign of the king and queen. 

When the coming of a second heir was announced the happiness of everyone was overflowing and another festival was started. Everyone joined in, even the king and queen who came down from the palace to celebrate with the people, bringing Dean along.

The joy increased when it was told that the heir was a second prince, and his arrival was greeted with revelries no less long, or extravagant then Dean’s had been.

Dean loved his little brother Sam from the first, as did the entire kingdom. Their family was happy, the kingdom was prosperous, it’s people content and everything was wonderful. For a while.

But what is a story or a fairytale if everything is calm, happiness and joy?

Things changed on the day Sam turned six months old.

Queen Mary had a fondness for riding and walking. It wasn’t that the king and court disapproved of but the fact the she almost always went to the forest doing those things. Time and time again people had tried to discourage her but she would not be swayed. “I’ve been there a hundred times and no harm has come of it.” She would say “I’ll be fine.” 

 That day she had gone riding out to the forest as she was wont to do, leaving at midday with water, and a meal packed.  King john watch anxiously from the battlements while Dean tried to see as best he could.

The queen never came back.  

The king became sad and somber and the whole court took up the mood. Even Little Sam, who cried most of the time no matter what Dean or the various nurse maids did. The king hardly did any ruling or legislating and Dean simply stayed in his room. He had no patience for tutors then, he only sat sullenly at the table, staring into space and thinking, not paying them any attention. 

Finally, the melancholy and stupor were flung off a bit and some action was taken.

Search parties were sent, the first a hundred strong. Not a single one was heard from again.

The king sent out a second one, this time making the number a thousand men. They marched off to cheers and fanfares. None came back.

The king didn’t dare send any more. He was loath to send more men to die in the search and he knew the people felt the same. Even in his palace he heard whispers of the grumblings and was cast harsh looks. It was a month after the queen’s disappearance that King John appointed a regent and set out himself for the danger of the forest shade.

Dean stood on the battlements, clutching the small bundle that was Sam. He tracked the movement of the lone dot that was his father on the far away road.  When Sam fussed, squirming in his arms Dean calmed him, and said “Don’t worry Sammy. You’ll see, Dad will be back and everything will be fine”

He was right.

A month later when almost everyone had lost hope King John came stumbling back into the town, hardly recognizable. His people certainly didn’t realize it was him. They thought it was a beggar, an old soldier or madman with his torn clothes and wild eyes.  He was wounded, bruised, cut and bleeding with a slight limp in his walk. He looked years older. A plethora of wrinkles had sprouted on in his face and his eyes had a new hunted, haunted look in them. He had a hard time convincing the guards at the gate of his identity but he finally did. They let him in reluctantly, opening the huge gates so he could limp through them. Immediately John was taken to his room and the royal physician sent for.


Only after being attended to was the king was allowed to see his sons. Dean had been with one of his tutors, bored to tears and not really listening to whatever the man was saying about math. He was almost relieved when they heard a commotion from the hall and the tutor stopped his talking. They both listened intently and were about to go and see what was going on when the door was thrown open.

 A maid came running in saying “The king has returned!” “Where is he?” Dean asked “With The physician.” She replied. Dean started to run out of the room when she got in his way and stopped him “Pardon me your highness, but you’re not allowed to see him yet.  Stay here and I’ll come and get you later.” Dean wanted to protest but she was gone before he even opened his mouth.

Dean could hardly stand it.

He paced back and forth, ignoring the tutor completely. At first he’d suggested getting on with the lesson but when he noticed that Dean wasn’t responding the tutor stopped trying and just sat there, to Dean’s relief.

It felt like an eternity before the same maid finally came back. As soon as the door was open Dean was at her side saying “Take me to him.” “This way.” The Maid directed and Dean followed close at her heels as she lead him. They reached the door which was opened by the guards stationed on either side and they hurried in. Dean was shown right to his father’s bedside where he stayed, both of them talking together for hours.

The King told him everything that had happened to him and what he’d seen in the forest.   He confirmed in front of Dean and the countless officials and courtiers in the room that the queen was dead, crying the whole time. He’d found her body.  

Dean was taken away after that, sent to bed. Of course he didn’t sleep, instead he paced and fumed and tossed and turned and thought all night.

It was after three days of rest that the king was thought fit to get up and resume duties. He did that immediately throwing himself into ruling and mostly, planning the official burial of his queen.

Weeks later everything was planned and ready. Once again the kingdom had and influx of important and foreign nobles and royalty. But this time it wasn’t for a happy occasion.  The church where the ceremony was held was packed. Everyone had to stand and even then the crowed flowed out and filled the whole street.  All eyes were on the casket and the king, not to mention the young princes. When the ceremony was done the procession started there was hardly room for people to make way.

It was managed somehow and the casket was carried out on shoulders with the king and princes right behind.  A throng lined the whole way to the cemetery, adding itself to the procession as it went by.

When they finally made it to the cemetery, the crowd had tripled and it seemed as if everyone in the whole town was there. It was probably true.

She was buried and everyone stayed for a while. Again, mostly to pay respects and watch the remains of the royal family.

But, one by one the crowed dissolved until finally the king himself left, dragging Dean and Sam in tow.

After the queen’s death King John was never the same.  

He started leaving for hours, sometimes days at a time, leaving the ruling to regents. No one knew for sure where he went but as with every court, whisper and rumor, gossip and talk were a fact. It took no effort to hear where everyone thought he was going. To the forest, the same as his wife.

They said he was so consumed with revenge and hate that he went there every day, to hunt and kill every beast he came across. That he was determined to wipe out everything in the forest.

Even Dean heard the rumors, and refused to believe them. When he was challenged by the other children to prove it he immediately took the dare.  The next time his father left he put his plan into action. Before his father went out Dean had his horse ready and waiting and as soon as his father got a decent length ahead he set out.

