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fandom: tvd
pairing: klaroline
words: 1.7k
rating: G

thanks to @garglyswoof again, Kenny is amazing! I wouldn’t be writing without your help! 

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“There’s blood on your collar,” he’d told her.

Words that she’d perhaps given too much importance to; still, she had fled. It had felt too casual, too normal for her to think of them as simple words. He’d become a kiss when she woke up, a cup of coffee waiting for her, the smell of paint and a door already open.

It was unacceptable.

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kixxie  asked:

What are your favourite movies and books?

I love movies. And all kinds of movies for that matter, but what I love most is a good laugh and a good cry, so anything that cracks me up or rips my heart out is 👌

Books, another topic which for me can’t be narrowed down to favorites lol (sorry!), but I will say The Lord of the Rings I have enjoyed reading the most


Cold Shoulders PART IIII (request)
You shook your head from the shocking sight. Why was Neymar with Gabriella? You weren’t sure of what to think. You wanted an explanation from Neymar himself.

“Can you drive back?” You asked the cab driver.

He nodded in the rear view mirror. The car turned and you were heading back home.

“What are they both doing together?” You asked yourself.

Last time you checked, Gabriella was pregnant from some random guy at the club. Why was Neymar with her? You thought it out, trying to put the puzzle together.

“Turn here.” You prompted

It wasn’t long until you arrived home. You gave the driver his fare and walked into the house. You dropped your purse to the floor and sauntered to the bathroom, slowly creaking the door open.

You looked yourself in the mirror. Your eyes showed fear, your mind filled with thoughts; that bounced wishing the walls of your brain.

Put the pieces together.

A voice in your head echoed. You thought about the pieces that were scattered in your head. Neymar not wanting to conceive a child right now, your pregnant friend, Neymar not wanting you to see her; and finally seeing them at the doctor’s together. It all made sense now. You knew exactly what was going on. But you weren’t sure if it was true. You suddenly felt weak and stressed. You sprinkled some cold water on your face and went to lay on the sofa.

“Y/n I’m home.” Neymar yelled, as he walked in.

You turned to look over the sofa, and rested your head on your finger tips. “We need to talk.”

“About what?” He smiled, pulling off his jacket.

“Just sit.” You ordered.

“Babe you okay?” He asked taking a seat beside you.

“Where were you?” You blurted.

“What?” He furrows his brows.

“Let me make myself clear, where did you go?” You shot back.

“I was getting my physical cleared up at the medical office.” His voice laced with a slight lie.

“Why are you asking? I told you before I left.” He chuckled.

“Just making sure.” You laughed sarcastically.

“Okay….” He dragged.

“Do you want anything to eat?” He asked, standing up to get something from the kitchen.

“I’m fine.” You sighed, biting your nails nervously.

You knew Neymar was hiding something. He didn’t seem like himself. He seemed a bit nervous, and always avoiding you when it came to these questions. But you had a plan. A plan that would result in both of you getting hurt. But it would make up for Neymar hurting you first.

“Neymar.” You said aloud.

“I’m listening.” He replied, continuing to fix him a plate of fruit.

You followed him into the kitchen. And looked over his shoulder. He was cutting the fruit into perfect pieces that fit to plate perfectly. Kinda like the pieces you put together, after seeing him with Gabriella.

“Are there any flights going to Brazil?” You asked.

“I don’t know, you’d have to call the airlines.” He replied.

He set the knife down and turned to face you. “Are you homesick?” He laughed.

“I want to make a spontaneous trip, I want a flight to Brazil later tonight.” You asked.

“You’re joking right?” He shook his head.

“I’m serious.” You replied.

“How the hell am I going to get you a flight to Brazil this late.” He yelled.

“You’re Neymar Jr. That’s how.” You laughed, kissing his neck reluctantly.

This was all part of your plan. So far it was going perfectly.

“I’ll go with you, since we’re off a week. A spontaneous trip would be nice.” He smiled.

“No.” you blurted.

