the king is awake

Love Always Wakes the Dragon

(and suddenly flames everywhere)

It could be worse. You do have all the luxuries befitting a princess, though one charged with treason. But a gilded cage is still a cage. And the prospect of withering away in this, the tallest tower of the Palace of Asgard, in the same place where your once-betrothed will live and marry and rule from, it’s almost too much to bear.

author: buckysbackpackbuckle
pairing: Thor x Jotun!Reader
word count: 4067
warnings: brat prince Thor, unprotected sex, oral sex, hair pulling, choking

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Yo listen me out.

Bungou Stray Dogs OCs based on contemporary authors.

  • J.K. Rowling. Ability: Fantastic Beasts, she summons mythological beasts from a grimoire.
  • Neil Gaiman. Ability: Neverwhere, projects your worst fear in your mind.
  • Terry Pratchett. Ability: Invisible Library, sends you to the 3z pocket dimension.
  • George R. R. Martin. Ability: Valar Morghulis, predetermines your destiny setting you in a long path of agony that ends in your horrifying death. Catch: it’s so long you might never get there if you are marked as IMPORTANT.
  • Lewis Carroll. Ability: We Are All Mad Here, hallucinations akin to a drugtrip
  • Anne Rice. Ability: Queen of the Damned, can gain superhuman strenght the more blood she loses, but she risks blood loss.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien. Ability: One to Rule them All, corrupts people into mindless puppets, but works on one person at time.
  • Darren Shan. Ability: Hunters of the Dusk, can find any person he met at least once.
  • L. Frank Baum. Ability: Think of Kansas, can teleport to any place he’s been to.
  • Isaac Asimov. Ability: Foundation, technomancy.
  • Sergej Luk'janenko. Ability: Night Watch, during nighttime, he can pinpoint an ability user’s power and weakness in a moment.
  • Stephenie Meyer. Ability: Breaking Dawn,  she becomes a living flash bomb and blinds her enemies.
  • Stephen King. Ability: Dreamcatcher, he can give people horrible nightmares to keep them awake and exhaust them.
  • Lemony Snicket. Ability: The Notorious Notations. He sits there and obnoxiously narrates everything. Plus, he’s intangibile so you cant do anything about it.
Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 4

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: After a poor introduction to Jaebum, the tension between you two only seems to grow.

Word Count: 4992

Warning: Blood, violence and smut in later parts.

“When soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.” -Prometheus Unbound

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anonymous asked:

Maven and Cal as kiddies please


All the Lights We Cannot See

It was surprisingly warm in the palace for an early spring night. Normally a lingering chill would still hang in the air, raking skeleton fingers down people necks as they slept. Maven wasn’t entire sure if he hated that, or this more. This sweltering blanket of humidity and heat that seemed to suffocate him as he slept. He couldn’t sleep in this heat, and it bothered him, because he was tired and he wanted nothing more than to sleep. 

He heard a creak from somewhere near his desk, and sitting up quickly he pulled the blankets up to hide behind and glanced fearfully at the corner. A part of the stone wall had been pushed away to reveal a shadowy figure standing there. He opened his mouth to scream, but the shadow spoke quickly, a voice he knew well. 

“Don’t scream, it’s me, Mavey!”

Slowly, he dropped his sheets, and the watched as his brother appeared in the sliver of moonlight that the curtains allowed. He was dressed in his sleeping clothes as well, but his feet were bare. Maven rubbed at his eyes, upset that he had been scared and then grumbled, “What do you want? It’s too early to be up Cal.”

“Uncle Julian told me that the sky’s going to be awake tonight… I thought you would want to see it.”

Julian Jacos, their uncle, a man he knew his mother despised. He wasn’t sure why yet, and whenever he asked, his mother always snapped that he was too young to know. Five was more than old enough in his eyes though to know these things. 

The mattress sank down next to him as Cal pulled himself up onto it. He sank back on his heels once he was there and then smiling widely at Maven, he said, “I’m going up to the North Tower to watch. But I wanted to see if you wanted to come too.” 