Staying well back from sight and sound Dean followed his father right into the forest. In the trees it was harder to see his father ahead so Dean had to get a little closer to keep him in sight.  It’ a good thing he did. There was a black flash of movement and something huge and human shaped knocked into him. Dean fell with a cry, landing on the ground breathless. The figure had startled the horse, making it neigh and rear up, front hooves pawing the air. Dean barely had a moment to breathe as the thing that had lunged at him was on top of him, trying to bite and tear and claw at him. The cry of the horse and Dean’s shout were loud enough for John to hear.

If Dean had been much farther behind he might not have survived.

As it was John did hear and immediately spurred his horse around. The creature hearing the horse bearing down on him turned his attention to them.  He lunged at the rider, but the king was ready for him. There was a glint of steel in the sunlight, and Dean heard a soft thump.  He stayed frozen for a minute, trying to recover then sat up. The first thing he saw was the head lying a foot away, dripping blood and the white fangs in it’s mouth. 

“That’s a vampire.” John said

Dean whipped around to face him, having forgotten that he was there in the chaos “And you’re lucky it didn’t take your head off.” John continued “I’m sorry sir.” Dean replied “What are you doing here, Dean?” He demanded “Following you, to see where you go all the time. What you’re doing.” Dean answered “You did this all on your own?” “Yes.” Dean said emphatically “I wouldn’t bring Sammy or anyone else in here. Now why are you here?” “None of your business.” John replied.  For a minute Dean thought of arguing but decided against it. This was his dad, and not just anyone but the king.  Instead he motioned to the corpse and head of the vampire “How did you know how to kill it?” “Figured it out the first time I was here. “ John said curtly

“You fought these things?” Dean asked

 “And others.” 


“I can teach you if you’d like.”

“yeah. I would.”

That day marked the second time his life changed dramatically.

After that the training started.

Dean still had all his old lessons but more were added, more interesting ones in his opinion. One of his favorites was sword fighting and just weapon training in general, which wasn’t unusual for a prince. Then there was myth, legend and lore. Usually the teacher would simply plop a book down in front of him, give him a week to read it and quiz him at the end of said week.

He didn’t particularly like potions or spell work. It was too complicated and weird and strange to him. It was his least favorite of all the new classes, well it was a toss up. Language was a horror. He didn’t see the need in learning all these dead languages and symbols. He bore it though.

He didn’t set toe in the forest at first, but a few years later, a little after his tenth birthday his father thought he was trained enough to actually join him.  

Dean, was excited but that excitement was dulled by the news of the plague. It was an unavoidable fact, becoming more real and much worse every day. It was getting to the point that even the courtiers were worried and most never left the castle grounds.

They still left though, talking a roundabout way to avoid the town.

Sam had also started his training and been told the secret of the very real monsters lurking in the woods.

As Dean got even better he went with his father more and more often. Soon he was going every time with his father and he was seeing more of the woods then the palace, knew more about monsters then his brother.

So, one hunting trip to the woods after another, the years passed by.


Years later… .

He tried to be as quiet as possible as he saddled his horse. Dean didn’t want anyone to know he was here. 

Obviously that didn’t work out. “Off to the forest again?” Sam suddenly asked from behind him, a note of accusation in his voice. Dean jumped and when he saw it was just his brother he said “Geez Sam!.” “You are.” Sam confirmed “Yeah.” Dean admitted “Really, Dean? Your getting to be worse than dad.” Sam said Dean only smirked “You know me, always hated lessons. Never could stand being cooped up” “Yeah.” Sam said, the sentence trailing off. 

 It was clear he didn’t really believe him, that he knew there was more to it. 

Dean could see it on his face and he could tell that Sam was debating whether he should question it or let it drop. A minute before Sam spoke Dean read the answer in his eyes.

Letting out a sigh Sam said “Just be careful.” Dean smirked again “When am I not.” Before swinging himself up to mount the horse. “You really don’t want me to answer that question.” Sam replied “Yeah, I probably don’t.” Dean agreed before his horse thundered off at a gallop.

Almost too soon they were racing through the town, then it disappeared behind them and there was nothing but, him, the horse, the trees and the silence.

Of course, there were also the monsters. And a certain girl off to check her traps for the day.

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You DO Want This Guy in Your Head

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mad king/xray (raywood), slight vav/ash | xray and vav verse

“Finally! I didn’t think you had it in you.“ The Mad King smirked, brushing off his kilt as he stared up at the green superhero, who had a finger on his glasses.

"You won’t get in my head again!” he growled, hunching his shoulders and leaning forward, a red glaze appearing over his spectacles.

Then it happened. Ray didn’t know how, but it just did. His enemy, with his back against the wall on the ground, just raised an eyebrow, and it sent shivers through his entire body. Ever since the ORF incident… he thought he’d suppressed it well enough by now. The burning red light subsided, and he stared down at the Mad King, face burning in embarrassment at how his body was reacting to this.

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Naruto Fic Ideas

Naruto version! Credit if used, please, and let me know so I can read them. ;)

Genma returns from an undercover mission to find out that someone has had an attack of stupid and given Gai a genin team. While he’s had experience translating from Gai to something more universally understood, it’s a headache and a half doing so while keeping Gai from killing the kids, the kids from killing Gai, and his sanity intact. Something’s going to have to give, and Genma’s pretty sure it’s not going to be Gai. Or his team, for that matter.

Uzumaki Mito is not the kind of woman to stand back and let the world change around her. She’s a whirlpool, a hurricane, a wildfire. If anyone is going to change the world, it’s going to be her.

