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How do you think Dark would act if someone gave him candy? Like would he snap into a sugar rush? (by the way, your blog is amazing I live for your fics and hcs)

Dark absolutely can not have sweets, not because he doesn’t like them, but because of the effect they have on him. He’s not like the King of the Squirrels, who gets hyper and speaks so fast he’s beyond understandable.

It’s like he ascends beyond his and our reality into a new transcendence, or he’s like a cat on catnip

I know many Kpop groups have issues with some members being promoted more and the rest getting left behind… I can honestly say that is one thing I am grateful for about Monsta X. 

I don’t necessarily feel like any member is put above the rest. I feel like they all get to do their own thing based on what they want to do it and when. 

Jooheon as always has a fairly successful rapping career outside of Monsta X.

Shownu has made appearance on multiple different variety shows and is a regular on Lipstick Prince. 

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Hyungwon still models a bit as well as starting his career as an actor.

Minhyuk is still a little quiet but he has had different MC roles and I can see him perhaps perusing things down that path in the future (maybe something like Music Bank or something?).

Kihyun, of course has the voice of an angel! That boy is going places with that alone (King of the Masked Singer, Singing Battle, OST’s etc.)

I.M, although it hasn’t been shown widely he has been doing great work writing music (look at the information on the tracklists for any of The Clan album… his name is all over that.)

Wonho has been doing his own thing create music (not just lyrics but also producing songs… as we all saw with I’ll Be There)

Over all I’m just really proud and happy for all of them and hope all of you continue to support them on their individual adventures outside of Monsta X. 

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Liam will be on the cover of Friday’s (26.05) edition of the NME.

[…] Liam Gallagher has revealed that he’s very much ready to move on from that chapter of his life, in a new interview with NME.

‘It doesn’t mean anything, but it does,’ he said, referring to the leading track from his new album, As You Were. ‘It means back in business. Forget about the last four years of nothing and personal b*****ks and get back to what I do best, which is singing rock ’n’ roll music.’ 

Everyone’s just all cloak and dagger these days, like, “I’ve got a new song and you can’t hear it until it’s out”,’ he said. 'F**k it, it’s a f**king song, ya know what I mean?’

The singer/songwriter explained that he’s 'not a***d’ how successful his new album is.

‘I just f**king wanna get back doing what I do, less of the f**king drama,’ he said. 'I’ve had four years of f**king private-life bulls**t, which is all my doing, and I want to get back to doing my job, playing rock ’n’ roll to the people who like it.

'I love it and people can see that. You can tell by that big vein down the side of my neck!’ […]

There are little things I like to entertain sometimes that I think are really quite possible.

Like the part in 7x10 where Daryl jokes, “We gonna eat, or I gotta be a king or something to get food around here?” And then Carol laughs. 

Because how much do you wanna bet that somewhere between her tears and that radiant smile, one potential thought crossing her mind in that moment was that he already is to her and he doesn’t know it?

I can’t help but think that the irony of his joke due to the place he already holds in her heart did not escape her.


Paring: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Just some fluff.

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Waking up feeling the warm shine of the sun in my face, I slowly recover my mind after the great slumber. I move slightly with my eyes still close to search for Negan. Feeling the empty mattress I growl in disappointment. That old man, probably lose his sleep.

After getting up and stretch in front of the big window enjoying the great feeling of the sun embrace. I start to look at the great room. Yet in that fucked up world, Negan lives as a king, of course he have that after some decisions he made and yes he is a “freaky deaky”, he can be the devil in hundreds and hundreds of people eyes but what can I do? He’s gorgeous, sexy, smart, treat me as a queen, never let anyone treat me badly even before we get along and married. I know it’s cliche and I hate myself for feel like that but I think we were meant to find each other.

Negan POV

I lost my sleep before the fucking sun raised, what I am now? A rooster? Fuck. After a great night of freaky deaky with doll; I was actually expecting sleep for days. That girl have all of the best. She’s fucking great, know my body so well and even when I am the only one doing something in some moment her moans, grunts, the way she speak my name… Fuck, I didn’t know I had so much stamina. I had so many women in my life, but that one? Is like Y/N was made just for me.

