the king 2 hearts


jaeha: i’m going to get revenge for those words. every morning, i’m going to kiss you - for revenge. i’m going to follow you around all the time like a stalker, and buy you everything you want. i’ll never cheat. i will only look at you. From now on, i’ll never let you cry even one tear. i’m going to make you the happiest queen in the world. And until the day i die, i will nauseatingly like only you - for revenge. can you handle it, your highness?


“Kim Hang A… yes she’s a North Korean Special Forces instructor. The first time we met, she threatened to kill me. But love is the most difficult thing to understand in this world. I love Miss Kim Hang A. So I begged the King to let me propose to her and His Majesty agreed. Yes, I was only thinking of what I wanted. And did not consider that thoughts of the people. I’m sorry. But the King did not make a mistake. The mistake was falling in love with a North Korean woman. A woman who was trained to kill me in the past. My heart. So everyone, in the future, if you need someone to scold then scold me. Direct it at me, this person who fell in love with the enemy. Cast aside! Throw stones, swear at me.”

-Royal Prince Lee Jae Ha


You know I hold grudges for a long time, right? I’m going to avenge myself over and over again. I will kiss you every morning. For revenge. I will stalk you everyday and buy you anything you want. I’m never going to cheat on you. You’ll be the only one. For now on, I will never make you cry. I’ll take care of you and make you the luckiest queen in the world until I want to die from disgust of myself. I’m only going to love you. For revenge. Can you handle that, my Queen? Right now, I’m officially proposing to you.