Ibiki has spent a lifetime making himself the scariest motherfucker in any given room. This would be a lot more satisfying if his two most frustrating subordinates would ever deign to notice. (Or, Genma and Anko are the best torture-and-assassination bros ever, Ibiki hates them both, and nothing can make up for all the paperwork he has to do. No, not even the sex. Well, maybe the sex.) Ibiki/Genma

A man can never step in a river twice, because it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man. Going back in time resets everything that happens, every roll of the dice and every decision made thereafter. But sometimes there’s no better choice, and only one possible path to follow. (AU where time travel leaves everything [gender, chance, decisions, etc.] up in the air.)

When Minato summons the Shinigami, he expects a fearsome and faceless god of death. What he gets is a grumpy, overworked redhead with no patience for this bargaining shit. (Bleach xover)

Mokuton isn’t so much the power of wood as it is the power of life. The first time Obito really understands is when he steps into Konoha’s forest and feels the world sing.  

While on a mission, Obito gets dosed with truth serum. Kakashi assumes it’s going to be a hilarious experience. Spoiler: it’s not.

Even the most devoted soldiers waver and have doubts. Far away from everywhere, a grieving traitor meets a weary ANBU. Sometimes, a single meeting is enough to change the fate of an entire world—maybe even for the better. KakaObi

A hero, a villain, a monster, and a martyr walk into a bar.

The barman asks, “What can I get you, son?”

There’s a fairly steep learning curve to cohabitation, and Kakashi’s boyfriend seems to have picked up some very odd habits over the years. Luckily, Obito is cute enough to make up for a lot.

~ “What the hell are you doing to that banana?”

Once upon a time, a monster fell in love with a hero. (Fairytales only end when the monster’s dead; maybe it’s a good thing this isn’t a fairytale after all.) Utakata/Zabuza

Somehow, when Jiraiya shows up on his doorstep with an infant Naruto in tow, Orochimaru finds himself going from ruthless missing-nin to head of a home for outcast children and one half of a weirdly functional domestic partnership. 

For the record, this is not how his grand defection from Konoha was supposed to go.

(Or, Orochimaru stumbles into a weirdly solid and domestic relationship, somehow becomes a parental figure to a gaggle of outcast children, and accidentally builds a functional shinobi village. Jiraiya…helps. More or less.)

[I love you.] It starts as a lie, Jiraiya’s final, desperate attempt to keep Orochimaru from slipping any further into the darkness. Neither one of them expects where it eventually leads.

With the Fourth Shinobi War raging, Team 7 goes back in time to set things. But not that Team 7. (In which age has no bearing on badassery, the Sannin should never be underestimated, and sometimes happy endings really are worth all the grief that preceded them.)

Orochimaru is kidnapped by persons unknown for nefarious purposes. Clearly, someone did not think this through. (Or, the one where Orochimaru is a damsel, Tsunade is his knight in shining armor, Jiraiya is her trusty squire, and this story is not an AU. Mostly.)

In which Orochimaru acts like the genius he is, goes undercover to spy on the Akatsuki, and somehow ends up in a stable, functional relationship with his greatest rival.

Anko has just learned that sexual frustration makes people crabby. This, obviously, is why Orochimaru-sensei is such a grump, and it’s clearly up to her and her dependable-if-annoyingly-straight-laced sidekick Kabuto to fix it. (Orochimaru would like to know just what the hell he did to deserve this, thank you.)

Sixteen years old, battered and blind, Shisui pulls himself out of the river only to find himself in an entirely unfamiliar world. But Itachi is exactly the same as he’s always been, no matter how many years have passed. It’s not actually the comfort it should be. Still, regardless of his genius, Itachi has always been a bit of an idiot, too, and Shisui is accustomed to dealing with him. This will be no different.

Shisui is loyal to his village above all. So when he learns there’s a madman attempting to manipulate all of them, he takes action. There’s a reason people consider Kotoamatsukami the greatest manifestation of the Sharingan, and Shisui is going to do everything he can to live up to that.

It’s common sense not to create a weapon without creating a counter. If Senju Tobirama has one thing going for him, it’s common sense, and Edo Tensei is just another weapon. The Nidaime isn’t about to let his resurrection go to waste, either—especially when Madara shows up, also alive and young again. It brings back old memories, old regrets, but that’s what second chances are for, right? Mada/Tobi

In a last-ditch attempt to force his brother and best friend to get along, Hashirama sends Tobirama and Madara on an epic quest across the Elemental Countries, and in the process rewrites history. (Or, Hashirama wanted them to be friends, but he didn’t mean it like that.)

Madara doesn’t mean to fall in love with a ghost, but somehow it happens regardless. (After Tobirama’s sacrifice in the name of peace, his spirit lingers. Madara can’t escape it, and doesn’t know whether he would even if he could.)

In which Madara is a very angry barista, Tobirama is the infuriatingly attractive customer who fails to order what Madara’s finely tuned Coffee Sense insists he should, and everything is, as always, entirely Hashirama’s fault.

Tobirama is 110% not his brother. He does not have inappropriate feelings for his enemy, he is not torn between friendship and duty, he is not an optimistic fool, and he isn’t about to let anything get in the way of securing his clan’s future—especially not an Uchiha.

And then he and Izuna get stuck in a cell together.

The end of the Great War left the Konoha Empire badly weakened and reeling from so many losses, those who survived trying desperately to move on and rebuild. Among these is Lord Madara Uchiha, right hand of Emperor Hashirama. However, Madara’s mourning is cut short when he’s ordered to find Hashirama’s reclusive younger brother, a mechanical genius whose inventions won them the war—and killed Izuna. But Madara has no time for grudges, because he’s not the only one seeking the prince. It’s a treacherous race through dangerous territories to discover his whereabouts, and the only one Madara can trust is a lamed stranger with far too many secrets.

