the killing 4x06

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It was my choice, to uproot my entire life, leave my home and my job–which it turns out, I am very good at. I lost myself in you, and I was never that girl. That girl who just loses herself in a guy. That is not who I am.

Felicty Smoak


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I know, anon! It almost completely destroyed me. You know, I was watching this movie the other day - The Blind Side - and there was a line in there about Sandra Bullock’s character. She was an onion who had layers to peel. 

Layers are something that are pivotal in any relationship, especially one like Oliver’s and Felicity’s. It is more so in their case because these two are more headstrong, more stubborn, and more sensitive towards their own individual identities than most people. And so far, they have worked like a well-oiled machine with some minute hiccups. 

What made me really, really happy in this episode was how the writers decided to peel back another layer of their relationship - this relationship earned after so many soft moments and fraught with hurdles. The writers decided to peel back a layer, showing just how organic, layered and real this relationship was. 

It cannot be souffles and smiles and touches all the time. Oliver and Felicity know it better than most, and while it seriously made me tear up watching Oliver get that kicked puppy look on his face and tears in his eyes, 

it felt so raw, and so real because it came from not the well-rounded woman who is his pillar, but from the cracks that exist in that pillar itself. 

Oliver Queen, after months of bliss, acknowledged his old friend, aka, self doubt. Which led to one of my favorite scenes yet between Digg and Oliver.

Because this scene perfectly showed why Digg is the Yoda and absolutely core to their little team. Digg is his other pillar. And he proved that more than anything today. Hello, bromance. 

Felicity, feeling guilty and burdened and completely on the edge, after snapping at Oliver repeatedly, faces the small, but important issue inside herself. Her issues of abandonment. She completely trusts Oliver, she knows he won’t leave her. But that small part of her nags at her. Because that’s what small, shadowy parts inside people do. They nag. And that led to one of my absolutely another favorite moments because can we seriously keep Mama Smoak? 

For all her inability to understand her daughter, she understands her better than anyone else. Which is exactly why its her words that etch themselves inside Felicity. 

And a rescue operation and a few loaded looks later, lo and behold!

This last scene? Absolutely perfect (except obviously a little more sex, because when is more not better in their case?)

After an hour of intense moments, where I laughed and cried and absolutely held my breath watching these two characters exist on their brutal selves, this last scene was more than perfect. It was real. 

That’s exactly why I’ll be rewatching it so many times because apart from this being a fanfic come to life, apart from the spectacular acting, apart from Digg and Donna and Curtis, the Olicity dynamic in this episode was real. So real and so raw and so potent. 

It was Oliver facing dark doubts and finding light in Felicity. It was Felicity facing her dark past and finding light in Oliver. 

It was, as she said. They find themselves in each other.

Yin and yang.