But I probably lost my sleep cause I was anxious about today. I will prepare a picnic. Yes a fuckin’ picnic.

Knowing Y/N favorite things I told my men to search her favorite fruits, her favorite cake flavor (and make sure the person that does it fears me enough for don’t try put venom on it), favorite soda (if that shit still on shelf life), her favorite everything. I told if it was necessary for them plant fucking seeds just to make her smile. After two weeks of scavenging and some men I had to kill in different places I got everything.

Going to kitchen and say for the old lady who are in charge on supplies, prepare the more cheesy picnic basket she can, and I told her if she says anything to anyone, well, her loved son would met the hot iron.

When I get Dwight to prepare one of the cars, and after having him making sure he and others fuckers get a save place for us to go. I get to call her for our little trip.


Suddenly I hear the door open and gracious footsteps, I look around seeing Negan there with his delicious smirk. He’s using a black pants, grey t-shirt, a pair of boots and no jacket; But his favorite outfit on hands. Lucille.

“Why she’s bloody? Killed anyone already?” I ask with a steady but still hurt voice.

“No, you don’t need to stress your beauty on that. Was a walker; I hang out to think about some shit and one of those fuckers was approaching, so.” He’s smile more steady now while moving Lucille slightly for me to see the old walker blood.

He let Lucille on table, and sat on the couch moving his hands up and down on his beard, something that the Apocalyptic King do when he is nervous. Yes, nervous. Negan get nervous but isn’t something he let anyone knows.

I grab his hands and put around my waist, I kiss his dark brown hair with a hint of grey in it revealing his age (which have a considerable difference towards me. But I don’t care, not before the world ended, not now), kiss his forehead. I sit on his lap, straddling him while kiss his nose and kiss his lips. I start running my hands through his salt and pepper beard. So soft under my fingers.

“What is bothering you baby?” I ask laying my head on his shoulders.

“Nothing, I am just excited about today, you will have a surprise today, and I’m worried you might not like.” He say while moving his head to try catch your eyes, making his beard ticking your cheek.

“Hm, you know I hate surprises! What it that? Someone threatening you? You will grab another wife?” I ask getting my head up to see his eyes.

“No. No, not really. I a romantic type of thing doll. Like really corny.” He explained making me feel more relaxed.

“Hm, look who is doing corny things?” I playfully tease him about the fact.

“Doll, don’t make me regret it.”

“Where it is? What it is?” Anxious increasing second by second. Not sure what on earth he would be talking.

“Let’s go.” He demand slapping my ass slightly moving me for us to get up.

“Where?” I get on my feet and becoming even more curious.

“Just put some clothes on. And we will have some time alone.”

“You don’t like me using your shirt and only pantie?” I ask devilishly giving him the ‘come here’ look.

“Of course I fucking do,” Negan say getting me closer grabbing my lower back making me go in my tiptoes to search his lips. He brush my lips softly with his own. “And is starting making me dick grow right here. So change and let’s go.” He moved his hands of your body and walk away to grab his jacket on the chair near the door.

“You’re such a tease.” You let out and went to change the clothes.


Getting outside of the old fabric I went to the car which Negan told me so. Entering in the passenger seat and start analysing my gun, when I reach to put it on the secure place on my belt, I realized something begging me, I move a little to see better, and I found a basket in the behind seats.

Negan enter, and when he get the car to start I couldn’t stop looking at him. “Seriously? You prepare a picnic? This is so cheesy. I love it.”

“I’m glad.” He say letting his hand go to your thigh, you grab it and let a small kiss on it.


After 25 minutes, Negan find a place with some small fences around making the place safe, have some fresh grass like it was watered for a few days, not letting the sun burn it dry.

Getting off of the car, Negan let Lucille on the car, grab the basket and a red sheet. We sat there putting the guns near just in case. And I can’t hear any grunts or zombie moves.

“Wow, that’s great. Thank you Ne.” I thank him smiling for him to known I mean it.

“No mention it darlin’. I glad you like it.”

After eating some fruits, in small thirteen minutes I can see a walker approaching, since the gun is with a silencer I quickly shot it straight in the head.

