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A Man Of No Consequence, Chapter 12

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW) - ongoing

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark

Chapter 12: Breath Of The Glacian

“I’m sick of waiting around!” you exclaim, giving the table a little kick, like a toddler having a tantrum. The small, cute cabin has become a prison, an indefinite punishment of isolation.

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In that Princess Katarfa AU, I could see Zuko really insistimg on learning more healing at the North Pole, and that bringing lots of drama. =DD

Continued from here: [Link], [Link], and [Link]

Oh yes!  Suko is like, “But my tribe needs a healer?” and Yugota and Pakku are like, “But you’re a boy?” and Suko’s like “???”

Sokka is like, “Please just let him do it, he’ll sulk if you don’t and he is the king of sulking, don’t do that to me.”  This is not the iron-clad persuaive argument Sokka thinks it is.

Then Suko mentions that Jeong Jeong told him he had the gift for it, and he already healed his hands when Aang burned him, and Pakku is like, “Okay, but only if you also learn how to fight, and we can all pretend that you learning healing is some weird Southern thing.”

And Suko’s like “I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to learn how to fight anyway, so…”

Yugoda is just like, “You would think since I’m the healing master, it would be my decision, but noooooo.”

And that’s how Suko becomes a Northern Water Tribe trained waterbending healer and waterbending master.

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could you PLEASE do a MareCal fanfic (before the ending of King's Cage 🤧) where Mare and Kilorn are having a good time together as friends but Cal is in a bad mood and mistakes it as Kilorn trying to flirt with Mare so he grabs Her and teaches her who truly is her boyfriend (if you can call it that) 😏😏😍

UMMMM NO PROBLEM. But does it have to be before the ending of kc because id like to think they get back together in Rq4. thanks love 😘

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speaking of cherry blossoms would someone bedazzle Cor's katana with pink gems as a joke?

my buddy. my friend. my grey faced pal.

he could be given Fuu’s tanto from samurai champloo and not give two fucks. i’m talking about a blade that looks like this.

In my HC Cor sleeps with his sword instead of hiding it in the King’s weapon summoning magic. (some anxieties about if the King is gone [dead] he can’t defend himself) so, the implication would be that someone took it while he was sleeping, bedazzled it pink, and gave it back to Cor?

He honestly wouldn’t even be mad tbh. He’d just be impressed that someone was that committed.

Nobody would actually do it because nobody’s balls are that huge, but I digress.)

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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Headcanon that Katsuki literally models for his parents whenever they design something new because have you seen how BEAUTIFUL he is???? Like??

Like he has better trimmed eyebrows than I do, his skin absolutely flawless for a male, his fashion sense is on point, he can make AMAZING facial expressions, his posture is so on point and actually is really good in comparison to his other classmates, like for real, this boy HAS to be modeling for his parents when they need models because OH DAMN, he’s so much fashionable then his peers (and yes, that includes the saggy pants because lets be real, he’s achieving an actual look with that since has a belt attached.)

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

my honest to god favorite thing about trc is the fact that Ronan Gansey and Noah live together. by themselves. that means they have to go grocery shopping for themselves, and that means that at some point in the canon universe, Ronan Lynch has had to stand around debating to himself what brand of macaroni and cheese to get, only to be interrupted by Noah, and inevitably Gansey, and the three of them are standing there taking up a whole aisle bickering over fucking mac n cheese. like Noah you can’t even eat food what do u care and Gansey stop telling Ronan the nutritional value of this shit he knows good and well he’s gonna be dead by thirty stop reminding him. and all the while innocent shoppers are holding witness to a tattooed, shaved-headed, raven-bearing boy, along with the king of Virginia son-of-future-Mrs President himself, along with this weird boy who keeps seeming to drift in and out of sight despite never moving????

these poor souls attract the utmost attention w/o even trying like how in the world Blue Sargent managed to go her whole life not knowing these boys existed is beyond me smh

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I love Lance, friendship, and your headcanons. May I request some Lance-Hunk, Lance-Keith, Lance-Shiro, and/or Lance-Allura ones (since you've already covered Lance-Pidge)? Please and thank you, you wonderful memer.