Maven narrowed his eyes, deep in thought for a toddler, and then said, “But won’t we get in trouble?” 

Cal made a noise with his lips that was half between a raspberry and a sigh, and sounded oddly like a horse. He crossed his arms and then teased, “Where’s the adventure in just sitting here. Come on Mavey, let’s go!”

Maven frowned, certain that if they got caught, his mother would not be happy that he was sneaking around the palace in the early hours of the morning, even if it was Cal’s idea. He would get in trouble simply for agreeing to go along. But Cal’s eyes were so pleading, and it couldn’t have been that bad if he got all the way to the nursery room from his own all by himself. Cal had left the nursery a few months ago, after it had been determined that he was old enough to sleep on his own. Maven had heard his mother talking to the nurse about it the day before Cal’s things were moved. He remembered that day very well. Cal had stood in the doorway to the nursery, looking back at Maven for a few minutes, his eyes sad as he took in his younger brother standing in the middle of the room alone. They had always shared a room it seemed, and this would be the first time they were separated. Maven hadn’t been sure how to feel. Although it annoyed him that his brother was always full of energy and never seemed to sleep, he would miss their late night games, when they had jumped from bed to bed, pretending they were spies for the Iral family, infiltrating mysterious courts that they made up. He would miss sitting with Cal underneath a bed sheet reading by the light of a strange cylinder that Cal had found. He would miss their hide and seek games that they played by the light of the moon. Maven wouldn’t admit it, but he only felt like a child at night, when Cal shook him awake and told him that the nurse had finally gone to bed, and the palace was asleep. He’d grin wildly and then shove his blankets back before leaping up to join whatever game he and Cal would come up with. 

“Fine, but if we get caught again, I’m telling my momma that it was all your idea.”

Cal grinned, not at all fazed by the thought of Elara Merandus. He leaped off the bed, and Maven couldn’t help but smile as well as he grabbed his robe and slipped it on. Cal was waiting by the strange opening in the wall, and the minute Maven was in arm’s reach, he grabbed his hand and pulled him in before pushing the wall back into place. 


The North Tower was on the other side of the palace from the nursery. Cal’s rooms were much closer to it, and for that reason, Maven felt a little bit of joy at the fact that Cal had gone all the way across the palace to get him. It had been tricky getting back across though. Cal had apparently timed his escape from his room perfectly, because he hadn’t run into any Sentinel patrols, but on the way back across, they had run into almost every one of them. A few times, Cal had shoved Maven into the curtains and had ducked in after. They had listened to the sound of the guard’s boots as they passed, and as soon as the hallway was quiet, they had burst into fits of giggles. After a particularly close call, Cal had turned to Maven and whispered, “Looks like we could be spies for the Iral’s after all, huh Mavey?” They had giggled about that, and then hurried out into the hallway again before making a mad dash for the steps up to the top of the North Tower. 

Now standing at the top, Maven felt a little lightheaded as he looked out the window at the drop below them. He gulped and then scrambled back toward Cal who was trying to pull on a chain and open the door that was in the ceiling. 

“Are you sure we’re allowed up here?” Maven asked hesitantly as he glanced out the window at the lights of Summerton below them. Cal shrugged in response and then gave a particularly hard tug on the rusted chain. It groaned and the door opened slightly. Panting with exertion, Cal pulled again to keep opening it and said, “No one comes up here, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Maven thought of the palace far below them and then crossing his arms, he accused, “You took us into an out of bounds area again, didn’t you!”

Frowning, Cal glared at him and then said, “Don’t be dumb Mavey, if it were an out of bounds area, I wouldn’t have taken us here.”

“That’s what you said last time!” Maven cried as pushed Cal. Cal screeched as he fell backwards, his flame maker clicking against the stone as he hit the ground. The last time something like this had happened, they had been discovered by a Sentinel who had carried them by the backs of their shirts to their father who had reprimanded them for over an hour about how dangerous certain parts of the old palace were. Maven’s mother had given her own lecture afterward, one that Cal hadn’t been a part of, but one that Maven wouldn’t forget. How could he let Cal do this again?! His mother was going to be so angry. 