“Fuck, I didn’t thought they would find in a small time. Goddamn it Dwight. I told the fucker to supervise the place.” Negan grow anxious throwing a apple in the other side with his temper.

“It’s okay babe, the world is like that now. And is just one anyway.”

“Yeah, but if that asshole find us, others can. Let’s go Y/N, I just tried to make some cheesy shit to make you smile.”

He say while getting the things threading inside the basket. I grab his hands making him look at me. “I love it babe. And come on we can eat on the rooftop in Sanctuary. But honestly I appreciate all of this, here is great, is healthy and alive. Unfortunately we can’t enjoy the way you expect but still a great gesture towards me, love.” He grabs my hands placing in his lips kissing it looking at me, even a cute gesture like that, Negan make a desperate feeling of need grow inside me.

“Let’s go,” I say getting up shooting the others couple of walkers that was approaching us while Negan was getting things together.

The drive back was calm and chill, of course Negan had to hit some walkers with the car letting his devious laugh loose making you took your eyes in the process.

Getting finally there, Negan start saying that he was going to look for Dwight and for the others that was suppose to make the place the saviest as possible for you.

“No, please. Don’t. They did the job, the fuckers probably find us because the car noisy.” I say while clung his forearm and hand.

“Why you are protecting them?” He ask with his eyes narrowing my with pure jealous.

“For God sakes, I ain’t protecting anyone. Is just the truth, please let’s go to the rooftop to spend more time and finish that delicious basket.” He pondered its use for a few seconds.

“Right doll, right.” I smile letting him know that doesn’t have nothing to worry.


Getting in the rooftop we sat and start eating and talking again. I can’t believe it has so many things here. Fruits that I didn’t saw in what seems like ages.

“Where did you find kaki?” You ask eating what seems like the fifth fruit.

“A community I protect, they have and since you like it. I grab some.”

Humming in response I finish the delicious fruit “I think it had a lot of things, still have so can I put it to my room? For you know, enjoy the fruits some more.”

“Sure thing, or you can let it on my. And looking at these strawberry here, it can be really useful,” Negan let his smirk letting me know the funny business he have on mind. “My room is basically ours since you always there with me. Let there insteant.”

Looking in the sky I let a sad smile, Negan have other wives and it don’t annoy the much it used to, and honestly Negan didn’t had sex with them on what three weeks now? But if one day I get into his room and see one of the girls with him, it will not be something I will enjoy to see or feel.

“Nah, my room will be better.” I try to say calmly.

“Would you look at that? Don’t wanting to share your stuffs?”

“Oh sure, because I didn’t give you enough already.” My sneer making him chuckle.

“So feisty you are. I love it.” He kiss me strongly, I immediately find his hair deepening the kiss.

After what seems a delicious eternity of make out, we get desperately of oxygen so we parted to breath. I peck his lips and after that we enjoy the sunset.


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i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 


MONSTA X members personality psychoanalysis (Ep 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 )