i’m so happy someone finally requested the bros

  • *sleepover voice* “hunk… be real with me buddy….. do you think my ears are ugly”
  • they’re drift compatible
    • have mastered the art of the no-look fist bump
    • “jinx! double jinx!! triple jinx!!!”
    • the kings of spontaneous duets
  • hunk’s skin is so soft and lance is so jealous
  • “if i run and leap at hunk he will most certainly catch me in his arms” “lance wait I’m holding coffee-”
  • hunk has receipts and lance lives in fear of them
    • hunk’s known him for too long he’s gotta know a bunch of embarrassing stories
    • whenever lance gets a little too extra all hunk has to do is give him a look™ and he’ll stop like immediately
  • “hunk can you build me a girlfriend”
  • lance: *that friend that’ll text you at 2am to ask if cacti have feelings* 
    • hunk: *that friend who’ll respond with a thoughtful answer and instigate a 3 hour conversation about plant emotions*
  • their relationship is a weird mix between shaggy and scooby doo, drake and josh, and leslie knope and ann perkins
  • pidge: “why are you guys always hanging off of each other like that?” lance, literally sitting in hunk’s lap: “???? what do you mean????”

yes, ten does come from a rich family, but i dont think ten likes to talk about it or wants to be known for THAT (in that one radio program they talked about idols with the ‘golden spoon’ aka idols who come from rich families, or ‘spoiled’ idols, and ten didnt say anything) he wants to be known for other things, like his dancing. he never mentioned the fact that hes rich anywhere, you can only see it through pictures of his GIGANTIC house and the fact that he went to an INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE international school (“its bangkoks most expensive international school, the tuition fee is approximately $25000 per year”)..yet hes so humble and you always see him giving the money he has to charity, or doing things for charity. remember the charity run he was gonna be part of this year? (it was cancelled because of king bhumibols death) or when he won teen superstar and gave all the money he won to charity? ten is such a sweet human being and yes we might know him for his dancing and his playful personality, but i want him to be known for doing these great things as well. ten is so amazing and kind, and he seriously has such a big heart.

When Nesta first enters the Spring Court, she wants to turn and run until she is in Velaris again, in the arms of her mate again.

But she doesn’t.

Her back is straight and her chin high when she greets the High Lord of the Spring Court, and when he looks at her like she is a poor victim of fate and not of his own stupid schemes Nesta wants nothing more than to claw his eyes out. Her hands start to shake when she is introduced to that woman-female- Ianthe. Nesta’s blood boils in her veins when she is greeted by a sugar-coated smile and she closes her hands in a fist tight enough her nails break the skin of her palm, she can’t do this, she wants to kill her, she will kill her, kill him, kill the King, she shouldn’t be here, this was a mistake but the Spring Court, Tamlin promised to attack the Night Court if her and Elain didn’t go and her mate’s eyes when she winnowed, his face when he last kissed her, she can’t, she can’t pretend and smile to them, to this monsters, she’s drowning, she’s drowning, she’s drowning-


That’s when his scent hits her.


It happened every day since, his smell always in her lungs when she feels like she can’t breathe, he is everywhere even if he’s not there with her, the imaginary brush of his fingers is the last thing to touch her skin at night.

She breathes deeply, letting the illusion of him fill her lungs, leaning in the phantom of his touch.

“Nesta, are you feeling well?” it’s Elain’s voice, she’s standing next to that male, Lucien, and she’s blooming, her smile brighter than the sun as she clutches his arm.

The first day she hidden behind Nesta, scared of the pull she felt but as time passed, the two of them got closer and closer until it became nearly impossible to see one without the other.

Nesta knows that pull, remembers how she tried to fight it, in vain, remembers how love and that hard headed male of hers were stronger than everything.

“I bet your sister is just feeling relieved she’s been freed from that court of monsters, Lady Elain, even if she still reeks like one of them. Maybe she just needs more time to adjust. Or to be grateful for her rescue, it seems.” it’s Ianthe, it’s her voice and Nesta hates the very sound of it, every word she speaks.

“Oh, she is grateful, she’s just too shaken to say so.” Feyre answers, her voice like honey even if she can’t hide the hate that contorts her features, even if only for a moment.

Lucien grips Elain’s hand when her eyes start to move to Nesta and Ianthe, worry clearly painted on her face, and he strokes his thumb on the tender skin on the back of her hand.

“Quit talking like I am not here.” Nesta snarls between her teeth, taking a step toward Ianthe, her fingers itching.

The Priestess just laughs and mutters, her voice low enough that Nesta can barely hear it, “Wildcat.”

Nesta’s eyes go wide and hears a growl that she’s not sure if it comes from her own throat.

She’s about to take a step further, to rip the Priestess throat out with her bare hands-but she can’t.

It would ruin everything, every plan, it would make all the pain Feyre suffered meaningless, every strategy Cassian worked so hard for worthless, it would ruin everything.