“Mavey look!” Cal cried as he pointed out the window, pulling Maven out of his spiraling thoughts about his mother. Cal scrambled to his feet, apparently forgetting the argument that was about to start, and then hurried to the window. Maven crossed his arms and turned his back on whatever Cal was looking at. He wanted to go back to the nursery, and he had half a mind to go there himself, but he didn’t have a perfected mental map of the palace. Not like Cal did. 

“Mavey, you’re going to miss it.” Cal breathed, his voice soft and awestruck. Huffing in annoyance, Maven turned around to look out the window. Outside, hundred of bright lights were flashing across the sky. He blinked in surprise and then edged toward Cal who smiled at him and then said, “Uncle Julian told me that they’re falling stars.”

“That’s silly Cal, stars don’t fall.” Maven said as he huddled close to Cal. Wrapping an arm around his brother’s shoulders, Cal gave a sloppy wink and then said, “Come one Mavey, you can believe it at least a little bit, can’t you?”

Smiling weakly, all worry about his mother and being caught disappearing as Maven shrugged and then lifted his eyes back to the sky to watch the bright flecks of light shoot across the inky blue expanse. They were beautiful, like flames shooting across the sky, and for a moment it seemed like it was raining stars. 

Maven watched those lights for what felt like hours. After an hour though, Cal had slumped against the wall and fallen asleep. Maven had tried to wake him up again, but Cal had huffed and then slid down to the floor until he was curled up. He’d grumbled that he was wide awake, and had then dropped back off into sleep. Deciding that it was best to let him sleep, Maven had turned his eyes back to the light show above his head. As the dark blue of night began to bleed into the layers of pink and orange of morning, Maven felt his eyes grow heavy.The stars had stopped falling hours ago, but he had stared up at the remaining ones, thinking about how alone they must feel if all their friends fell to the earth. A light breeze stirred his hair, and with a yawn he sank down and then curled up against Cal. His brother sighed in his sleep and then rolled over and wrapped his arms around his brother. Maven snuggled deeper into his embrace in response. Sighing sleepily, he murmured, “Thanks for taking me to see the lights Cal.” 

He got a sleepy snort in response, and with a smile he closed his eyes and then let himself drift off into the sleep, where he was not at all displeased with the warmth anymore. 

Oh my god, listen, I cried a little writing this, cause I just kept thinking about Elara pulling away this part of baby maven and I was like, damn that bitch, they could have been such amazeballs brothers, and she just had to be a cold heartless bitch. Anywho, *wipes away tear*, I had so much fun writing baby Cal and Maven, in all honesty, I now want to write a little thing for them. God so many head canons so little time. XDDD Also shout out to frozen for giving me this idea, and the whole “the sky is awake” concept. (: 

imagine--buddies masterlist

Fandoms Included: Hamilton, Marvel, HP/FB, In The Heights, DC Comics

warning: you might have to scroll a bit to find the fandom. I will put Hamilton at the end since it is our biggest.


Newt Scamander:

Magizoologist 101- You go through the ten steps to learn how to be a Magizoolist with Newt.



I Bet My Life- You confront your mother on your Avengers membership.

Bucky Barnes:

Something Else- Bucky uses your god headphones to kill a guy, and you get kinda mad.

Clint Barton:

Little Bird- Clint surprises you by coming home early.

Sam Wilson:

Sky- Sam takes you up in a plane for your first sky diving lesson as apart of your training.

Wanda Maximoff:

Goodnight- You want to stay up to finish your work. Wanda wants you to sleep. Guess who wins.


Usnavi de la Vega:

De Todas Las Cosas Buenas- You wake up to find yourself in a bed. But it is not your own. 


Stay Here With Me- Benny has a bad day at the dispatch. This results in cuddling.


Song Fics:

Hurricane- You make a choice for the better of the team.


Aaron Burr:

That’s All I Want-  You come up with an excuse to get Aaron all to yourself on the car ride home. Modern + Christmas AU.

Nursery- Not what you think. There is angst. Modern AU.

