the king beetle on the coconut estate

Outlander | iv. A Whiff of Brimstone

i. Tam Lin – Mediæval Bæbes | ii. Incantation – Loreena McKennitt | iii. King Beetle on a Coconut Estate – Sam Pinkerton | iv. Which Witch – Florence + The Machine | v. Cadal Ciarach Mo Luran – Julie Fowlis | vi. Storm (Siantan) – Mairi MacInnes | vii. Marshmallow Unicorn – Rachel Sermanni | viii. Magpie – Khushi


M E N E   T E K E L   U P H A R S I N - a mix for the Benjamin siblings.


“You could have been so good.”

MICHELLE [the godtouched, the firstborn, the idealist]

  • (i) jónsi - kolniður (ii) andrew bird - the water jet cilice (iii) björk - i love to love (iv) mirah - the knife thrower (v) the pierces - three wishes (vi) the cocteau twins - alice

JACK [the apokripha, the son, the bitter unchosen]

  • (i) sinéad o'connor - lullaby for cain (ii) coldplay - cemeteries of london (iii) wakey wakey - take it like a man (iv) mewithoutyou - the king beetle on a coconut estate (v) placebo - protect me(vi) mumford and sons - i gave you all

  •  yann tiersen - father and mother