She feels the tears in her eyes and she hates herself for it, for how powerless she feels.

Nesta bites her lower lip until the taste of blood floods in her mouth in a vain attempt to rein in her emotions, her rage.

A wave of calmness and strength washes over her from the mating bond-it’s him, it’s him, it’s him-and she straightens her back again, looks Ianthe in the eyes, refusing to back down in front of her, to make that poor excuse of a female make her lose control.

She hears a chuckle, the sound so distinctively Cassian that she starts to think her mind is playing tricks on her.

“I never felt better, Priestess”, Nesta spits the name like it’s the worst insult to ever grace her tongue, looking Ianthe up and down like she’s nothing “and I actually believed the mighty Spring Court had better manners. It seems you lot are too busy with your gardens to preoccupy yourself on how to properly treat your guests.” she hears a growl coming from her left, from the High Lord no less, Feyre’s hand on his arms, a soothing gesture for sure, if it wasn’t for her sisters wicked grin, so similar to the one Nesta sometimes saw on Rhysand.

She takes a step closer, takes Feyre’s hand and says “I still have to see the gardens.”

Feyre squeezes her hand, a thank you.

Nesta asks herself if this is what sisterhood is supposed to be and the sun in the Spring Court gardens reflects on her pale skin and it feels like Cassian’s laugh.


The days go on in a blur, and the pain in her chest is always worst.

Elain quietly moves to Lucien’s room while Nesta dreams of wings and long black hair and hazel eyes, her hands always searching for a warm body on the other side of the bed and the ache she feels is not only her own.

Feyre’s work to turn the Spring Court to cinders is astounding and with Lucien’s help they know exactly how to make it crumble at the High Lady’s feet and when the shame and guilt cross the redheaded male scarred face all it takes is Elain’s hand in his to remind him what he is working for.


She wants to laugh at the word, wants to cry her eyes out at Feyre’s joy when she goes to Velaris every night because she can’t, the bond pulls and screams inside of her and she can’t go to her mate, can’t go to Cassian, she can’t-

She closes her eyes, willing herself to eat, to listen to the words that are being spoken around her.

It’s the sound of Ianthe clearing her throat that brings her back to reality.

“Well, Nesta, now that both your sister are happy with a respectable male, I rather think it is your turn to settle down. I do know a bunch of males that would love to-” her sentence is cut off when half of the room explodes, completely incinerated by an angry shade of red.

They all stand up, chairs scraping the pavement but Nesta takes a step closer to that chaos, feeling beckoned to the wildness of it.

Elain grips her wrist, pulling her toward the table and she vaguely hears the words, the screams and worried tones as her eyes don’t leave the sight before her, the tiny flames and the smoke in the air that feels like home.


The gardens of this Court, she must admit, are one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen.

They are now taking a stroll, all together like the big family Tamlin thinks they are; Nesta can see him walking with Feyre and she notices how her sisters back is stiff, how she tries to distance herself as much as she can from the High Lord without raising suspicion and just beside them are Elain and Lucien, so tightly hugged in each other they seem one, the sound of her giggling and of his quiet laugh filling the gardens.

They all sit on the ground and Nesta tries to imagine Cassian, with his broad shoulders and his wings, she tries to think if he would like this place but she knows the Spring Court is a bit too tamed for her mate.

“Nesta, come sit with us!”Elain’ voice is like golden bells and Nesta wonders if she ever saw her sister as happy as she is when she rests her head on Lucien’s shoulder.

She goes to them, sitting near Feyre and from the look on her sister’s face she knows what they are talking about: the Night Court.

“We still don’t know much about that city, Velaris, but we will.” Tamlin says, his eyes on Lucien.

Lucien, who passed every bit of information he had to Azriel.

Elain’s mate nodded, his face a mask of cold calculation and Tamlin doesn’t question his utter submission to his will.

Nesta will laugh herself hoarse when the world will crumble under Tamlins feet and he will go down with that bitch priestess of his.

“It’s a pity me and Nesta don’t remember, we would have loved to help you.” Elain says, her eyes down like she feels guilty, a perfect act.

Nesta nods, her mind recalling the nights in Velaris, in the House of Wind, in the cabin-

“I don’t think they will move on us. They have no reason to, right?” Feyre asks, biting her lower lip, looking like a lost little bride.

Tamlin brushes his fingers on her cheek and Nesta bites back a growl.

“We can never know what move they will make,” he says, the disgust evident on his face and in his voice “and I heard their Commander survived Hybern. If only he died or lost his wings we could ha-” it’s a moment, less than a heartbeat and the High Lord of Spring finds himself on his back, Nesta’s fingers around his neck, squeezing.

