the killing 3x07


Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)

National “Stop killing Lesbians Characters” day

Lets make it trended, so people will know we won’t let this happen to more characters. 

in memory of…

LEXA (The 100)

DELPHINE (Orphan Black)

TARA (Buffy)

SHAW (Person on interest)

NAOMI (Skins uk)

DANA  (The L word)


If you had disciplined him, he would resent you for it, but towards me, I don’t believe he feels resentment […] I once thought that to lead men in this world, to be liked was just as good as feared, and that may very well be true. But to be both liked and feared all at once is an entirely different state of being in which, I believe, at this moment, I exist alone

           It is natural for men new to power to assume that it has no limits.
                                                       Trust me. It does.

The 100 and LGBT Representation

Do you know why Lexa’s death in The 100 is so absolutely despicable? The fact that Jason and the rest of the writers were taking praise after praise from LGBT magazines the entire time. You killed her right after she embraced who she was and who she loved, something everyone in the LGBT community knows is the hardest fucking thing to do. You say there and took praise for having a revolutionary couple that you killed in the most horribly stereotypical way possible. You had the gall to tell us you were different and that you were going to treat Clarke and Lexa with respect. You lied. You just became another television show that kills the lesbian/bisexual character for shock value and story line. It’s 2016 and you gave us hope that television was changing and that we weren’t going to be killed off like that… But you did. You gave us hope and you took it away with a stray bullet. Well done.
Television is lacking in LGBT representation enough as it is, every single character that belongs to the community means millions of people who identify with that person can see themselves in that situation. Every LGBT character matters, you know why? Because somewhere out there, there’s a 12 year old girl in the closet who looks up to Lexa and Clarke and sees that it’s possible to be a strong leader while also being gay. Moreover, when you kill a character like Lexa, you’re sending the message that we can never be happy or else we’ll die. What kind of message is that? You had the gall to have Clarke and Lexa make love, to have them be genuinely happy and in love, and then immediately kill Lexa after. I respect you, Jason- and I thank you for giving the gift of Clarke and Lexa and their relationship, but I don’t know how I can watch the show without breaking down crying. Being in the LGBT community is hard enough with the lack of good representation on television, but it’s even harder when they get murdered nearly every single show they appear on. You’re killing our heroes, you’re telling young LGBT kids that if you ARE gay- there’s no way you live happily ever after, in fact you’re lucky to live at all. I want to thank Alycia and Eliza for giving us the beautiful gift that Clexa was, no matter how short of a time we had. Your characters meant a lot to a lot of people and we’ll never forget you for it. And Jason, thank you for giving them to us, even if you took one back, I just wish it ended differently.