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lauren shippen, releasing the 55-minute season finale of the bright sessions on wednesday: “i am ready to cause lots of pain and suffering”

gabriel urbina, cackling to himself as he releases a 2-hour special episode of wolf 359 today, earlier than anybody expected: “lol watch this”

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Where the frickity frick is Nureyev Where the frickity frick is Nureyev Where the frickity frick is Nureyev Where the frickity frick is Nureyev Where the frickity frick is Nureyev Where



meltedviola replied to your post: current fixations:  - investigative podcasts -…

Do you have podcast recommendations?? I’m currently 100% obsessed with hardcore history but once I run out of episodes I’ll need a new podcast!

YES always. Ok buckle up. 

So I do love the good ol’ standbys like This American Life and Serial. They’re just so well produced and engrossing. 

Undisclosed is kind of an off shoot of Serial and it’s taking a much more detailed, hyper obsessive look at possibly-wrongful convictions (including Adnan Syed’s) from a legal perspective. Rabia Chaudry started it as a way of delving into Adnan’s case after Serial but currently they’re looking at the death of Freddie Gray and the aftermath. It’s harrowing, honestly, it goes into so much detail that I have to take breaks  when I’m too stressed to listen to how a boy was basically murdered by police, but anyway. It’s great. 

Missing Richard Simmons - I’m only on episode 2 of this but it is absolutely fascinating and a little horrifying in that “I can’t look away” way. I hope it continues in that fashion. And I didn’t know I could care this much about Richard Simmons. 

Missing and Murdered, Who Killed Alberta Williams is a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) original podcast about a cold case of an indigenous woman back in the late 80s. It begins with a tipoff to a reporter from a former RCMP (mounties) officer and there’s no turning back. It’s a bit more formal and distant (very much in a newscast style), but I’m not too far into it so I’ll see how it goes. 

S-Town - if you haven’t listened to the preview for S-Town, do it. It’s by a combo of Serial and This American Life folks. It comes out on March 28th and it’ll be released all at once, Netflix style. 

Someone Knows Something is another CBC podcast, again tackling cold cases. The first season is about a boy who went missing in rural Ontario in the early seventies. In contrast with Missing and Murdered, this one is deeply personal and feels much more connected. You get a lot of atmospheric setting and effects. The host actually grew up in the town where the boy’s family is from, so you can tell it’s personal for him. 

The Black Tapes is a fictional docudrama by Pacific Northwest Stories told in the style of Serial. You can tell pretty much from the beginning that it’s being acted out, but that makes it almost endearing. The characters are memorable and the pace is super engaging. It’s episodic with a big arc and it deals with the paranormal, mostly in the realm of ghosts and especially demons, as well as conspiracy theories. I listened to both seasons within a week of hearing the first episode. Maybe less. It was a wild ride. 

TANIS is another docudrama by PNWS. This one focuses on a more dreamy, undefined paranormal event. The pacing isn’t quite as tight as Black Tapes, and it gets a bit repetitive, but I still recommend it if demonology isn’t so much your thing. Tanis is much more heavily conspiracy based, surrounding kind of interdimensionality, possible aliens, ancient mythology (think more Cthulu than angels/demons), etc. 

Rabbits is the first PNWS docudrama I listened to, even though currently it’s only on episode 2. This podcast’s focus is on a super secret sinister Alternate Reality Game. So far, again, it’s not as tightly woven as Black Tapes, but it’s still really engaging. It’s a more personal story, with less focus on the paranormal and more on conspiracies/secret societies/channels of power/etc. That’s way more my thing than demons, even though demons spooked me in Black Tapes. I’m much more intrigued by secret societies and stuff than I am by demons, so Rabbits is more my style. 

Then there are some random podcasts that I listen to and really enjoy: 

Writers and Company: another CBC podcast, Eleanor Wachtel interviews authors. Very simple. 

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: a comedy quiz show based on that week’s news with celebrity guests. Addictive, really funny, light hearted but still cathartic. Formulaic in a good way. Comforting. 

2 Dope Queens: Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host a bunch of stand up comics and turn in into a variety show. Makes me smile big. 

OK that was a lot lmao but ……. I recommend all of these ahaha. 


The Bright Sessions; face cast

Constance Wu as Joan Bright 

Daniel Henney as Mark Bryant 

Brie Larson as Sam Barnes

Amandla Stenberg as Chloe Turner

Ashton Sanders as Caleb Michaels

Timothée Chalamet as Adam Hayes

Alden Ehrenreich as Damien

Dulé Hill as Frank Sawyer

inspired by x

My Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale! Im at San Diego Comic-Con!

Literally the first time Juno sees Nureyev Rex Glass he talks about how “he looked like he was happy to see me and like he’d be just as happy to kill me, if push came to shove. It wasn’t an unpleasant look, all things considered…” Which in my mind loosely translates to “If he slaughtered me right here and now, well, at least he’s hot” and I know a lot of people cite Alessandra decking him as the joke for his pain kink but this is also a pretty great line


Anna, Saint Anna. Our future is pure and shining. I feel this surely, with every cell in my body. It is so close I can taste it. Grasp it in the greedy palm of my hand, in my clutching fingers. Its weight. Its purpose. Someday, Anna. Someday we will eat chorizo smoked potatoes, drink rose lemonade, feed each other fruit from our fingers. Someday you will ask me which dessert I want to buy at the bakery and I’ll say, all of them. Someday we will be flower shopping and you will touch my shoulder underneath the pink magnolia tree, and your hair will curl with delight, and you will say, I am so happy I feel like weeping. It is like a photograph in my mind, impressed upon me. It is engraved onto the core of my being. What have I done to earn you? What wouldn’t I do? What wouldn’t I do to keep you, Anna?

Nothing. The answer is nothing.”