Shownu is an authority-type behind the king. People with this kind of personality doesn’t really like to go forward, it is possible for them to feel uncomfortable. He has a lot of stress because he is under pressure that he is the leader. He tries to do well in everything. The good thing is, however, that despite his high levels of stress, he has a low-level of depression. He is good at self-management. He is someone with great responsibility, he is very much like a father-figure. Fathers are not fathers because they are strong (they can be weak). Even if he doesn’t speak much, members should not think “He knows it all” or “He wants to talk”, but ask him first.
He’s the most outgoing person. He’s an eloquent speaker, a good MC like a leader. He always checks other reactions without realising (after he says something) to check whether it is enough. It is because he’s looking at it not from one angle but the variety of the situation. Minhyuk says he gets stressed if the reaction is not good as expected. The psychotherapist replies there is no weakness until you compare yourself to others. Therefore Minhyuk’s way of thinking is a strength.
Kihyun is a type of member who goes well with any other member. He is a social type. He socialises with people with his body and emotions. He is social with his actions; he has natural skinship. He is also likely to lose his temper. But even if he loses temper, it doesn’t last long. That’s why he is good at cooperating with others. If he gets married, his wife will be happy (because he likes cleaning/taking care). It is okay for Kihyun to keep within bounds (members were complaining he is nitpicky with chores) but he should know the limit. He doesn’t do these tasks to boast, or make himself look good; it is for the sake of Monsta X as a team. It creates synergy in the team, his actions are out of good heart. He wouldn’t do it if he didn’t care about his members (but he does).
He is a Joan of Arc type who is diligent in everything. He is a good role model; he has spirit. He has guts (Kihyun questions the psychoanalysis). He was the main in Ep.2 (Role as first daughter-in-law). He did not like the role at first, however worked hard regardless and took everything on as his role was. That explains his guts that he had. During Ep.5 daycare center, he comforted and took care of the toddler who was shy of strangers. He did the best he could and pulled through.
Jooheon has a spark type personality. When a spark type and rapper comes together, it’s creates perfect synergy. Since he has so much energy; whatever he does with the members will create more energy; like an igniting equipment. He has charming eyes. During Ep.2-3, his role as a charming dog made him work hard to spice up the atmosphere with comedy and enjoyment. However, such a personality tends to hold grudges.
I.M looks cute, and has a baby face. (Members disagree, the psychotherapist is talking about his innocent personality). Even though he is the youngest, he’s the most flexible, he’s adapts to change. He is curious. With that, he is ambitious and also wants to achieve many things. He was the mafia during Ep.1, it was exciting for him. His top priority is pleasure. I.M asked about his parents being opposite types (Acting vs. Thinking type) and which he takes after. The psychotherapist replies it’s not important who you take after, but to know that you take after both.
Wonho has a Joan of Arc personality. He is emotional and feminine, but with brilliant intellect. These types are often designers (Wonho has good sense of fashion, redoes his own leather jackets & designed Clan Tour jackets). During Ep.5, Wonho was sensitive to kids (played at their level). He has interest in volunteer work (currently does so) to stabilise his mentality; a therapy effect called the Mother Teresa effect. This effect helps to boost self esteem. So Wonho cared for the kids in a way that he wanted to be cared for by others. He also wants a hug from others. The psychotherapist sensed that he was lonely and lost his self-esteeem. Wonho possibly would have seen himself in the kids, aswell (Wonho starts tearing up). Idols want to take care of themselves but they are stressed and tired. If members comfort each other with words and support each other, it will help relieve stress and bring Monsta X together as a whole.



THE GUYS: Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab!!


MUTASIM: Yes, we love…* Today, it’s the 18th of May, so we’re going to have a, boom, 17th of May special.

ELIAS: What are you doing?


ELIAS: You know this is my Youtube channel, right? And then you come with this 17th of May stuff..

MUTASIM: Look, look, look how tired this guy is and I’m like fresh.

MIKAEL: He has a bowtie.

MUTASIM: Bowtie! I got this, understand?

MIKAEL: [Singing]

ELIAS: But what’s the thing with the 17th of May? Why do we celebrate the 17th of May?

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Types of Romantics (Check Venus)

Aries: Clingy romantic. Very possessive over you. Doesn’t want you to talk to anyone else. Always wants to talk to you. Will defend you. Always wants to be right so they’ll get mad at you, but still love you

Taurus: Passionate romantic. CAN BE MORE KINKY THAN SCORPIO. Wants you to be happy and fed at all times. Pampers you with motherly love, but hot in bed

Gemini: Intellectual romantic. Wants someone who will be relatable but is also completely different. Wants to challenge their minds. Will challenge your temper but it keeps things exciting

Cancer: Exciting romantic. Wants excitement and honesty in conversation, be it a deep and serious conversation or a fun and weird one. Be able to change things up; sometimes going out and sometimes staying home and chillin’

Leo: Bold romantic. Very straight forward to his/her partner in everything (literally). Very clear in what they want. Will accommodate to your needs to make sure you’re happy- but you must tell them so

Virgo: Compromising romantic. Very busy and whines a lot. Must be able to think about their lover not only themselves. Is very busy but will make time for you

Libra: Demanding romantic. Wants everything to be perfect. Wants to make you a better person, no matter how hard it’ll be to do so. Will always listen to you

