the kin of fighters


  • 600 names - all of these names can be used for any gender, but I divided them into what gender they traditionally are (male, female, unisex)
  • Common and unusual names
  • Definitions and nationalities
  • Pronunciations for Irish/Scottish Gaelic names
  • English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Greek, German, Latin, French, American, Spanish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Iranian/Persian names

** denotes a name heavily associated with a preexisting entity, fictional or real

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“Tomorrow I Will Come Back Leader Of The Wolf Pack” - Positive Playlist for Ishimaru!

✒️ “Throne” - Bring Me The Horizon

✒️ “Mr Brightside” - The Killers

✒️ “Born Young And Free” - Marmozets

✒️ “In Between” - Beartooth

✒️ “Amen” - Halestorm

✒️ “Here It Goes Again” - OK Go

✒️ “No Shows” - Gerard Way

✒️ “Learn To Fly” - Foo Fighters

Yo Ishimaru! Here’s your playlist! I wasn’t sure what genre to go for since one wasn’t specified, so I tried to give you a sort of mix of different ones? Anywho, I hope you like it! If there’s anythin’ you’d like changed just let me know, yeah? 

> Mod Kaz <

anonymous asked:

NO CHINCH IT WASNT ABOUT UOU i think it was called star fighter or something. they kinned abel

I’m now gonna watch that

Fili x Sigrid

Kili claims love surpasses differences and races. Maybe he is right after all.

Firstborn kids in only parent families. Mature, full of responcibilities. Fighters for the sake of their kin. Next in line. Having siblings to raise. Helped eachother in peril. Ment to meet, maybe ment to be together as well. Maybe…  

About me!

Hi!~ 🌙 My name is Juri, but you can call me JJ for short! (You can also call me any kin name ) I’m 16, Andro and I go by he/him pronouns! I’m Bisexual and other/fictionkin (but not out to my friends about being kin) My main kintypes are Juri (from Street Fighter) and Trip (from DMMD) my other kintypes are
-Noiz (DMMD)
-Niles (FE heros) -Sangwoo (Killing Stalking)
-Levi (attack on titan)
-Rin (free!)
-JD (Heathers thd Movie)
-Petrel (Pokemon)
- Grey Wolf (animal)

I like drawing/writing a lot and i’m a horror movie enthusiast (I enjoy blood/gore). I love video games and i’m currently obsessed w/ street fighter, some other fandoms im in are
-DMMD (i’m suppeerr into that)
-Black Butler
-Attack on Titan
-Osomatsu San
-Mortal Kombat
-Animal Crossing
-Street fighter
-Free! Iwatobi swim club
-Killing Stalking
-Yarichan bitch club
-Steven Universe
-Gravity falls
and a lotttt more, feel free to message me! I love making new friends! 💕Besides being a total weeb I enjoy cosplaying and SFX makeup! I currentlt work at a cafe thats going out of buisness and am looking for more work :P I have manic depression and anxiety and i’ve been recently diagnosed with Bulimia. I’m a recovering alcoholic and smoker. 🍃✨ I’m super awkward when I first meet someone but after awhile I open up right away. Heres some fun facts about me
-i’m a Chaotic Evil and INFP
-My house is Slytherin and my Patronus is a Wolf
-I’m an Aries
-I’m Korean and Russian
-I’m short as hell
-I wear reading glasses and contacts to school
-Im going into 10th grade
-I have tons of OCs (and I roleplay! but only DMMD or Free!)
-I write only dmmd fanfics lmao
-I swear a lot and make offensive jokes but I don’t mean them I swear!