“You’re not going to Brazil alone.” He laughed, throwing his head back.

“Yes I am, it’s for a good reason.” You stated.

“And that reason would be?” He asked, as he dialed the airline company’s number.

“I just need a break from Barcelona, from living here, it’s all a bit too much at the moment.” You lied.

In fact you didn’t need a break from Barcelona, or the lifestyle. You needed a break from Neymar. He wasn’t making the relationship worth the stay. After you saw him with Gabriella, you knew something bad was why he was there. You just didn’t know it yet.

“How long?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll be back soon.” You lied.

He nodded and spoke through the phone. You saw him walk towards the counter and say on top. You heard him booking a flight. Your plan was sure to work. It would be the temporary bandage to your soon to be broken heart.

“Alright you’re set to go.” He smiled.

“Really?” You said surprised.

“Really? Don’t you mean thank you.” He giggled, holding his arms out.

You shook your head trying to not think about the possible bad he had done behind your back. But you hesitantly ran to hug him. You thought to yourself, how could someone so genuine and kind like Neymar; do something so risky.

“I guess I should go pack now.” You sighed, ripping away from him.

“I’ll help you.” He offered, placing his hand on your lower back.

The next few hours were spent packing all the clothes you had. You had to leave a few belongings to have your plan go smooth.

“You’re sure taking a shit load of clothes babe.” He shook his head, folding a barca hoodie.

“Is that the hoodie you first gave me, when we started dating…” You smiled shyly.

“Yeah, it’s as if I gave it to you just yesterday.” He gleamed.

You finished the last of the packing and tried zipping the suitcase. But it wouldn’t budge.

“Sit on it.” He ordered.

You sat on the suitcase while Neymar tried zipping it closed.

“Babe gain more muscle, you’re light as hell.” He grunted, pressing his lips together.

“I’ll do that later.” You laughed.

“Damn your flight leaves in an hour.” Neymar sighed, looking at the clock.

“I should get ready..” You mentioned.

“I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready.” He kisses your cheek and headed downstairs.

“Cya in a few, or never from here on out.” You muttered.

You headed to the bathroom and slipped your clothes off, letting them pool to the floor. You stepped into the tub and turned on the hot shower. Your eyes were teary with droplets running down your cheek, just like the ones on your skin. In a few moments you saw something coming up. And it wasn’t a good thing. But it was for the best. After you finished showering, you put on some comfy clothes for the flight. You wore your hair in a bun and wore little makeup.

“Alright you ready yet?” Neymar yelled.

“I’ll be there in a sec.” You yelled back.

You walked downstairs and met Neymar sitting on the sofa. He turned the t.v off and shifted to face you. You walked over to take a seat next to him.

“You seem nervous.” Neymar cooed, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“I am.” You sighed.

“W-what’s wrong?” He stuttered.

“Baby this is so hard to say…” You cried.

“Y/n are you okay?” He asked cupping your face.

“I was, until yesterday.” You whimpered, you pulled his hands away.

“Y/n what the hell is going on? Did someone do something to you? Was it that bitch Of a friend?” He snapped.

He was right. It was Gabriella. But it was also him. You finally figured why he was her at the doctor’s. But you wanted to hear it from his mouth. With his own words.

“Where were you earlier today?” You asked.

“Are we still going to talk about this?” He chuckled.

“Don’t make me say it aloud, let me at least hear it coming from your mouth.” Your cried.

“What are you talking about? Are we really going to do this again?” He snapped.

“Please Neymar, this isn’t as easy you think.” You sighed.

“What do you want from me? I’ve apologized to you twice, I’ve gotten you a last minute Plane ticket, I’ve helped you packed, what else so you want?” He snapped.

“I wanna know where you were..” You ordered.

You stood up and dropped your hands to your sides. “Answer me.”

“You want to know the truth?” He sighed. His leg bobbed up and down.

You nodded. You were ready to hear what he had to say. Neymar closed his hands together and placed them over his mouth.

