the killng

TITLE: The Invisible Wall Between Us.


AUTHOR: proofreader-fangirl-animutrash

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a ghost that hangs out in Avengers Tower because of your new found supernatural abilities. When Loki moves into the tower for his probation you avoid him like the plague which is unusual for you because, as you’ve told the team before, all memories of your previous life are gone, all except your name and age.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspiration for this was taken from Invisible Wall by The GazettE. Enjoy ^-^


Sorrow made you, in the bottom of the dark dead sea

Her name is Myeong. It means “clear” and it seemed to fit her quite well once she had noticed that to everyone around her…she became practically clear. Nobody is able to hear her, nobody is able to feel her and nobody can feel her. She passes right through people, walls and cars.

That was before she discovered a certain group of superheroes who were able to see and feel her. They interacted with her, let her stay at their tower once finding that all memories of her previous life were gone.

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Saiyuki tweets (omg today saiyuki and gintama feels T^T)

Hakkai: Don’t be worried guys. We drove all the night, so we reached a town early than expected. We just make check in in an hotel. After a light dinner we all are thinking to take a little nap.It’s strange but assassins always attack in the early morning when we are particular violent.

Sanzo: I have a faint memory of this attacks… but i remember their defeat.

Gojyo: When you are half asleep, you don’t stop your killng intentions, sleeping in the same room is quite dangerous.

Goku: (((_o ロ o_)))… i’m hungry…


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Tenpou: I’ve encuraged Konzen: Why don’t you tweet something too? “ but he ostinately refused saying that he has nothing to say. So I gave him the tablet and said to take a picture instead.  After a few days he returned it back with this photo. So this is my merit too.

Kenren: It’s just like them, what a nice sleeping face!

Sanzo: He is still napping and there are no signs of him waking up, what an idiot face.

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Hakkai: Let him sleep. While I was driving that night you fall asleep, while Goku resisted to stay awake. he really cares about me and Jeep.

Gojyo: He will wake up as soon he will be hungry. LOL he is drolling.