the kind city

Priestess Miriam Chamani

Priestess Miriam was born and raised in Mississippi where she experienced the power of mysterious spiritual forces beginning in early childhood. Around 1975 the power of the spirit called strongly to Priestess Miriam leading her to many spiritual orders and ultimately to a seat at the Angel All Nations Spiritual Church. There she increased her knowledge of spirit and explored metaphysical concepts and teachings. In October 1982 she was consecrated as Bishop of the Church and served there until 1989. In 1990, Priestess Miriam and her late husband Oswan Chamani settled in New Orleans where they founded the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, the only temple of its kind in the City at that time.

Priestess Miriam is praised as an unbiased and unprejudiced spiritual guide who sees people not by race or color but by what is in their hearts. At the Voodoo Spiritual Temple Priestess Miriam offers many kinds of traditional Vodoun spiritual services with Voodoo Weddings being the most popular.

As Oswan would say, “Me and the Father is one!” Well I say equally that me and the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is one each in the heart of all of you. My goal is to retain the unified structure in which the Temple is about and to serve those who are challenged with multiple conflicts in their lives and to educate in a way that people can retain order and discipline in their lives that they will be able to serve themselves and others with the best of respect.

The Purpose of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is to train and develop the spiritual and mental powers lying dorment in each of us.

I want you all to look at this picture. What do you see?

Let me tell you what I see.

First of all, yes, I see that her breasts are cupped by armor that appears to resemble demon hands groping her. I also notice that she’s not wearing pants. While the overall wardrobe is unique in that I’ve never seen anything quite like it before - no two fantasy armors are ever really alike - it’s also a typical fantasy armor for a female character, with quite a bit of sex appeal to it.

But you want to know what else I see?

I see a tiara. This tells me that either she’s a regal figure of utmost importance, or she’s a successful adventurer with enough gold to afford expensive and enchanted equipment. I see demonic imagery all over her - her pauldron, her belt, and particularly the beelzebub-looking faces on her swords, meant to inspire fear in her opponents. I see a pair of double-edged longswords, and the person holding them has the muscular, toned body of a woman who knows damn well how to use them. The emblem on her cloth tells me she fights for some kind of city or homeland, so she fights with the lives of thousands in the back of her mind. Most of all, I see her face. Strikingly beautiful, but wearing a look of battle-hardened, steeled determination. She’s about to fight something, she’s about to kill something. This is a woman I would not want to fuck with.

And yet, what would feminists, and critics of fantasy games see?

Just a slutty-dressed woman in a sexual outfit with breasts too big.

Feminists, critics, they would reduce this woman to what she’s wearing. Hell, not even what she’s wearing, but strictly how ‘sexy’ what she’s wearing is. They’d reduce this woman to the size of her breasts and how much leg she’s showing. They would reduce this character’s value as a woman down to one single factor: how sexy she is.

Now tell me, who is really objectifying women - the people who like this kind of attire, or the people who don’t?


stare through the mirror of the self, reflect the face of someone else (the bodyguard au) by bigchickcannibalistic

She’s leaning it. Red lips close – so tantalising close it’s fucking taunting her and it’s fucking unfair. So fucking unfair. Because her heart’s pounding, her hands are already on her hips and her throat is so dry it could be a fucking desert.

And it’s so fucking unfair because this is not how it’s supposed to go, and how can her body just betray her like that, just give in to temptation wrapped in a black dress and with positively thirsty eyes?

a request fulfillment for @whoeverdares, who asked for “ Alex and Astra having a coffee ☕ and being super cute together :p “ <– I wonder which fic inspired this prompt ;)

I totally think Bernie Wolfe is the kind of person who makes a crisp sandwich for lunch…
my kinda gal.

a pretty good bad idea (2/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers)

chapter summary:  The Rangers hang out, Jason and Kim chat, and Kim still can’t stop thinking about Trini’s lips.

a/n: Yup, so this is going to be a multi-chapter thing now. I don’t know what’s happening. Help me. 

If anyone wants me to post this directly on tumblr as well, let me know, but otherwise, I’ll just keep it on AO3 so it all stays in the same place. 


This life is rough, I know. It’s patched together with dark moments and scary moments and happy moments and all of those tiny little moments in between. It’s hard to keep fighting and keep loving, but hasn’t anyone ever told you? You are brave. You are loved. You can get through this, whatever it may be. Don’t let others’ words, actions, or criticisms convince you that your bravery is a myth, because it isn’t. You woke up today, breathing, alive and that counts for something!

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