the killing jar chronicles

The boy became a snare.

faux KJC comic page to try and test out A Look. my first time inking traditionally in a LONG time!

ive finally settled in to my new temp place so things are getting back on track. i will be emailing commissioners this weekend with updates so keep your eyes out for those

themusicofmysanity  asked:

Hey, what's the killing jar chronicles?

its a personal story of mine i hope to turn into a web comic. it explores the lives of seven individuals before and after their deaths, having been brought back by a man named Mercurio, who offers them a chance to earn back their previous life or the life of another who has died. 

its a cocktail of surrealism, identity exploration, and trying to figure out just how much life is really worth, all peppered with a hearty helping of cannibalism of course.