“Gabriella.” He blurted.

You shook your head trying not to think of the lethal things he’d say next.

“I was with Gabriella.” He closed his eyes, looking regretful as ever.

“Why were you with her?” You asked the question that would lead to your answers.

“We were at the doctor’s office for an ultrasound.. Because I’m the one who caused her to be.” He looked away, embarrassed from his words.

“That’s all I wanted to hear.” You closed your eyes.

“Baby I’m-”

“Save it.” You shot back.

“I’m leaving.” You snapped.

You headed over to grab your luggage, but Neymar ran and stopped you.

“What are you-”

“You have the nerve to still talk to me.” You gritted with your teeth.

You paused before Neymar. Your eyes began to drip and your lip quivered.

“You got my best friend pregnant. What about me? What about the time I asked you for a child?” You swallowed.

“I can explain-”

“This whole time you were to busy to have a child with me, because you were occupied banging my best friend.” You yelled.

“This whole time I thought it was my fault, you made me feel like it was my fault. Like I’m the one who rushed things. But I didn’t, I just it started too late. Too late to conceive a baby with my boyfriend, because he had already done so with someone else.” You listed.

Neymar stood with nothing to say. He shook his head and attempted to cup your face.

“Don’t touch me.” You cried.

You wiped your tears and tried to grasp your luggage. Neymar tried stopping you, but you pushed him aside.

“You’re just going to leave me?” He cried.

You ignored him and made your way to the door. You opened it and stepped out.

“So the ticket was to leave for good, you knew this was going to happen.” He cried.

“You left me long before I did.” You cried.

“Don’t leave baby, I’m sorry.” He cried.

“You left me when you gave me the cold shoulders.” You cried, slamming the door shut.

Stiles Stilinski - “Malia’s Boyfriend”

You’re new in school, while Stiles is dating Malia. You and Malia become friends during your first week of school, and it isn’t until after developing a crush on Stiles that you realize he’s her boyfriend. 


You thought that being the new girl in Beacon Hills was going to be hard; going to new schools was always hard. Your parents moved quite often, so you were always going to new schools, yet it never got any easier. But when you moved to Beacon Hills, a girl named Lydia had befriended you instantly. In just a day, you had made more friends than you had ever had, thanks to Lydia. Easily, she had been a better friend to you than anyone ever had. For the first few days, Lydia was your main companion, but before long you had become pretty close with Kira, Malia, Allison, and even this boy named Scott. You figured out that Malia and Kira were new as well, so you weren’t a huge outcast.

                Malia had a boyfriend named Stiles. He was also Scott’s best friend and one of Lydia’s best friends as well. You hadn’t met him yet. He apparently kept spending a lot of time with his dad when he was outside of school, and you just never got the chance to meet him during school because you just didn’t have any classes together. Everyone kept insisting that he was wonderful, especially Malia, and you were excited to meet this mysterious boyfriend of hers.

                It was Monday morning and you were running late to class. It was only the start of your second week of school, and you didn’t want your teachers to start thinking that being late was going to be a regular problem. When you were at your locker, you were in such a hurry that you dropped your books to the floor, and when you bent down to pick them up, you even hit your head on the locker door.

                You were swearing to yourself, rubbing your head while kneeling down and suddenly there was another pair of hands attending to your books.

                “That looked like it hurt,” a voice said and you flickered your eyes up to catch soft brown ones. There was a boy, smiling right at you while picking up your books for you.  “I’ve actually done that plenty of times, so I know for a fact that it does indeed hurt.”

                You giggled and the two of you stood up. He still was holding all of your books and he stuck is hand out for you to shake, which you did. “You’re the new girl, right?”

                “Yeah,” you nodded. After shaking his hand, you closed up your locker.

                “(Y/N), right?” He scanned your face, thinking about something.