The end of the Great War left the Konoha Empire weakened and vulnerable. In a desperate bid for resources, Emperor Minato sends his right hand, Lord Kakashi Hatake, to find an enigmatic inventor known only as the Mechanist, whose weapons won them the war. Kakashi is still grieving for his slain best friend, but there’s no time for mourning, because he’s not the only one seeking the Mechanist. It’s a treacherous race through dangerous territories to discover his whereabouts, and the only one Kakashi can trust is the mysterious Tobi, a masked stranger with far too many secrets.

Obito Uchiha is a traitor to the king, a failed revolutionary only saved from execution by his family name and his ties to the deadly Dragon Moors. To assure his loyalty, King Minato has arranged a marriage to the kingdom’s Champion, a fearsome man without mercy or morals, but Obito is hardly about to become some blood-knight’s biddable husband. Kakashi Hatake is far different than the rumors paint him, though, and Obito realizes that this might very well be his best chance for happiness. But there’s something brewing in the shadows, and no matter how content Obito is with his new life, he won’t be able to escape his past forever.

Every generation, the Horsepeople of the Apocalypse (gender bias is so second century) are reincarnated into mortal bodies to wait for the End of Days. Mostly, this consists of running around being enormous douchnozzels (see: rebellions, famines, plagues, telemarketers), but some of them are utterly done with this idiocy. War (Obito, please; he’s retired) is living a quiet life, entirely ignorant of who his colleagues are this time around, and he’d like it to stay that way, thanks. But some jerk in a pale green car keeps showing up wherever he goes, and Obito is just about ready to go Incarnation of Conflict on his ass. No matter how hot he is.

After his family’s failed rebellion, Sasuke is banished from the capital and sent to live in the frozen northern mountains with a relative he’s never met. His cousin Obito is a powerful sorcerer, but lives in an eerie castle with only his servants and a white wolf as his companions. However, Sasuke quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems. Obito vanishes with the setting sun, and a white-haired stranger with a black falcon takes his place until dawn. It’s a mystery Sasuke can’t let lie, but as the days grow shorter a dark magic grows stronger, and though one coup has been put down the kingdom is still in danger. (Ladyhawke!AU)

At the insistence of his wards and other pushy people, Sir Kakashi goes on a heroic journey to slay a menacing dragon and rescue a beautiful princess. However, the princess is more interested in acquiring rare medical texts from forgotten cities than being valiantly rescued, and the dragon is distinctly adorable. To say the least. Kakashi finds himself dragged into book quests, organizing libraries, strip poker with a dragon, and too many hits to the head.

After their confrontation with Hanzō, the Sannin return to Konoha with three orphans in tow, and Nagato promptly adopts the Snake Sage. Orochimaru isn’t entirely certain what he did to deserve this, but he is sure that it’s all Jiraiya’s fault. JiraOro

Ten years after the final battle at the Valley of the End, Naruto is Rokudaime Hokage and the world’s hero, but lives with the guilt of having killed his best friend. Then one day a handful of long-dead shinobi fall through a dimensional doorway, refugees from a shattered world that’s an almost perfect mirror of Naruto’s own—right down to their Rokudaime: one Uchiha Sasuke, Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

-Danzo was Sandaime, went to war with other nations—massacre was Uzumaki clan plotting uprising to free Uzushio. Kushina did it to save Naruto (Itachi parallel)

-Obito/Kakashi switch at Kannabi Bridge—Obito got Team 7, Kakashi led Akatsuki.

-Hashirama/Madara switch—Madara founded Konoha, Hashirama wanted to remake the world after Tobirama’s death.

-Alt!Naruto wanted to free Uzushio/Uzumaki clan, went with Tsunade (Orochimaru/Tsunade switch), tried to become Ten-Tails jinchuuriki for power (change the world/child of prophecy etc.), alt!Sasuke killed him—threw the world out of balance without the bijuu = natural disasters.

Due to a clerical error, Anko ends up with a genin team. Given that the very idea of separating the enraptured Naruto, Ino, and Shino from their psychotic sensei causes spontaneous explosions, Sarutobi goes along with it, and is astonished to find that everything actually turns out for the better.

Sasuke is a top classical violinist with a full scholarship to the best music school in the country. Naruto spends his nights DJing to make the rent, and his afternoons on street corners playing violin-based hip-hop. They’re from completely different worlds—until the day they’re both hired to create a soundtrack for an avant-garde production of Cinderella. Maybe the play’s leads aren’t the only ones who will find their happy ending.

Orochimaru is, once again, up to no good. This time, however, it actually works. Sort of. Maybe. (Genderflip!Naruto)

~ “What’s the big deal? I don’t get it,” Naruto says, his brows furrowing. The expression on his face is the one he always wears when he’s trying to figure out which social convention he’s stomped on this time, and whether it’s important enough that he should care. Kakashi has mentally subtitled this look ‘you silly sane people and your normal-world rules, geez.’ “So we’ve got boobs. It’s not like it changes anything, right?”

It’s not as if being a pretty girl means you can’t be a kickass kunoichi as well. Ino will prove it, even if she has to drag herself through blood and fire to do so. 

(Or, Yamanaka Ino, born into a world where Uzumaki Kushina was the Yondaime, takes no shit and no prisoners. Every little girl needs a role model, after all.)

Sci-fi!AU — “You still don’t get it, do you, Hokage-sama? Kiba isn’t just my son; he’s my most successful experiment.”

~Kiba has lived his entire life on a space colony and genetics preserve, content to care for his clan’s animals even though he’s never quite fit in with his family. However, when the leader of Earth recruits his mother for help battling a monstrous, malicious virus, he finds himself thrown headfirst into a world of dangerous plots, cutthroat politics, and people who aren’t nearly as easy to understand as animals. Shikamaru/Kiba

The King’s One - Part Two

Part Two based on the prompt;

Imagine Thorin recognizing you as his One in his blacksmith days but not pursuing you until after the BOTFA because he finally feels deserving of you now that he’s King of Erebor

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Aurora (OC)

Rating: T+

Bâha – friend

I ran towards Dís and Thorin’s house. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I prayed to Mahal that I was not too late. My heart beating heavy but fast as my throat felt so tight. My fingers tingled uncomfortably as they curled into a fist and knocked loudly on the door.