Scorpio: Rational romantic. Knows exactly when to do what. Can be very serious and enigmatic at times. They don’t hate you, they’re just thinking about things. Can get very saucy in the bed

Sagittarius: Flighty romantic. Not always there. Loves you nevertheless. Needs to understand that they can be wrong too. Has to be willing to calm down and settle down

Capricorn: Quiet romantic. Won’t always say it or act like it but they do love you. Puts you first. Makes sure you’re okay even if s/he isn’t there all the time

Aquarius: Royal romantic. Expects you to treat them like a queen or king. Will treat you like one too. Wants the best. Can’t put up with any bullshit

Pisces: Understanding romantic. Will embrace all of your flaws and bad traits with the hope that you will do the same. Will glorify you but won’t expect you do to the same- you should though; they’re pretty great

I’m a new dm for a group of relatively new players, running a short campaign ‘cause I wanted to try my hand at dming and they wanted to play. 

Long story short, the players have to convince the ghost of an ancient king to give them the password to open a secret vault and get the treasure as they were hired to do. I’ve decided to play the king, Caul, as a semi-genocidal and extremely lonely old man who doesn’t want the conversation to end. I’d been having fun distracting them talking about skee ball, murder, and Caul’s beautiful wife whom he loved very much, but they finally got out of him some important info. 

Ollie, the party warlock: So, you’re waiting for the “chosen ones,” and you’ll tell them the password? 

Caul: Yes, that’s right. Oh, I’ve been down here for so LONG, you have no IDEA- 

Ollie, OOC: Can I just, like, convince him we’re the chosen ones? 

Me, OOC: Sure, roll persuasion.  

I was going to make something that obvious a tough roll, as this conversation was meant to be akin to a boss fight in difficulty. I figured they’d have to get a 20 to successfully convince him with just one roll. I wanted them to test their roleplaying capabilities and have a little fun with it instead, and Ollie hadn’t rolled above a 10 all evening so I wasn’t worried. 

Ollie: *rolls 19, +3 to get 22* HAHA 

Me, OOC: Oh shit, okay. Um, so what do you say?

Ollie, OOC: I convince him we’re the chosen ones?

Me, OOC: Yeah, but how? What do you say to convince him? 

Ollie, after much deliberation: We are the chosen ones. 

Caul: Wow, I suddenly believe you, I guess. 


       This has to be said because personally I am tired of having to establish this again and again. And it has to do with RESPECTING MUSES OF POWER. And this includes and it never limited any official canon stated titles and positions. Be it Ruthless Queens, Hard Kings, Gang Leaders, or Apocalyptic Masterminds with barb wired bats. Somewhere there is always a nice chunk of muses who are always trying to either; 1) Defy, 2) Rebel, or 3) 1 & 2 but with a try at badass snark. This PSA is concerning all of the above, and all that are included within the category of muses of power.

      It is so important that this made clear that when being a MUSE OF POWER there is something that accompanies that and it is exactly that. POWER. Muses of power ACTUALLY hold a fair amount of ACTUAL power over most muses. Especially if it’s in their favored canon timeline. A Queen or King can have a man executed for speaking foul words against them, or the Apocalyptic Mastermind can have someone beat up and locked away because he damn well felt like it. That’s because they hold a certain amount of real power to do so. And it’s so important that with MUSES OF POWER that this is respected. I’m so tired of seeing muses try to be the FORCE OF GOOD or the REBEL OF LAW and the muns get all upset because the MUSE OF POWER in question reacted accordingly.

     This is also me making note that a MUSE OF POWER is not required at all to be nice or friendly toward anyone, not everyone is kind or courteous.  And neither is a MUSE OF POWER required to be so. Do not show up and expect someone to be loving of this or that muse just because sweet words were given.


      If the defiance and rebuttal is plotted; then it is alright. Because both of the muns have a full understanding of what is happening and the consequences of said actions. WHICH THERE IS ALWAYS CONSEQUENCES WHERE MUSES OF POWER ARE CONCERNED. You insult someone or spit in their face- I can personally promise you something bad is going to happen. But again, plotted and planned, are always acceptable because as I said. Everyone is on an understanding and everyone is on the same page.

    all in all:  RESPECT MUSES OF POWER

Markiplier Theory: Markiplier’s Egos are trying to take over through TV- but why?