                You nod, expecting him to tell you his name, but he doesn’t. “Lydia’s talked about you. You seem awesome. And by the looks of your shirt, you are awesome.” You quickly glanced down and remembered that you were wearing your star wars shirt that day. You usually just wore it as a pyjama top, but this morning you were running too late to grab actual clothes that Lydia would love, and so you just wore this. The boy tried being cool and leaning against the lockers, but his arm slipped and he almost feel forward and hit you. You put your hands up, which rested on his chest to catch him.

                “Sorry,” he muttered, quite flustered before handing you your books back. “I uh, I really love Star Wars. Have you seen Star Trek? It’s equally as awesome. In seventh grade I wrote an essay about Captain Kirk, even when my teacher told me that the essay had to be about a real person, not a fictional character. My mom was the one who really got me into Star Trek. She’d read me books and we’d watch the Original Series and the Next Generation and everything together. I could tell you all about Star Trek. The new movies are pretty awesome too. You know, the guy who plays Jimmy is Chris Pine. There’s lots of actors named Chris that I like, such as Chris Hemsworth or Evans. Those two are in Marvel stuff. Evans is in the Fantastic Four and he’s also Captain America. Have you seen those? Oh, I’m rambling. Sorry, again. I just like your shirt.”

                You smiled, staring up at him. He was blushing a bit and he was insanely cute, hot even, if you were being blunt.  “I do love Marvel movies,” you nodded. “I have one of those shirts as well.”

                “Kira has pants,” he commented. He still looked embarrassed, but he’s still flushed. “I um- we should hang out sometime. But we just met, so I’m sorry if that’s weird. Oh geez, that’s weird, isn’t it. You don’t even know my name. I’m just the weird kid who rambled about Star Trek, and somehow knew your name.”

                It was a bit weird, but he gave you good vibes. He was the good kind of weird, and you liked it maybe too much. “It’s fine. I like you,” you smiled, clutching your books to your chest and swaying side to side a bit. You looked like a silly schoolgirl, but you couldn’t help it. He was just so cute. You then paused and held a finger up just as he was opening his mouth to speak again. “Hold on.” You opened one of your books, ripped out a piece of paper and then took the pen out from behind his hear and wrote down your number on a sheet of paper, with a little heart above, which was your attempt at flirting.

                You handed it to him, “Call me after school. Maybe we can go to a lacrosse game together?”

                He was definitely blushing. Smiling at the piece of paper, he told you, “I’m actually on the team.”

                “That makes it even better. What number are you?”

                “Twenty-four,” he said, putting the paper in his pocket. “I’m sitting at the side half the time, so you can still come talk to me. My friend Scott is the one who’s the big star of the team.”

                “Oh, you’re friends with Scott?”

                “Yeah. He’s my bro.”

                You started getting suspicious, putting the pieces together and suddenly you gott an idea of who you are speaking to exactly. You really hoped it was not who you think it was, because that means that he’s dating Malia, and you’re a horrible friend.

                “What’s your name?” You asked, your smile slowly fading.

                “Oh. Stiles,” he smiled. “I probably should’ve mentioned that before.”

                You feel your heart sink. This guy is dating Malia, your friend. You still just felt extremely jealous, and he noticed.

                “Yeah, I’m uh, dating Malia,” he said awkwardly. “She’s great, you know. Uh, she doesn’t like Star Trek, but she likes Chris Pine, so she doesn’t mind it, at least. I don’t know why I’m telling you that. I should go.”

                You knew you shouldn’t, but you did it anyways. “You can still call me tonight.”

                His eyes look hopeful again as he freezes. He then quickly nods. “Yeah. I will. I’ll still call you.”

I can’t believe this day happend - but yesterday I’ve finally finished reading the Lux-Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

With one eye smiling and one crying eye I can look back at 5 wonderful books, that kept my attention for nearly two years. I remember starting the series at the end of 2014 and you could say that it was love at first sight. I loved Obisidian from the very first second, I fell in love with the characters and mostly with Daemons hilarious sarcasm.

