the killing 3x07


Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)

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What is your fave Evak kiss, wondering? Mine might be the kiss you just reblogged it's just so domestic and cute

I can’t pick one. I feel like all of their kisses mark a new stage in their relationship. At least the ones we’ve seen. Their first kiss had me bawling for hours. I was hysterical that Friday. I didn’t do a damn thing. I cancelled all my plans. Then Hjernen Er Alene hit me out of nowhere with the softness the next day. I was on the floor (literally, in my room).

I LOVE the locker room kisses. They’re so sweet. I think Even’s “I’m not sad” will stay with me forever. I watched it at 2AM in an airbnb and I was screaming into my borrowed pillow and hugging the owner’s dog. I will never forget that scene. That bittersweet scene. The way Isak’s breath hitches after Even kisses him. I’m weak.

Of course the passion and despair in their kiss in 3x07 killed me and the sweetness of all of their kisses in 3x08 though presaging gloom filled me with so much warmth. The O helga natt kiss was so so powerful.

The Minutt for Minutt kiss is probably one of my favorite kisses because it’s when they become equal. It’s when Isak becomes the protector. It’s so sweet, so full of love, so full of care. I’m-

Of course the christmas party kisses made me so so happy. They were so playful so flirty ao wonderful. I love them so much.

All of their S4 kisses are so domestic. I was practically screaming the entire time. And yes so sweeet. The way they kiss with food in their mouths. Can it get more domestic?

Gosh i miss them 😭😭 bye 🏃🏽🏃🏽

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Fairly sure that "I'm sorry about HR" is the only apology we will see from Caitlin. She never even apologized to Barry for trying to kill him in 3x07. As always, Iris will be fine with it. Iris is very forgiving and selfless.

I always say Iris is a better person than I am, because I wouldn’t want that heffa anywhere near me with her Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde looking ass.


If you had disciplined him, he would resent you for it, but towards me, I don’t believe he feels resentment […] I once thought that to lead men in this world, to be liked was just as good as feared, and that may very well be true. But to be both liked and feared all at once is an entirely different state of being in which, I believe, at this moment, I exist alone

           It is natural for men new to power to assume that it has no limits.
                                                       Trust me. It does.

National “Stop killing Lesbians Characters” day

Lets make it trended, so people will know we won’t let this happen to more characters. 

in memory of…

LEXA (The 100)

DELPHINE (Orphan Black)

TARA (Buffy)

SHAW (Person on interest)

NAOMI (Skins uk)

DANA  (The L word)