The Snake And The Badger- You make an Amortentia, a potion that’s supposed to let you smell the scent of your soulmate. Now the question is… who exactly is your soulmate?  Hogwarts + Soulmate (kinda) AU.

Alexander Hamilton:

Vs. 1: Swings- Alex needs a hug. At two in the morning. Modern AU.

Vs. 2: Lies- You find out about the affair of your adulterous husband. 

It’s For The Best- You find out that you’re pregnant by your best friend Alexander, but he doesn’t know that. Modern AU.

George Fredrick (KG3):

Félicitations- You have something important to tell your husband, George. But he’s in France, and you’re in England. So you get creative. Modern AU.

George Washington:

I Always Do- You go through your life with George. 

Hercules Mulligan:

I Fell For You- Hercules gets really flustered around you. Modern +Bar AU

I Broke My Arm- Mariah drags you to go skating. Ice skating. She as never had a worse idea. Or was it? Modern AU.

A Great Week- Your adventure to Comic Con with Hercules as Frozone and Honey. Modern + Nerd AU.

Walk Away- If your husband is dead, then why are you seeing him around town? Modern + Spy AU.

James Madison:

Wink- You’ve had a bad day. All you want is a hot shower, and a nap, but when you get into the shower. It’s cold. You take your anger out on your husband. Modern AU

I Believe You- James proposes, but you’re not ready for it. Modern AU.

Silly Rabbit- You dress up in a bunny costume to surprise the children at the hospital. Modern AU.

John Laurens:

Snap!- John takes you on a date for your anniversary and a surprise ensues. Modern AU.

Fireworks- You have a sleepover with the sisters and Mariah. After watching a scary movie, John asks you to meet him under a bridge. In the dark. At two AM. To say you’re reluctant is an understatement. Modern + College AU.

Drunken Minds- You get drunk with John and the Hamilsquad. Modern AU.

Homecoming- John has something important to ask you. You have something important to tell him. Modern AU.

How I Met Your Mother- You and John have this thing. I guess you could say it was a game. Will you let him win? Hell no. Modern + Bar AU.

Favorite Place- You’re pissed because of none other than Thomas-freaking-Jefferson. John takes you to your favorite place to put your mind at ease. Modern + College AU.

Marquis de Lafayette:

Je Te Pardonne- You get jealous. To say the least. In your defense, YOU DONT JUST CANCEL ON GAME NIGHT LAFAYETTE. Modern AU.

Mon Bibliothécaire- You meet Lafayette while taking care of a book store for a friend. Book Store AU.

Take A Break- You go through surgery and Lafayette takes care of you. Modern AU.

Philiip Hamilton:

Reckless- You make an irrational decision. Alt. ending

Valentine’s Special: Happy Valentine’s Day- In our 2017 Valentine’s day special and Phillip stay in and have a special date. Modern AU.

Thomas Jefferson:

Win Some Or Lose Some- You go to Cabinet Battle #2 and you have some things to tell Alexander. TAG TEAM!!

Another One Bites The Dust- Thomas sabotages your dates.  Modern AU.

Safe Driving- You go to a Halloween Party with Thomas. He gets a little jealous. You get a little drunk. Modern + College AU.

Coffee Cup- Thomas flirts with you, and your brother, Alex, finds out. Modern + Coffee Shop AU.


Daveed Diggs:

Vacation- Daveed needs a vacation, so do you.

A Birthday In Color- It’s your birthday! Maybe this year you find your soulmate? Nahhhhhhh ;). Soulmate AU.

Leslie Odom Jr.:

Here For You- You’re pregnant, and craving. Leslie tends to your every need, but you’re scared that you’re holding him back.

Duets- Leslie and Lin go to a jazz club because Lin wants Leslie to hear you sing. 

Okieriete Onaodowan:

I Didn’t Mean To Ignore You- You don’t do your homework and you end up accidentally ignore the new kid for two weeks. Oops? High School Au.

The Good Days- You and Oak meet up again after years of seeing each other. Even after years of no communication it still felt like the good old days. 

Thayne Jasperson:

Donut For Donut- You’re new to the Hamilcast, and you know what they say. Best way to the heart is through the stomach.

