the king hiddles


As my 500th Tom Hiddleston post, did you honestly think there was any way it wasn’t going to be the incredibly hot Prince Hal as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the Hollow Crown?

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Tom Hiddleston is a Disney Prince

That’s maybe already a thing somewhere on the internet but I just wanna  encourage the thought of Tom Hiddleston as Prince in one of the new Disney live-action adaptions. It would be a shame if they didn’t take a chance on casting a real life DISNEY PRINCE, because he certainly is.


…also - let’s not forget how good he looks as a prince (in very tight trousers)

and as a future king… (No, there is no pattern here. DON’T. It’s not the tight trousers. Nope. You have a dirty mind)


Don’t you think that’s like the most perfect photo ever? Is it Shakespeare? Is it Disney? WHY NOT BOTH. 

I think that’s enough evidence. Case closed. Hiddles casted. ARE YOU WITH ME? xx 

People: So why are you still single?

Me on the outside: Haven’t met the right person yet??? 🤔

Me on the inside: More like Tom Hiddleston hasn’t met me yet 😉

Me even deeper on the inside: More like the “golden retriever-like” man is ruining my life in more ways than one 😣


Alternate Sub:

Loki: What Hope is There For Thor?
Frigga: Why? Did you hear something?
Loki: Wrong answer, mother, how many times did i tell you to not reply a question with a question…
Frigga: oh, ok, gotcha. Let me try again. (clears throat) There’s Always A Purpose To Everything That Your Father Does…
Loki: No, mother, that’s not an answer too… humour me will ya?
Frigga: Humour you? Dude, i’m suppose to be mourning for Odin, *points to Odin* hello?! 
Loki: Oh please, mother, he’s not dead..he’s just sleeping and if i might add, he conveniently fell asleep when we were having the most important discussion of my life!
Frigga: Not my fault dude, i already told him to tell you from the beginning, he did not, his fault. But here’s an alternate answer: He did it just so you would never feel different.. 
Loki: Yes mother, why not? I still felt different anyways..
Frigga: Nothing satisfies you does it Loki? What do you want me to give you? 
Loki: Try harder mother, i’m adopted, remember? A son of Frost Giant!! You lied to me, so what you must do next, is compensate me with something greater.. 
Frigga: Ok, ok.. pretend to walk to the door and act surprise.. 
Loki: *walks to the door*
Door: *flung opens* 
Loki: *Acts surprised and turns around to face Frigga* 
Loki: What is all this mummy? *gentle tone*
Frigga: Thor is banished, the line of succession falls to you, until Odin awakens..wait a minute..wait a minute…
Loki: MOM!!
Frigga: Drum rolls please… ASGARD IS YOURS *smiles solemnly*
Loki: *butterflies in stomach* Is this for real? yeay! Now i can go to earth and tell Thor he cannot come back to Asgard. Invite the Frost Giants over for a tea party and slay Laufey right in front of Odin.. yeay.. 
Frigga: MY KING.. !!
Loki: *in your face Thor!*
Odin: *Screaming internally for something he cannot stop*

As requested by: its-babyleface-lokirich :) (hope you like it although it felt kinda stupid)..