His eyes are wide and he tries to open his mouth but Nesta growls, closes her hands even more around his throat.

How dare you” she snarls, her voice low and furious “How dare you speak of him” she feels darkness around her, pulling on her hands to let go of his neck but she grips it even harder and those words, those horrible words are booming in her head her Cassian, her Cassian, her mate

The darkness pull on her hands, on her arms but it’s not what makes her lose her grip; she feels something like two strong arms she knows and loves on her body, pulling her away, unhooking her fingers one for one until Tamlin is free from her grasp.

He breathes and coughs and Nesta snarls he has to pay for what he said, how could he-

“Nesta, calm down.” Feyre says and she whips her head in the direction of her sister, her eyes wide.

“You heard what he said.” her voice is still low, rage seeping through every word.

“I know. I’ll make him forget what happened, but you need to calm down.”

Feyre is standing in front of Tamlin and his eyes are wide and unseeing.

Nesta straightens herself and she knows that she can’t stay here, not now, not until the urge to strangle Tamlin passes.

“I-I’m going in my room.” she says, looking at no one and no one stops her.

She wants to run and scream, wants to go back and make Tamlin regret every word he said but she just keeps walking while her rage devours her.

She walks up the stairs and goes straight to her room, locking the door behind her.

Nesta sits on the bed, her face in her hands; she just- she wants her mate, wants Cassian so much she feels like he is with her in every moment, misses him so fiercely she thinks he is right behind her, she is sure she feels the heat of his body on hers and-

“Hello, sweetheart.”

The air stops in her lungs as she twirls but still sees nothing. She moves a hand and it meets the soft leather of his fighting gear and in that moment she remembers, remembers that day when everything changed, when he knocked on the door of her house with a letter for the Mortal Queens and Nesta could only see the snow.

He chuckles, the sound traveling on Nesta’s body, his lips on her neck and she starts to see his hands, the red siphons upon them, his arms, his face, his body and she missed him so much she nearly sobs.

They collide in a kiss, his strong hands around her face as she envelops him in her arms, her legs around his hips, refusing to let him go.

“I missed you so much,” she says, her voice a desperate whisper “I don’t want to be apart from you ever again”.

He kisses and lowers her on the bed, his body covering hers and she moves to remove every inch of clothing that covers his skin.

“You won’t, you won’t.” he says on the tender skin of her chest “I will never leave you, I can’t leave you.”

But she looks at him, worry seeping in her mind.

“But you have to go,” she says, her hands gripping his shoulders.

Cassian stops moving and looks up to her. “What?” he asks, his voice a low rumble, hazel eyes narrowed.

“What if they see you? What if someone knows you are here?” the words come out of her in a rush and he’s-

He’s laughing.

Cassian is laughing like she just said the most hilarious thing in the world.

He takes her face in his hands, his thumb stroking her cheek “I have been here with you from the moment you set foot in this blasted Court.”

Everything clicks into place in Nesta’s mind at his words.

“You were here.” she says, her voice full of awe.

He smiles a soft, loving smile and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. “You thought I would leave you here all alone? Not a chance in hell, love.”

A smile breaks on her face and she wants to kiss him, needs to kiss him.

Cassian removes her dress, mumbling about the horrible taste of the Spring Court, moving his hands all over her body, teasing, making Nesta tremble with anticipation.

“I wanted to touch you, all this days, wanted to be with you, wanted to be in you, it was driving me insane.” his voice is low and needy, the most beautiful sound she heard in these weeks.

“And that bitch,” he growls, the fury in the words makes his voice tremble “thinking that she can find a male worthy of you when you’re mine.”

She looks at him “You made the room explode”, there’s no sign of anger or condemnation in her voice.

There’s a wicked grin on her face.

Half of the room, which was a great show of restraint on my part.” Cassian answers.

She pushes on his shoulders with her hands, pushes until he sits on the bed and she’s astride him, hi beautiful wings spread behind him, his cock still confined in his pants.

She grinds down on him and he throws his head back, his hands on her hips.

Nesta gently bites and lick the strong column of his throat, her hips still moving.

Shit” he hisses just before he moves her up to remove the last pieces of clothing on her body and her hands fly to his pants, to work them down his hips and legs and on the ground.

Cassian kisses her, slow and lustful as she moves her body just above him and Nesta grips his shoulders as she sinks down on him, feeling the perfect fit of his body on hers, of his cock inside of her.

Nesta doesn’t move, not yet, she savors the moment, having him inside of her.