Number 6- You go bowling with Thayne and meet the cast.

Chocolate Chip, Pancakes, and Dancing- You spend a lazy day with Thayne and your baby.


What Comes Next?- King George X Fem! Reader: Soulmate AU (Postponed)

 A Million Words- Thomas Jeffereson X Reader: Modern AU (Completed)

I Owe You- Hercules Mulligan X Reader: Modern AU  (Postponed)

Court & Courter- Hercules Mulligan X Spy! Fem! Reader TURN AU  (Postponed)

Unfaithful- Thomas Jefferson X Reader X Lafyette Modern AU (Completed)

All Is Fair- Lafayette X Fem! Reader in war (Completed)

It’s Only A Matter Of Time- Hamilsquad X Reader Time Travel AU  (Postponed)

Race Against Time- Alexander Hamilton X Fem! Reader (Ongoing)

Tears Over Beers- James Madison X Reader High School AU (Ongoing)


A/N: So some time ago (read: a long, long, long time ago), the ever so lovely @cupcakequeen1999 requested a sequel to Cupcakes and Diets and I happily obliged. 

The request:

Would you do a sequel where T'Challa gets hit with some sort of aphrodisiac drug while he and Black Widow are on a mission, and while Nat is trying to find cures, Peter Parker and the reader have to watch over him but T'Challa is all high and is blabbing very sexual things to his wife? Bonus points if Peter never lets them live it down!

Summary: Drugged T’Challa is very horny. And Peter is a little shit. 

Warnings: A little bit of violence, some mentions of blood and needles (for all my friends who, like me, absolutely despise those little devils). Some swearing. Also, there will be light smut and very suggestive themes. Overall, this is one big hot mess in every sense of the word. But I enjoyed writing this!


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Prompt #27: “I’m pregnant”

A breeze moves into the silent room with ease, playing with the thin curtains as it enters. The warm air envelopes the sleeping lovers, washing over their bare skin. The sun is high in the sky; it must be at least seven am. But, all is quiet in the home. A rarity, at this time of morning. Any other morning, cups are being banged around by the youngest family member while the older sibling argues, lightly mind you, with the matriarch. The king of the castle, you ask? He just sips on his coffee, reading over his plans for the expansion before he finally puts an end to the disagreement. But this morning is different. Much needed. Quiet. 


The king is half awake but doesn’t want to face the day yet. He rolls his head from the window to face the door as he takes a deep, deep breath. His queen smiles as her head rises with his chest, and then falls as he exhales slowly. She nuzzles into his creamy, clean skin as her fingers tickle his flush chest. He sweeps his hand over her bare back before tightening his grip around her. Her dark eyes move around the room as his heartbeat pounds in her ear, focusing in on the pale pink curtains. She loves those curtains. They begin to dance again as another gust of summer air invites itself inside. Her dark skin prickles; the minute hairs covering her arms standing as the cool air from the ac mixes with the warmth of the natural breeze. 


The queen shifts slightly on top of him, pushing her breasts into his torso as she covers her mouth with her long fingers, “Babe?” She finally pipes up, her voice coming out lighter than she intended. 




She blinks slowly as she lets out a slow breath of her own, “You know that thing we’ve been working on?” Her voice still airy.


“Mm hmm.” 


She peaks up at him, tilting her head, before she curls back into him, rubbing her cheek into his chest, “I think we’re good.” 


He inhales sharply. She bites her lip. “You think we’re good?” He asks after a beat; or two. Or three. 


“Well… yeah, we’re,” She sighs a little, “We’re good. Harlan says we’re good.”


He doesn’t move. He doesn’t inhale. He doesn’t say anything. Her eyes shift back to the pale pink curtains as she gnaws on her bottom lip. Without warning, he flips her over onto her back, causing her to shriek and giggle. He gazes upon her like he’s never seen her before. His eyes question hers as they shift between her large orbs. She smiles. Then, she nods slowly, splaying her hands over her now occupied stomach. He closes his eyes. A smile spreads across his face. Happy tears pool in her eyes. 