But Dark isn’t the one who’s the top power. He’s on the other end. He’s just the other guy who’s controlling the meeting.

The other one was standing. Wilford Warfstache. And by visual, that means he’s controlling the team. He’s the one manning the ship. And by technicalities, that means he’s the one fueling the movement of the egos, since in meetings the one who’s standing is the project head. 

Dark wanted to take control, but failed all the time. He literally cracks all the time when he possesses Mark. The real ending with ADWM is that he doesn’t even win. You still get the ‘retry’ option after it because it’s not the ending that you’re supposed to get. He’s still defeated.

Dark reinforces his admiration to Wilford in the video. He says “Look. Will. I respect you. I always had.” He turned to Wilford because he’s not the one who could do it. 

Wilford has always been a seamless character, no problems in confronting Mark head-on. He has been on TV for so many times (though ending in a bad way). Wilford has interviewed Mark, Slenderman, FNAF guys, and all. He has the most power out of all the egos. 

Take note he’s the base character/ego. He’s literally the one on Mark’s profile pic forever. 

Wilford hijacks the game that was initially for Bim Trimmer. He hijacks the Bubbles commercial. He’s the one presenting the idea to everyone. And his idea is amazing. Because TV isn’t only for TV anymore.

You can get TV shows through the internet. TV is the main media- you get news, you get drama, movies, et cetera. And now the egos are targeting that.

This also implies Wilford got every, single possible ego to help him in the endeavor. It might have been lost in Dark’s eyes (he’s not one for entertainment. He doesn’t get it. But he still concedes because it’s Wilford.) There were new egos introduced here.

Now: Everyone’s roles in the TV Industry

Game Show Segments: Bim Trimmer. He was the one who decided the game, and hosts on weird conditions. He had the Disc of Riches, and most probably others too.

Commercials/Advertisements Segments: Ad Mark (probably akin to Scent O’ Iplier advertisement) is seen and heard in the Bubbles segment.  Ed Edgar Adopt-a-Lot, who was supposed to have a “30 second segment, barely getting 5”. He wants the money. 

Movies/Series: Silver Surfer. What’s the most prominent series right now? It’s usually the ones with heroes. He says “he took a break from crime fighting to pursue entertainment”. He’s the one that’s going to star in those series, usually on Netflix. Another one, akin to “House, Grey’s Anatomy, etc”, Dr. Iplier is going to be the star. He says “I came across as a professional and handsome actor.” Let it be known that the ‘hit’ looks for doctors are hot ones- which Dr. Iplier readily knows. However it is to be noted that Septiplier is an actual ego (lol) which might have been a romantic segment for a series.

News: The Jims. Both are Jims- Jim the head newscaster, and the weather reporter. This means that they are literally broadcasting, not only to TV, but on radio and newspaper as well. The other Jim was on the Sun as well. This implies their range of power. Probably has connections all over the world because of their status of being reporters.

Music: Mark Bop. Akin to MTV, this one is targeting the music industry. He’s alive and bringing back the classics, and most probably going to make more. He’s doing revivals, he’s going to dominate.

Reality TV: Possibly the only one that was intended to where the ‘real’ Mark and the team were supposed to show up. They are shown as the ‘actors’ of their ‘roles’- with Mark as Markiplier, Amy as Peebles, Kathryn as Editor, Tyler as Apocalypto_12, and Ethan as Crankgameplays. (This still means that Wilford got them to do this for Markiplier TV.)

— Also the segments of “Bad Dog” can be compared to those series you’d see on AXN, like Breaking the Magician’s Code. Mark ‘crying’ and the subscriber drop is a close second here, most probably those series with “Living with the…” titles. It is important to note that Kathryn was also there at Wilford in the Disc of Riches, where the whole team was. It might be speculated that the Teamiplier are just actors, and Tyler just acted dead because it’s obvious Wilford didn’t really have bullets when it sounded, and Kathryn was more of the behind-the-scenes type.—-

Other possible TV segments: Informational-Probably like Nat Geo, King of the Squirrels might be in this part, however he is shown to be out of the meeting- possibly because it’s a so-so segment. Wilford doesn’t know what to do yet with him, alongside the many other missing egos. Talk Show- maybe more directed to Wilford or Bim Trimmer.

