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It’s October

y’know what that means Strange Magic fans?! 

TVLINE: Episode 7 was where we finally saw Wes on “Fire Night,” though, in the interrogation room, and we were led to believe he’d survived.

Alfred: I knew the truth by [the time I shot those scenes]. What made me feel like Wes was in the clear, actually, was a conversation with Aja [Namoi King]. She said, “The fact that Annalise gets Oliver to clean the phone [on Fire Night] implies that she’s able to shelve her feelings about it and get down to business. And Aja said, “She wouldn’t have been able to do that if it were Wes.” That kind of made sense to me. But then a couple days prior, I got this strange feeling: “I think it is Wes.” After all the writers have put Wes through, it’s gotta be him! [Laughs]

-Alfred Enoch | #where Aja gets it

Phone Down

In this imagine, whatever is in bold italics, are the lyrics from the song that was in the request! Even if you don’t know the long you can still follow the imagine! I didn’t include all the lyrics but I put most of them in there!

Request-Based off the song “phone down” by Lost Kings. Brett can’t seem to get away from his phone/his lacrosse group chat is constantly texting and sometimes it’s important news about a practice/game etc. :)


“This room’s so quiet
I can hear the sound of silence
Right here in your arms
And I’m falling asleep to your heartbeat”

Every game night, after all the celebrating is over, Brett and I always end up back in his room, in each other’s arms after doing some extra activity of our own, content with how we spent our evening and just wanted to spend some time together, alone from everyone else. As my head rested on Brett’s chest I could hear his heartbeat and I was hanging on to every thump. Brett wasn’t one for a lot of PDA, so when he did show any sort of affection like holding me close or kissing my forehead, it always meant a lot.

“It’s just you and I
Shadows in the passing headlights
And I think for a moment
You won’t let go of me”

The only light or sound, coming from the cars passing by his first-floor bedroom window, making me even happier that we can just sit here without speaking a single word, both of us being completely at peace. When I first met Brett, I wasn’t too sure about him, especially about his relationship potential, but here we are, in a comfortable silence and for the first time during our relationship, I feel like this is a perfect moment.

“But suddenly that bright blue
Is glowing in this dark room
You turn away like I’m not here at all”

As soon as I thought that this moment couldn’t get any better, his phone vibrated from underneath his pillow, usually when we are laying like this, ready to fall asleep, he will put the “do not disturb” mode on, I guess he must have forgotten.
“Hold on, I think it’s the guys.” He said, letting go of me and the light from his phone illuminating not only his face, but the whole room. He flipped over so he was laying on his back, typing away and laughing every few seconds or so. He left me feeling cold and a bit pissed off about the whole situation I mean, come on, he just saw the lacrosse guys not even a hour ago and you are texting them? That is not going to fly.

“Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?
Darling, so we could be alone now
Can’t you just be here when the lights go out
Why don’t you ever put that phone down?
What could be so goddamn important
That it can’t wait until the morning?
You got me right here with my clothes off now
Why don’t you put that fucking phone down?”

As I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest, Brett could see that I was annoyed to some extent. Here I was, laying right in front of him, and there he was, texting his friends that he just saw, about what, I don’t know but its beyond frustrating. I know that his team mates are also his friends but come on, what could be so important at almost eleven at night, unless someone is dying, there isn’t much I can think of that should be keeping him away from me like this. We barely see each other as it is and now that I am here and waiting to be with him, see him, he is in a virtual world with his friends.

“Yeah, the first thing you do
Is when I reach out my hand to touch you
Are you hiding something from me?
‘Cause you moved when I get close”

Alright, well, if he won’t come to me maybe I should go to him. I rolled over, onto my back and then onto my other side so I was looking at the side of Brett’s illuminated face.
“Hey.” I said, causing him to look at me and then back at his phone, even moving away from me a little bit as if he was hiding something from me on his phone. Listen im all for personal privacy but seriously? Im laying here, in his bed, naked, after what we shared, the only thing he should be reading is the condom box, not texts from his friends. He has a life, a real person right in front of him and he is on his phone, texting the guys that he sees more than the person he is involved with. There was  only one thing left to try.

“You’re killing the moment
The window is closing
It’s only supposed to be two of us
Put that phone down
Please, put that phone down”

“Brett” I whispered as I starting kissing his neck, just wanting some attention from my boyfriend. I kissed up his neck, his jawline and up to his ear. Trying my best to get any kind of attention.
“Why don’t you put the phone down and we can have some more fun?” I whispered causing him to just stop typing for a second and then go right back to what he was doing. Okay, I’ve tried it all, if he wants to text his friends rather than be with me, that’s just fine, he should date one too while he is at it.

“Now I’m feeling awkward
It’s actually torture
You’re making a fool of the both of us
Put that phone down
Please, put that phone down”

“Okay well, I’m gunna go.” I said sitting up from the bed, holding the sheet to my naked body, only to be pulled back down into bed by Brett. His phone now locked and underneath his pillow, where is began.
“Im sorry, It was the lacrosse group chat. Coach changed when Im playing in the next game and the guys just wanted to let me know and one thing just let to another.” He said putting a piece of my hair, behind my ear and looking into my eyes.
“You made me feel like shit.” I laughed out only be covered in small kisses all over my face. Causing me to crack a small smile and cup his face in my hands for him to stop.
“I’m sorry, I really am. I like our alone time, just as much as you do.” He said making me nod, not fully believing him or his apology. He cocked an eyebrow at me and smirked.
“Oh god, what now?” I asked as he crawled on top of me, hovering over me with his arms keeping him up.
“I’ll make it up to you.” He whispered before he began kissing my neck like I was doing before. I smiled and let my hands play with the bottom layer of his hair. Oh god, thank god he put that phone down.

anonymous asked:

I feel like there is something missing from Aaron's POV between tomorrow and Monday because if he truely thinks that Robert is useless then he would stop him visiting. Or refuse to see him. Especially if he doesn't want to keep being questioned about or give anything away re being on drugs. Aaron is like the King of pushing people away and hiding...But he is also the King of guilt so perhaps he phoned up...

Unless we get something more from him tomorrow later on in the episode where he’s looking guilty. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times what if he makes his 6pm phone call and apologises. But there’s also the fact Aaron is going to tell Robert and Chas he’s not longer taking drugs (which may be true, may not be). He’s apparently going to refuse to give them up tomorrow to saying he’s stopped (whether that’s just Aaron lying and tying to manipulate I don’t know)

kiwicannoli  asked:

At the fast food restaurant I work at, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people come thru the drive thru on their phone. the other day a man had ordered his food and in the middle of me repeating it back to him he took a phone call. Like?? Dude really?? I also had a women, who, after I took her order and told her to pull up to the window, she has her f@*king window up and held up a finger for me to wait and its like, you came here?? Get off your f@&king phone. Its rude.