the killing 3x07


Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)

nyeisha95  asked:

The more I think abt KF siding with Savitar, the more it doesn't make sense. In the ep Julian said that she sided with him cuz he had a face she can trust, but KF didn't like Barry, she outright tried to KILL him in 3x07 and ever since she joined up with Savitar she still has no problem trying to hurt him, so how can Barry's face be a face she can trust, it doesn't make sense.

It makes LITERALLY zero sense, but we’re supposed to believe that KF tried to kill Barry’s ass literally every chance she got before the last ep (including in the ep where Savitar revealed himself) but she also trusted Barry? Mmkay, writers. They are twisting themselves in all sorts of stupid knots trying to make this SL work. 

Just bring on my Coldwest. 


If you had disciplined him, he would resent you for it, but towards me, I don’t believe he feels resentment […] I once thought that to lead men in this world, to be liked was just as good as feared, and that may very well be true. But to be both liked and feared all at once is an entirely different state of being in which, I believe, at this moment, I exist alone

           It is natural for men new to power to assume that it has no limits.
                                                       Trust me. It does.

National “Stop killing Lesbians Characters” day

Lets make it trended, so people will know we won’t let this happen to more characters. 

in memory of…

LEXA (The 100)

DELPHINE (Orphan Black)

TARA (Buffy)

SHAW (Person on interest)

NAOMI (Skins uk)

DANA  (The L word)