Technical Run Through: Google. He’s the one who keeps them at bay, to let them remember their ‘primary objective’. With his role in the meeting room, it can be assumed that he is the one holding the technical stuff- when the episodes air, how the lighting is, cameras are placed, etc. This also means that whatever is shown on TV will be uploaded on the internet. It will be easily accessible. Alongside him is The Author, now known as The Host. He tells how everything goes in how the things should go. He’s the scriptwriter. He’s the director. He literally is a host to the people watching Television. Without the structure of a show, how does one run? Without the audience’s help, how does a show follow through? Without good mediums, who will like it? That’s his job.

Now, Dark and Wilford are the acting CEOs. They don’t necessarily have the segments, but that mean they are the ones who are going to control the whole operation. Dark’s probably like the ‘president’ and Wilford is the ‘CEO’ of Markiplier TV. (President: Second-in-command. CEO: owner, chief). Usually the CEO who is on screen more than the president, which makes sense in this way.

Now, what do you guys think?

Bts reacting to you being good at everything like Jungkook!


“You should be greatful you’re still young and don’t break everything so easily.” *Is salty asf*

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“No no no, this isn’t hell! We can’t have two devils running around! Get out before you beat me at Mario Kart too” *Half joking, half serious*

wth is he doing

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“Wooooow, you two are exactly the same… hurry pick me up and carry me around like the king I am!”

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“You two are really something… you two do 100 reps each and I’ll buy you unlimited lamb skewers…”

“…but yoongi-” Jin tried saying.

“Shut up I wanna see this.”

“Was I or was I not talking?” Jin got up. You and Guk started snickering in the background.

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“;-; Y-you two are like the best friends I’ve always wanted!”

“Hey what about me?…” Jimin intervened.

“We’re like the four muskuteers!” Tae yelled.

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“Are you kidding me?! One Jungkooks enough! Put that thing back where it came from or so help me~”

“That thing is my girlfriend.” Jungkook said.

“Hey! I was born in Busan first!”

*everyone just looks at eachother hella confused*

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“Hell yeah that’s my baby!”

*both start doing everything they can and showing it off to everyone else*

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history meme (french edition)  →  4 families/dynasties/houses (¾) the ruling House of Bourbon.

“The Bourbons ruled their homeland for over two centuries, making it the greatest power in Europe, and taming and uniting a people who are arguably the most individualist and ungovernable in the world. They were the personification of both this grandeur and this seduction; let it be known that Louis XVI became a figure of compelling interest, with his refusal to save himself by shedding his people’s blood, creating a martyrdom in which he was soon joined by his beautiful Queen.Desmond Seward, The Bourbon Kings of France

Signs as Medieval Fiction Tropes
  • Aries: Warrior dude who saves the girl
  • Taurus: King #1 who is goodish but also is an asshat and is only really doing as well as he is bc his assistant is manipulating him
  • Gemini: The dude you meet at the inn and tells you all the lore about the land / dude who sets up quests
  • Cancer: Girl who needs saving
  • Leo: King #2, overthrew Taurus and Scorpio, basically wants to kill everyone and everything. Dgaf about the people, but that gold is looky mighty damn fine. Type of king to set up some battles and shit. Wars.
  • Virgo: The mother who tells the warrior girl who "isnt like the others" that she's being a daft cunt and needs to shut up and sew before someone in their family dies of cold
  • Libra: "I'm in love with him, Father! And you can say or do nothing to keep us apart!"
  • Scorpio: The assistant to Taurus
  • Sagittarius: The girl who says she isn't like the others and secretly has a bow.
  • Capricorn: King #2's assistant, who he ignores. Was/Is Commander of the Military as well. Hella dough. Rich ass family. Secretly has a better life than the king, but pretends he doesn't.
  • Aquarius: Rebel princess who was in some shitty circumstances and basically just wants to unite shit and does so little by little but everyone is being so. damn. difficult.
  • Pisces: Can use magic. Or claims to, at least. Has some weird abilities. Weird ass elusive dude who teaches you shit and you wonder if they were actually there or not... weird.