She could stay this way forever.

“Mother”, she moans, her forehead on his and his face, the black pooling in his hazel eyes “I missed this, I-” she swallow, unable to form proper words so she moves and Cassian moans as he kisses her, his hands on her hips easing her movements and soon they both start panting, the sound of moaning filling the room and when Cassian moves his hand to her center Nesta nearly screams.

He moans at the wetness he finds there, his fingers circling where his bodies are joined for a moment before his finger move to the apex of her sex and start stroking faster and faster until Nesta is trembling, her movements erratic as pleasure builds up inside of her, their mouths colliding together again and again between whispered words

I love you, I love you


You’re mine


You feel so good, fuck


Don’t stop, please don’t stop






Nesta is close, so close the sweet torture of his fingers making her tip over the edge but then his voice, his damned voice- “I-shit-I fucking love it when you are on top of me, when you ride me. It makes me so fucking hard” he moans those last words and Nesta can’t, she can’t, his voice in her ear and his fingers on her and his cock deep inside her is too much, it’s too perfect, it’s too-

She shatters around him, her arms around his shoulders and his hands on her hips keeping her from falling over but her eyes stay open, watching him as he moves to place her on the bed, watches as he  thrust into her, again and again and again before he comes, too.

Nesta deepens the kiss, swallowing his moans.

Cassian moves his arm under her head, pulling her close to him, humming happily.

They get under the covers, his wings cocooning her as he kisses her forehead, her lips.

Nesta knows that it’s probably late afternoon but she’s so tired now, she just wants to sleep in the arms of her mate and she knows no one will knock at her door, not after what happened with Tamlin.

“You should have let me strangle him.” she says.

Cassian looks at her and says, his face serious “No. That’s what they want from us, to act on instinct and without reason because they think we are monsters. We’re going to win this war, and after, you can kick what is left of Tamlin after Feyre and Rhys are done with him.”

“He insulted you, he said horrible things and I-” he shuts her up with a kiss, his arms tightening around her.

“I know what he said and I am quite flattered that you would try to strangle a High Lord for me, but don’t ever do it again.”

Nesta looks at him, disbelief clear on her face but Cassian kisses her again and looks at her “I can’t bear the thought of you in danger Nesta, and if Tamlin understands that you are on the side of the Night Court, I will kill him before he gets a chance to do anything about it and it will blow our plans.”

She wants to argue, wants to retort in some ways, but she knows he is right, she tried but those words-

Nesta looks down but he moves his nose on hers, and her eyes meet his and the tenderness she finds there makes her love him even more.

“I will be here with you.” he says, sleep taking over him and Nesta can only imagine how tired he is after using his powers every day.

She buries her face in his chest, preparing for her first night of peaceful sleep.


When Nesta wakes up the first thing she sees is Cassian’s wing, right in front of her face.

She sees the tiny scars and the bigger ones that cover it and she remembers how it was for him, how he managed to overcome such a great pain-the operations, the stitches, the fear of never flying again, the sleepless nights-and she knows that if she now accepts her new nature is because of him, of how Cassian pulled her together when she was falling apart.

She looks at him, at the peaceful expression on his face.

He never left her, he came to the Spring Court, came into enemy territory just to be with her, he probably flew all the way from Velaris, even if the healers told him to not fly long distances.

Nesta moves again, moving the tip if her nose on his wing and then places a kiss on the membrane.

She hears a sharp intake of breath coming from Cassian, his eyes wide and his breathing ragged.

“Did I hurt you? Mother, Cassian I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-”

Do it again.”

So she moves up, passing her tongue on his wing while her fingers stroke lightly on the membrane above the talon and Cassian shakes, his hands grabbing Nesta, his face hidden in the crook of her neck.

She kisses it again and tries to move, making her mate lie on his stomach; they are both still naked and the quick rise and fall of Cassian’s chest, the swirls of his tattoos, the movements of the muscles of his shoulders, it all makes her want to make him face her, to sink down on him again but this, this thing with his wings is something she has yet to discover.

Her hands can move on both wings now, touching gently on the bones and bending to kiss his scars and Cassian’s hand move to grasp the sheet, his knuckles white.

“Shit, fuck, Nesta.” he’s panting, moving his head like the pleasure is too intense for him to handle and when Nesta finds a spot just under the bridge of bones he starts to chant “don’t stop Nesta please, please” and she doesn’t, does exactly like he begs her to, slithers a hand down his stomach and he moves up, folding his legs under himself and grabbing the headboard with both hands.