         “Dís! Open up!” I kept knocking till the door opened, almost hitting Dís in the face. “Oh, sorry.”

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anonymous asked:

with the one eyed King theme, what about a scene where touka see's the king teaching hinami how to read; maybe her on his lap or something, and Touka sees his kind and caring side and begins to fall for him :3? or a back story to the King and Hinami :D

YEAH. Hinami is essential for making the first crack in the tension. after the ball Touka is very bewildered. the idea that the madman capable of turning the tide of an entire war might have “a soft side” is like, actually, seriously ridiculous.

catching Hinami without company is hard. she seems to actually enjoy hanging out with Tsukiyama (who Touka can’t stand to look at if she can help it), and whenever the King is present, Hinami sticks to him like glue. sometimes the King catches Touka running around trying to find Hinami, and Touka always coughs and pretends she wasn’t doing anything and non-subtly re-arranges her clothing. her “uniform” isn’t really meant for running, especially since the clip for her sash is broken and the whole thing keeps sliding down.

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whenpeopleseegood replied to your post:

Ned does have issues with Rhaegar though. He certainly didn’t like him. He has a line where he glorifies Robert killing him. He rarely thinks of Rhaegar, seems to be repressing actually, and when he does it’s not good- the only potential exception is the brothel line which says nothing of whether he thinks Rhaegar was a good guy.

I agree that no part of Ned’s thoughts show that he felt Rhaegar was a “good guy” – but there’s no real negative feeling either, and that “glorification” is just that he thinks Robert will smash the Lannisters like he did Rhaegar. There is no obvious dislike. There’s no sense that Ned liked him, true, but I don’t think anyone ever said he did. Only that he didn’t hate him, when by all logic Ned should feel like Robert does. Or at minimum he should hold the same kind of grudge like he does against Tywin and Jaime. And yet he doesn’t.

For the record, every time Ned thinks of Rhaegar:

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funnyfrogs01  asked:

Do you think violence and robberies will send a good message for the cause? "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." And what do you think about this quote from Martin Luther King Jr.? There seems to be a lot of hate directed towards the law enforcement. And how can you automatically prejudice someone (the police) in a group without knowing them, isn't this sounding familiar? -Btw I will respect all opinions : )

I would respond with two things. One is an unsourced quote from memory about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pacifist who was involved in a plot to kill Hitler.

Let me say that again: A pacifist, who was involved in a plot to kill Hitler. (He was also a pastor in the confessing church in Germany.)

When he was asked about his involvement, he said something like this:

“As a Christian, if I see a madman riding a horse through a crowd of people, it is my responsibility not only to care for the injured, but to stop the man on the horse.”

(I may have the wording wrong, but you get the idea.)

To Bonhoeffer, at a certain point, failure to respond to the source of violence is to be complicit in violence.

As far as MLK, Jr., there have been many people quoting him out of context, and failing to identify that his views were not as simplistic as it might seem.

For example, here’s a quote from MLK, Jr. in 1968 about non-violence and rioting (emphasis mine):

I would be the first to say that I am still committed to militant, powerful, massive, non-violence as the most potent weapon in grappling with the problem from a direct action point of view.

I’m absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt. And I feel that we must always work with an effective, powerful weapon and method that brings about tangible results.

But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention.

And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened over the last twelve or fifteen years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.

(Source: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The Other America”, Grosse Pointe High School - March 14, 1968. Full speech available at:

46 years later, and white America is still in denial of the plight of the poor, especially poor minorities.

46 years later, and large segments of white society are still more concerned about keeping the peace and the status quo than they are about justice and humanity.

46 years later, and we still won’t listen.

The most troublesome aspect of the Ferguson case to me is how clear it was the entire department was working to cover for Wilson from the beginning.

No incident report was taken.

Wilson’s name was not released for a week, and then (against DOJ recommendation) they released the videotape from the convenience store at the same time as Wilson’s name.

They claimed they “had to” release the video because of FOIA requests. Turns out, there were no FOIA requests. It was a smear campaign.

They said that Wilson didn’t know that Brown was involved in the robbery. Wilson later testified that he did know, but his testimony is beyond un-credible. Yet there was no cross-examination. The so-called prosecutor acted more like a defender.

Justice is supposed to be equal and impartial. That isn’t what happened. This is the deck being stacked in favor of the person who has all of the power.

This is, yet again, a white police officer shooting an unarmed black boy.

It is outrageous. People should be outraged. To not be outraged by this is to turn a blind eye to it.

It would have been one thing if there had been a trial and he was found not guilty. The whole process was disgusting, from the beginning when they left Mike Brown’s body in the street for 4 hours until the end.

Time at the Studio, Chapter 3!

HELLO Maksyl fam!

Just in case you’d like to hear the song that Meryl’s dancing to in this chapter, you can find it here!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this chapter, and I really really hope you all enjoy it!

Your feedback is what keeps me writing, so thank you so so much for your continued love and support.

In case you haven’t read the previous chapters of Time At The Studio, they are here and here. 

I love you all, fam!
Upon entering dance class that Saturday, Meryl was immediately bombarded by her two favorite Ukrainians.

“How was ice dancing on Thursday with our good friend Charlie?”

Val ‘skated’ around the hardwood floors in his socks, clearly teasing Meryl, and his beautifully-idiotic brother struck a goofy ballerina pose.

“It was actually a lot of fun! I had a great time,” Meryl replied, chuckling at the boys’ actions.

“Not more fun than you have with us, though, right?” Val pouted.