Obsidian was the first book that I have ever read from Jennifer L. Armentrout and I loved her writing so much, that I knew: she would be my new queen. Her books are never a failure. Actually she has a talent for ripping my heart out. But good for her that she also knows how to put it back where it belongs and wrap it in cotton.

I’m kind of happy that I have ended the series, because sometimes the story became so crazy that I was like “wtf J., what are you doing (with your characters)?!”, but she always got my attention back and now I have to admit: I already miss Daemons and Kats playful fights (they are my new otp).

If you want to read something different from the usual fantasy books (you know, like vampires and werwolves) and that’s funny and exciting at the same time, I promise you: that’s the one you’re looking for! It’s a must read! 

(You can only love it)

  1. Drastic changes aren’t always a bad thing. Cut your hair, admire new things, try a new style. Don’t let the looks on others faces stop you from being who you want to be.

  2. Being in a large spacious room can make you feel empty. Step outside and let the sun hit you like the flower that you are because after all, you are something worth shining on. I promise.

  3. Its okay to ask your teacher for an extension on a paper you couldn’t get done because you were too busy thinking about death. Never, for one second, think that school or work comes before your mental health. Take a rest. One paper won’t determine your final grade.

  4. You have a crystalline body that shines in the dark and sparkles like a dozen crystals formed under sunlight. Don’t forget how delicate your skin and bones are, it’s okay to be fragile.

  5. The town you call home shouldn’t be a boys name who touched your skin and left you burning. Don’t make homes out of people because most times they just end up kicking you out and then you’re left out on the side of the road crying in the rain.

  6. Sometimes, there are better solutions than cutting your gums on broken bottles that are emptier than you are. Sometimes getting out of bed is the solution and sometimes - you yourself are the solution. You have the control to fix and change what you can, and the strength and power to accept what you can’t.

  7. Isn’t grass under bare feet a much better feeling than stepping on the shards of glass that your abusive father left for you to walk on? You don’t always have to follow the path of your “role models.” Create your own pathway and follow it.

  8. Plants die. People die. Things die. That’s life. Achieve your goals before your times up. You won’t regret it one bit, trust me.

  9. You’ll probably meet some cute boys at a party and they will tell you that you’re beautiful but don’t listen to them. They’re probably high and can’t tell the difference between an ethereal woman and one who looks like she’d be good at fucking. Stand your ground, you can do better.

  10. Taking too much medicine is never healthy for you. Your body keeps you alive, stop harming it. You’ll just be left with bruised knuckles and a vomit-stained mattress.

  11. Your first time doesn’t have to be perfect. No matter how hard you try, nothing will ever be good enough to you. Enjoy the flawed and imperfect moments and stop setting expectations that’ll only disappoint you in the end.

  12. I know it’s hard but sometimes you just have to leave people behind who don’t love you anymore. Would you continue walking and feeding a dead dog? Maybe you’re not the same without them but you have to become independent someday. Stop feeding your pain, let them go.

  13. You have ran laps around your troubled mind and you have loathed yourself for years on end. What makes you think you can’t save your damn self?

  14. It doesn’t matter how much Shea butter or bio oil you smear onto your arms, you’ll always remember the self destructive habits. Stop hiding your skin, stop stressing what others will think. Scars will fade but it’s okay if your memory doesn’t. Accept them, and never be ashamed. One day you’ll look at them without wanting to tear more lines into your skin, and you won’t be holding a blade. You’ll make it. Maybe scarred - but alive.

  15. Take baths, get lost in books, drink tea. Feed your soul with art. Do what you love and let it consume you. Dust off your bones and find your purpose for living.

  16. Sit down on a bench every once in a while and observe nature because natural beauty is never something you want to miss out on. Kind of like you. Angelic things should never go unseen.

  17. Notice when you’re happy because on bad days it’ll feel like your heart is being ripped out beneath your cracked ribcage and thrown into a bonfire. Remembering the good days will remind you that broken bones and hearts can heal. So can you.

—  Things I wish I’d known earlier