She licks up his spine, right between his wings while her hand draws little circles under his navel and he growls her name.

“You really don’t like to be teased do you.” she says, her lips moving on the soft membrane of his wings before her teeth graze the membrane, just a bit but enough for Cassian to arch his back into her.


She closes her eyes for a moment, trying to calm down the burning in her core, the need she feels of him.

Her hand goes down, gripping his cock, pumping up and down on his length and his moans drill into her, making her thighs clench almost painfully.

His head rolls back and Nesta raises herself, making it rest on her shoulder and he kisses her neck, the side of her face, every point of her that he can reach.

I love you, I love you so much, fuck, Mother, shit.” Nesta knows he is about to come, she can feel it but Cassian moves his hand from the headboard and she gives a glance to the crumpled and broken state of it, and his fingers entwine with hers, moving on his cock together while her mouth  and tongue move on his back and wings, her other hand drawing circles over the dark membrane.

His shaking gets more intense, the moans coming out of his mouth become a desperate sound and he moves their joined hands faster and faster just as she trails a line on his wing with her tongue and he shouts as he comes, trembling all over, panting, placing their still joined hands on his chest.

Nesta stops touching him, afraid that his wings are too sensible now so she just moves, her mate following her movements as she lies down on the bed again, Cassian still shaking in her arms.

His head is resting on her chest, his wings closed but still trembling, his arms cradle her so tightly that Nesta feels every little tremor of his body.

She looks up to the headboard, or rather, at what is left of it and laughs “I wonder how am I going to explain that.”, she says and Cassian makes a sound, like he is trying to speak but can’t find the strength to properly do so.

Nesta kisses his head and falls asleep again, lulled by the sound of his breathing.


She wakes up to the sound of someone knocking furiously at her door and she’s about to turn and ask Cassian to open the door, but then she remembers: she’s still at the Spring Court, and Cassian is-

he is standing at the edge of the bed, his fighting leathers on, siphons catching the light coming from the windows.

“Nesta, wake up!” Elain bellows from outside the room just as Cassian moves to kiss her, her fingers run through his hair and she never wants to let him go.

But they have to part, even if they still kiss each other while she washes and dresses as quickly as she can, both trying to not throw the other against the wall and just take.

When they are both in front of the door he rests his forehead on hers and she feels talons and fire on the steel wall of her mind so she takes it down, only a fraction, only for him.

I will be right here, love.

She nods, raising herself for one last kiss before she opens the door and he vanishes.

“Well,” Elain says, her voice too high, nearly piercing Nesta’s ears “I see that you aren’t prepared yet. Please hurry, we will wait for you in the dining room” while she speaks, Elain places a letter in her hands, her face stern and serious, a look so at odds with the sweet, innocent Elain “Take your time, but be sure that you are ready” and with that, she twirls and heads for the stairs.

Nesta closes the door and takes the letter, Cassian visible again beside her.

What is written on that sheet of paper makes her blood run cold:

Nesta, the people of the Spring Court decided at last to turn against Tamlin and Ianthe.

When we are at the Theatre they are going to wait for us just outside of it, to take both of them, and we will help them.

The other courts will have no choice but to put Lucien, being the only male with enough power in the Spring Court, in the position of power and raise him as High Lord and doing so, the Night Court will not be held accountable since there are no proofs against us.


We’ll win the war,



Nesta looks at Cassian, at the quiet joy and triumph in his eyes.

“We will go home tonight.” he says, the laughter in her voice make Nesta want to win the war just for him, just to see him smile.

“We will.”


The breakfast is awkward at best, but that is something that is routine at this point, but there’s a new hope, a new sense of purpose and even Lucien’s back is straighter this morning.

“You seem quite perky today, Lady Nesta. Something you need to tell us?” Ianthe asks, a vicious smile on her face.

Nesta looks at her and grins “I just had a very pleasurable sleep.” she answers, and hears Cassian’s voice in her head “You wicked creature” he says, but she knows there’s that smirk of his on her mates lips.

The walk to the Theatre seems to last forever, and as Tamlin explains to Feyre that part of the court Nesta feels Cassian’s hand on hers and they entwine their fingers, walking hand in hand until they reach their destination.

No one greets Tamlin, not like they did to Rhysand: Nesta saw the faces of the Night Courts citizens, how proud and happy they were to see their High Lord but what she sees in the Spring Court is hatred, fear, blind loyalty.

When they enter the Theatre she picks a lonely spot on the far left, leaving her companions alone, giving Lucien and Elain the possibility to enjoy the show and giving Feyre the opportunity to run over her plans.