He inches down her body before he lays his warm lips against her still flat stomach. One kiss for her, two kisses for his own pleasure, and three kisses for their new prince or princess. He lowers his head to her belly and closes his eyes again, just as she digs her fingers into his salt and pepper tresses. She smiles to herself as she massages his scalp with her fingers. Another gust of air explodes into the room, cupping the threesome in its warmth once more.

 for: @kishante

People tend to forget that before Ruby got him hooked on demon blood.

Before he learned that he was Lucifer’s true vessel.

Sam Winchester was one of Azazel’s children and his blood flows through him.

Sam had been grateful when his powers went silent, he was no longer a freak. Except for moments like this. When Dean’s life was on the line.

The BMoL, the bastards who had tortured and mind raped him, were now aiming the Colt, the colt that their mother gave them, at Dean. Sam had pushed down his feelings and trauma he had experience thanks to them because they had bigger things to worry about.

But now Sam could feel nothing but fear and hate building inside of him.

There was no Death.

There was no Billie.

There was no one around to make a deal with to bring Dean back, if he died here it would be for good.

Sam couldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t.

As the trigger of the colt pulled back something inside of Sam snapped and reawaken.

“Oh hell.” Crowley knew that they were all in trouble as the colt flew out of the BMoL minion’s hand and into the hand of Sam Winchester whose eyes were pure gold. The Boy King was awake and pissed off.

Only one person was guaranteed to walk out of here whole and that was the man climbing to his feet heading for Sam with his hands stretched out before him.

“Sammy, Sammy, I’m okay put the gun down.” Dean Winchester was experiencing a lot of emotions at that moment, ones that he wanted to push down as he gathered up his little brother and got far away from here. He wanted Sam safe before he dealt with the fact that their mom had been working for the monsters that hurt his little brother.

But none of that mattered, not when Sam was in danger of losing himself if he didn’t gain control.

“Sammy, listen to me you can fight this. You are stronger than you think. You beat the devil back, you can beat this side of you back.”

Sam’s response broke Dean’s, heart.

“But why?” Sam was done.

“After everything we have done. After everything, we have sacrificed and lost we are the ones who pay for the prices. The BMoL sat on their asses and did nothing while we faced off against Azazel. They did nothing when we tried everything to stop Lucifer and we ended up losing Ellen and Jo. They did nothing when we went against the leviathan and lost Bobby. Why should I spare them?”

Dean could see the pain in Sam’s eyes it was the same pain he carried around with him. They had lost so many they cared about and still, they were the ones blamed and punished. “Because I want to be the one who rips them apart for hurting you. They were dead, baby boy the moment they touched you. But Sammy, you fought back this side and won, don’t let them be the reason you give in.”

And in that moment everyone knew what Crowley knew they were screwed, the Winchester brother’s wrath was not something you wanted to be directed at you, no one walked away.  

Sleep Song – Part 1

Based on these two imagines from imaginexhobbit. 

Characters: Thorin, Reader
Location: Erebor, post-BOTFA
Warnings: Insomnia, awkwardness, sexual tension, cursing
Word Count: 3835

WHAT HAVE I DONE. Okay. So. This is yet another one that’s been hiding away but I came back to it because of my rampant insomnia. Yay!

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so it turns out the tower is not actually haunted, it was just clint sleeptalking from inside the vents

i present to you andrew and the cats (mostly Sir). this got away from me but i just have a lot of thought and feelings about andrew and the cats. i wrote this at like midnight last night but here we go

  • andrew doesn’t care for the cats at first. there’s nothing special about them and they’re definitely not interesting enough to captivate him
  • they just laze around the house and get in the way and are generally a mild inconvenience but andrew tolerates them bc they somehow make neil happy and andrew doesn’t really wanna take that away
  • esp bc the cats haven’t done anything horrible
  • but andrew does grow to care for them - slowly. it’s like the mere exposure effect
  • andrew gets used to them first
  • like when he gets home from the grocery store or from a game and he’s expecting to just be with neil but then he sees Sir and it’s like “ah yes that thing it’s still here" 

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