“Oh, never,” Meryl rolled her eyes, grinning.

At that exact moment, a brilliant idea came into her mind.

She was kind of bored. She decided to act on it.

“Yeah, you guys are more fun—although, Charlie was a pretty good kisser—” She trailed off, and yep, that did it.

(The insinuation in the statement was totally false. Meryl would never actually kiss Charlie; she would never even consider it. Charlie was like her adorkable brother; not to mention, he was also her friend’s boyfriend.

She simply wanted to see what the boys would do.)

What?” Maks hopped out of his passé immediately, no longer in a joking mood.

“You… You let him kiss you?” He spluttered, clearly horrified. “Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

Meryl wanted to laugh, but she managed to keep a straight face.

“Why do you care so much, bro?” Val shouldered his brother, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Because—because she’s only 13!”

Meryl felt a pang of indignation towards Maks.

“Oh, so because I’m so ‘young,’ I can’t take care of myself? I’m only one year younger than you!” She huffed.

“Меріл, you know that’s not what I mean,” he replied, rolling his eyes.

“Well, then, what did you mean?”

“We’re all young. No ‘relationship’, if you can even call it that, is going to be serious at this point. But even so, you deserve way more than someone who’s willing to be unfaithful to his girlfriend. You’ll need someone who wants to protect you and support you, not someone who wants to treat you as a passing fling. When the time comes for you to actually date and have it mean something, you need to put your best interests first. After all, it’s all about the end result,” he tried to explain.

“Wow, which speech from Mama and Papa did you get that from?” Val retorted.

Meryl promptly swatted Val on his arm.

“I thought it was cute,” she smiled, but Maks scoffed at her.

“No, it wasn’t cute. It was the truth. I can’t believe you let that be your first kiss!” Maks was clearly getting angry now.

She almost felt bad that she was leading him on like this…But she was having way too much fun.

Let’s keep the ball rolling.

“Wait, who said he was my first kiss?” She tried to appear as confused as possible for the full effect.

Maks looked like he was going to pass out.

Val started laughing like a madman, catching onto Meryl’s little game. Maks, however, was still in the dark.

Meryl laughed, too, and cast a quick glance around the room; she’d forgotten about the other girls in the room. The rest of the class was staring at her with envy clear in every expression.

“Z,” Meryl spotted her friend in the corner of the room and waved her over.

“Hey, Mer,” Zendaya chuckled awkwardly, giving a shy wave to her male companions.

“Hi, Val. Hi, Maks,” Zendaya continued on, but her eyes were settled on Val.

“Oh, hello, beautiful,” Val gave a sincere smile to Meryl’s now-blushing friend.

Meryl’s eyes darted back-and-forth between the two as she watched them interact. For a moment, it seemed like déjà vu, although she couldn’t remember exactly why.

Maks was pretty much ignoring her presence, too consumed by what Meryl had deemed to be barely-contained rage.

“Ladies and gents,” Miss Sharna clapped, immediately drawing the class’ attention.

“Today, we’re going to be trying something different,” she continued.

An excited smile was forming on her face, and the students all felt themselves becoming just as excited at the prospect of a fun dance class.

“Since it’s too early to plan anything for our recital, we won’t start working on anything yet. Still, I’d like to see what you all are capable of—” she trailed off.

The class waited on baited breath.

“So today, you’re all preparing your own routines! You’ll either be doing a solo, or a duet, or a trio,” she ticked the three off on her fingers as she listed the possibilities.

“If you’re in a duet or a trio, that does not mean you’re not as strong of a dancer as someone who got a solo. It means we have time constraints in this class that we have to use to our advantage. Think of partner dances as a collaboration; if you work together well enough, the dance could come out great for everyone! Now, don’t worry: I’m not expecting them to be ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ good. Also, guys, don’t worry too much about the choreography difficulty level. With that being said, I will want to see your strongest skills. If you can do any cool moves, make sure to show me in your dance! If you can do a cartwheel, or a backflip, include that in your routine! If you’re really energetic, I need to see that! Just leave everything out there!”

Meryl could see the wheels turning in the girls’ heads already.

“The dances aren’t going to be that long—they’re going to be one chorus to a song that I’ve taken the liberty of picking out for you. That’s actually the second part of the surprise,” Miss Sharna smiled.

The class drum-rolled accordingly, stomping their feet on the floor repeatedly.

“The songs I’ve chosen are all from Disney movies!”

Cheers erupted throughout the room.

“I’ve assigned each group a specific song choice that I feel they could do justice. Let’s get this started!” Miss Sharna began to read the list off.

“Haley, Mariana, Mary, the three of you are in a trio! You’ll be dancing to ‘Never Had A Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin!”

The three girls all high-fived each other.

“Alexis, you’ll be getting a solo! You’re dancing to ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ from The Lion King!”

Alexis smiled to herself, clearly pleased.

“Jenna, Allie, you’re in a duet. You’re dancing to ‘Under The Sea’ from The Little Mermaid!”
Meryl smiled as the two of her friends hugged each other excitedly.

“Zendaya, you have a solo! Prepare to dance to ‘Oodalalie’ from Robin Hood!”

Val whispered a ‘congrats, babe,’ to Zendaya, who turned, smiled, and thanked him.

“Meryl and Julia, you’ll be in a duet. You’ll be dancing to ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love,’ from Hercules!”

Meryl had no idea a girl named ‘Julia’ even attended her dance class, and she thought she knew everyone.

Meryl scanned the room for this ‘Julia,’ ready to introduce herself, but couldn’t find an unfamiliar face.

She raised a tentative hand.

“Miss Sharna,” she politely interrupted, and her teacher smiled at her.

“Yes, Meryl?” Miss Sharna was all ears, but Meryl was never too amazing at conversing with figures of authority.

She became a bit shy at the class’ eyes on her.