She sits down, trying to understand where Cassian is when the lights go down and the music starts.

The show is about a fair maiden being captured by an evil male, just to be saved by a dashing hero.

Nesta starts to seriously regret that she didn’t strangle Tamlin.

But just as the maiden gets kidnapped she feels Cassian’s hands on her thighs and trembles as they go down, slowly hoisting her dress up her legs.

What are you doing?” she asks him, and even if she is talking to him through the bond, her voice quivers.

He doesn’t answer, but moves his hands to spread her legs and Nesta can’t breathe.

His lips are on her inner thigh, kissing and licking and biting and she moves one of hands to her mouth, trying to not make a sound.

She could stop him, she knows, knows that Cassian would never do something she doesn’t want, but she wants this, she wants to walk out of this place smelling of him.

That’s a lovely thought, sweetheart.” he says, his voice low.

Nesta grips the armrest as he moves her hips toward him, making her sit at the edge of her seat.

She sees the outline of his head under her dress, feels his fingers as they move her underwear to the side and when his tongue brushes her sex she bites back a scream.

Easy, love. You don’t want all the Theatre to hear you.” his voice booms in her head and she takes some time to understand the words, all coherent thought washed away from her head by the motions of his tongue.

Or do you? Do you want them all to hear as you scream my name, as I make you moan?


His tongue swirls on the apex of her sex, making her head roll back, her hands now closed in fists.

I’ll give you what you want Nesta, I’ll give you everything you want. Fuck, you taste so good.”

One of his hands move away from her hips and she can feel her own heart beating frantically as Cassian’s fingers join his mouth, making her gasp.

She covers her mouth with her hand when one of those fingers goes inside her slowly, “Cassian, Cassian, Cassian” she calls his name again and again while she writhes in her seat, trying to move closer, to just get to him.

His tongue moves faster, taking her over the edge while his finger goes in and out of her and she can’t-“I’m-Mother-I can’t-Cassian” the moment she comes her free hand goes to find him and he takes it in his, moving to her just as the play ends.

In the roaring of the applause, no one notices as Nesta clings to Cassian, visible only to her.

“And now?” she asks, her mind a pleasure addled mess.

Her mate kisses her gently, like she is the most precious thing in the world.

“And now we go home.”

Do you ever just look at this and think this is the moment Kevin realized he isn’t Andrew’s favorite anymore?

Like, did it bruise his ego? I mean let’s be real here Kevin gives fuck all about anything besides Exy. But I can’t help that his eye squint there, his consideration to call the bluff, i wonder if its tinged with some jealousy. 


Neil wants to go on vacation, Kevin. so. PACK. YOUR. FUCKING. BAGS. 

looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: elizabeth

looks like a cinnamon role but could actually kill you: diane

looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: ban

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: king

sinnamon roll: meliodas

third year captain tsukki???
  • jersey #1
  • when ennoshita announced tsukki to be the new captain, nobody had opposed
  • even kageyama agreed that tsukki was the best choice after seeing him lead blocks since the shiratorizawa match and also other plays in their second year
  • everyone was excited because they want to see what the literal saltshaker will do to raise team morale and encourage team spirit
  • he will be the type of captain that is super logical and speak solely of facts and truths that he can see for himself
  • this made his pre-game speech/catchphrase (its “if i’ve seen us ace it so many times during practices, then we can do it again here”) so much more reassuring 
  • whenerver he compliments a kouhai, said kouhai develops a crush on tsukki because how can anyone not when someone as stoick as tsukki looks you in the eye and compliments you sincerely
  • can bring up the team’s confidence just by saying things like “nice serve” or “nice toss” because they know there is no sugarcoating
  • calls out kageyama whenever his tosses starts being too king-like (because that tends to happen whenever kags is exhausted and/or anxious) and calms him down with a snarky remark
  • “king, watch your tosses” “what???” “this is not middle school alright” “sorry i wi-” “i have been blessed. the king have bestowed onto me his holy apology. i can now spike with the strength of a lion an-” “shut up tsukki” “don’t call me that”
  • he will become a captain that is similar to both kuroo and oikawa
  • his scheming-captain abilities are apparent since all he is thinking about during matches is how to subtly pressure his opponents into making their own mistakes
  • kuroo being a huge dorky boyfriendsenpai when he finds out about tsukki’s captaincy and keeps going on about how tsukki learnt from the best (aka him)
  • but tsukki says that he oikawa’s captaincy is his ideal style and that he learn from observing oikawa back in his first year
  • it’s not exactly a lie since he really does aspire to be a captain loved and looked up to by his teammates that can easily scare his opponents
  • and just like oikawa, he knows when and where to use his team’s plays so that it will be the most useful against opponents
  • is now known as the clever blocker among the prefecture and setters are always trying new plays to trick his blocking
  • can stop his rowdy juniors’ and kagehina’s antics with just one look
  • tbh, he can easily scare his kouhais with his smirks and he is delighted about it
  • arranging combined training camps with date tech and seijou (held at seijou because damn that school is huge) because tsukki, koganegawa, and kunimi (the respective captains) still remained in contact
  • karasuno still attends the tokyo training camp in the summer and many younger blockers goes to him for blocking tips
  • arranging practice matches with his brother’s neighbourhood team because he thinks it is good practice for karasuno
  • despite him putting on a scary front, he is still easily bullied (especially by the other third years) into treating the team dinner once in a while
  • also not afraid to call out on any kagehina pda during practice
  • “shrimpy stop eye-fucking our sweet tobio in front of innocent tadashi” “yamaguchi is doing it to yachi too and you’re just jealous because kuro-” *hinata gets hit in the face by a ball*
  • and yams “accidentally” missed his serve and hit hinata twice. yachi smirks. 