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since yoongi has too many Gay Moments you could go over your faves/most gay or smth *shrug emoji*

i wrote out a whole answer to this and accidently closed the tabs but time to start againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so here are are the ghighlights:

  • cypher pt 3 he raps about turning guys and girls on, and he’s literally using a metaphor about how good he is at giving head to tell you how good he is at rapping
  • agust d is directed at a man and there are a lot of sexual references (tongue technology, fat dick em, etc. )
  • good day from YOUTH (the japanese album) - his verse is soft and gay
  • wishing on a star from YOUTH - also soft and gay
  • that time he travelled all the way back to the dorm for hobi at new years with chicken because he was alone
  • when he said holly (a male dog) and rapmon (a male dog) should date
  • when he spoke about his type in men (older with beards)
  • first love is lowkey gay like the verse about ‘i rejected you then you accepted me back’ or whatever it is and also the fact that it was banned only he could do that with a song about a piano
  • it might have been a translation thing because it was from one of the recent USA interviews but he said that spring day was about a ‘him’
  • the spring day choreo bit where him and jimin are on two sides of the wall i’ve seen in a lot of couple contemporary dance performances it’s like the so you think you can dance contemporary trademark
  • during the rookie king episode where tae and hobi kissed, it was in reference to a film called ‘쌍화점’ (‘A Frozen Flower’) and Yoongi had a) seen it and b) could name the actors and main characters and c) was excited to be able to do so
  • exists
  • touches hobi’s thighs a lot (x)
  • that picture of him lying on the hot air balloon thing that looks like the pride flag
  • when he said his celebrity crush was the male presenter when they were in australia
  • whatever the hell the run episode in the prison was
  • when he was pretending to be yoonji on bts+ he called her ‘girl crush’ which is used to refer to a girl that girls like basically yoonji is a lesbian icon
  • sleeping is gay
  • gets away with everything like only a gay could
  • him and jk’s role in the hyyh series is coded as quite gay tbh in regards to how it’s shot especially the prologue
  • in blood sweat and tears, the film ‘chatroom’ referenced in his scenes has a m/m kiss
  • is good friends with my gay father heechul
  • the gntl boys gloves
  • whatever this was
  • these times where he was just……… gay and couldn’t hold it in here and here
  • he’s pretty left oriented politically from what i can tell which is generally a lot more gay n stuff
  • gay leather subculture looks in that Singles photoshoot
  • used the two guys with a heart between them emoji for the sope livestream 
  • ‘soul partner’
  • has spoken about high school crushes at some point but didn’t he go to an all boys school………………………………………….
  • that time he just……… snuggled into hobi’s arm during rookie king
  • this
  • the fact that his hair has been every colour of the rainbow
  • also that he could fight a hetero and win idk
The bond between Yuzuru and Shoma

Hero’s Special 170402

So, as opposed to the usual media angle of Shoma vs Yuzu, Hero’s has decided to put together a program about their relationship, as seen from behind the scenes footage. Most of the articles/reports are now focusing on the relationship between Yuzu and Shoma instead of the previous angle of rivals, because this time they had the shared role of Japan’s representatives as opposed to being individual skaters.

Shoma: Right now, when I’m practicing, my motivation is the desire to achieve the ability to win over Yuzu-kun. That’s the only motivation and, in order to continue growing, I would like to continue forward without changing this feeling.

Yuzu: I’ve often been told that I’m in a position of being chased by others but, if you think about it, just like how we found out with this SP, there are still many people I have to chase after. After all, after the SP the one who was standing in first place was Javier, and the one who was third was Patrick. Of course, the young skater Uno…Uno-san…U-Uno-san? *frowns at himself and laughs* Uno-senshuu** too (was in the top 3). There are many things that I don’t have, so in a manner of speaking, everything is to me, something/someone to chase after.  

In which we get a behind the scenes look at the bond between Yuzu and Shoma (as viewed by the Japanese media)

Full translation including video narration under the cut.

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