“I don’t see Julia anywhere,” Meryl muttered quietly.

Miss Sharna frowned, flipping back to check her attendance sheet for the day.

“Oh, Meryl, I’m sorry! That’s my mistake. Julia’s absent today. Would you like to dance a solo?”

Meryl hesitated, casting an eye at her favorite brothers.

Val gave her a thumbs up. Maks, despite still seeming angry, gave her a definite nod.

“Sounds good to me,” she smiled.

She was going to have a solo.

“And last but certainly not least, Maks and Val, you’ll be dancing a duet to ‘I Wanna Be Like You,’ from The Jungle Book!”

Meryl could hear the boys laughing with joy behind her.

“Alright, class! You’ll have 30 minutes to create something. At the end of that, you’ll all be showing the class your piece! Start working… Now!”

Meryl rushed over to her flip-phone and accessed the internet.

What a day to have a terrible cell phone.

When she finally got internet service, she punched in the song name quickly.

Her phone keys decided not to cooperate with her frantic fingers and left out a letter in ‘Hercules.’

Her misspelling of ‘Hercules’ as ‘Hercule’ led her to what appeared to be the French version of the song—curious, she clicked the link.

After listening for a minute, she determined that the female singer was phenomenal; Meryl, smiling, decided at once to do the French version.

‘Jamais je N’avouerai.’

Music wasn’t so much about the language of the lyrics than the emotions they expressed, and Meryl thought French Megara would definitely work better with the choreography she was beginning to plan out.

She decided to choose the last chorus of the song to choreograph her dance to, starting when French Megara hopped on the floating columns in the lake, falling into Hercules’ statue’s arms, and ending with the Muses’ sighs. It sounded powerful, yet delicate. It was perfect.

Meryl loved her routine. She’d completed it in 20 minutes, and took the next 10 to run it until it looked perfect. (She always had been a perfectionist, and if she wad going to perform it for her class, she needed it to be perfect.)

Her years of dance made triple pirouettes easy. The fluidity of her movements came from her years of dancing, as well—her time in hip-hop allowed for sharper, more interesting movements as the music built to its crescendo, and then the moves became softer until the ending pose; at the song’s close, Meryl was kneeling on the floor, hair cascading behind her shoulders, her hands over her heart. She thought she looked great.

Maybe it wasn’t the jazziest routine, but the song didn’t allow much room for that. She just rolled with the punches.

“Performance time! Would anyone like to perform first?” Miss Sharna called out, and the class all assembled into one massive group again.

I’m confident in this routine. C’mon, me, volunteer! Get it done with!

Meryl raised a tiny hand, and Miss Sharna, looking pleased, called on her immediately.

“The floor is yours, Meryl,” she grinned, urging the students to back up to give the girl room.

Meryl hit the play button on her flip phone and began her routine.


“That was awesome!” Val hollered the second her routine ended.

The entire class clapped vigorously, although some applauded with reluctance due to their still-present jealousy over her friendship with the boys.

“Great job, Меріл,” another voice sounded.

She turned around, and sure enough, Maks was sitting cross-legged next to her.

“Thanks,” she beamed, but she was still slightly confused. “I thought you were mad at me.”

Maks smiled ruefully at her confession. “I was angry at the choice you made, but I can’t be angry after that dance. It was like watching a professional,” he chuckled.

The next duet were beginning to set up for their routine, and Miss Sharna shushed the crowd of chattering students.

“Hey, Maks?” Meryl whispered.

“Mhm,” he mumbled a reply lowly, not wanting to get in trouble for talking.

“Just so you know, I’ve never actually had my first kiss.”

“Oh, y—Wait, what?”
He turned to stare at her, mouth agape.

“Yep. I was lying before. I was bored, but your reaction was entertaining, you big teddy bear,” she teased quietly.

His eyes lit up at the newfound information, and he seemed like be was going to say something, but then he processed her new nickname for him.

His lips stretched into a pout at once.

“Hey! I’m not a teddy bear. If anything, I’m a grizzly bear,” he muttered defensively.

“Nope. You’re a huge teddy bear,” she rebuffed.

Not her best comeback, but it was true.

“I am not! Even in my dance, I’m the King of the Jungle!”

“Are you sure? I don’t think a teddy bear, no matter how big he is, would be that great of a king,” she mumbled back, snickering at her own joke.

She was waiting to hear his annoyed reply, but when none came, she turned her head to look at him.

A terrifying grin was forming on his face.

Oh, no.

He had gotten a devious idea, didn’t he?

Meryl felt her heartbeat quicken.

Sure enough, he leaned into her side.

He wanted to deliver a quiet message to her.

“The second we get out of here, Меріл, you’d better run,” was the warning breathed into her ear.

Ignoring the proximity of their faces completely, she cocked a curious eyebrow at him.

“Oh? Why should I do that, Maks?”

“Many reasons. First of all, you lied to me. Second of all, you kept me believing your lie for as long as you wanted, all for your sick entertainment. Lastly, you called me a teddy bear.” he murmured, shuddering over the nickname, then continuing.

“I will not let those offenses slide. Once we leave this building, I can—and will—tickle you until you cry.”

Her eyes widened in almost-comedic horror.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she whispered back, but it was too late.

He was watching the next dance.


Once Miss Sharna declared class to be over, Meryl fled the studio as fast as she could.

Somehow, Maks didn’t seem like the type to bluff.

If I can just make it to my house and lock the door before he gets to me…

It was only about a minute after she started running before she heard footsteps swiftly coming her way. They were still a ways away from her, but Meryl knew they wouldn’t be that way for long.

“No,” she shrieked over her shoulder at her potential-assailant Maks, urging her little legs to carry her down the sidewalk quicker.

“Justice,” was the howled reply from behind her.

So it was definitely him.

Keep moving!