third year first years: part 1 | part 2 | service-specialist!yams

I just finished reading “Cosette” The Sequel to Les Miserables” by Laura Kalpakian. For those who do not know, this book is basically a 650-page (kinda shitty) fanfic that somehow was published as a real, purchasable book sometime in the 1990′s. Here are some of my favorite moments:

  • A quote from Javert: “Republican scum like you can’t overthrow the king of France. One day more and you’ll piss blood. I’ll meet you in hell.”
  • A quote from Valjean: “She is seventeen, too young to be in love. She is a child. This Marius, he is nothing to her. She wanted a puppy once and I said no and she got over it.”
  • Enjolras scrambles to the top of the barricade and just….screams SHIT!
  • For some reason in the whole barricade part in the beginning Combeferre is the ami that gets the most attention
  • The only amis that are mentioned are: Combeferre, Enjolras, Feuilly, and Courfeyrac. The only ami that gets mentioned beyond the 1832 barricade section is Feuilly because of the whole “vivent les peuples!” thing written on the wall of the Musain. Which, btw, the author always writes as “vive les peuples!”
  • Actually the author made up some OCs in the barricade section so there could be some barricade survivors for Marius and Cosette to interact with later in the book
  • “You will hang by your cock in hell.”
  • For some reason whenever Jean Valjean is mentioned in the first portion of the book, he is described as having large, powerful hands
  • Cosette had no sex education and so on her wedding night she asked Marius to teach her. And he just gestures to her boobs and says “this is a nipple.” It is the only thing he vocally says to her and then he is kissing her boobs and they go at it. I kid you not this is the big amazing wedding sex scene and the most notable line is “this is a nipple”
  • Remember the whole absolutely no sex education thing? Well they somehow have amazing sex all night long regardless
  • Azelma is the main antagonist in the book. Also she is ALWAYS referred to as Zelma. I don’t know where the A went. It’s gone forever I guess.
  • A quote from Thenardier: “I am one of those holy men. I can walk in shit, sit in shit, sleep in shit, eat shit, drink shit, and still my turds come out in perfect golden bricks.”
  • Marius regularly goes to prison like it’s a casual thing that happens often which is an inconvenience but you know what are ya gonna do
  • Marius and Cosette raise the biggest asshole of a son there is literally nothing redeeming about him
  • Azelma ‘Zelma’ Thenardier literally fucked Louis-Napoleon and had a child with him.
  • She named the child Eponine.
  • Azelma feels like she needs to take revenge against Cosette for the whole Marius thing and she basically uses her daughter Eponine II to fulfill that, as if ensuring Eponine II is successful will make ghost Eponine happy
  • Speaking of Eponine II there is an entire subplot where Azelma manages to force the son of Cosette and Marius to marry Eponine II……because she felt that her sister Eponine should have married Marius…… like, by marrying her daughter Eponine to a Pontmercy she’s fulfilling some kind of lost destiny shit. And also taking revenge against Cosette. Azelma is really freaky in this okay
  • Cosette disguises herself as an old beggar due to a mixture of political and economic reasons and calls herself “the plumed lark” when she is in her disguise. Weirdest superhero ever amiright
  • Marius sneaks out of prison dressed up as the plumed lark

i am not fucking with you. “this is a nipple” is probably the most iconic part of the book