“Run, Meryl, Run!” Val’s voice echoed out to her.

Thank you for the encouragement, Val.

Despite her best efforts, he continually grew closer and closer.

It wasn’t long until the footsteps were right behind her.

One girly scream escaped from Meryl as arms wrapped around her hips.

“Got you.” A quick mumble in her ear, and then she was tumbling to the grass.

“Stop,” she spoke, beginning to chuckle when strong fingers assaulted the sides of her stomach.

“I’m serious,” she pleaded through her growing laughter.

The fingers didn’t cease their movements, moving around her stomach.

“Maks, please stop,” she was hysterically laughing now, flailing on the grass as his fingers continued their attack on her stomach.

“Won’t—do it—again,” she tried to get out through fits of laughter. Tears were coming down her face from laughing so hard.

“Зупинити лоскочучи мене, Maks!” The words flew out before she could think about it. Stop tickling me, Maks.

In his native language…which he had no idea she was teaching herself how to speak.

He halted his attack, hovering over her, shock written on his expression. “How’d you know how to say that?”

“Um,” she replied.

Suddenly, Maks called out to his brother.

“She knows Ukrainian, Val! She knows and she didn’t tell us!”

Val was by her side in an instant.

“Are you serious?” His eyes were wide.

“I started teaching myself the night after we met,” she admitted slowly, and at once two pairs of hands were on her.


“You’re both jerks,” she was still trying to catch her breath after the tickle-fest.

“You still love us,” Val swung an arm around Meryl’s shoulders to punctuate the statement.

Maks gave her a lopsided grin.

“Remember that next time you think it’d be funny to lie to me,” he joked, and Meryl playfully shoved her shoulder into his side.

(Meryl didn’t want to impose, but Mama Chmerkovskiy absolutely insisted on having her over for dinner. Apparently, she’d been wanting to meet Meryl since the day after Meryl had met the boys. It seemed she wasn’t the only one blabbering on and on to her parents… After a quick call to her mom and dad explaining the situation, they allowed Meryl to attend.

She just needed to get changed from her grass-stained dance clothing into something a bit more presentable for dinner.)


Meryl’s mom greeted the trio as they walked into the house. While Meryl ran upstairs, she could hear her dad introducing himself to the boy. She wanted to laugh at the respectful tones in their voices.

Meryl chose to wear an orangey/pink sundress, since she felt was a sundress-y time of year.

She combed her hair to one side, as usual, cleaned up and reapplied her previously-smudged makeup, and headed back downstairs.

She smiled the boys’ amazed stares.

She must’ve looked pretty good, all dressed up.

They said their goodbyes to Meryl’s parents, promising to see them again soon if it was okay with tem.

It was, in fact, okay.

Looping one arm through Maks’, and the other through Val’s, they headed out the door again, the Chmerkovskiy house their destination.

“I really wanted to steal your first kiss from you when you walked down those stairs,” Maks admitted quietly, “but I won’t do that yet.”

Yet. Yet. Yet. Yet. Yet. Yet.

It was an implied promise that was left ringing in her ears the entire walk over to their house.

This was going to be a very interesting night.

sularking3  asked:

How much does Dany know about Aerys's treatment of Rickard and Brandon Stark, and how will she react when she learns the rest?

I don’t think Daenerys knows much about Rickard and Brandon, or the motivations of the rebel side in general, because she simply wouldn’t be exposed to someone telling her that side of the story. Viserys seemed likely to be the one to tell her about Robert’s Rebellion, and he is hardly an unbiased source. He would demonize the Usurper and his dogs, and that’s the opinion that Daenerys has of the rebel lords. She envisions Eddard Stark as this monster with cold eyes and a colder heart, Tywin and Jaime as men who bedeck themselves in gold to hide their treason (note that Jon Arryn isn’t among the dogs, because there’s no way to spin a man protecting his two wards from being condemned for a crime they didn’t commit into a positive for Aerys). Viserys was a child, he would have no way of understanding what went on, and his father, the rightful king, couldn’t possibly have been a murderer and madman. Acknowledging any rightfulness on the claims of the rebels would be tantamount to saying the rebels were right to rebel, which Viserys could not handle, either for his pride or for his plans at a political restoration. So Daenerys believes what Viserys told her, because why wouldn’t she? She wasn’t born until everything was said and done, and she has no reason to doubt him. The Queen Regent goes into a lot of that in her Viserys essay.

Now, if she learns of the atrocities that Aerys II committed, that might be the start of something better. His gross excesses and tyrannies might cause Daenerys to question her conviction that she needs to bring fire to Westeros, to punish the rebel nobles for rising up against the ‘rightful’ king. It could give her the chance to end the cycle of vengeance, and more importantly, to give her a greater sense of the wrongness of misusing the high position of monarchy. If Aerys II lost the right to rule, what does that say to Daenerys who bases her claim to rule on that right that might not be so right after all. Aerys brought fire to Westeros, but will that cause Daenerys to rethink her ‘dragons plant no trees’ mantra? Aerys killed innocent men without trial and without indeed, even knowing if they were guilty, so will Daenerys see the uncomfortable parallels in her crucifixion of the Masters without knowing who was guilty? He burned Rickard to death in front of Brandon and forced Rickard to spend his last moments watching his son strangle himself trying to free his father, so will that cause Daenerys to see the uncomfortable parallels in signing off on torturing the wineseller’s daughters in front of their father?

I’ve never been shy in my criticism of Daenerys as a ruler, but learning the truth about her family might make her become a more responsible monarch, and that can move her up the rungs of my Ladder of Leadership. The human cost of the civil wars that have wracked Westeros demand that the good lessons learned about rulership: tyranny, the duty for a king to protect his people, not being Aerys or Joffrey, and so on, be learned by whoever’s left to rule the country.

Thanks for the question, sularking.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King